The False Narrative: DNC Staffer Seth Rich Dead After Being Shot Multiple Times In Washington, DC

RIP, #SethConradRich:

“A 27-year-old Democratic National Committee staffer has died after being shot multiple times in the back in Washington, D.C.

Seth Rich, director of voter expansion for the DNC, was gunned down on a quiet residential street at around 4.20am on Sunday.

He was found conscious and breathing by police who had been patrolling the area and heard gunshots.

Rich was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead at 5.57am. …

He grew up in Omaha, where his family played a strong role in the Beth El Synagogue.

His grandfather was a founding member of the synagogue and his father was head of the congregation until recently.

Rich studied Hebrew at the synagogue, and traveled to Israel two years ago. His teacher paid tribute to Rich on Facebook, calling him ‘a dynamic young man who loved his work at the DNC.’ …

Donna Brazile, Vice Chair of the DNC, wrote a four-part statement on Twitter on Monday.

‘Seth was on the front lines for voting rights. Man fatally shot in D.C. was a Democratic National Committee staffer,’ she wrote.

She added: ‘Seth was a young man on a mission. He believed in the right to vote and took a position to help expand voter protection. Grieving.

‘Remember his name and add him to the rolls of justice. #SethConradRich. He lived to make a difference. He believed in voting rights.

‘The Democratic National Committee is in deep mourning. We loss [sic] a young man who dedicated his life to voting rights and voter expansion.’

If we had known each other in life, you would have probably called me a “racist.” You would have likely called me an “anti-Semite” too. I bet you would have disputed the existence of the force we have labeled the “Black Undertow” and dismissed its presence in Washington, DC as a “false narrative” propagated by White Nationalists on the internet.

It seems like it was only a year ago that we buried Kevin Sutherland after he was slashed to death on the Washington Metro. He, too, was opposed to gun violence. He, too, wanted to make the world a better place. He, too, was a Democratic operative.

I can’t help but wonder: what was the last thing that went through your mind while you bled to death after being fatally shot in your own neighborhood? Did you explain to your attacker – let’s not kid ourselves, he was a black male – that you were just on Facebook pleading with people to stop hating each other? Did you tell him about all the work you had done for the Democratic Party on behalf of black voting rights? As your consciousness ebbed from this world, were your last thoughts about racial stereotypes or gun violence?

RIP Seth Rich.

A gun would have come in handy Sunday night. Amirite?

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  1. No doubt I’m just another dirt person to the likes of Rich but RIP that is if Jews can rest in peace (not sure of their religious strictures)

  2. Good riddance. My sides hurt from laughing.

    Now, I’m waiting for this anti-white jew maggot Jess Benn to get diversified by feral niggers. It is one particularly odious little bitch.

    Jesse Benn ?@JesseBenn
    “Nordic Pride” “Southern Pride” = “White Pride”

    Jesse Benn ?@JesseBenn
    Don’t let scared Angry White Men screaming at #BlackLivesMatter on the Internet deter you. These are the death throes of white supremacy.

      • Baltimore is full of Jews and I said during Freddie Gray I would liked to have given the rioters FREE TRIPS TO JEWISH HOUSES

    • Notice the Jew never tells the Darkies his real plans are to exterminate all human life off the earth so he can have a world of his own. This was the plan laid out by Maurice Samuel in YOU GENTILES in 1924 the total anihillation of life from planet earth and the rebirth of Eden.

      If you don’t believe me, the Jews already have built Terminators, look it up, they already have thousands of labratories to make Race-Specific Diseases to kill off people and they will use Nuclear Bombs as well.

      The Jew means to eliminate life from the Earth. Ray Kurizweil hints at this but of course wont say it.

  3. Let me guess how this “tragedy” will be spun by the (((press)))…They will blame the shooting not on the Dindu who pulled the trigger but on the NRA, institutionalized racism and America’s “violent gun culture”.

  4. I can see his obit now. The standard Jewish template for his age.

    Brilliant, scholarly, ingenious, clever, creative, astute, inventive, and enlightened torah scholar. The grandson of Holocaust survivors, great-grandson of Holocaust survivors, great-nephew of Holocaust survivors, and third cousin twice removed of Holocaust survivors. Passionate member of B’Nai B’rith, Simon Wiesenthal Center, Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals, Israeli-American Council, American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Anti-Defamation League, and National Council of Young Israel. Followed by all the usual help-negro organizations. Then on to his early years spent on a kibbutz and his graduation from a Yeshiva, ending with his fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi. All this life long dedication to American interests is leaving me woozy.

