What Is The Alt-Right?

The #TruCons and the #LyingPress are all floating their own self-serving definitions in light of Hillary’s big speech this afternoon which will attack the Alt-Right. The whole point of the speech is to distract the public from her own exploding scandals and to derail Trump’s ongoing pivot to the center of the electorate.

It is a naked political move. Even the reporters covering the campaign know this. For the moment, the Alt-Right is said to have taken over the Trump campaign and the Republican Party, even through Trump himself has never once mentioned the Alt-Right. We’ve taken over the Republican Party because Trump hired Stephen Bannon who runs Breitbart as his campaign CEO which employs Milo Yiannopoulos who writes about the Alt-Right and who knows some of the key figures in the movement.

Before we define the Alt-Right, it is important to first define its nemesis Conservatism, Inc., which the Alt-Right has always been a reaction against:

What Is Conservatism, Inc.?

1.) At the apex of Conservatism, Inc., you have the donor class, which is basically a group of millionaires and billionaires whose primary concern in life – there are other concerns such as signaling their high social status – is protecting their money from the grasping hands of “big gubmint.” This is the definition of “freedom.”

2.) The donor class funds a vast array of think tanks, organizations, and shills who work for print and online magazines – the network we call Conservatism, Inc. – whose job it is to convince you that “big gubmint” is destroying everything great and good in America and that letting rich people keep their money and be free from onerous regulations is the solution to every problem under the sun. The teachers unions, for example, are responsible for the low IQ of African-American students in Detroit’s schools.

3.) Philosophically, the pundit class defines #TruConservatism in the United States as conserving classical liberalism. This is somewhat confusing to Europeans that an older version of liberalism is called “conservatism” in the United States whereas in Europe it has always meant the old order that liberalism destroyed. In Europe, “conservatism” is often associated with statism rather than anti-statism. Anyway, when the #TruCons talk about their precious “principles,” what they mean is classical liberalism.

4.) Okay, so … even the #TruCons know that their classical liberal principles aren’t sufficient to build a winning electoral coalition, which is why they have grafted all this religious baggage onto #TruConservatism in order to appeal to Christian voters in the Heartland. The same is true of fomenting new wars and preserving the military industrial complex. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with classical liberalism (classical liberals used to hate standing armies), but it is necessary to win.

5.) The whole point of “Conservatism, Inc.” is to build an electoral coalition strong enough to win the presidency and advance the interests of its investors. Rich people care about two things: their money and their status.

This has created an insoluble problem for Conservatism, Inc: in order for the scam to work, it is necessary to pump up its base voters by getting them angry about, say, trannies in the restroom, aborting babies, or illegal aliens destroying the country. Then once the #TruCon politicians are elected to office, their job becomes things like deregulating Wall Street, pushing new free-trade agreements, cutting taxes, pushing “comprehensive immigration reform,” etc. The donor class also looks down its nose at the hoi polloi.

Inevitably, the hoi polloi which has won so many elections for Conservatism, Inc. begins to wonder: why haven’t these people succeeded in conserving anything? After all these elections they have won and all this money they have been given, why has their been such a poor return on our investment? The answer is that the things being “conserved” (the tax cuts, the free-trade agreements, deregulation, the union busting, the social safety net cuts, etc.) are the things the donors care about.

Conservatism, Inc. never cared about winning the culture wars. The donors who finance the project were always on the other side. They protested loudly when Indiana and Arkansas passed religious freedom laws. They have relentlessly pushed for amnesty for illegal aliens and all kinds of things which are anathema to the “base.” They look down on the “base” because they want to be seen as “respectable” by their liberal friends.

Conservatism, Inc.’s biggest internal problem right now is that the shill/pundit class has collectively decided it wants to signal its status too. They want to be seen as “one of the good ones” by leftists in their own social class who tend to live in the same areas. Their job is to appeal to and motivate the predominantly White working class base voters to turnout for the right candidates in elections. They can’t do that though by insinuating the base voters are a bunch of religious kooks and knuckle dragging racists.

