The Battle of Cucked America

Buzzfeed called to ask me about Trump’s immigration comments last night:

“Donald Trump is rapidly trying to turn around his presidential campaign with a vigorous and at times strained effort to shed a label applied to him by a substantial portion of the electorate: racist.

Guided by his new campaign leadership, the Republican nominee has ordered a full-fledged strategy to court black and Latino voters and is mobilizing scores of minority figures to advocate publicly for his candidacy.

Trump is planning trips to urban areas — with stops at churches, charter schools and small businesses in black and Latino communities — and is developing an empowerment agenda based on the economy and education, aides said. Under consideration is an early September visit to Detroit, where retired neurosurgeon and former Republican primary rival Ben Carson would guide him on a tour of the impoverished neighborhoods where he grew up. …”

I hadn’t seen it.

I spent yesterday taking my kid on a steamboat ride up and down the Mississippi River and hanging out with a friend who was traveling through the St. Louis area. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do on this story, but I was told the gist of what Trump said on Hannity about softening his position on immigration.

As I told Buzzfeed, I’m not worried in the slightest about it. It’s all general election politics. It is obviously part of a broader strategy of “proving” to cucked suburbanites – the people who voted for John Kasich, who the polls show are responsible for Trump’s low numbers in those counties – that he is not a “racist.” That’s why he is doing this townhall, talking about how great his policies are going to be for blacks in his recent speeches, and even goofy shit like following in the footsteps of Rand Paul by going to Detroit.

Hillary is giving her big speech today on the Alt-Right. That’s her counterattack. Trump is really a “racist” because he is “linked” to us. Once again, they are transparently fighting over the same slice of cucked suburban White voters. I’ve said all along here that the outcome of the election will be decided by these people. I didn’t think Trump would win the general election because these cucks would be sore from the primary and would rather lose to Hillary and preserve their own position than win with Trump.

I’m not sure which way the election will go in November. It’s nothing that I am worried about though. The difference between Rand Paul and Donald Trump in this Detroit Republican shtick is that Rand Paul really believes this stuff whereas Trump is doing it because his campaign manager is telling him to do it. Rand Paul really is a cuck whereas Trump is trying to pander to Cucked Americans to win.

I’m happy to have this fight over immigration. I don’t believe any of this is real. It’s about as real as Barack Obama opposing gay marriage in 2008. I also think if Trump is elected that we can fight over it and win whereas I know exactly what Hillary will try to do. And besides, if he really believed this, why is he campaigning with Nigel Farage?

Wink. Wink.

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  1. Here’s the danger of it – My mother called me this morning all pissed that Donald Trump was doing a double cross.

    Many of Trump’s fervent supporters who are supporting him because of his immigration position, when they hear this, they think he is selling out. I have to tell ya, when I heard Trump last night on Hannity, I literally thought I was listening to Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio. He was rambling on about families, and how they are great people and families and great people – did I mention how great these people are?

    It was hard to listen to and the danger is that this drives down his turnout with his most hardcore supporters. Its a big gamble he is playing I have to say that it bothers me having to listen to Trump sound like Jeb.

    • Us alt-righters are Trump’s biggest supporters but we will also be his biggest critics if he f—s up.

    • Hitler leads the way again. He turned down the rhetoric right before he was offered the job. That’s what the press will say.

      • He also did at certain points while in power during the 1930’s (like during the 1936 Olympics). It didn’t mean that NS was cucking, but was meant to keep the other nations calm and quiet.

      • Or Woodrow Wilson getting re-elected on keeping the US out of WW1 even thought he had already come to an agreement on that.

    • Yes, they’re not following the race as closely as we are. All they hear is Trump flipped on immigration and is a sell out. It’s a dangerous move. The Farage appearance was related to this.

  2. It’s just something that has to be done in our cursed 50.05 % winner take all, cursed “democracy” . AH had to do similar things in Germany – at least they had a parliamentary system where a party/leader who won 35% + received power.

    AH had to mouth socialist things to appeal to unemployed steel workers competing with open Communists. Once in power AH could do what was best for the country like killing off the openly homosexual/socialists leaders of the SA.