  5. Once the party really gets started, there will be many more casualties from this demographic through these sort of interactions in urban and suburban venues. Niggers don’t give a fuck ’bout no Jews!

  6. I’m currently living in Montgomery county, MD right next to DC. It’s the Mecca of limousine liberals, pretty much all the White people in the DC area are walking caricatures of smug, hypocritical lefty cucks. They’re all scum. They live in mansions as far away from the DC ghettos as possible and hire foreigners to raise their kids, who are sent to elite private schools. They preach equality while being the most stuck up, status seeking, money grubbing show offs you’ve ever met. Rest in piss, Seth Rich. I hope all your friends join you soon.

    • Oh I forgot to mention. I’ve seen more synagogues here in one year than I’ve ever seen in my life.

      • That area sounds like a wonderful place to settle Somali and Syrian refugees! (Don’t bet on it. They’ll be sending them to YOU.)

        • There are enough Somalis and other East Africans here. They drive cabs because uber hasn’t put those out of business here like everywhere else for some reason.

          • Just watch the Black Hebrew Israelite Videos from DC on Youtube I swear they are fighting with the Ethiopians all the time on there.

      • Starting in the upper reaches of NW DC going through the posh neighborhoods of Chevy Chase & Bethesda is to take a trip through the magnificent Jewish mile. After NY there can’t be a place of more concentrated Jewish wealth in the country.

        Ok maybe LA but you get my point.

        • So let’s see, the largest concentrations of jews in America are around NYC, where the money is, DC, where the government is, and LA, where the media is. Juuuuuust a coincidence.

    • The wealthiest counties ring Washington, DC– not a center of commerce and production, which were the wealthiest in the past. Detroit had the highest per capita income in the US in 1960. This can’t be a sign of a healthy country.

      • That’s imperialism for you, the capitol sucks all the wealth out from the rest of the county.

    • Hey, at least we know where they live, right?

      That info surely will come in handy one day.

      • Now your talking. I have a Dream. Not the phony martin luther queen BS. Starting my own lampshade business. Harvesting joos will be the most rewarding part.

    • The citizens of old Maryland are cursing their leaders from the grave for the decision to situate the National Capital on their land. In 1791 the District was a mere speck on the Maryland and Virginia countryside, in 1846 Virginia took her portion back as the District had in 50 years barely grown at all leaving the entire District in Maryland. Beginning with Lincoln the District slowly began to coil around Maryland like a Python then by FDR Maryland was pretty much dead and the District began to swallow it. For all intensive purposes in 2016 the District is now most of the State. I weep for them

    • Proof that the Semite is utterly incapable of class. You see this with their cousins the Armenians if you see the Kardashians, No matter how much bling a Kardashian puts on its always tacky and cheap. Armenian, Arab Jew, Assyrian, Lebanese its all the same in the end. As a race they are universally tacky and incapable of good taste.

  7. Jews often fall on their own sword just out of pure arrogance and overconfidence. This would be great lesson, but they are incapable of learning from past mistakes.

    To hell with him and his entire tribe!

    • I have had Jews tell me, you whites cant defeat us we will exterminate your race and then rule the world and I tell them why don’t you tell those Muds and Orientals that you plan to kill all of them too once your robots are ready? I read your plans. Of course their response is something like, you might as well shut up it’s a done deal.

      The point about Jews like their Marrano cousins in Sicily always rely on Braggadocio because it is a psychological method to build themselves up meanwhile knowing inside that its all BS. The thing is they want you to be intimidated by the Braggadocio and cash in your chips. Whites usually do this but when the Racially Aware do not, like Hitler refused to do, then the Jew becomes more obnoxious and begins desperate threats. Eventually when he realizes he has nothing left as you do not fear death, he goes to his knees and begs or sends his women to do that, as Jewish women are universally whores.

      Judaism 101

      • “I have had Jews tell me, you whites cant defeat us we will exterminate your race and then rule the world” No, you haven’t. Those are just your psychopathic demon voices you’re hearing.