The Republican signaling structure has broken down. This is why we are talking about Donald Trump and the Alt-Right instead of Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio.

What Is The Alt-Right?

The Alt-Right is not just a populist or nationalist revolt against Conservatism, Inc. Most of Trump’s supporters now fully accept our critique of Conservatism, Inc. Few of these people grasp where the Alt-Right is coming from or have even heard of the Alt-Right. They are more accurately called “Alt-Right Lite” or “Nationalist Lite.”

Breitbart.com is now the main purveyor of “Alt-Right Lite.” My sense is that they are doing this because our message strikes a chord and most importantly it sells and has amassed a large audience. It generates clicks and shares which generates a lucrative revenue stream for them. Stephen Bannon is a smart businessman and something of a bomb thrower by reputation, but I have never seen any evidence he is Alt-Right.

The Alt-Right has three hallmark characteristics:

1.) Realism – First, the most important characteristic of the Alt-Right is radical realism. By that I mean that Alt-Right is non-ideological and analyses almost every question from the perspective of whether or not it is true.

The Alt-Right has a reputation for “racism.” That’s because the Alt-Right looks at the question of racial equality, demands to see the evidence, and draws the conclusion it is just a bunch of bullshit we are supposed to believe. The Alt-Right looks at places like Detroit, Haiti, sub-Saharan Africa and so on, shrugs its shoulders, and suggests “not really.” There isn’t a school district in the United States which has ever demonstrated the existence of racial equality under controlled conditions. The evidence for racial equality is less plausible than Medieval alchemists trying to turn lead into gold.

There are any number of other questions to where this way of looking at the world is applied. The existence of abstract universal human rights, for example, is derived from stories created by idiot savants about a “State of Nature” or an “Original Position” that never existed. The Alt-Right prefers to examine the question of “human rights” by looking to history and biology as our guide. Seen in this light, the emergence of universal human rights looks much more like an outgrowth of the West’s own peculiar culture.

I could continue with other examples like biological differences between men and women. The egalitarian fictions we are told by feminists in that area are also waylaid by reality. We’re forced by society to believe in things which the evidence suggests aren’t true.

2.) Identity – Second, the Alt-Right’s interest in identity is an outgrowth of its radical realism. The Alt-Right’s analysis of history and biology has led us to the conclusion that human beings ARE NOT primarily individuals. On the contrary, we are tribal beings who invariably divide the world into in-groups and out-groups, and those tribes have always been in a primordial struggle for DOMINANCE.

Liberals tell themselves a cute story about how individuals once exited a “State of Nature” and came together to draw up a social contract in which they parted ways with some of their inalienable rights to create “society.” But that’s not really what happened now is it? The evidence suggests that prehistoric man lived a life that was nothing like this liberal fantasy. There is no evidence either that “society” was created as it was said to have been created – like a lawyer’s contract – in the liberal origin myth.

The timeless struggle for DOMINANCE between rival groups is why we have POLITICS.

3.) Iconoclasm – Third, the Alt-Right has a strong Nietzchean streak. Even if many of us have studied Nietzsche at one point in our lives and moved on as we grew older, we still tend to relish creating mischief. We enjoy smashing idols.

In the United States, liberals, progressives, conservatives, and libertarians are all branches of the common liberal family. All these groups want to preserve the fundamental liberal world order even if they disagree on whether “liberty” or “equality” should be given priority and fight viciously with each other. They all share the same blinkered liberal worldview in which more “liberty” or more “equality” is the solution to every problem.

We don’t belong to the liberal family. We’re see ourselves as something else altogether. This is why, for example, so many of us enjoy trolling because we don’t believe in any of the standard bullshit – for example, nothing is less self-evident to us than the notion that all men are created equal – and political correctness is an irresistible target.