    If you want to be competitive or win in American presidential politics won must tell all kinds of different people what they want to hear – tell folks in San Diego CA that massive funding for the US Navy is the # 1 priority, tell idiot Christian Zionists that you think Jesus will come back if we just start a few more Neo Conservative wars in the Middle East – tell parents of fat girls that you’ll find her a husband.

    I’ve gotten rather good at telling people what they want to hear without actually lying. I’m afraid White British American Anglo guys just aren’t very good liars – it’s hard to compete in this area with the jews.


    • “I’m afraid White British American Anglo guys just aren’t very good liars”

      No, they can be excellent liars as long as it’s to advance something of their interests. But too damn much that is needed is just over their heads. This is the entire problem in a nutshell. Most of our people’s interest and what’s “on their radar screens” is NOT the type of things we talk about on these sites. When I’m being rude I just call them rubes and hayseeds. They just don’t get this stuff. The average rural white just has too low and too few real interests. And he can’t even comprehend someone having the kind of goals and worldviews such as our enemies and people like the Clintons.

      About the lying, it goes straight to something that burns me up about our people. They have no problem lying about some petty thing, or in fact being deceitful or cunning or even criminal, but when it comes to something important, like we are talking about here, why, suddenly the white man is pure as the driven snow and just couldn’t, I say just couldn’t, son, tell a lie or do anything dishonest. Huh-uh. Then he might go out and stab his brother in the back for fifty bucks to get ahead of some other rube to impress some bar whore or stupid high maintenance hick girl.

      • Means the Catholics are standing up at least on some level.

        And Trump’s a Protestant just for the record.

          • Francis is just a Communist that mentions God a little more often than the traditional Marxists.

            Same goes for the other cucked “Christians” of all denominations.

          • It’s tough because of us getting banned from Disqus, although what’s the exact issue on your end?

            I can see if your original account can get deleted so you can make a new one (that would be the best option I think).

      • I would agree with you, if they were only Catholics!

        But since 1958 you had the Novus Ordo Marxist derived Vatican Eww, and you’ve not been catholic for 1000 years has the schism, anyway!

          • Funny… The holy Scripture says that the Holy Spirit is sent from the Father, and that fact is witnessed by the Son, verbatim in the scriptural record. Y’all are way off on your theology…

          • Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I meant that comment to be tongue-in-cheek and apologize if it did not come off that way. What unites us in these dark days is surely greater than what divides us.

          • You obviously haven’t read very many of my comments, because my apologies are as gold, to some posters on the Internet, who will (btw) neither get them, nor deserve them! ( tongue firmly in cheek)

  3. Here’s why Trump’s newfound pandering (which is just a higher gear of what he’s always done) is not to be taken seriously:


    Sophisticated alt-rightists and nationalists know the difference between talk and associations. They know that if there’s a serious disconnect between the two, to side with the associations, and to assume that the talk is merely a de facto political requirement that nobody involved takes seriously. Suburban white Republican leaning middle to upper middle class soccer moms want to hear cuckservative crap, even though they don’t believe it, and they certainly don’t live it (per their revealed preferences), and they know the politicians shoveling that bull don’t believe it as they say it, because prosperous women want you to demonstrate caring and compassion with symbolic gestures.

    The reason I know Trump doesn’t actually believe what he’s saying is because of his associations, continued and otherwise. Jeff Sessions hasn’t been kicked out of his inner circle. He just hired Steve Bannon. He hasn’t fired his chief speechwriter, Stephen Miller, who he got from Jeff Sessions’s office. And he openly invited Nigel Farage on stage last night. Those are not the actions of someone going soft on immigration.

  4. You’re giving Trump far too much credit at this point. The reversal on illegals means abandoning the principle of national sovereignty. That is not pandering; that is fundamental betrayal. At best, it’s clear Trump has zero principles, and he may in fact be just be another con artist, just one of a different character than the typical GOP cuck. It’s shame we have to lose when we could have won with a candidate who aggressively pursued the Sailer strategy while representing nationalist populism in a competent way. He ruined himself with this combination of being an undisciplined baffoon on a rhetorical level while pandering to cucks with supply side economics and democrats are the real racist appeals.