        • Nope sorry clown I actually talk to Jews and listen to their wacko rantings as it is a fact, all Jews have some form of mental illness.

          • Well, I couldn’t deny that. Anyone believing in a great sky daddy that talks to them qualifies as mentally ill.

      • It does make sense the mindset of the jew to eventually kill muds and chink’s. Is there a video on such? They are evil demented bunch of evils.

        • What you do is read Jewish Transhumanists like Ray Kurizweil then look at the earth. Right now the earth is OVERPOPULATED in the sense that we cannot adequetly provide all the humans on earth a basic standard of living meaning fuel and electricty without severely polluting the earth. Now if we had interstellar space travel, we would have endless resources, but we dont.

          The Jews want all the resources for themselves. Do you think they’d share oil with 10 billion Africans or mulattoes? Absolutely not theyd kill them. Race Mixing has been designed to do one thing all along, create a less intelligent pliable group that is EASY TO KILL.

          Robotics is eliminating the need for human workers and will eliminate it by 2050 IF WE DONT BLOW OURSELVES UP FIRST. If you figure out 70% unemployment in the USA and EUR not to mention Africa Asia, where do you think those people will get food or money? They wont

        • They’re not even JEWS to begin with these people have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TRIBE OF JUDAH. The present Jewish Race or Ethnic Group is descended largely of the Edomites (CHILDREN OF JACOBS EVIL TWIN ESAU)who invaded Judah’s land following the Babylonian Conquest in 586 BC and seized most of Judah from Hebron to Eliat. The Edomites had been driven from their own homeland in Southern Jordan by the Nabatean Arabs.

          The New Kingdom was renamed by the Greeks IDUMEA and existed until the Jewish Maccabees conquered them finally in 126 BC. They forced the Edomites to either leave Idumea or become Jews, most became outwardly Jews but secretly kept their Edomite rituals. When Rome took over completely after 63 BC they discovered that Jewish rulers wouldn’t cooperate with them. The last Maccabeean King, Hyrcanus II was the tool of his Prime Minister, Antipater of Sidon who was a half Edomite-half Arab Jewish convert.

          In 41 BC Mark Antony gave his blessing to Antipater’s sons Herod and Phaesal to rule Judea as tetrarch but the Parthians conquered Judea during the meantime and placed Antigonus, Hyrcanus II’s brother on the throne and Hyrcanus fled to Babylon. In 37 BC, Herod deposed Antigonus and ended Jewish Rule proclaiming himself King of the Jews.

          A bit of Roman Affirmative Action at work. The people of Judah under the Maccabees conquer the Edomites-Idumeans and less than a century later, the Edomites are placed by Herod as Lords and Rulers over the Jews. Jewish Nobles are forced to marry their daughters to Edomite men and vise versa to maintain their place. Soon all the idolatry and perversion that Edomites were famous for had so poisoned the nation, that Jesus referred to those Edomite Jews and the Priests who cooperated with them as the Synagogue of Satan.

          When the Romans finally eliminated the nation of Judea in AD 70, the people who went into captivity were true blood lineal Judeans and Edomites but the Edomites were in control. They still are today. Red Shield=Rothschild that name signifies Edomite Blood, there are countless others.

      • Just accuse them of being Jewish…how can they respond? The Jew is a liar, right? A master of deception? So why wouldn’t they pose as their enemies? They faked the holocaust but they can’t fake the comment section of a website?

  8. The death of an Edomite, the death of the man who wishes the extermination of all the sons and daughters of his brother Jacob ISRAEL, is no cause for sadness it is knowing GOD IS JUST. Esau’s destruction hasn’t been complete yet but Scripture says it will be. I love how the Edomite makes brags, makes plans tells you you have already lost and then he cashes in his chips at the hands of his own mercenaries. Esau never brags so loudly as he does when he knows he is beat and he attempts to beat you by discouragement. Your God Is Mighty Israel

  9. I thought of what his political and ethnic comrade Jesse Benn said about the white police officers in Dallas killed in ambush by negroes: “F*** cops. F*** white supremacists.” Bloodthirsty. No sympathy. Just fine with him.

    And so I’ll not lose any sleep over this one.

