Top 10 Reasons There Will Never Be A Black Ethnostate

I’ve been asked to share my thoughts on the notion put forward by the New Black Panther Party that there will be a mass migration of blacks to the Deep South where they will form their own independent black homeland:

“Babu Omowale, the so-called national minister of defense for the People’s New Black Panther Party, says his group and allied organizations have their sights set on establishing “our own government in a nation within a nation.”

Omowale was speaking in an interview set to air Sunday night on this reporter’s talk radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and News Talk 990 AM in Philadelphia.

Omowale used the interview to claim five states as belonging to the “Black Nation”: Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia.

The revolutionary stated: “We just need to start migrating back to those states and taking control of the economics in those states. If black people move in, most definitely white people will move out. So it’s not a hard process for us to have our own country within a country.” …”

Here is why it will never happen:

1.) Haiti and Liberia – In the early 19th century, the American Colonization Society created Liberia as a colony for the free black population. From the outset, there was strong black resistance to colonization, and the abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison credited the black abolitionist David Walker for turning him against the idea. Liberia failed as a solution to the Negro Question before and after the War Between the States because so few free blacks were willing to voluntarily settle there.

After Haiti won its independence in 1804, several Haitian presidents were taken with the idea of offering land and citizenship to free blacks in the United States. After all, why would free blacks want to stay in the United States and live under racism and white supremacy when they could relocate to Haiti and put their skilled labor and capital to use in building the Black Republic, the beacon of freedom to black people around the world?

A handful of free blacks from the United States did settle in Haiti. Most of them returned to the United States because living under white supremacy in 19th century America was preferable to living under what has made Haiti into Haiti.

2.) Ghana – Ghana, a country in West Africa, was granted its independence by Britain in 1957. Millions of American blacks are descendants of slaves who were brought to North America from the Gold Coast. Independent Ghana has spent decades offering citizenship and various other incentives to American blacks to return to the Fatherland. As with Haiti, Ghana sees American blacks as a potential source of skilled labor and capital.

Ghana, Haiti, Liberia and several other African nations are already offering American blacks the chance to migrate to ready-made ethnostates. Many of these African countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo have at various times adopted Afrocentrism as a state policy. In Mobutu’s Congo, for example, the Congolese were required to adopt “authentic” African names and wear “authentic” African dress for several decades.

Whether it was Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana or Mobutu Sese Seko’s Congo, these African nations haven’t attracted even a trickle of black immigrants from the United States. The outflow in the opposite direction has been vastly greater.

3.) African Immigrants – Many of you have probably heard the soundbyte that African immigrants are among the most highly educated immigrant populations in the US and Europe. There is a kernal of truth to this.

There is a reason that African immigrants are so unusually highly educated: African students who come to Europe and the US on student visas don’t want to go home after graduation. That is why they stay in college and pursue multiple degrees into their 30s and 40s. They would rather live under “white privilege” and rail against non-existent slavery and colonialism than return home to their now decolonized homelands.

More African immigrants have immigrated to the US since 1965 than were brought here involuntarily during the slave trade. Most of sub-Saharan Africa would already be here if immigrating to the US was as easy as crossing the Mexican border. The only reason Haiti hasn’t immigrated here en masse is because the US Coast Guard under George H.W. Bush adopted a policy that prevents them from doing so. Europe is fortunate to have the Sahara Desert as a geographic barrier to African illegal immigration.

4.) The Mississippi Delta and Alabama Black Belt – Anyone who believes that blacks are capable of moving en masse to the Deep South and carving out an ethnostate in this region should first take a tour of the Mississippi Delta and the Alabama Black Belt. Specifically, you should start your voyage in Memphis and drive down US 61 South through the Mississippi Delta to Natchez. Just take in the view.

There are now more blacks in Chicago than Mississippi. We live in a country of great roads, great welfare, and cheap transportation by bus. Blacks will take advantage of those roads to emigrate from any area in which the demographics tilt too far away from the White majority. Like the Mississippi Delta, the Alabama Black Belt is similarly a vast, overwhelmingly rural, depopulated wasteland of ghost towns and pine trees.

The Black Panthers were started in Lowndes County, AL in the 1960s. The black population has controlled “Bloody Lowndes” since the 1970s. The Selma-to-Montgomery March took place largely in Lowndes County. Drive from Selma to Montgomery today along the Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail and you will see nothing but cow pastures, litter, and abandoned buildings.

5.) Black Farmers – So black nationalists are going to move to the rural South, become farmers, and create the Republic of New Afrika in this area? The only “black farmers” around here are running a scam on the USDA. This is nothing more than romantic nonsense. White farmers own virtually all the land in this area. Nationwide, around 1 percent of farmers and ranchers are black.

6.) The Mythical Great Migration – Contrary to the media hype, blacks are not moving back en masse to the Deep South. Around 54 percent of the black population in the United States lives in the South. The regional distribution of the black population has barely changed. The real movement of the black population is still from the countryside to urban areas. Blacks overwhelmingly live in our cities.

It is true that some blacks have moved from the North to the South in recent decades. This isn’t a racial phenomena though. Black retired public employees have moved to Florida, but this mirrors the larger migration of White Northern snowbirds to Florida. Lots of blacks have moved to the Atlanta area in particular, but this mirrors the larger migration of job seeking Whites from the Rust Belt to the Sun Belt.

7.) Detroit – Detroit reveals how once blacks have taken over a large urban area and thrown the racial balance out of whack that the city will start to shrink and the black population will start to abandon the area. This is what we see in Haiti, the Mississippi Delta, and the Alabama Black Belt. Once blacks are ensconced in power, they foul their own nest and drive out their own population.

8.) In Search of Whitopias – Why are there so many blacks in far flung places like Oakland, Detroit, and Philadelphia? Because blacks abandoned the rural South in search of industrial jobs. Why are there so many blacks from the Caribbean in Canada and Britain? Because blacks left their own countries like Trinidad and Jamaica, not to move to Ethiopia as the Garveyites would have them do, but to live in White areas.

9.) Integration – I don’t have the data at hand, but from what I have read in the social sciences literature, blacks overwhelmingly say they prefer to live in mixed areas. Their ideal community is majority White, but just barely. It is Whites who don’t want to live among blacks. Blacks want to live among Whites in order to enjoy all the perks of White civilization while minimizing the dysfunction in their own communities.

10.) White Civilization – The ultimate reason why a black ethnostate will never happen is because blacks lack the capacity to create or sustain anything approaching the White standard of civilization. They want to live in and enjoy the benefits of White civilization. That’s why the flock to our cities which are the centers of our civilization. Yet they resent White people because they are incapable of matching our accomplishments and their failure to do so – specifically, the inequality that inevitably results from being black and living in a White Man’s Country – constantly reminds them of their status.

Contrary to what militant black nationalists say, the black population doesn’t want separation. A push for a black ethnostate will never gain traction because blacks just don’t want it and have never wanted it. They don’t want to migrate to live in a rural, overwhelmingly black and impoverished area like the Mississippi Delta. There is no incentive for them to secede from a society that coddles them, which worships them, which hangs on their every word, and which sustains virtually all of their communities from Tuskegee, AL to Detroit, MI with redistributed welfare from White taxpayers.

