Gruesome Video: Dead Russian Helicopter Pilot Dragged Through Dirt By Syrian Jihadists

Here in the United States, the cucks and the media can’t stop talking about poor, offended Khizr Khan, and warmongering against Russia while the real war between ISIS and Russia is raging in Syria.

Note: Just today, ISIS released a new video threatening Putin and Russia.

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    • There is an afterlife. One of the clauses of the Apostles’ Creed is:

      On the third day he rose again;
      he ascended into heaven,
      and is seated at the right hand of the Father,
      and will come again to judge the living and the dead.

      • Doesn’t mean we should be a bunch of chumps and suckers, aiding people who want to kill us, while we’re here.

        • Fully agree. All I meant to say was that evil will be punished. It is my daily prayer that the Lord wipe Islam off the face of the earth (the religion and not the people) in my life time. May these people come to Christ! May they put their zeal and passion to work in the service of the Gospel, as did St. Paul after his conversion.

          • This is why we are might as well sacrifice your children to Moloch.A thousand years is but a day to these parasites.The biggest sin on earth is that kosher demon blood that sanctifies you and especially those in power.Unfortunately nature and all creation will be the biggest loser with that homo romance.

      • Modern Protestant Christianity is a heretical religion. All the talk of the Rapture and the reestablishment of Israel as the apple of God’s eye and Biblical prophecy is not historic Christianity. I recommend the book End Time Delusions by Steve Wohlberg, who is Jewish himself. He also has a book called the Israel Delusion.(Darby, the visions of a 17 year old Scottish Girl, the Scofield Bible,)

  1. One of the great awaking points in my life was the late 1970s take over of the American embassy in Iran by mobs of dark, hairy, unwashed Muslims. America held hostage.

    Soon after, maybe it was before – the Soviet Russians invaded Afghanistan and fought mountain Muslim Jihadists backed by the USA – these Jihadists morphed in to the Taliban.

    I at 17 years old was strongly on the side of the Russian Soviets against these nasty hairy mountain Muslim Jihadists. My brother was a typical Reagan Conservative and insisted that we had to fight the Evil Empire Russians and then there was some stupid Rambo movie where Johnny Rambo joined the Afghan Mountain Muslim freedom fighter Jihadists.

    To think that in this day there are still some idiot White Reagan Conservatives that still want to fight the Russians and join with the Islamic Jihadists – the Neo Conservative, Neo Liberals mouth off about Putin’s Russia not being Democratic same as Assad’s Syria.

    Un F******** believable.

    • Charlie Wilson’s war indicates that the Jihadis were armed by Israelis smuggling in captured Egyptian and Syrian ordinance and arm.

      All watched over by the CIA.

      That’s also the background to the Benghazi fiasco. The dead ambassador was funneling captured Ghaddafi era weapons to ISIS.

  2. Brave pilot. They are all marked for death as Anthony Fokker once said.

    Very brave of these Muzz dragging a man through the dirt. Super civilized.

  3. Note that these savages have an affinity towards homosexuality. The cell phone videos were focused on the pilots groin and backside.

    I hope Putin goes scorched earth on them now.

    • Amen. Do not know why Paul Ryan has this thing against Putin.

      BTW, Putin is more Christian and Western than the Marxist Commissars of the Washington Beltway. Let us call him brother, not comrade.

  4. This video disgusts me to no end. There was a time, in the not too distant past, when the desecration of corpses during war would have been condemned worldwide. The condemnation would have been splashed across the headlines of all newspapers around the globe. Isn’t this what happened in North Africa during WWII? The sand niggers were well-known to rob and violate the corpses of German and American soldiers. I guess the old adage “everything old is new again” does not just apply to textiles.

  5. And, of course, all those “moderate Syrian rebels” pictured above have a Constitutional right to move to the US. Just ask the media, the Democrats, the cucks, the neocons and just about everyone but Trump.

    • Agreed. And they will sire monster babies that will be given full birth right citizenship then grow up to be Al Qaeda terrorist leaders in Yemen. Ron Pail and Rand Paul will insists these terrorists are full US Citizens like you and I .

  6. As I keep saying; if they don’t respect our bodies bury them in pig manure and offal with their head up a pigs arse. Make it clear this will continue as long as they do it.

    I actually like pigs, they are a clean animal if you let them and very intelligent.

  7. born (((Garik Kimovich Weinstein)))

    Garry KasparovVerified account
    The problem isn’t that Trump has a pro-Kremlin agenda or that his advisers work for/with Putin. It’s that some don’t see that as a problem.

  8. If Russia blasts these bastards there’s a chance they also get their American handlers/suppliers/trainers. (CIA, DoD,etc)

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