  10. Jews should thank their Yahweh for anti-semites, they are part of their political/social/cultural theatre, harmless yappers on the internet, but so useful as leverage.
    Anyway jews and their screwy psychology are interesting to a point, but it doesn’t take long to realize that you don’t want them in charge.
    But as “anti-racists” (means only anti-white) jews have an advantage of being grounded in some sort identity, the totally deranged gentiles that take to “anti-racism” are literally the worst dreck upon the planet.
    You would have more luck speaking to a jewish boy like this and finding a human being than whole food jesus or that drug addled kid from Ohio, they are not even human anymore. Of course you can lay part of the blame on jews for helping spread this hatred while just happening to not tell those goyimkopf what is being stolen from them.

      • Still a topic of discussion, Drudge has a conspiracy angle article top left column. But that is par for the course, Jew lives really matter.

        When the Chicago Tribune did a sympathy story for a white crime victim invariably that victim would be Jewish the rest of us dirt people can hang

        We need our own country

  11. Hunter – thanks for this story. It’s terrific to wake up to some good news, once in awhile!

  12. How ironic, when all he wanted, more than anything, was to ensure this waste of oxygen who offed him got registered to vote! And if he had already done time, to restore his right to have his valuable opinion count in selecting our leaders.

  13. To most blacks Jews are white. White/Jew libtards and contards fail to understand that it’s your race, not your ideology, that’s your uniform.

    • No, no, no. You don’t live around both groups in enough numbers. I do, and have. Slavs aren’t ‘white’ to the DC blacks, sorry. Heck irish aren’t even white. Ya gotta be anglo to be white in America.

        • Your proof Sam? Cuz I got lots, and lots and lots…
          I’m guessing you’ve never walked the streets of cities like DC and NYC lookin’ like some ultimate WASP Viking celt chick amidst a rainbow of supposed ‘white’ females. It ain’t just me, either.
          You southerners are so obsessed with Black v. White you really don’t get much.

          • Sorry, plenty of niggers where I grew up. Sure a red head with alabaster skin stands out more but so what? One of my sisters is blonde as can be with very pale skin. Most people would not be able to determine if she was German, Swedish, Russian, Slovene, Polish or whatever.
            She and I are Slavs living in WI. not the South.

    The intern from last year was portrayed as ‘viciously, sadistically’ stabbed to death while onlookers failed to help. If the murder of the obviously semitic man was real, the details surrounding it were absolutely NOT. I lived there and still hear stories. It’s the ANGLOs who are targeted, not freakin’ semites. Get real. At best that guy’s expensive camera was the target and the multiple stabbings while no one helped the poor semite part was just added on.
    This Seth Rich incident seems real enough, and at 4:30am he was mug-bait, even looking fairly white. But there could be other motivations than the ‘anglos aren’t being targeted by blacks backed by jews’ angle.
    What’s amazing to me as a Northerner is how you, Brad Griffin, wish this snake ‘RIP’ after he plotted to enslave and genocide your own people. All while denigrating the decent blacks (and there are decent blacks) who the jews exploit and sabotage at every turn.
    It’s obviously repulsive to your own people as well. Good on ’em. Working class whites know better than to fall into another planter jew trap.

  15. ————–

    Libs did both Gentrification(law & order, stop & frisking superpredators) and Black Rage politics(anti-white rhetoric, BLM), partly to mask their Gentrification policies.

    It looked nice on the outside but led to seismic tensions underneath. And now we see the rumblings of something volcanic.

    Libs got away for many yrs by bringing out the homos to be the face of ‘change’. Negroes had enough of that ‘gay'(implicitly white yuppie) BS.

    Sometimes, it appears BLM and homos are marching together. But they are also marching against the other to be the leading force of Change Politics. It’s no wonder Negroes are disrupting homo parades.

  16. Maybe this was a random killing. Maybe it wasn’t. You have an assassination of a political operative in the middle of election season and there is no FBI investigation launched. Nothing to see here, move along.

  17. Find something else to obsess about, Judaism isn’t it. Makes you all look like morons.
    Who’s been killing millions of people for 1400 years over “religion”, it’s not the Jews.

  18. Southern white boys be like “it’s not gay if it’s family!” Silly boys, your unclefathers just tell you that to get some. You’re gay.

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