    • Yes–it’s worth remembering how well he was doing not even a month ago, before his most-recent and maybe decisive missteps caught up with him. Below is the FiveThirtyEight July 31 polls-only forecast, which I posted here, at Occidental Dissent, when it was new. Trump hadn’t been required to revise, reword, or otherwise modify his position on illegals to pull even with Clinton …

    • I believe he is doing it because of the polls and his campaign manager is telling him to do it. I’m not worried about it because I think it is a fight we can win after the election.

  5. Trump hasn’t given his immigration speech or said anything specific yet so it is not too late for him to abandon this change of course. Supporting anything other than deportation will be received by the American public as political expediency which is what Clinton is know for.

        • Explain to me the logistics involved in moving 10 or 20 million people. What do you do when the country you are trying to deport them to doesn’t recognize them as a citizen any longer or never did to begin with? Bomb them? Pay them off? Jerk them off?

          If you don’t understand the practical implications of forcibly removing someone whose been here 20+ years, is a productive member of society, and tearing apart families in the process, then you really have no business commenting on how difficult or easy large-scale deportation would be.

          Go all or nothing and I assure you you’ll get nothing.

          • You’ve obviously never read chapter 9 of the biblical book of Ezra in the Old Testament where, in coming back to the promised land, the priests, Levites and rulers decided to “put away their foreign wives and their children,” so that the land could be cleansed. The same thing needs to happen today- no emotion, no crying, just do it.

            Do you think “they all have to go “doesn’t mean anything?

          • Go all or nothing and you’ll get nothing. Compartmentalization 101 should be a mandatory course for anyone claiming to be pro-White in a world where every facet of society is controlled by anti-Whites.

            How does an attitude of deportation for 80-90% instead of 100% of illegals hurt you when the policy of everyone else is to deport around 0% and allow for an endless stream of illegals year after year?

  6. Donald Trump hasn’t a snowballs chance in hell of winning we all know this UNLESS something major happens. Still he is a rallying cry and once Hillary wins Obama can say Apres Moi Le Deluge because its coming

    • ‘Donald Trump hasn’t a snowballs chance in hell of winning we all know this UNLESS something major happens.’

      I disagree. Yes, it will be a difficult task because of racial demographics, voter fraud, cucks and the vast numbers of people on the government dole who are only concerned about getting more free sh*t.

      Trump will still get huge numbers of white men to vote for him. The women pose a serious problem. Never realized how many females in my extended family are anti-Trump. Facebook has been a real eye-opener for me. So many are LGBT advocates, ‘White Privilege’ parrots, BLM sympathizers and coexist retards who think Trump is Hitler etc.

      My wife’s 84 year old aunt idolizes Obama and Hillary. She posts nasty stuff against Trump every single day.

      My wife has several female acquaintances who are Republicans but will not vote for Trump because he’s too mean, too arrogant and wants to destroy families and hurt children. Deportation talk invokes images of cattle cars, weeping women and children screaming for daddy and mommy.

      He will have to go hard to the left and soften his rhetoric to appease them or he will be toast.

      Someone said women won’t vote for Hillary. Oh, I think they will. She will play the persecuted woman card big time.

      If he makes it to the WH he can play hardball again.

          • You cannot compare any Election after 1860 when the country was JEWED SCREWED AND TATTOOED with any election before it. Women were enfranchised in Wyoming at Statehood 1890 but had been enfranchised in 1869. By 1912 women voted for President in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Washington, California, Oregon, Kansas and Arizona. By 1916 add to that count Nevada Montana and Illinois. Women actually voted in New Jersey until 1807 but since 1892 women had voted in most of the Western states.

            Giving Women the right to vote was a grave mistake

          • It still is represented by skinheads. They are the face of white nationalism because they make the most noise. The intellectual posturing of the alt-right sounds more like a dying whimper.

  7. He’s also realistic to know he can’t get away with a full scale “Operation Wetback” after the inauguration. What he can do is deport the criminal ones ASAP and order an audit of who exactly is getting all these benefits and cut off welfare for non-citizens. Pretty much every human society has some form of the presence of transients from outside, what is so weird and unique about this day of age is that unlike being the lowest possible class of people, they are coddled, elevated, and showered with free money. Shows a hostile, alien elite must be running the show because even an anglo run elitist society using them to pick lettuce wouldn’t be showering this amount of taxpayer dollars on their wives and kids, nor letting them all have a voice in the political process.

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