There are various blacks ethnostates in Africa and the Caribbean. They were mostly creations of Europeans who granted distant populations their independence. Force is required to stop a mass exodus of blacks from Africa and the Caribbean to the Occident. Similarly, force would be required to create a black ethnostate in the United States. Nothing short of rounding them all up, concentrating them in one geographic area, building a massive wall around it and maintaining eternal vigilance would ever keep them there.

In such a scenario, forming “alliances” with militant black nationalists would be useless. They don’t have any real following in the black community which knows their ideas are preposterous, impractical, and contrary to their interests. These groups are mostly gathering points for embittered rejects like Micah X. who hate White people and wish to do us harm. We’re better off not being associated with them.

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  1. Looking hard at the reality of the constant failure of blacks whether at the neighborhood or the national level or in the recent or the distant past or locally or globally is more than most whites and blacks can stand. Hegel called them an “unfortunate race”for good reason.

    Certainly associating with black nationalists if anyone is doing that should be rethought.

  2. Hunter Wallace again knocks it out of the park. This is a fact even in the Northern States were Negroes in the countryside were extremely rare, the Mulattoes tended to make a way for themselves at least partially but the full blood Negroids they were always a mess. Even during slavery it was always noted that the Mulattoes and Quadroons tended to make more docile slaves (there were exceptions), but the full blooded Negro bucks were always dangerous.

    This was why after slavery so many poor high caste mixed race colored girls were brutally raped by the Full Blooded Black bucks as they lost the power to keep themselves away from them. During slavery, if a field Nigger had raped a docile high yellow house girl, the master would have probably either castrated or killed him, Once slavery ended however the decent Negroes, many who were mixed were at the mercy of the savage ones as the Whites in the South struggled to keep themselves above water. Why won’t anyone tell the story of the brutal rape spree the Black bucks went on from 1865-77? Inconvienent Truth?

  3. All true, but I don’t really worry about blacks, I suppose in the South it is a habit but being from a nearly all white town in the Midwest growing up we literally thought blacks were from another planet and not something to manage.
    I never thought Covington’s ideas were crazy, just him and his crew. While contards contemplate the Gordian Knot of black this and black that a small but defensible ethnostate for whites is a legitimate long term goal. It is even being discussed over at VoxPopoli and in my estimation will emerge in the “mainstream” discussion within a year.

    • Yes, the really vital question is how our fellow Whites will respond to Diversity. We need to take care of our own, first and foremost.

  4. Since I am ranting, years ago some conservative talk radio frauds in Chicago were going on and on in the usual contard way of blacks not assimilating blah blah blah.
    Anyway an older black lady calls up and perhaps being one of the more sensible people in this country said she did not want to integrate with whites but wanted her own neighborhood and the only mixing was about having jobs, other than that she could have cared less about seeing white people.
    I vote for her

  5. Blacks fed themselves, clothed themselves, housed themselves, and educated themselves (after a fashion…) for 200,000 years or so in Africa without welfare or the white man. They now have 22% white blood + some small fragments of asiatic blood which would make doing those same tasks that much easier.

    It’s not that they cannot do it, it’s that they don’t want to do it, and more importantly those holding their leash don’t want them to do it.

    Make no mistake, slipping the noose of white genocide and establishing a white homeland is a battle between us and a Jewish lead, multiracial coalition, not blacks. A black patriot would not have to think long before realizing that they are but pawns in the Jewish game and want to chart a different course, a course away from broken families, shiftlessness and degeneracy.

    Thus, we should celebrate and amplify their rhetoric because were this to actually happen it would have the same domino effect as Texas leaving the union, meaning in the end there would be a very white polity on one side of a line and one or more very non-white polities on the other. Does it matter who goes first?

    Despite what most think, to include anti-whites, white nationalists, and others, blacks would be better off in a separate homeland. Circumstances would force them through the evolution that Europe and Asia already went though to develop the modern nation state. Blacks would not have the excuse of racism or defying “The Man” and would be free to discipline children, women, and criminals in their own way leading to something stable and far more wholesome than what they call living now.

    A black aristocracy would – of necessity – begin ruling over a society of forced unskilled labor, with the “talented tenth” enhanced by greater than 22% white genetics, handling the gears and levers of modernity. Not very different from the Plantation system of yore.

    Much like the excuse of “job Americans wont do” that was used to flood our lands with Mexicans, we need to reject the normie black desire to feed off of us indefinitely and impose their ethnostate upon them. I don’t care what they want, I care what we want.

    • More than anyone else, the Talented Tenth doesn’t want to live amon the chronic dysfunction of black neighborhoods. They want to move up in the White man’s world, not die in Ghana like W.E.B. DuBois.

      • Only one in twenty thousand qualifies as a “talented”, that is high IQ, person. This is why sub-Saharan Africa is such a dump and will always be a dump. Mugabe’s Rhodesia is a great example. I have no doubt that Mugabe is a very smart negro, however, because the negro has such a low average IQ, Mugabe hasn’t been able to take over and run the country at the same level as whites did.

        One in twenty thousand, that is the problem.

  6. In order to create a Black ethnostate, they would have to give up the gibs, white women, all the perks of White civilization, the pedestal they are put on in BRA and so on, which is why it would never happen unless it was forced on them.

    • Correction: which is why they don’t want it to happen. I’m sure the native Americans didn’t want to end up in reservations either.

      • Like I said above, Blacks support the status quo and are very optimistic about the future, even if they are bitter about some issues like the criminal justice system.

        White people want to be left alone to enjoy the fruits of their own labor. Blacks want to be in a position to vote themselves the fruit of our labor, enjoy the loose morals of young White women, live in a big city with a flashy car, etc.

        • Brad Griffin ‘loose morals’ don’t account for vast numbers of innocent white women who get targeted for torture, rape and murder all over this country. Watch your loose mouth.

          • This is a complicated issue Lorax as many of these women put themselves in that position by friendships and political activism. You have your drug addicted white sluts and you have your stupid white women who think they are making the world a better place via social justice. The point should be this. IF YOU ARE INTIMATE FRIENDS WITH NEGROES, YOUR CHANCE AT BEING A VICTIM OF NEGRO CRIME IS 10,000 Points higher than if you do not associate with them. Vast amount of rapes and murders are committed by people who know or know of one another.

          • I’m not referring to rape. There are plenty of young White women with loose morals as a stroll through your local Wal-Mart on any given weekend will reveal.

          • The morals of young white men aren’t much ‘tighter’ than those of their female counterparts. The fallout of the latter’s is just more obvious to casual observers.

          • Exactly whether the whore is with their own race or with a Negro White Trash is White Trash. That was why the South banned Miscegenation in the first place. The North didn’t have the large white trash population as it didn’t have the heritage of thousands of white convict slaves thrown upon its shores as did Virginia Georgia and South Carolina.

            Now any Southerner knows there is a DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A POOR WHITE FAMILY and WHITE TRASH. Poor Whites struggled to get by but they were at the end of the day God Fearing and proud. White Trash on the other hand would do anything. They didnt care if they stole, molested their children committed beastiality, sold poison moonshine, it didnt matter. Their sons and daughters were raised with no morality whatsoever.