Everything else about the Alt-Right is downstream from the source: “cuckservative,” Pepe the Frog, Meme Magic, and so on. It is very Alt-Right to call Leslie Jones a black dude, tell Bruce Jenner he is still a man because his delusion hasn’t changed his DNA, to blurt out that Jews are controlling the media or that freedom failed in Africa and Haiti all which is true but something you are not allowed to say.

It’s easy to see why the Alt-Right and Conservatism, Inc. doesn’t get along. Conservatism, Inc. kowtows to the reigning liberal taboos. The Alt-Right lives to smash them.

Note: The media is now sharing this Walt Bismarck video from the 2016 Amren conference which is humorous summary of the last 15 years.

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  1. #AltRight as the Children’s Crusade? Is Trump’s man (((Boris Epshteyn))) ===> http://www.politico.com/arena/ the real #Pepe? Who would have ever thought that Pepe the frog was a Jew? Well, maybe now that Trump has joined the “Gang of Eight”, making it the “Gang of Nine”.

  2. http://pithysayingsandmiscellany.blogspot.com/2016/08/emographics-than-demographics-has-been.html

    It’s often been said the demographic tide of Diversity(mainly by immigration) will doom White America, especially the Right. While this may true in states like California, what of all those states with solid white majorities that go overwhelmingly for ‘progressive’ Globalism? Why do so many whites prefer globalism over nationalism?

    It is because they are EMOTIONALLY shaped by the 2-PC’s: Political Correctness and Pop Culture.

    If White = Right, we are not seeing it in many white-dominant states. Even Iowa went with Obama. And very white Maine and Vermont were among the most pro-Obama states. And as big cities have become more gentrified and whiter, they’ve also become more globalist. Also, some of the whitest states are importing Somalis for no other reason than to virtue-signal.

    So, Emographics among whites than Demographics of Diversity is the real knife in the heart(through the back) of White america. After all, even many white American ‘conservatives’ fear being labeled ‘racist’ more than being called a ‘race-traitor’.


    • Care to elaborate, or are you just going to engage in the usual left-wing name-calling and then run away?

      • Here’s a link to Renegade’s expose on Jared Taylor, who rubes like ‘Question Diversity’ worship: http://www.renegadetribune.com/jared-taylor-zionist-friendly-nationalism/

        Pretty compelling evidence he’s CIA. His wife looks incredibly jewy, in rebuttal to those who are either too ignorant to know better or too corrupt to tell the truth. I’d be interested to hear from David Duke exactly what she did to him, and why. But many think he’s sold out, who knows.

        Taylor and his ‘race realist’ ilk think making ‘high IQ’ some campaign platform will work among the very people ready for revolution, who aren’t exactly the egghead types. IQ and economic class have strong if not total correlation.

        The Alt Right pushes the very worst pro-white memes the hardest, like misogyny and elitism, while underemphasizing or even repressing the more powerful truths like that the jews are orchestrating whites’ displacement. They’re basically controlled opposition. Some are plants and some are just spoiled fantasists. A few are legit and being commandeered or seduced. Overall it’s a jew operation, though. Why else would the jewish media draw attention to them? Most of Trump’s base aren’t paying attention to them or identify with them in any way, so the spotlight on this ‘movement’ comes from another motive.

        The media is also assiduously avoiding the outlets who are not so guilty of these ‘sins,’ and who call out the jews. This is not a cohencidence.


  3. Nothing changes until the country openly discusses Jew influence and power. This is going to being us one step closer.

  4. Alt-right is the political space comprised of people whose rightist politics are chiefly motivated by some form of anti-egalitarianism, and are uncomfortable associating with incumbent sectors of the right.

    It’s an umbrella term, simple as that.

    • The white working class isn’t interested in your anti-egalitarianism. That’s what makes Trump as the intersection of ‘the right’ so odd, coming and going.

