White Lives Matter Rally In Buffalo Mobbed By Antifa


Once again, we see what “anti-fa” are really about: engaging in mob violence to suppress political opinions they dislike. They’ve also made it clear over the past year – whether it was at Trump rallies, Confederate flag rallies, Trad Youth rallies, or on college campuses – that their intention is to silence all rightwing opinion.

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  1. I am actually trying to figure out what happened here, was the whole rally shut down or what? The fact of the matter is this, there are a helluva lot of WN’s out there and if we are going to show force to these ANTIFA we are going to have to rally where we are in the majority, force them to play on our court. Don’t go into theirs without making certain preparations first.

      • From what I understood thats what I thought. The thing is any event no matter where it is will have to be planned logistically and from the point of view of having the HIGH GROUND. Make them come to us, don’t go to them

        • Our league of the south rallies are well attended and well organized

          We don t get attacked and run off by Antifa

          I recommend staying away from Klan and open Nazi rallies

          • The Anti-Fa did attempt that fiasco in Stone Mountain earlier this year. As I said before, the one way to beat these people is to rally where you have the high ground and the goodwill of those around you. Obviously you will only find that in smaller cities and towns.

            The problem with many of these movements is they try to bite off more than they can chew. Forget the major cities organize the smaller ones, then move on the major cities.

          • The problem with people in these movements how I see it is they try to go for BIG EVENTS IN MAJOR CITIES. No you start out with smaller events in nearby cities and suburbs, work up to the big time later. What good is a rally in Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, Buffalo or any major city? All its going to do is invite a bunch of Cops and troublemakers.

            Heimbach’s rally in Sacramento was positive for the main reason that Sacremento is a smaller city and it wasn’t San Francisco Oakland or Los Angeles. Start out with a manageble situation first. Get the high ground. I wouldn’t rally in any level ground I would make sure if I was an organizer that men command a hill, make them come up to us. This is basic military tactics.

      • Depends though. For example a rally in Anniston Alabama wouldn’t be the same as a rally in downtown Atlanta GA. My point is we must take the high ground, don’t rally where they are rally where we outnumber them

        • And, we should only target the whites within the enemy crowd. Go right after them with no mercy whatsoever. You can understand the minorities protesting a force that will be their demise but those traitors deserve what’s coming to them.

      • Denise my thoughts exactly. Any major city EVEN MAJOR SOUTHERN CITIES, are a no-no. You must have an area where you command the loyalty or cooperation of the majority of the citizenry and an area that is relatively secure to rally in, a hilltop would be ideal. Make them come to you. If you rally on flat ground where you must rely on fences and cops thats a bad decision.

        That is why I suggest smaller cities and demographically friendly areas.

  2. Hunter what is your opinion on the progress that the Communists and Muslims are supposedly claiming to make among Southern Negroes, supposedly being able to raise a gigantic Negro army to kill everyone? They’ve been threatening this of course forever and nothing ever comes of it, typically the Negroes are happy as long as they got a sack of cornmeal, collars, pinto beans, some fatback and a beat up Cadillac and know armed conflict will only end up in their deaths. What says you?

    • I think the CPUSA (Communist Party USA) had a plan in the thirties to create a self-autonomous black region in the American South modeled on similar autonomous regions that existed in the USSR.

      • Hunter would know more about it than I but the New Afrika crap has been around for a long time

  3. “Antifa” = Marxist street soldiers. Naturally, they seldom do any of these violent maneuvers where concealed/open carry is unrestricted.

    Some do need to get shot, beaten, or feel the lash. I’m considering acquiring a bull whip to add to my tool box.

  4. The older White guy in the blue shirt is Karl Hand who was a body guard for David Duke in the 70s and 80s

    He turned strongly against Duke for going mainstream.

  5. Can’t continue being so badly outnumbered on enemy turf so to speak.

    When I was young my kid brother and I were a bit on the wild side. I matured and turned myself around thankfully, but my brother would ride with these fellas for some time before he wised up.

    The big guy named Pee Wee (who shows up at the 2:00 mark) and my brother had many meals together in our kitchen. His calves were the size of my thighs. Kid brother still thinks he is a great guy.

    No, a large segment of bikers are not the kind of people you want as neighbors.

    However, they can be quite intimidating in certain situations. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to have some visible muscle on the scene, bikers or not.

      • If you are not from a rival biker gang he can be very hospitable.

        Former Hells Angels chapter president pleads guilty in assault


        The former president of the Hells Angels motorcycle club’s local chapter pleaded guilty Monday to assaulting rival gang members at a downtown wedding chapel in 2008.

        Surveillance footage showed Charles “Peewee” Goldsmith leading the way, fists first, as he and 12 others swarmed Mongols who were attending a wedding at A Special Memory Wedding Chapel on Fourth Street and Gass Avenue on Dec. 20, 2008.

        Goldsmith pleaded guilty to battery with substantial bodily harm with the intent to promote, further or assist the activities of a criminal gang and coercion.

        As part of the deal with prosecutors, Goldsmith agreed to a two- to five-year prison term. Goldsmith’s son, Brad Goldsmith, pleaded guilty on Friday to similar charges and agreed to serve 16 months to four years in prison.

        Charles Goldsmith, who was kicked out of the Hells Angels after making a statement to Las Vegas police, will be sentenced in March.

        In all, 13 men were charged with bludgeoning three Mongols and three others during the melee. As the Hells Angels were leaving a wedding ceremony of their own, they saw three Mongols at the chapel for another wedding.

        The 13 men attacked the Mongols, bludgeoning them with their fists, feet, bottles and trash cans. Prosecutors called it an unprovoked attack.

