Brown Indian Neo Conservative – As Bad as it Gets

Only in America

We at Occidental Dissent and in the Alternative Right have worked very hard to expose the numerous cults, scams and false oppositions meant to ensnare regular Southerners/traditional Americans. Most of our people understand that the worst liberal, leftist, marxists, BLM, LGBT folks hate us, work to destroy or erase our culture and history. But, we’re constantly being fed lots of equally bad things dressed up as “conservative”, “patriotic”, “pro American”.

One of the worst of these scams/cults is;

Neo Conservatism (link)

Neo Conservatism – like the worst forms of Bolshevism, Communism, Cultural Marxism is a very Jewish political/intellectual movement. But, not all Neo Conservatives are Jewish.

One of the worst men in this cursed Neo Con cult is the brown Indian immigrant Dinesh D’Souza.

Dinesh D’Souza makes the argument that America is great and only great because America welcomes immigrants like him who were forced (who by evil White colonialists?) to live in corrupt, dysfunctional societies like India and Pakistan. Dinesh used some affirmative action program to attend Dartmouth University then make the rounds through American Conservative Inc. Dinesh D’Souza was instrumental in getting Samual Francis fired and purged from the Washington Times and making Patric Buchanan persona non grata at National Review and pretty much everywhere else in Conservative inc for the sin of standing up for working class White Americans, opposing the pointless Neo Con wars against secular Iraq, opposing the anti American, anti Christ movies in Hollywood.

Now Dinesh D’Souza has a much hyped movie attacking Hillary Clinton and the Democrats for get this….

being the secret party of evil White Southerners who used to whip, humiliate and rape sainted Black negroes!


Dinesh D’Souza – Hillary’s America.

These cursed Neo Conservative liars do base some of their lies on certain truths. From the period 1840s-1963 the Democrat party was a reasonably pro White Southern party. What the #*$&# is so bad about that? As for all the PC propaganda about evil White Southerners oppressing sainted Blacks, raping Black women… nah, it’s pretty much the same as other Neo Conservative propaganda lies about Saddam Hussein’s Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and secular Iraq, Iran and North Korea being an

Axis of Evil

Well, anyone following current events in the Middle East where 8th century Islam has returned complete with child sex slave auctions – any honest person would admit that Pat Buchanan was right and these cursed, lying Neo Conservatives were wrong.

But, the Neo Con con job continues – this time spread by the loathsome Brown Indian Dinesh D’Souza. I’m very sad to say that this terrible creature succeeded in marrying a beautiful young White American gal, cheating on her and then turning her in for a hot Venezuelan model who didn’t much like Chavez’s Castro Lite Venezuela…. she’s doesn’t much like White American Southerners and demands open borders immigration to the USA, endless wars for Israel endless borrowing and endless debts to pay for all this #*$(, but hey…

That’s the Neo Conservative way.

This #*$&#@ Dinesh D’Souza should be managing a 7-11 convenience store on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan – these are his people.


  1. Dinesh D’Souza, Nikki Haley, Bobby Jindal, Fareed Zakaria…I cannot stand those stinking curry apes.

  2. Anyone ever read Wuthering Heights? Well, Heathcliffe is a half breed Indian or Lascar. Every fucking time with these people.

  3. I always felt there was something phony about this guy. The stuff I heard about his movie deeper my suspicions, and this short article confirmed them.

    • It’s the standard Neo Con Con job.

      It’s the basic party line that Liberalism, the Civil Rights movement, the 1960s was all good except when the Left starting turning against Israel and things like Affirmative Action started threatening Jews, Indians and Asians on American universities – when poor and working class Whites were/are getting bashed that’s all good because poor and working class Whites are evil racists.

      Nah S#*$&#@ this Neo Conservative $*&@*@.

      • Same old “muh party of Lincoln,” “Democrats are the real racists,” and, “Republicans passed muh civil rights act.”

        It’s just sad that there are so many White Americans who eat this stuff up like it’s Gospel.

  4. The holy Roman empire(Portugal) tried to make India a Christian kingdom,the upper caste, refused to allow the lower caste,Christian empowerment,they would rather have the lower castes screw their sisters,eat rats and drink muddy water,etc.
    I love how they squeel about England turning them into the lower caste.

    • Hi Timber, sorry had to come in here as the thread your post to me is on closed. You’re not being “boring” at all talking about books, I love them too. I never knew America came that close to a non-democratic change of government… definitely very interesting. It’d be great if you would write an article about it and post it as an OP — would love to host it on my channel too:

  5. I did go see Obama’s America. I had no idea he was instrumental in getting Sam Francis and Patrick Buchanan fired. I have been told that Hillary’s America is an out and out attack on Andrew Jackson, a genuine American here. No more Dinesh for me!

      • I do like Andrew Jackson and I have heard that D’Souza eviscerated Jackson and many of our Founding Fathers in his most recent movie.

  6. The Democratic Party was 2 parties from the day Jefferson founded it, a New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia Gentry Party and the South. By the 1920s it was three parties, the old gentry, the immigrants ie Jews and the South. The thing was no side could win without each other so for the sake of winning each side gave in. Now the Southern Partys gone and its entirely JEWED

  7. See http://www dot dailymail dot co dot uk/news/article-2219974/Dinesh-DSouza-Conservative-pundit-resigns-Kings-College-New-York-amid-infidelity-claims.html

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