            New England was an orderly society because of the New England penchant for micromanagement of every part of society and its ethnic unity. Yankee women influenced by education and political ideals so much that by the mid 1800s they were stereotyped as legendarily sexually frigid and you can read this during the War in the jokes that Southern soldiers told about Yankee women. The Middle Atlantic and the Midwest carried attributes of this wherever New England settlements were found in their states and from the New England moralizing influence present in schoolbooks and from the many New England evangelists who went west.

            Thus sexually frigid Yankees could not comprehend anyone so debased to copulate with a Negro so much so they said we dont need laws against Miscegenation no one would ever do it. We look after our families. They had no understanding of the South’s White Trash undertow and the Negro rape culture.

            In the Lower Midwest where Southerners began to migrate in the 1920s the decent poor whites were intermixed with White Trash and in the liberal north with no moral laws it wasnt long before the White trash Southern families began race mixing. In fact Hunter I could take you to many places in the North Southern Neighborhoods where this is endemic. White Trash 101

        • Remember Hunter, a sizeable number in the Northeast and major cities of these loose white whores are ACTUALLY JEWISH especially in New York and New Jersey. It’s a running joke in New York about Jewish girls running after Negroids because they all do at some point.

          The Jewish Whore has such a penchant for this behavior much of your IR porn is made with Jewish actresses and in Israel, the Jewish men now have these Interracial prevention squads where they go around shaming Jewish girls in these relationships.

  7. The negro needs to be moved out of the south, although I’d prefer if they were removed from North America completely, I’ll settle for a southern nation free of them.

    • One option would be to just give them the option to either leave or be sterilized. That way we don’t have to worry so much about where to send them to. Probably less than a tenth would choose to leave.

      We can give them a free bucket of KFC on the day they get sterilized and we can have socialworkers help them arrange their migration if they choose that route.

      • KFC? Let’s at least give them some Publix fried chicken or a voucher good for their favorite little roadside restaurant lol.

  8. Spectacular piece. Can someone nail this to the forehead of those among us who advocate Balkanizing North America?

  9. All the polls show that blacks are the most optimistic about America’s future. They support the status quo.

    Why wouldn’t they? America’s demographics are approaching their ideal neighborhood. They control the federal government and can milk the White taxpayer as an inexhaustible source of gibs.

    Pretty much the last thing they want is to be confined to some domestic version of Haiti which would rapidly become a Black version of Escape from LA.

    • Pretty much. Just enough whites to produce food, shelter, transit, tech, organization. But not enough whites to politically dominate everybody else. What’s to complain about from their POV really?

      • This will only last as long as the Jewish money holds out but as America goes broke, then comes the collapse. Negroes cant see more than 2 minutes ahead at a time, so they won’t see this. This is part of the Jewish Georgia Guidestones nightmare scenario of fullscale human extermination from planet earth. They plan to have the Terminators killing all of us in 50 years or less. Thats what Jews like Ray Kurizweil and his ilk push

    • The Jews control the Federal Government and dole out the gibs to the Negroes and we must never forget that. This house of cards would collapse tomorrow without Jewish Money and agitation. The Negroes, Latins and everyone else would turn on each other like a pack of hyenas fighting over what was left and Whites would be in the middle. Just what DER JUDE wants.

    • Top reason much of the South should be turned into an open-air zoo for niggers (I do not say “ethnostate”): that’s were the glut of niggers are already, so it makes the most sense to just dump the rest of them there. Whatever effect this has on the fetishized, twanging crackerism of Southern Nationalism shouldn’t be the Northwest Republic’s problem.

      • A few points:

        1.) Only 54% of blacks live in the South. 46% of them live in the North and West along with 2/3rds of the Hispanics and something like 90% of the Asians and Jews.

        2.) Who is going to dump their blacks here? The same people who voted for Obama twice?

        3.) The Northwest Front isn’t a real organization. A friend of mine from Portland repeatedly tried to contact them. She ended up moving to South Carolina and marrying a Southern Nationalist because there isn’t a real movement in the Northwest.

        4.) Washington isn’t any whiter than Tennessee or Arkansas. It will soon be less White than Alabama. Alabama is actually whiter than the national average now.

        • As long as your people, Southerners, refuse to recognize jewish culpability behind ‘diversity’ you’re just as doomed as the North.

        • You’re not making this very hard for me, Hunter. It has never been proposed by any serious person that the Northwest Republic shall be achieved by passive means. History is made by the heroic deeds of a strong few, with the stupid and cowardly masses following in their wake. A White Nationalist insurgency would need to tear the anti-racist power structure a few new orifices before the latter would squeal for someone, anyone, to “please, make the bad men stop!”. Then a deal could be made.

          How else do you believe you could compel anyone to recognize the creation of a Southern ethnostate?

          As for the comparatively few non-Whites now resident in the hypothetical Northwest Republic, they would be offered a simple ultimatum by the theoretical insurgency: “Run and live, or stay and die.”

          • 1.) The Northwest Front doesn’t even exist. It isn’t a real organization. It doesn’t have meetings. It doesn’t have events. It is really just HAC spinning out his fantasies on the internet.

            2.) No one is following cranks like HAC, Glenn Miller, Dylann Roof, etc.

            3.) Yeah, like in HAC’s books where the federal government pleads with him to stop exterminating Jews with his imaginary legions. This is comic book stuff.

            4.) Except for Idaho, there aren’t comparably few non-Whites in the Northwest. Washington is one of the most rapidly changing states in the country. It is another California.

          • When I lived in Tualatin Oregon in 2008, an outer suburb of Portland I was walking along the main thoroughfare Tualatin-Sherwood Rd and I started counting the ethnicity of the occupants of the rush hour traffic going by for about 10 minutes. One in Three was Hispanic, so these Northwest States could very well be as proportionately Hispanic as Alabama and Mississippi are black. Unlike the latter, the former are still changing at a rapid rate.

          • Night ogler, I want you to reach between your legs and see if you can find your balls.

            Btw, you’d rather live by niggers than Mexicans? Lulz, stupid bastard.

        • You got that right Hunter. I live in the deep south and I can go miles and miles and see no blacks. The smaller towns out of Birmingham and others are very white. My town is 90%+. AL is an open carry state. Most whites around me are sick of black people’s crap and know what their game is.

          States like Washington have insanely high property taxes. I believe in Oregon you can’t even keep your own rainwater.

          Not here. The cops where I live pretty well much leave you alone.

          • I’m glad to hear that. We need to be where we are now. There is no place left to flee. We need to dig in.
            A local gent began talking about “We need our own settlements”. I’m not getting a shred of blowback from any-one – ANY-ONE – re purging Nigs.

          • You can’t keep your rainwater in Colorado Springs for sure. I don’t know about the rest of the state.

  10. To be fair, he was calling for a “country within a country” not an independent country like Haiti or Liberia.

    That means he just envisions a territory where they can be majority and govern themselves, but not have to provide for themselves.

      • Oh, I understand what you’re talking about. My county was about half and half before the Hispanics came. They are the probably plurality by now.

