Cuckservatives: The Constitution Will Save Us!

The latest article from David French is a 90 mph gust of cuckservative humor that will knock you flat out of your chair if you read the whole thing:

“As I write this piece, millions of conservative Americans are searching their consciences, trying to decide whether they should vote for a man who openly refutes and mocks their core values, and thereby ensure that Hillary Clinton wins by three points rather than eight. They are making this decision against a backdrop of concern, intentionally stoked by well-meaning-but-deluded citizens, that America’s constitutional republic won’t survive a Clinton presidency. …”

The Constitution will save us! The Republic’s “separation of powers” will restrain Hillary Clinton! Conservative dweebs eat up this horseshit and seem to sincerely believe it. Like some kind of Melanesian cargo cult, the Constitution is a magical document to these people which they believe will protect them from all ills.

How do you, intellectually speaking, get to such a place in the world we live in? I mean seriously … how can you look at modern America and say with a straight face that you believe the Constitution limits the government?

1.) Has the Constitution stopped the howling, rioting mobs of feral negroes from assassinating police officers and torching cities like Milwaukee, Baltimore, Ferguson and Charlotte? NO!

2.) Has the Constitution stopped millions of illegal aliens – some say 11 million, but no one really knows how many are actually here – from crossing our border, squatting, and taking up permanent residence here? NO!

3.) Has the Constitution stopped 54 million abortions since Roe v. Wade an issue so dear to the heart of the Religious Right? NO!

4.) Has the Constitution saved the traditional definition of marriage from being erased and redefined to include gay marriage and who knows what’s next? NO!

5.) Has the Constitution stopped the NSA from invading your privacy? NO!

6.) Did the Constitution stop Lincoln and his army from invading the South and killing hundreds of thousands of Southerners who were defending their homes? NO!

7.) Has the Constitution halted the spread of political correctness and its commissars in the media and the universities from crushing independent thought and silencing dissent? NO!

8.) Has the Constitution stopped billionaires, corporations, the monied interests and their armies of lobbyists from corrupting the political system through bribing politicians? NO!

9.) Has the Constitution arrested the flow of American jobs overseas to Third World countries where corporations can ignore our tax, labor and environmental laws? NO!

10.) Has the Constitution stopped Obamacare or forcing you to buy any product which don’t want? NO!

11.) Has the Constitution stopped the spread of the American Empire overseas which now has military bases all over the world or all these endless wars and interventions? NO!

12.) Has the Constitution stopped Islamic terrorists from coming here and launching terrorist attacks? Will it do so in the future? NO!

13.) Has the Constitution protected the integrity of your neighborhood? Your business? Your right to freely associate with whom you want to associate and no one else? NO!

14.) Has the Constitution arrested the creation and growth of the vast redistributive welfare state we have now? NO!

15.) If constitutions haven’t protected gun rights and free speech in other Western countries, will our Constitution protect the First and Second Amendment indefinitely? NO!

16.) Has the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution prevented the federal government from usurping virtually all powers reserved to the states? NO!

17.) Has the Constitution halted our long term cultural degeneration? NO!

18.) Does the Constitution even protect you from racial discrimination as a White male in spite of all its hoary rhetoric about equal protection under the law? NO!

19.) Is the Constitution going to protect your little church from a SJW-controlled federal government including the White House, the Supreme Court and maybe Congress? NO!

20.) Has the Constitution stopped SJWs from taking over our college campuses, policing thought on campus, and creating and enforcing absurdity after absurdity there? NO!

At this point, if you believe the Constitution is going to protect your rights, protect you from the mob, protect you from the unlimited power of the federal government, after all it has already done, well, all I can is that either you are a fool, or you are in denial. You are telling yourself a bedtime story for you can go to sleep at night.