      Watching Hillary now, I’ll say again that the hatred of women, which is considered anti-egalitarian, is the traffic jam where ‘alt right’ and the white working class jam up pretty good. You cowardly sexists (yes I use that word) think it’s a ‘feminist’ issue but it’s not. Gender is a class issue, and middle class men sense class exploitation behind the violence against women. In my experience straight middle class white men are white women’s biggest allies and defenders, over all. These men don’t dig the pseudo ‘alpha’ male complexes and hording of wealth that pivots (in part) on exploitation of women. They aren’t the rich guys and they have wives, daughters, etc.

      I waste my breath, though, casting pearls of reality before poseur delusionals.

  5. Conservatism Inc hasn’t even been good at doing some of the things you list as its priorities. Has there actually been that much deregulation? No. What there has been is tweaking of the regulatory structures to help giant corporations and to hurt everyone else in business and to deploy politically. Have there been any social welfare cuts? Hardly, if at all. What is called a “cut” in some circles isn’t a cut, and that is, the “privatization” of Social Security and Medicare, and what that actually is, isn’t a cut, but diverting it to where Wall Street and insurance companies get a piece of the action (and there’s our hint). All it will mean is that more will have to be spent on those programs, because if less was spent, there would be major political instability. If next year’s Social Security checks are even $1 a month less than this year’s, 80-somethings would start a revolution.

    Other than that, this blog post is reference quality; modern conservatism should have died when the Soviet Union did, and it only continues because of the political machinations you describe. But, it’s coming to an end.

  6. I noticed the picture of the church with two towers on your cover page. That represents Jachin and Boaz of Freemasonry.

  7. For the record:

    “This little essay is a great declaration of war; and regarding the sounding out of idols, this time they are not just idols of the age, but eternal idols, which are here touched with a hammer as with a tuning fork ….”

    (Nietzsche, Friedrich, “Twilight of the Idols or, How One Philosophizes with a Hammer,” Preface, translation by Walter Kaufmann)

    Sounding, not smashing.

  8. Trump’s people are allowing themselves to be backed up against the wall on CNN. Instead of going on the defensive, they should be coming out fighting, pointing out that Trump will set policies for all americans, not just blacks and browns. The center whites, and few ‘coloreds’ who might vote for him, will respond more positively to that theme of what’s good for everyone. The defensive posture feeds into the perception that he’s both weak generally and prone to succoring whoever. It’s the white vote more than any other that he needs to and can get this way.

  9. I should have known.

    She delivered the speech in Reno, Nevada, and therefore, I should have predicted that she would have spent most of it on Hispanics and immigration. If she gave this speech in some black belt town in Virginia, it would have been about how the alt-right hates black people.

    Also interesting is why she threw Nigel Farage and Brexit into it. Hispanics wouldn’t know Farage from any other gringo, and don’t care about Brexit. Most people don’t care about those things. However, the professional cosmopolitan globalist class does care about these things a whole lot, and her throwing Farage/Brexit into her speech was a dog whistle begging them to keep the money spigot open between them and her war chest.

  10. I think my initial suspicion that they got cold feet and rewrote the speech to make it less caustic is correct. I don’t think what she said was what her handlers originally wanted her to say. I bet that the original speech was an elongated version of the web ad she released this morning, Nazi Klan Nazi Klan Nazi Klan. What we got was an underpowered flop that’s nothing more than her usual niche localized audience pandering for the most part, and in the case of Nevada, that means big time Hispandering.

    I forgot to mention she dragged Alex Jones into it. What does he have to do with the alt-right? Unless a lot of people have it in their minds that alt-right is any and everything outside the lamestream right. My definition of alt-right, in spite of the clear delimiters I include, is still broad brushed enough such that people who fit under it don’t necessarily like each other or get along with each other. If you cast the net out that wide, to include everyone to the right of Rush Limbaugh, then it’s really going to make for an imbroglianic clusterfudge. Of course, that net would be so wide that it wouldn’t make sense at all to call it a movement; at that point, it’s just a term.