        My high school was over 70% black and I’d say majority of the ones that graduated functionally literate have moved away.

    • After the failed War For Independence there were at least a couple of Negro programs looked at by the North. There was one program that I believe some of Lincoln’s people put forward of isolating the entire freed Negro population in Florida. There was another by President Grant of isolating as many of them as possible in what we know today as the Dominican Republic to create an all-Negro US State.

      There was also a big debate among Negro leaders in which Frederick Douglass who loved the Carpetbaggers said that Negroes need to ally with the Republicans and get guns and stay in Dixie to humilate their old masters but there was another I believe pushed by Sojourner Truth among others to provide Ex-Slaves with traveling gear to send them onto the Great Plains and far west because she said Negroes in Dixie was a losing proposition. This years later became know as the Exoduster movement. This movement gave us Frank Marshall Davis, as his father and mothers family came from Dixie to the Kansas plains at some point before his birth in 1905. What was controversial about Sojourner Truth’s plan was that it was in many ways integrationist as it actually made Negroes minorities in largely white areas and this to those who want political power was not exactly ideal.

      There were even more programs to relocate Negroes that I can’t even name i have read a few of them but by the time of the Jewish Involvement in Negro affairs beginning around the 1890s, the idea became to rile up Blackie and use him as a weapon. Now we see what 120 years plus of Negro Jew agitation have given us

    • The effect would be to move the already existing “country within a country” into a compact geographical location. All legal, by the way. Everyone who is not under the control of the court has the right to move. The problem is, the outcome will not be as imagined by the NBPP. Whites will remain and politics will have to be ruled by consensus between the races. There will be little room for the NBPP’s and other groups’s radicalism to flourish and prevail.

      • If they just picked one state, like Mississippi, they could probably take it over demographically and have a defacto negro nationalist state. But it makes no sense for them to pick 5 states. They just don’t have the brainpower to pull it off.

  11. I believe you have accurately captured why blacks cannot have their own successful country within a country. I believe, as you, don’t want separation because most many know they live freely off the sweat of the white man.

    So how do you propose a successful separation which you often express a desire for? You kind of shot down your own idea. Based on what you have said, I assume the only separation possible would be through subjugation of the black population or deportation in mass.

    What would your plan be?

    • I’ve outlined my plan many times before. All it would really take is creating a push-pull incentive to encourage them to migrate elsewhere. If we seceded from the US, the world would no longer revolve around blacks and that fact alone would spark migration.

      • Hunter I would only slightly disagree with this, as there would obviously be some pushback. A New Confederacy would to me take about 50-75 years to completely restore as a viable stable state.There is no doubt the Negroes would meet secession with violence at least at first, and in heavily black areas such as Mississippi parts of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and South Carolina there would be heavy loss of life for whites.

        However, I see the eventual victory of whites for one simple reason. In 1865 Negroes were the majority in Mississippi South Carolina and I believe a plurality in Louisiana though don’t quote me. Those Redeeming Southern White men still defeated them though they were few in number in some places and even in the 1870s there were plenty of Southern traitors and Carpetbaggers willing to go along with the Negroes. So what you had even in the 1870s is this, a minority of patriotic white Southern men who braved the scorn of some of their own neighbors to re-establish a semblance of normality against all odds and they did! A small group of determined men willing to die before yielding will always defeat the dishonorable.

        I put the formation of a new nation in 75 years. The First 25 involves securing the homeland, relocations and normalization. The Second 25 will involve expansion, reclaiming land that was once Southern such as most of Florida, Maryland and Missouri. I call this the Reconquista Phase or RE-SOUTHERNIZATION. The third 25 will begin the era of the first two generations coming to age under the new Confederacy,

        My 2 Cents

      • You seem to be forgetting the broad swathe of southerners who are dependent on the government in some degree, among other factors…

      • I believe the most effective way to assist the push is to begin to curtail benefits. Doing so brings down the weight of the federal government. They will threaten to withhold funds in other areas. Thus the first step is to ween ourselves from the federal government.

        This is much the same problem as our churches, whites churches particularly. They are tied to the tax free status which is actually bondage to the government. The government had no business taxing a church in the first place.

        I am pessimistic on this very much so. I was born in Alabama and lived there much of my life, most of my family libe there near you. Every time I visit Prattville or Tuscaloosa I am only reminded how huge this effort would be. I am old will will not have to see the worse shit coming but I am saddened for my grandchildren. I honestly hope you younger folks will be able to turn things around.

        I just got through watching part of the Mobile news. The city council is considering a police oversight committee. The black lady giving the speech for this committee said they should invite the youth to participate on this committee. When she was done with her speech, several black women stood up and applauded her speech.

        Next on the same news program they cut away to a protest by a local group calling themselves “the Socialist Alternative to Racist Police”. By the way, you should have seen the crowd. Fat as hell white women and a few black men dressed in black and acting very threatening.

  12. I’m glad to see the topic exploding across the alt-right, we need to have “an honest conversation about race” on our OWN side.

    There are definitely two camps:

    Take back America. Subjugate, expel or murder non-whites.


    Does anyone think that non-whites would peacefully watch a reinstituion of Jim Crow? Does anyone think that a genocidal war would happen within the borders of America with out it spilling over into the broader world and that a peace would be imposed upon us from the outside? Why must we repeat the arrogant folly of the past (Hitler, Beauregard)?

    If Trump loses we are going to be scrambling for separation. If he wins, the hi-jinks you see from the blacks will multiply and the Mexicans will jump in. We will have no choice but to defend ourselves and peace will not be possible within a unified state: If we try the South Africa Apartheid / Southern Segregation model, we might as well cut our own throats now.

    • I’m in the secession camp.

      46% of blacks live outside the South. My view is that all we have to do is secede, create our own nation-state, dismantle BRA, and the push-pull effect will naturally give them an incentive to migrate. Pretty much all we have to do is create a normal White country that doesn’t revolve around blacks anymore.

      • If the limp wristed response to Brexit, as well as the degeneration of our military, is any indicator, I would say that secession would be more viable in our current climate than not. That is taking the slow, parliamentarian approach, assuming the powder keg of diversity+proximity=war doesn’t boil over into militia style warfare, inducing a martial law and 3rd term scenario. World War II was basically a descalation of imperial powers trying to remain the biggest kids on the block who had to get rid of the strongest competition which is nationalism. Who isn’t to say that our continent isn’t set up for something similar?

    • Republic of New Afrika began the entire talk in 1960’s. The thing is this Black Homeland envisioned by the New Black Panthers would be an ISLAMIC STATE as all these NBPP members are Muslims. The Original Black Panthers were Atheists or traditional African religion adherents it was hostile toward Christianity Judaism and Islam, this Black Panther group is a branch of the Fruit of Islam of the Nation of Islam

    • I tend to agree, and even suspect some are Soros-type mouthpieces trained to keep whites distracted or something. What I’m certain of, though, is that Jews & Co. have a similar plan designed for blacks as whites – enslavement. There will be a managerial class that includes some blacks and they will fare better as a race than mine (as will the mediterraneans generally), the northwestern Europeans and anglos particularly, but most blacks are just slaves alongside a few tools to the jews. This fact would possibly impact some black nationalists, were they to reckon with it, but I doubt most if any will. Jews have been promising and delivering white gibs to the blacks for too long for most to realize the easy free ride is over and jewish greed has exhausted whites both materially and politically.