The Constitution is a piece of paper. In Third World countries like Zimbabwe, constitutions are meaningless documents. Power isn’t “limited” by their constitutions. That’s where we are at today in this country and that is the road we are headed down. That’s our destiny short of RADICAL CHANGE. Perhaps there was a time in the distant past when the Constitution restrained the federal government but we have long since left that era.

As for this bullshit about American exceptionalism, a glance around the rest of the Western world is sufficient to show that it doesn’t exist. All Western countries are facing the same civilizational crisis including the United States. The Constitution hasn’t protected us from the same problems we see on a daily basis in the UK, France and Germany.

Cuckservative happy talk isn’t going to protect your rights. It is not going to check the exercise of power. Only a countervailing force that aggressively pushes back can arrest these trends. Weak men who are incapable of summoning the will to even oppose the enemy should be subjected to ridicule. They hide behind the Constitution and trite phrases like “American Exceptionalism” to justify their own surrender. It is rationalization for doing what they always do, for their role in the system, which is to lose.

Have you noticed the chasm between the will to power of our enemies and the lack of will, the spinelessness, and the cowardice of respectable conservatives like David French and the NRO crowd? That’s more significant than the Constitution!

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      • The constitution emancipated Jews as fellow citizens. A first in a white nation. It’s the main innovation of the document.

  1. The Soviet constitution had more rights and freedoms than ours, except as provided by law. The US constitution has been practically rendered the same. Whites need a homeland, first and foremost. Third worlders prefer force and violence over law and order.

  2. What have McConnell and Boehnor/Ryan done to even slow any of the unconstitutional stuff Obama has done? No, everything funded in the Omnibus. This is the problem he hasn’t noticed, that the GOPe doesn’t oppose anything. The court grows (Kennedy, Roberts). It isn’t even being slowed down.
    Even Madison called the Constitution a parchment barrier.
    It requires the will to enforce it, and to do so strictly and really limit government when a bunch of rich people will want you to do otherwise.
    Churchill: ‘It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required.’
    Trump isn’t our best but is what is required.

  3. It is a good thing you can tolerate so much cuckservative bullshit. I stopped reading cuck newspapers (WSJ), cuck magazines (NRO) and listening to cuck talk shows (Mark Levin and Michael Medved). I cant imagine wasting my valuable time on cuck lies.

  4. Many losertarians complain that the Constitution doesn’t work, but it is like the owner’s manual for my Truck. It tells me that I have to do maintenance. It doesn’t force me to do so, but bad things will happen if I don’t follow the instructions.

    No principle can survive unless those who hold it themselves are willing to escalate as needed to defend the principle.

    The Liberals evil socialist principles are defended with threats and actual force (Like that Kentucky county clerk that was jailed).

    The lack of courage was identified back in the 1970’s

    Sometimes civil disobedience and peaceful protest will work, but that requires even more courage than direct action. And where has everyone been?

    The Alt-Right (and I’ll include the Alt-Lite like Milo) has awakened and found their courage and are shouting “Enough!” and aren’t being cowed by the insistence on being nice and polite and playing by the rules (mostly by the #CuckOldParty).

    The Cucks say “We need to show we’re better than them”. Instead they show they are merely stupid losers. The Left doesn’t play by the rules and are counting on not having resistance.

    “Resist the devil and he will flee from you”. Oh, but resistance is so un-PC.

    • Yeah, OK.

      But the US Constitution and especially the Declaration of Independence were hopelessly flawed from the get go.

      The Constitution doesn’t mention race, doesn’t ban usury, didn’t ban or even constrain Jews.

      The Declaration of Independence might as well have been shouting by Black Haitian mobs slaughtering all the Whites in the name of equality or the Parisian mobs in the French Revolution reign of terror for

      Liberty Equality Brotherhood.

      Slave owner Tommy Jefferson was the first idiot “Truther” when he wrote:

      “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal”.

      Yeah, right Tommy – so the 10th illegitimate bastard son of a Black crack cocaine addict AFDC welfare mom is equal at birth to a high IQ healthy Danish couple.