        Defense lawyers had said their clients were acting in self-defense because Mongols had months earlier attacked and killed a Hells Angel in San Francisco. -snip-

  6. It seems pro-White rallies will have to bring their own thugs with them for protection. No one has free speech today unless he has the force to exercise it.

  7. Problem is this isn’t the way to go about politics. Everyone knows if you hold a “White Lives Matter” rally the whole point is to be provocative to a very powerful, violent element and know showing up is a risk to life and reputation. People who think organizing these things are a good idea are crackpots. There’s got to be better ways of doing such.

    I’m going to predict that if Trump loses there is going to be a surge in violence against whites, a surge in radically enforced political correctness in the workplace, just the whole program is going to accelerate against normal whites.

  8. Seriously, could they not think of a better name? I hate it as much as I would the name NAAWP. We don’t need to mimic the names of Negro organizations.

  9. Right, both parties suck up to Jews.

    But Trump is obviously the better choice.

    US is really messed up crazy.

    Consider all the nuttiness this spring and summer.

    Democrat thugs mess up Trump rallies and physically attack Americans. A rally in Chicago was even shut down due to thuggery.

    Media see no problem.

    Muslim crazies carry out all sorts of attacks in the West.

    Many Muslims have been uprooted by Wars for Israel pushed by Neocons, Cucks, and Democrats like Obama/Hillary. That’s why there is a ‘refugee crisis’.

    Obama and Hillary push for open borders and amnesty for illegals. Millions of them. No rule of law.

    BLM is a crazy movement, but it has blessing of Democrats. Cops got gunned down in bunch of cities.

    Obama’s SC appointees have no use for Constitution and make up stuff as they go along. Like ‘gay marriage’.

    Colleges are overrun with PC lunacy and nutty hoaxes.

    Journalism is in total LIE mode, what with stuff like UVA hysteria. And most Americans say they don’t trust media.

    Black crime is way up due to Ferguson effect.

    Blacks burned down Baltimore.

    Obama is gonna send dangerous city blacks to suburbs and small towns.

    Cold War was over long ago, and we can have peace, but Hillary wants new cold war at behest of globalist Jews who date-raped Russia in the 90s and instigated crazy coup in Ukraine.

    Hillary and Obama’s actions in Libya and Syria are war crimes. They destroyed a nation and then aided alqaeda terrorists in the other and created chaos that led to ISIS.

    US actions have led to total invasion of EU by ‘refugees’ and ‘migrants’.

    In all this, Hillary calls for more reckless globalism while Trump calls for security and nationalism.

    But Hillary still leads.

    But then,this is a nation where majority have been won over to ‘gay marriage’, which is now a religious cult that is now even entering into churches as a matter of ‘pride’.

    This is a nation where Americans think 25% of the population is homo.

    This is a nation where full grown adults get tattoos and their kids follow, to top it with piercing.

    It’s like PROGLOB — progo-glob0-ism — is the default position of the US due to yrs and yrs of the 2PC’s: Political Correctness and Pop Culture, both dominated by progs, Jews, homos, blacks, and skanks. (Sadly, even the success of Trump owes to the sheer celebrity-ization of culture. Look at Justin Trudeau and the new pope or poop. They are celebrity queens.)

    So, Trump’s star rises only in times of shock. When there is an attack on police or a terrorist attack. But as the story fades — with media spinning it toward more celeb trivia and globalist propaganda —, it’s like the reset button is pushed and we are back to default position of supporting the PROGLOB.

    So, the norm is pro-Hillary, and shock is pro-Trump. So, if norm prevails, Hillary wins, and if shock jolts and jolts, Trump may win.

    But what a crazy world. Hillary is pushing a mad agenda of globalism, but that is seen as the NORM.

    But if ‘gay marriage’ is real marriage and if illegals are ‘undocumented immigrants'(what this country is all about), I guess we live in a world of the New Normal.

    PS. Where Trump really did fail is in his needless overstatements. Such style was fun on TV show like the Apprentice. And it was even tolerated when Trump was attacking other Republicans. But when he’s up against Hillary, the darling of the GLOB, his style will be attacked and denounced for being ‘extreme’.

    And I must say he was too extreme in some areas, and needlessly so.

    He could have owned the terrorism and Muslim threat issue WITHOUT calling for total ban on Muslims.

    He could have dealt strongly with issue of illegal immigration without being so nasty about Mexicans. He could have worded things more carefully. Mexers have huge chip on their shoulders, a real inferiority complex vis-a-vis gringos or gabachos. Consider how Mexers acted when Greg Haugen made a joke about Julio Caesar Chavez.

    Coulter only need to sell books. To win elections, you have to either win over the other side or not antagonize them too much. Trump went too far in some areas.

    He also went too hard against Cruz, which is why Cruz couldn’t endorse Trump.

    Trump needs to find a way to be firm and strong without sounding over-the-top and hysterical, esp as the media will spin everything he says and does as ‘extreme’.


  10. It is difficult to assume who is what for and who is anti-American here. The idea to go into a Dole dependent bastion/town to “preach” anything is a waste of effort. The police will cater to the federal mandate which equates to how much the police DEPEND on federal monies. So…”going into the fray” is wasteful.
    When this “towns” dole runs out or is severely curtailed…the “police” will learn the hard way as many “towns” across America are now descending into the black hole of kumbyah WITHOUT THE MONIES to support the ILLEGAL’S, UNEMPLOYED, UNHEALTHY, and all of the associated “ill’s” conceived in such a morasse.

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