  13. What’s more likely is that the country will break into a number of pieces. Blacks will only feel comfortable in the one run by Jews, so that is where they will go.

    I am hoping that eventual there will be one or more non-Jewish white ethnostates in North America. We can’t just jump right to that, however. First we need for whites to develop a sense of racial consciousness. Then they will come together politically as a nation within a country. (Here I mean that they will organize explicitly, instead of just implicitly.) Gradually it will become clear that race-conscious whites and Jew-led nonwhites cannot coexist in the same polity, so people will openly move to be with the nation/country of their choice, and that is how we will get a white ethnostate.

    The question of the South complicates this scenario, but I really think that at this stage, white identity is more important than Southern identity.

      • Blacks left the South in droves following the Civil War. Back then, there were places for them to move to, like the industrializing North. In the future scenario I am describing, no place will be really appealing to them. They will not be needed anywhere, since now Hispanics abound, and robots are becoming more useful. It really looks like a bleak future for blacks, but it is not whites’ problem. They are the Jews’ problem now.

        • No Ed it will be a bloodbath. Anyone who thinks Dixie will be Free without Bloodshed is lying.

          • As I wrote before, I am concerned about all whites, not just white Southerners.

            We want to change people’s minds. We want people (whites especially) to realize that white consciousness is good, not immoral. If enough people change their minds, then war will not be necessary.

            Increasingly, I suspect that war is usually not just about two opposing sides. It is about a barely visible third party playing two sides off against each other. This view is described in “The Creature from Jekyll Island.” Ideally, this third party would be out of the picture, and war would not be necessary.

      • Hunter I disagree in this sense. I don’t see any way for the South out if it’s own predicament then through long brutal war. I hate to say that I wish it wasn’t true but I am afraid the Negroes wouldn’t leave they would be at the door of many Southern families to kill them. They have no desire to go to a North that’s imploding falling apart economically and in some areas of the North, plumbing and pavement are actually beginning to become luxury items. Deindustrialization killed the Northern economy

        I predict what would happen in the case of Southern Secession is you will see parts of the North, not everywhere but parts break out in anarchy as White organizations see the break in the power structure and begin to exploit it. The Washington government unless they have Terminators and Bio weapons will collapse trying to stop state after state from leaving. From Maine to Maryland will probably form into some leftist state, but this will be only temporary. The Reconquista of Florida Maryland and Missouri wont happen overnight.

        Dr. Michael Hill and the League would be better suited for now to consider most of Florida temporarily lost and forget Maryland UNTIL the homeland is secured. Then we can talk reconquest

  14. The Great Robert E. Lee said it best!
    “I have always observed that wherever you find the Negro, everything is going down around him, and wherever you find the white man, you see everything around him improving.”

    • The vast majority of people in 1860 North and South felt the same way about Negroes The average White Northern Man outside of the loony abolitionist Northeast IE PA-ME and Wisconsin and Michigan didn’t want Negroes anywhere near them and many feared the expansion of Slavery because they feared Miscegenation which varied in frequency throughout the South. Areas that had been under Franco-Spanish control PRE-1803 had high rates of race mixing but those under English and American control had much lower rates.

      I once saw an old book which showed Photographs taken in the South in or around 1860 of the White Slaves of Dixie, which were men and women descended from the White Convict Slaves and horny masters who looked for all intensive purposes white. In Southern law, why they strongly prohibited Black men from screwing White or Native women, was not only its detrimental effects but also because of the law of Partus sequitur ventrem which means law of the womb. The status of the mother, not the father followed the child. Thus a slave father could father a free child, but a slave mother could only birth a slave child. George Fitzhugh in Virginia of course threw gunpowder on the fire when he wrote in 1856 that all poor people including whites should be enslaved as they obviously couldn’t make it on their own.

      Abraham Lincoln stoked these fires of the fear of the Big Black Buck in your bedroom by telling whites, IF THE NEGRO IS KEPT OUT OF KANSAS HE WILL NEVER MIX BLOOD IN KANSAS among other statements. BTW I am not saying Lincoln was Honest let’s get that straight I am saying he knew how to play the Miscgenation Card when it suited him and in New England the Equality Card, Pure Politics with no concept of ROCK SOLID RIGHT and ROCK SOLID WRONG. At least we can say the Abolitionists were honest, they were nutjobs and they admitted it, the POLS like Lincoln managed to consistently play both sides against the middle very similar to a BILL CLINTON.

      When the 1860 Election came about the question of HONESTY or GOOD SENSE never came up in the North, it was pure and shameless self interest. A vote for the Republican meant to the average Mudsill, the Black Buck won’t live anywhere near me, let him be Dixie’s problem. It meant Free Farmland in the West, Manifest Destiny and the Hell with the Indians. It meant to the Factory owner High Tariffs which means I pay ZERO Taxes let those Southrons pay them. Equality was on the mind of the fanatics and they as yet didn’t control anything.

      The war changed the Negroes place when Northern Industrialists realized that the Negro could be pressed into the economy to work for peanuts and pay taxes. They of course sided with the Abolitionists seeing this future cash cow and I personally believe from what I have read, they had double agents inside the Confederate Secret Service and helped to facilitate JWB’s plot for the simple reason that Lincoln had accumulated too much power to himself because of the war and business needed weak leaders to guarantee their place. We must remember that from Lincoln’s demise until McKinley’s demise in 1901 every single US President was merely a figurehead and rubber stamp, not a leader. The imperial presidency began again with Teddy.

      Of course following the war, the Abolitionist Carpetbaggers foisted upon the South this Corporate Corruption and as they knew White Southerners would never put up with it, they enfranchised the Negroes and White Trash and established a dictatorship in every Confederate State excluding Kentucky and Tennessee, they even controlled Missouri although it wasn’t officially under Federal oversight, this was what created Frank and Jesse James.

      Of course the upstanding whites slowly fought back against the cabal and eventually won their independence but the damage was done. The economics of Dixie had changed, Whites were for the most part as poor as church mice and the Negroes while free weren’t much better off. Famine and disease increased, as poor Whites and Negroes hunted animals such as deer in some places to extinction. The Negro overall found himself living worse in 1900 than he did as a slave in 1860 and that didn’t change until the economic paradigm of industrialization began to come into Dixie.

      Had Robert E. Lee lived until he was 100, instead of dying relatively young, he would have seen his prophecy borne out but with a twist. He would have seen that Negro Emancipation’s other consequence had been to virtually destroy education and gentility among a generation of Whites in the South thus lowering some whites to only a notch or two above the Negro. I am not sure when exactly 90% of Southern Whites began to recover education wise and economically from the war. When was that Hunter?

    • As for Negro improvement and equality in the North, that began to come about slowly as a response against the Catholic Immigrants and Jewish Immigrants who came in after 1870. The Republican Party in every state North of the Ohio and Mason-Dixon suddenly found itself facing extinction as the Jews accumulated wealth and poured it into Democratic coffers and the Catholics began voting in large number. The great fear of the Yankees suddenly became a Judeo-Catholic takeover and the virtual elimination of Protestantism.

