The Downballot

I’ve already made up my mind about voting for Trump.

I haven’t given much thought to anything else on the ballot. I figured I would have time to make that decision in October. Aside from Donald Trump, the only elected official who I trust in Alabama is Jeff Sessions. Except our creepy Gov. Robert Bentley, I didn’t have any strong feelings about anyone else who “represents” me. Until now.

I’m voting for the Democrat who is running against Martha Roby. If you live in this district, I suggest you do the same. Don’t vote straight ticket Republican before doing your research. Many of these Republicans are even worse than the Democrats.

Note: A bunch of Republicans are using Pussygate as an excuse to throw Trump under the bus. We should return the favor.

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  1. Another GOP douchebag who needs to be removed from office is “Nikki Haley” of South Carolina. What an embarrassment for the Palmetto State to have that Pakistani wog as its governor!

  2. I have already decided to vote against my Repug representative and senator. Unfortunately, neither is in danger of losing. They have avoided Trump all along. Both are pro-illegal, pro-war, pro-TPP.

    I will vote for Trump and against an obnoxious new tax and leave it at that. If Trump loses I think everything changes because a very major war is likely with Clinton in the WH.

  3. Hunter tell us more about this woman congresswoman Martha Roby.

    What’s her personal life like? Is she married? Children?

    Southern women like to tear apart so called “Conservative” women officials that take the side of Hillary etc.

  4. This supposedly “Southern lady” attended college at…..


    Born July 26, 1976 (age 40)

    Montgomery, Alabama, U.S.

    Political party Republican

    Spouse(s) Riley Roby

    Children Margaret


    Alma mater New York University

    Samford University

    Religion Presbyterianism

    • I want be voting for Roby and neither will my husband in spite of the fact we have voted for ever time she ran. She will probably win but maybe it will be close enough for her to get scared.

  5. Please contact her Congressional office and speak to her staff in charge of constituent correspondence.

    Washington, D.C. Office

    442 Cannon HOB

    Washington, DC 20515

    Phone: (202) 225-2901

    Fax: (202) 225-8913

    Covington County District Office

    Serving Butler, Conecuh, Covington, and Crenshaw Counties

    City Hall 505 E. Three Notch Street # 322

    Andalusia, AL 36420

    Phone: (334) 428-1129

    Fax: (334) 222-3342

    Dothan District Office

    Serving Barbour, Coffee, Dale, Geneva, Henry, and Houston Counties

    217 Graceland Drive, Suite 5

    Dothan, AL 36305

    Phone: (334) 794-9680

    Fax: (334) 671-1480

    Montgomery District Office

    Serving Autauga, Bullock, Elmore, Montgomery, and Pike Counties

    401 Adams Avenue, Suite 160

    Montgomery, AL 36104

    Phone: (334) 277-9113

    Fax: (334) 277-8534

  6. Hey, Sam! Any chance at all that Paul Ryan can be dumped in WI-1? That’s the second most important race for me.

  7. Trump had better do well tomorrow evening or he is done. Without a doubt this hurt him badly with independents, women, millennials and his own base.

    To deny that is foolish, bordering on cognitive dissonance. For him to still have a chance he needs to go in guns blazing and bring up all of the stuff on Bill. The rapes, everything.

    Having a billionaire on tape with a Bush bragging about trying to fuck a married woman is not good. The race is already close, this did not help him at all. If he flounders tomorrow, it is time to start looking at post-Obama era and a Hillary presidency, not crying about it and making excuses for Trump. If he loses it is because he held back too much.

      • I watch all the networks to get a good viewpoint.

        You do understand that the majority of Americans don’t share our way of thinking? If not, maybe you should get out more. An echo chamber of ideas is misleading.

        • Each of these “outrages” has a shorter life span before it’s a joke to the normies and the Cucklicans who are a Jon Stewart punchline are expediting the process

          By the time the Hag and her fags bring out Trump’s Playboy interview it will be old news and the normies are going to want pictures for their prurient interests

        • what a douchebag. “all the networks” give you a good viewpoint, all right: of the accepted narrative of the jewish controlled leftist media. oh-e-vay. such a crisis: white male likes pu$$y. and hillary of course. but not cucks like you. Your political analysis of what the majority of americans is thinking is totally worthless here. WE. DONT. CARE.

          • It doesn’t go over well when a 50 year old married man is bragging about his star status and fucking married women.

  8. Republicans Calling For Trump To Step Aside

    They can all go to hell. Wimps.

    Sen. John Thune (South Dakota): Third highest ranking Republican in the Senate
    Sen. Mark Kirk (Illinois): Has run campaign ads distancing himself from Trump.
    Sen. Ben Sasse (Nebraska): Prominent “Never Trumper”
    Sen. Mike Crapo (Idaho): Rescinds previous endorsement
    Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (West Virginia): She said the “appropriate next step may be for him to reexamine his candidacy.”
    Sen. Jeff Flake (Arizona): Did not endorse Trump previously
    Sen. Mike Lee (Utah): Did not endorse Trump previously
    Rep. Martha Roby (Alabama)
    Rep. Jason Chaffetz (Utah)
    Rep. Barbara Comstock (Virginia)
    Rep. Mike Coffman (Colorado)
    Rep. Bradley Byrne (Alabama): Previous Trump supporter
    Rep. Charlie Dent (Pennsylvania): Previously said he is not voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the general election
    Carly Fiorina, former presidential candidate
    Hugh Hewitt, conservative radio talk show host, previous Trump backer

    • I see it now– Ron Johnson dumps Trump and in retaliation Sam votes for … Russ Finegold. Oy vey!


  9. Yes, this is the Rino who never endorsed Trump in the first place, who was often accused of groping women and had an illegitimate child with his Hispanic housekeeper and did not tell his wife and family about him for several years.

    Arnold ?@Schwarzenegger
    As proud as I am to label myself a Republican, there is one label that I hold above all else – American. My full statement:

  10. Absolutely, I’m voting for Trump, the rest of the Republican Party in Illinois with a very few exceptions, are, as my uncle used to put it, as useful as a bottle of stale piss.

  11. The only human being I am casting an affirmative vote for in this the current year is Donald J. Trump, back in March on primary day, and of course next month. After the antics of the Stupid Party in the first half of the previous current year, I gave up on them, and that has not changed. And their antics so far this weekend have only served to confirm. The only other corporeal person I filled in the circle next to was back in August, the alternative to the party establishment choice for state Attorney General, and the alternative candidate won and won big. It wasn’t so much a vote “for” the alternate candidate (even though he’s decent), but a vote against the establishment candidate, because after working around him and in close proximity to him, I came to distrust and dislike him so much.

    Next month, I’ll only be voting for Trump and on the propositions and ballot measures, nothing more.

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