      Hey Tommy Jefferson – if you believed in universal human equality than…

      Why the #*&$@ Hell were you a slave owner?

        • I have read Notes on the State of Virginia, and enjoyed it. I have mentioned it o my blog, and in two of my self-published books. I actually used a quote from it about the “convulsion” on the pace facing the Introduction of my most recent book “As America Fades”.
          Glad to see another Jefferson admirer here. Jefferson was a man, and thus not perfect; but he was a patriot and a genius. If we listened to him, we could be living in a free white republic. But mainstream Americans focused on wealth the sole faculty of making money) and entertainment, and the Republic withered away.

          • Might I suggest The Jefferson Lies? I am sure it is on Amazon. It is a fantastic book totally blew to Hell all the alleged rumors about him and Sally Hemmings with undeniable evidence that it was not him. Including taking on the alleged DNA evidence!

          • Thanks for the suggestion. I had seen it, but not gotten a copy. I do not believe the Hemmings stuff either. I enjoyed Barton’s book “The Question of Freemasonry and the Founding Fathers”, so I probably ought to get the Jefferson work also.

  5. Great article, Hunter.

    Yes, they are cowards.

    ‘Have you noticed the chasm between the will to power of our enemies and the lack of will, the spineless, and the cowardice of respectable conservatives like David French and the NRO crowd? That’s more significant than the Constitution!’

  6. Yep – Hunter Wallace tells it the way it is.

    ‘Cause at the hand over to Black majority rule, Rhodesia Zimbabwe also had a decent Constitution guaranteeing private property rights for productive White farmers that made Rhodesia Zimbabwe the breadbasket of Southern Africa.

    Like 100% Harvard and Yale Law School alums on the Supreme Court which will soon be 40% New York Jewish/lesbian, New York A – Rican is really going to honor the original intent of the US Constitution.

    This 3rd Party Clown Candidate David French reminds me of the old homosexual actor playing Gandolf the Wizard standing on the bridge in the Mines of Moria shouting to the Balrog:

    (in the name of the Constitution) – You shall not pass

  7. I truly hate the way Conservatives and Libertarians act as if muh Constitution was divinely inspired or written by God himself. It is not an infallible document, it can be replaced and the republic will remain. We cannot assume a Constitutional Conservative President can reverse 50 years of unconstitutional hubris by the Federal Courts, and the Executive. What we have been doing by getting behind Constitutional Conservatives, is delaying the leftward march of the Jews and their enablers. We now need a President who will disregard the Constitution and push back against the left and the Jews. When he does this, we must support him 100% as he uses extra constitutional authority to reverse 50 years of discrimination against Whites and Christians.

    • Yes, what you are proposing is sometimes called


      This is where a strong leader uses mobs to defeat the power of other mobs.

      • I would not advocate it if it were not for the fact that Conservative Principles do not work. We must push back because the left used unconstitutional means to obtain the current state of affairs then we must do the same.

        • Did they really use “unconstitutional means?” Seems to me they played the system to get into power exactly the way the skeptics in the late 18th century warned it could happen. Where majority rule, only a virtuous, informed majority can even keep the thing going on the tracks temporarily. We do not have a virtuous majority any longer. The lefts strategy since the 60s was to produce an overall majority of a non-virtuous electorate through immigration of corrupt races, and corrupting the general public through media (i.e. with “Midnight Cowboy” type movies winning the oscar down through Tarantino crap today.) Shakespeare never believed the masses were cut out for the politics of Kings, well today we live in such a world. The (((crooked billionaires))) think they can control this Frankenstein Monster of this celebrated so called “democracy” but BLM Mau-Mau agitation etc suggests this ship may soon go way beyond even their Wizard of Oz control straight onto the rocks.