    • To the anti-White Leftists and Globalists, Alt-Right is simply a rebranding of the usual Conservative/Republican/White Male slander that they’ve perfected. They use the exact same rhetoric, but they push it in a way to try to make you believe the attacks would be different if it was just another election year where “alt-right” was never even mentioned. Conservative, Republican, Alt-Right, White heterosexual male, etc. It’s all the exact same racist, KKK, neo-Nazi stuff to them.

    • ‘I forgot to mention she dragged Alex Jones into it. What does he have to do with the alt-right?’

      It’s a game of connect the dots. Alex Jones-Roger Stone-Trump.

  11. Heather Mac Donald’s Blind Spot on Jewish Power

    Heather MacDonald said there is a ‘race war’ brewing in the US where only one side(blacks) does the fighting.


    That may be so, she overlooks another ethnic conflict where only side does the fighting. Jews attack whites, but not only do whites not fight back and defend themselves but they praise they very people who are doing them most harm.

    White are willfully blind to the fact that Jews are the ‘Barzini’ in the equation. In THE GODFATHER Don Vito Corleone eventually figured it all out. “It was Barzini all along.” That’s when the Corleone’s shifted their aim from the Tataglia to Barzini as the arch-enemy. Vito’s son Michael understood the game, which is why he understood that the Rosato Brothers only took orders from a higher power: Hyman Roth in THE GODFATHER PART 2.

    Without identifying the enemy, you cannot win. Those in the game must know the Barzini Factor.



    Alt-Right Can Play the Role of the Frankfurt School

    When Jews didn’t hold the commanding heights of power, they were penetrating critics of WASP power and Christian culture. And some of the most committed and interesting critics and intellectuals of power and privilege in America belonged to the ‘Cultural Marxist’ Frankfurt School.

    The lesson to be drawn from this is that even those who vehemently rejected the Frankfurt School’s program had something to learn from their thoughtful critique of power, privilege, control, and manipulation.

    And even those who have no use for Noam Chomsky’s socialist-anarchism can learn from his sharp criticism of US foreign policy and oligarchic control of media.

    Now that the Western Left has become totally beholden to Political Correctness and/or oligarchic funding(of George Soros and gang), this presents a golden opportunity for the Alt Right to play a leading role in the Critique of Power, namely that of Jewish Globalists.

    Because of PC and Jewish funding, nearly everyone from the Radical Left to Conservatism Inc dares not mention the J-Factor(except to occasionally condemn excesses of the Likud Party against Palestinians).

    Because Alt Right has no hangups about naming the Jew in the globalist system(dominated by Jewish finance and media/academic control), Alt Right can be most honest voice on the true nature of power in the West. It can own honesty, courage, and integrity in the critique of power.

    The question is, will the Alt Right take on this opportunity intelligently or will it allow dumb 14/88 provocateurs(who are likely shills of SPLC or very disturbed individuals) to drown out the debate with Pepe the Frog as Der Fuhrer.

    If the Alt Right plays it right, even those opposed to the Alt Right agenda will find value in its critique of power and privilege as rigged by the globalist system.

    That is a start.

  12. What is Hillary so concerned about the Alt-Right? I thought the movement was just a bunch of sex deprived losers living in their mom’s basement.

    • She really really is concerned about the Albright because the one thing that this article failed to mention, is that with Andrew Anglin over at DV Stormer continuously butyrates: this is about getting rid of the Jews and restoring white power in our nation and any other nation that has happened to be white. That is the primary impetus, motivating factor, credo of the upright movement it is basically national Socialism with an American twain. And we need to stop pretending it isn’t!

  13. MSNBC is concern trolling Trump’s ‘flip flop.’

    I’m not convinced he lost the election with the pivot around immigration, but I’m pretty sure he lost the ability to hold the Uniparty responsible for stealing it when they do.