      The Negro in the North, small in number but growing with Southern emigration first slowly after 1865 then speeding up after 1910, was Republican to a man but he demanded a few things. First he wanted the Segregation Laws and Interracial Marriage laws revoked because we promise to stay away from your white gals yassuh boss. Well the Yankees thinking oh the Negro for the most part lives in slums and isolated communities where he associates little with us and doesn’t speak to our daughters for fear of her brothers beating him to death and that no preacher would ever solemnize such a match said okay we trust you son just vote Republican Colored Boy and we can be friends. Well the strategy worked and the Republican Party was shored up and continued its dominance until FDR. It is worth noting that areas of Northern States bordering the South were allowed via gentleman’s agreement to maintain Segregated facilities till the 1950s.

      The Yankee completely misunderstood the Negro as the Southern man tried to explain it to him for 200 years. By the 1920’s Jewish women began openly cavorting with Negroes in New York and other places and although it would take White women some years to do the same, the Jewesses began the behavior. Of course the Yankee said at the time, well it’s only the Jewesses and they’re all whores anyway, he never understood the idea of creeping immorality. He still doesn’t

  15. The added value in working with Black Nationalists lies in the optics it affords to abstraction-oriented Whites and foreign audiences. Foreign actors will play a larger role than most WNs anticipate in influencing or even orchestrating the situation once the bottom falls out on the current arrangement. Whether we’re “assisting Blacks in relocating to a safe and sovereign homeland under their own government” or “forcibly removing them” is largely a matter of optics and style, but moral framing matters a great deal in the contemporary 4gw strategic reality.

    Should our faction gain power, a HEAVILY subsidized Black Nationalist puppet government would be propped up, and Black Americans would be HEAVILY encouraged to relocate to their region(s)…which wouldn’t necessarily be in the Deep South. I say it goes where the Whites are most liberal and least resistant to it…which would likely not be in the Deep South.

      • Exactly. It was more successful than it received credit for, especially when one considers the immense international pressure to make it fail which is entirely out of scope with what America would likely be dealing with.

        But perhaps at least as importantly, the support for the Bantustans is a necessary part of the very persuasive moral argument that Orania relies on for its highly successful micropatriological project.

      • What exactly did they achieve in Lesotho and Swaziland? Lies as usual. And what of Botswana? An independent country that has the least numberof whites in Africa yet is the most democratic, transparent and safest in all of Africa? All of that achieved by running their own country and not allowing whites to interfere. Whites still managed to be their usual thieving selves by accessing Botswana resources though. This whole thread is one sided, white supremacist bullcrap. Every country whites settled in in Africa is a mess, yet Botswana is what it is because there are virtually no whites.

        You people need to get over yourselves.

        • Blacks are capable of leading positive lives with or without Whites.

          The best cab drivers in Chicago are from Nigeria and Ghana – they have a good work ethnic, and they have beautiful, very musical British accents.

          These Black African cab drivers do discriminate against lower class Black Americans who are apt to rob them.

          Virtually everyone in Chicago discriminates against lower class Black men who are responsible for at least 85 % of the crime and they have all but destroyed our public schools.

          • I agree that blacks can govern themselves. The stupidity on this thread about Haiti and its lack of progress does not factor the interference of the US government as well as that of France, not to mention the IMF for the plight of Haiti. But in a board that is predominantly white, I have come to expect deflections, lies and a denial of their central role in the historic sabotage of predominantly ‘Afro’ countries, from Africa to the Caribbean to South America.

            I find it interesting that the only evidence you have of hard working blacks is that of their work as cab drivers. Of all the doctors, engineers, teachers you could come up with, you cite cab drivers? From England? with their ‘musical British accents’? Is this a joke? African immigrants in the US esp those from West Africa are some of the highest achievers in colleges across America. They are up there with Asians. May I suggest you surround yourself with ‘brighter’ immigrants, no offense meant to black African cab drivers. There have been a few stories of West African kids admitted to multiple Ivy league universities at tender ages of 15 or 16, but because it doesn’t fit the current narrative of this thread you will omit it.

          • ” Of all the doctors, engineers, teachers you could come up with, you cite cab drivers? From England? with their ‘musical British accents’?”

            I respond:

            The Black African cab drivers I mentioned are not from England, they are from the African countries of Nigeria and Ghana.

            And yes I do very much like their very musical British accents. There were many benefits of the British Empire in Africa and other places – things like

            Ending slavery

            Another is the spread of the English language, English literature etc.

          • You need to make yourself clearer. Earlier you implied they are African, but where else would they have gotten their so called musical accents but from the UK? Believe it or not there are British men of Nigerian and Ghanaian descent. You know, kinda like in the US, once you are born on US soil, you become an American correct?

            I would never give the British any credit for ending a practice they benefited from for centuries. Its like crediting your rapist for deciding to stop his many assaults and violations. Or thanking a thief because they decided to stop robbing you blind when they have made off with your wealth Your logic is backwards. I might give them credit if they repaid the trillions(in today’s money) they owe for unpaid slave labor and even more they continue to reap from African countries. Slavery was responsible for propping up the financial district of the UK. Or didn’t you know that? Heck the UK prime minister’s wife Samantha’s aristocratic family owns a furniture company called OKA that was founded using capital from owning slaves in Trinidad and Tobago. What are the odds that these white British knuckle draggers pay back what they owe?

            I’m not holding my breath.

          • Slavery was the norm in both Black African societies and Arab Muslim societies. The Islamists in places like Iraq and Syria have brought back slavery.

            You just have a chip on your shoulder, hating White British people. There are many, many places in the world or now in the United States where there basically are NO White British people. Somehow I doubt if you will move and work to a place like Zimbabwe, Liberia, Sudan, Haiti, East St. Louis.

          • ‘Chip on shoulder’ are one of the meaningless sayings used as shaming and silencing tactics by people who hate scrutiny over their shameful and disgusting actions 🙂 You whites love to crow about your history, until the less savory bits which made a HUGE chunk of your history are flung back at you. Perhaps it reminds you that you are nowhere near civilized to have done what you did. Knuckle dragging savagery comes to mind 😉

            You’re deflecting from white barbarity and savagery in the form of slavery. We are not discussing Arabs, do not hide behind them. Its whites who practiced ownership of humans for centuries and built their societies from capital accrued from it. What do Arabs have to do with this? You’re reaching.

            Sudan and Zimbabwe were colonies of the British, the latter had a large British population, and although Mugabe, the puppet dictator they put in power when they left kicked out a lot of them from Zimbabwe, there remains a sizeable population of English people. Sudan was another colony of the British you simpleton. Why don’t you read about the role of the British in the Sudan before you embarrass yourself any further with your ignorance.

            Go read about France’s role in the current state of Haiti, and the US government, and the IMF. Read the history, how these three entities have undermined and thwarted every effort by Haiti, to be independent and prosper, then ask yourself how you came to make such a dumb statement LOL

            All the countries you mentioned ALL share one thing in common, they were colonized, or enslaved and made ‘white’ countries wealthy, with our labor and resources. If you’d remove yourself from the rectum of white supremacy and read proper history you would understand the role of European countries in the state of all the countries you mentioned.