    • The Constitution does not mention God but the Articles of Confederation did as does the Declaration of Independence

  8. Has the Constitution stopped voter fraud?

    WIKILEAKS: Podesta Says It’s OK for Illegals to Vote With Driver’s License….
    Jim Hoft Oct 19th, 2016

    In the latest Wikileaks Podesta documents John Podesta actually says it is OK for illegals to vote if they have a driver’s license.

    Trump says the system is rigged.
    Then we see this email the next day.

    ‘John Podesta: I think Teddy’s idea scratches the itch, is pretty safe and uncomplicated.
    On the picture ID, the one thing I have thought of in that space is that if you show up on Election Day with a drivers license with a picture, attest that you are a citizen, you have a right to vote in Federal elections.’

    These people are criminals.

    Almost half of California’s driver’s licenses went to illegal aliens last year.

    12 states and the District of Columbia allow driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

  9. Didn’t the Supreme Court strike down parts of the Voting Rights Act as unconstitutional? They’re still enforcing it…

    I am pleased that Trump doesn’t wave above his head this dead document and doesn’t bore us with muh conservative principles. You know, like perpetual mideast war and rewarding illegals with citizenship.

  10. The Constitutional Convention was convened under false pretenses, they were only supposed to redress problems with the existing Articles of Confederation government. The American people never gave those delegates in Philadelphia the authority to foist a whole new and more centralized system upon us.

  11. Did the Constitution stop Hillary from circumventing laws.

    Donald J. TrumpVerified account ?@realDonaldTrump
    ‘Hillary Clinton Deleted Emails With Her Email Server Technician’

    Hillary Clinton deleted several emails she exchanged with Bryan Pagliano, the former Clinton campaign official who managed her private email system while at the State Department.

    Judicial Watch, which released the emails on Wednesday, say that they undermine Clinton’s recent claims, made under oath, that she did not recall communicating with Pagliano about her emails.

  12. Hunter, I’m going to say something that seems maybe a bit paradoxical, but I’m sure you’ll understand right away.

    Not only has the Constitution not prevented any of those things, and not only has it not prevented a lot of other bad things, I think it has actually served the cause of those things. Not so much the Constitution itself, but so much of the American right thinks that Constitution manna worship is a meaningful substitute for the acquisition of power.

    Meanwhile, here in the real world:

    PICK ONE (Limit 1):

    ( ) The Constitution
    ( ) White People

  13. Speaking of cuckservatives, I saw a Tweet that in Utah, the polling looks like this:

    Egg McMuffin 31
    Trump 27
    Cankles 24

    As much as Mormons might not like Trump, and I’m starting to think that we have to start thinking of Mormons the way we think about the parentheticals, i.e. a gang of hypocritical two-faced group evolutionary strategists for me but not for thee, I don’t think that when the rubber hits the road in three weeks, that even they will do something so stupid as to cast nearly a third of their votes for a one religion one state candidate out of spite. It’s also why I have never bought the notion that the LiberTARDian ticket of Crackpot and Bigger Crackpot was in or anywhere near double digits, when usually they get 1% at most.

  14. What the fuck are conservative values? Actually, a better question to pose to the Cucks would be to ask, When/Where/How have Republicans used their silly notion of “conservative values” to conserve anything of value to White Americans?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

    It really doesn’t matter if a Republican/Conservative or a Democrat/Liberal is in office. If you look at the gradual decline of White America, you’ll see no real difference in how White identity has been stripped away to make way for the Cult of Multiculturalism. The country has declined at almost the exact same pace, whether it’s Republicans in charge or Democrats.

    The real difference?

    One group of parasites spray paints your windows and walls with messages that you aren’t comfortable with. Some of the messages are lies and slander. Some of the messages are outright threatening. Some make you uncomfortable and put you in an awkward position of having to reevaluate your worldview or just make room for another set of truths.