  14. ALT RIGHT is…

    1. Speaking truth to Globalist oligarchical power.

    2. Noticing that Jewish elites rule America and saying so.

    3. Being honest about the role of race and racial differences in American society.

    4. Calling out on the hypocrisy of Conservatism Inc and Liberalism Inc. Both SAY one thing, but DO another. Hillary claims to love blacks and Muslims, but the new Democratic Party since Bill Clinton locked up record numbers of black males to bring down crime & accelerated gentrification — code word for driving blacks out of urban areas. It also pushed for Wars for Israel that killed over a million Arabs and Muslims since the end of the Cold War. Establishment and its minions are all about Weasel Words.

    5. Not being afraid of Political Correctness that chokes free exchange of ideas in media and academia.

    6. Calling out all American politicians as whores of the donor class, especially that of Zion.

    7. Opposing neo-imperialist Zio-American Globalism that arrogantly declares America to be an ‘exceptional’ and ‘indispensable’ nation that is beyond International Law. Alt Right has no use for such jingoism, chauvinism, and supremacism masked masked with neo-missionary zeal.

    8. Condemning the ‘new cold war’ with Russia concocted by Jewish oligarchs who remain sore at Putin’s nationalism that foiled the Jewish-oligarchical takeover of Russia.

    9. Refusing to kneel at the altar of Homomania — a cult-worship of homos and trannies as holy angels — pushed by Wall Street, Hollywood, Ivy League, Las Vegas, and rest of the oligarchic class.

    10. Believing in the right of free speech and right to own guns to protect oneself from crime and the tyrannical state.

    11. Supporting nationalism for all people to ensure sovereignty and independence for every country. Alt Right doesn’t look to the 2-PC’s — Pop Culture(controlled by Jews and homos) and Political Correctness — for core values and principles to guide life and morals. Alt Right leaves that to Bill Clinton and Lena Dunham. Alt Right believes in heredity, heritage, and the rich myths of a people.

    12. The realization that Diversity is the strength for globalist elites(especially Jews) who use divide-and-rule among the various racial and ethnic groups to prevent a unified challenge to elite rule.

    13. Rejection of finance-capitalism as the core economy.

    14. The consciousness that the peoples of European identity and descent have every right to preserve their identity, heritage, and territory.

    15. Seeing race-traitors like Hillary and Jeb Bush for what they are: comprador-collaborators of the globo-Zionist elites.

    16. The realization that WE ARE ALL ‘PALESTINIANS’ under Jewish domination and manipulation. Just as Jews took the land from Palestinians(who live in defeat and humiliation), they are engineering the loss of land and identity of Europeans and European-Americans.

    17. Choosing conviction and principles over careerism and self-interest unlike the cuckservatives and cuckerals who will sell their mothers down the river for thirty pieces of silver.

    18. Being tough and courageous than being ‘triggered’ by everything and demanding ‘safe spaces’.

    19. Having the guts to say the reason why blacks cause so many problems is because they are naturally stronger, more aggressive, and less intelligent. Evolution is real, and it matters.

    20. Having the guts to say the reason why Jews rule America is due to their higher IQ, tribal networking, cynical use of Holocaust(to suppress any criticism of Jewish power), and lack of scruples. Alt Right knows all too well that Jews push ‘universalism’ to expand their tribal power. If Jews are about rejection of race and identity for a globalized humanity, why do they pressure all US politicians to attend the Jewish Nuremberg rally called the AIPAC Conference?

  15. In my mind alt right is a common sense view of things that was once so much a majority that it was taken for granted in most of the country. My mom was from a town in Illinois that didn’t allow blacks to spend the night there. Almost everybody thought this was a good idea 50 to 60 years ago. Almost nobody thought that queers were amusing or chic, outside of Hollywood, and they had to hide it. Again, almost nobody thought immigrants had some perfect right to come here, irregardless of who was hurt. 60 to 70 years ago, almost no one was stupid enough to think that taking guns away from the law abiding was a good way to fight crime.

  16. “David Duke in Iran
    We’re still in Afghanistan”

    (A bit closer to the Billy Joel original.)

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