            Read it and weep, then ask yourself how on earth white people could ever mistake themselves for civilized people. You lie and cheat and steal, then try to whitewash your history.

            Pathetic people. The jig is up, we are NOT fooled.

          • “although Mugabe, the puppet dictator they put in power when they left kicked out a lot of them from Zimbabwe, there remains a sizeable population of English people”

            I respond:

            The White British population in Rhodesia Zimbabwe was ~ 300,000 at it’s peak in the mid 1970s when the country was a prosperous nation – the breadbasket of Southern Africa.

            The White population is now less than 30,000 as the country’s economy and most everything else has collapsed.


          • Haha more uneducated bollocks from wikipedia which doesn’t really support your argument whatsoever.

            Who do you think did ALL the work to prop up Zimbabwe? It wasn’t the lazy whites who want to own land by force and guns, NOT do the leg work. The people who worked on those farms, the physical stuff, was black people of course. During the land grabs, white people allocated the fertile land to themselves, so on paper it looks like they are responsible for doing the actual work. Nope, whites are cunning thieves dear.

            The economy of Zimbabwe tanked because they froze credit of the country. Thank the IMF for that. How does a country, an African one at that supposed to thrive when they can’t get financed to run their farms efficiently?. The white run IMF got butt hurt because an African leader decided to kick out lazy whites from his country and assume black run power. Like they did in Haiti, they tried to destroy the economy of Zimbabwe, for a while they did, until China stepped in. It will take a while, but Zimbabwe will get back on its feet.

            Again, you are proving my point that white run African countries are in a mess because of the meddling of European countries. Unlike Botswana that has always has the tiniest number of whites and is the best run country in all of Africa.

            Isn’t it funny how when that so called breadbasket of Africa tanked, Southern Africa still held up pretty good without Zimbabwe? Hmm, methinks whoever keeps parroting that bullshit is obviously white people who as usual want to discredit and disrupt the forward momentum of African countries. Bad PR peddled by Western countries is what has crippled investment in African countries. Its bad enough that Europeans have stolen our resources and continue to do so, but they want the world to think Africa is a helpless region incapable of running itself. Meanwhile Europe does backdoor deals with corrupt African leaders they help to prop up by supporting, arming and funding dissidents so they can keep their noses deep in our troughs. Europeans have undermined democracies in every black run country because we inhabit VERY resource rich countries they want and will go to war or any lengths to maintain power in those regions. Look into the Bush administration, the Clinton administration etc etc.

            You clearly know absolutely nothing.

          • This conversation is boring.

            You obviously have a huge chip on shoulder hating White people, especially White British people.

            There are plenty of All Black countries and communities in the USA where there are virtually no Whites. Many countries like Ghana have programs to welcome Black Americans to their countries to work and become part of their societies – the key is you would have to work and not just whine and complain about White people.

            That’s something you’re not going to do.

            M’thinks you’re angling for another $165,000 a year job as a consultant in the Baltimore Public Schools brainwashing little Black children to blame White people for all the problems and failures in Baltimore.

          • See my above comment regarding the ‘chip on shoulder’ garbage.

            Can’t refute any points I made so I must have a chip on my shoulder hahaha

            As for the rest of your comment…YAWN…and… FAIL.

  16. Excellent piece. For a time I lived off 61 in Mississippi. A real world education which was vital and priceless in my “education.”

  17. If it were up to me I’d let blacks control everything north of Virginia and east of Ohio. Let them run Yankeestan in a reverse apartheid situation. After all, the Yankees love them so goddamn much and have so much faith in their abilities, I’m sure they’d love it.

    • NOT necessarily. Remember – Yankees are MEAN. Yankees talk a good game, but nothing are Earth is MORE vicious than some Egalitarian Spewing North Eastern Liberal, who a ready to commit MURDER when some upstart from the Lowe Order effs up their pretty, pretty things. They’ll rip your throat out with their teeth.

      • What you don’t think I know that? Maybe they should get a taste of their own medicine. Hypocrites deserve punishment.

        • I understand and agree with you. I just think that the Dindus will “have accidents” rather quickly

      • Now with that, imagine someone like Elizabeth Warren in a high cabinet post under a Hillary Clinton regime.

        It won’t be pretty…

    • You would cede Maryland? Dr. Michael Hill and the League says that is a No No. I think for the present we may have to consider Maryland Florida and possibly parts of Texas temporarily lost UNTIL THE HOMELAND IS SECURE. Then will come conquest

      • The counties that border WV may be southern but the rest of MD is gone. The Yankees have taken over and enriched the shit out of it.

  18. I like to taunt Nigs and Hebes on Twitter. Lemme tell ya – with all the nonsensical trash talking I post, NOTHING makes the Nigs angrier than the concept of segregation. No racial slur really bothers them at all. No insult, NOTHING, has the impact that the idea of getting them AWAY from us does. Nothing.

  19. That black police chief in Dallas David Brown is a very sharp man and a good example of the talented tenth. In yesterday’s CNN interview with (((Jake Tapper))), I was very impressed by how he wasn’t fooled by Tapper’s slimy rhetorical traps. Tapper thought he had dumb goy nigger on his hands that could be easily manipulated into making comments to help advance Jewry’s media agenda, but Tapper’s efforts did not work.

    At one point in the interview, Tapper laid down a line of questioning that contained the loaded premise that Micah X was “delusional.” Tapper’s goal was obviously to divert attention from Micah X’s stated anti-white motivations and to plant the idea in the media water table that the killings were a result of mental illness. Much to Tapper’s disappointment I’m sure, Brown shot down that claim and reiterated that Micah X was perfectly rational.

    Predictably, Tapper then brought up “gun violence” and tried to draw Chief Brown into making favorable comments about gun control. If Brown had done so, every headline the next day would have of course read “Dallas Police Chief Endorses Gun Control.” But Brown didn’t take the bait and even threw in the comment “I wasn’t born yesterday.”

    Chief Brown is a prototype for the kind of black male who can only flourish and achieve his potential in white civilization. He grew up in a Dallas ghetto, then achieved success in white civilization. If there were no white civilization for him to enter into, he would have stayed in the ghetto for life.

    The same is true for that lying piece of shit Barack Obama. He’d be nothing without white civilization around him. Nothing.

    I’m sure he will have something sickening to say tomorrow night when stands over the graves of five dead whites to address the nation and promote the Globalist-Jewish agenda which includes white displacement and genovide.

  20. I don’t know what talented tenth Obama has planned for that Dallas memorial service, but I predict it will be something twisted and Satanic. Obama likes to taunt and humiliate. When he said the motives of the shooter were hard to untangle, it was a sneer. That man is not going to pass up an opportunity to traffic on the graves of five dead white men to advance a globalist anti-white agenda with the whole world watching.

  21. Blacks need us but we don’t need them. When we are able to extricate ourselves from the throes of Diversity this should be the guiding principle. If blacks wish to remain in White countries our race will be calling the shots. If they don’t like it they can go back to Africa, highly unlikely to happen.