    The other group of parasites paints more acceptable graffiti on the windows and walls of your home. You like the messages; you agree with the messages; they make you feel all warm and tingly inside. Sure, you didn’t want it on your windows and walls, but it’s better than what the other guys would have put there. So you sit back and let out a sigh of relief that the “bad parasites” didn’t get a chance to paint their hateful messages on your walls and ruin your pretty home.

    Meanwhile, both parasites have been flooding your basement/foundation. All you had to do is stop paying attention to the messages on the windows and walls long enough to see what else was going on underneath your feet. But you were too busy looking at the pretty pictures the one group drew on your walls to even notice how the foundation of your home has rotted away.

    The only people that will save White people will be people that have no qualms about touting their Nationalist, Racialist tendencies and allegiances. Neither Conservatives nor Liberals have the balls and fortitude to stand outside naked and exposed and continuing to push forward when the weight of the anti-White establishment is pressing firmly against them.

  15. When Hillary id installed in office, by George Soros’s voting machines – THEY ARE GOING TO COME FOR US. I am not being melodramatic. The Left wields power ruthlessly.

  16. Hindsight is 20/20 but if you go back and read the Anti-federalist Papers they predicted that a government under the proposed Constitution would
    1. Lack sufficient power to ensure state sovereignty
    2. Have a tax system that would be abused and become oppressive
    3. Degenerate into rule by Judicial fiat.
    The Anti-federalist were the traditionalists of the day and wanted a confederation which had parallels in European history.
    What should have happened, but didn’t, is that the Articles of Confederation should have been made stronger instead of being replaced. I do not think it was unworkable like historians claim. There were many proposals to strengthen that were tabled when they did a coup d’ etat and replaced it with the Constitution which was NOT what they were elected by the states to do.

    • The Federalists (really Centralists) were in the minority as regards overall sentiment in the colonies but were the moneyed elite of the day. The Anti-federalist (really believers in true federalism) were in the majority as regards the colonies and were middle and working class people.

  17. The Swedes have a Constitution too but it did not stop this crap.

    ‘Sweden to give ISIS fighters housing grants and free driving licences to encourage them to reintegrate into society
    Lund County in Sweden is examining plans to reintegrate jihadi defectors
    140 Swedes have come back after fighting with terrorists in Syria and Iraq
    Reintegration plan would see defectors given housing benefits and driving licences’

    I can’t believe how stupid theses people are.

    Don’t allow them to return. Problems solved.

  18. I take some personal pride in being the internet leader in exposing and deflating this race denying libertarian constitutionalist Ron Paul cult.

    There are still a few of this type around his idiot son Rand Paul but they ve been marginalized.

  19. This article made some good points. For a Constitution to be effective it must be followed. Our Constitution (and Bill of Rights) is a very good one, but we have not tried to seriously follow it for 150 years. No written document, including our Constitution, can restrain men who wish to violate it; that is were juries and militias come into the picture.
    Think of any constitution as being like an auto repair manual; when the mechanic follows it all is well; when he purposely ignores it the engine will not function. The shape we are in is not the fault of the Founding Fathers or the Constitution they gave us. The current crisis is becasue we have had several generations of immoral and unprincipled people -especially including the political class- who have refused to follow the Constitution and our founding ideology.
    Maybe we have went so far that we cannot restore the Constitution, but I hope not.
    Lastly, guys like David French, the (((neo-cons))), along with most Republican Party conservatives and religious fundamentalists do not really want to follow the Constitution. They are only using it for an excuse to do nothing.

  20. Excellent job of demonstrating the futility of the cuckservatives’ constitutional fetishism,sir.

  21. Only one that matters.) Is the constitution going to stop (((them))) from continuing to ethnically cleanse the White founding stock of the United States and indigenous White European? If not, I have a new idea for the constitution and all copies of it. We cam build papier-mache boats from them and float (((them))) to their desert shithole that they bitched and moaned about so much, but now won’t live there. If they all can’t fit, or they aren’t sea worthy, well that’s just too fucking bad for (((them))), now isn’t it?

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