  22. This article is flawed at its premise.

    The author is attacking things that are not the basic proposal by the New Black Panther party. For instance the author attacks the premise of a WORKING negroid ethnostate in the deep south. It’s not necessary for it to work well, no more than Negro-controlled South Africa does. He seems to attack the notion of all negroids relocating to the deep south. All of them relocating there is not necessary, only enough of them. He attacks the idea that negroids will want to move to the RURAL deep south and become farmers. That is not necessary; they will relocate to the CITIES of the deep south where most of the population is anyway.

    He has missed the mark completely.

    It doesn’t take too many more negroids to move to key population centers of the south (cities) to take political control via the ballot, the way that has already been done in Atlanta.

    As to the motivation, they will be paid to do so if this proposal gained traction, whether through incentives or payouts from our own government, or from abroad, funneled though NGOs.

    The Rothschilds tried to break up the U.S. once before in 1861. They will try to do so again. The international jew plans to have his power center in Israel, and before he does that, he must crash the United States to prevent it from being a challenge for world hegemony. The Rothschild money will be behind secession movements here in the United States, whether that be Texans, or these feral niggers.

    • “It doesn’t take too many more negroids to move to key population centers of the south (cities) to take political control via the ballot, the way that has already been done in Atlanta.” – the goal is to control Georgia however, Atlanta isn’t enough, and if enough blacks moved there to accomplish that goal, Atlanta would cease to be a place where anyone would want to live.

    • Pretty much agree, except over does the Jewish bankers are behind everything.

      It’s like DC Statehood or Puerto Rican statehood, United Nations bashing White Americans.

      It has little to do with fairness, just envious Blacks and anti Whites trying to get attention.


    “For when a real powder keg blew in the ’60s, I was there. And this is not it.”

    But in the 60s, US was 90% white, and most whites acted dramatically against the black/radical violence. Even most white Democrats were appalled by the violence and mayhem. Whites knew what to do and had the pride and confidence to do it. It was when Daley said ‘shoot to kill, shoot to maim’ and didn’t apologize for it. If anything, Chicagoans loved him for it.

    In contrast, even if cities won’t blow up this time around, whites are far less powerful, and younger generation has been far more castrated into dorky defenselessness.

    In the early 70s, even angry Democrat whites were out in force opposing busing.

    Today, even white cons haven’t the guts to oppose either ‘gay marriage’ or section 8 invasion of suburbs.

    If cities are less volatile today, it’s due to Diversity. Immigration and Gentrification(and section 8) made blacks less a presence in many cities.

    That has been one reason why Libs like immigration. Use the Diversity flood to wash away the blacks from cities. Better brown, yellow, and even Muslim than black, the biggest problem in America.

    5 innocent white cops have been killed, but there is no white rage, no white revolution, no white unity. Even Trump is just weakly urging ‘peace’.

    If 5 white officers had been shot by a negro in the 60s, whites would have shown some pride, unity, and rage.

    George Wallace is long dead and gone.

  24. I am for the self-determination of peoples, whether in the South, Scotland, Catalonia, or Palestine.

  25. With the exception of Arab/South Asian Muslims the true desire of the colored man in the West is to interbreed with us and in their own egos “become one of us.” And that goes for all of them, black, brown, or yellow. Most will never openly admit to it of course, which is why uninitiated whites are flabbergasted by the never ending demands and cries of injustice. It’s all a safety valve for their true desire. In my mind the Kebabs are at least an honest enemy who seeks to conquer and replace, unlike the wretched beggars who demand entry and embrace into a foreign tribe.

  26. Brad Griffin & Jared Taylor & Valley Girl Discuss “Racial Federalism”

    Since neither Brad Griffin nor Jared Taylor nor Valley Girl wants to go all “Dylann Strorm Roof” on them damn niggers, I’m with the Matt-oids — Parrott & Heimbach — in letting them work out “Racial Federalism” with them Nigger Panthers and seeing if they can’t keep the future “Repub[l]ick of Niggeria” coonfined to lowland Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. They can fight it out with the beaners as to who gets “Floriduh”. The Hillbillies who live in the mountains of North Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi get to keep what they live in now.

    So that means that yes, like Michael Collins, something has to be given up that none of us other White People will be more than willing to give up for a bantustan when ZOG/Babylon breaks up into Ten Thousand Warlords. I’ll grant that you might well be “The Nigger Whisperer” and all that, but I’m sure that none of them niggers are lusting after my native South Dakota. In fact the very first Real Live Nigger I ever saw in South Dakota was a nigger who got off of Interstate 90 from Chicago to Seattle who drove up 40 miles off the Interstate to see the State Capital of Pierre back in 1999.

    I don’t really blame the Matt-oids for trolling for yuks with the Nigger Nationalists. Back in 1994 and 1995 when I ran two militias, I’d tell them Kansas Shitty Niggers of Islam that they could kill and eat all the Kansas Shitty government worker whiggers that they pleased. Why I trolled niggers when the Internuts was a pup. But when the Missouri 51st Whigger Militia actually started giving them Russian SKS’s which cost $150 to this “Central Brigade” of Troost Avenue inner-shitty niggers back in 1996-97, well, that really pissed off what were essentially CI-run militias in Springfield and Joplin areas. Trolling is one thang — actually arming niggers with semi-automatic military-grade assault rifles is another. Then when these KC whigger militia-mattoids were snitching us out to the FBI in the summer of 1999 over Y2Kaos was the last straw.

    So now the pigs are killing niggers and the niggers are killing pigs, and some tards are whining about that shit. Why? As I look at it, there is no downside to race war. What is going to end up happening is a financial collapse, probably in a few months, and a great die-off when there is no diesel or fertilizer or GMO seeds for the agribusiness that feeds the ZOGland and the world.

    So why not let the Matt-oids cut a meaningless deal — racial federalism — with the niggers? It isn’t as if any deals made by any of these poseurs will ever be kept.

    As an aside to the Matt-oids: I’m running as a write-in candidate for Governor of Missouri, as thanks to TraitorGlenn Miller and Rabbi Linder since 2006 no “White Supremacist” is allowed to run for federal, state or local office in Missouri on either the Republicuck, Demonocrat, LibberToon or CONstipation parties. I could use your endorsement for the publicity.

    “Racial Federalism” — An Idea which means whatever anyone wanting to play racial nationalist wants to make of it and not a damned thang more.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    • Well done! My areas is weird; I live in a rural place, with all these earthy crunchy Foodie hippy types. I am a well known racist hater bigot NAZI. I just had a conversation with a young blue eyed blonde hippy girl. She….doesn’t like Negroes…..really……very much……she’s so glad she’s here, and not in a city….every-one is paying attention to the Grand Mal Nig Out! More to come this weekend! Thanks Niggers! I’ll be the head of the New American Bund, locally, in no time! YAY!

  27. Some support an ethnostate. However all races have a similar problem. All are under the American Empire and the Social Security System. All talk a big game but don’t have the foundation in place for racial nationalism. All have a long way to go. That includes Southerners and our White Race. The first step is each race having independent representation in government. Deo Vindice !

  28. Curious because the CPUSA had a plan to create a self-autonomous black nation in the South.(Communist Party USA)

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