Cuckservatives: Paul Ryan Is a Classical Liberal

It’s a rare day when we agree with Paul Ryan, but we are glad to see him acknowledging his liberalism and wearing it as a badge of honor.

Paul Ryan is right: he is a classical liberal. In the United States, the term “conservative” means “classical liberal.” It is the most misleading term in American politics. It implies that “conservatives” want to “conserve” something real or tangible. Instead, these people are motivated by abstractions like “liberty” and “equality.”

In the United States, mainstream politics is an argument within the liberal family between classical liberals (conservatives), libertarians, and reform liberals/progressives. It is a bunch of liberals arguing among themselves over whether there should be more freedom, equality, tolerance, rights, etc., etc. All of these are liberal values.

America’s politics only drifts leftward because hitherto there hasn’t been a rightwing opposition in the United States. Liberalism wins every election because of its full spectrum dominance in American politics.

Paul Ryan is just an Ayn Rand fanboy and water carrier for the heroic corporate executives who fund the Chamber of Commerce. He doesn’t believe in conserving anything real like the country – in his mind, that would assuredly be the collectivist and altruistic heresies of “racism” and “nativism.” That’s “not who we are,” as he likes to say.

We’re reactionaries, not “conservatives” (aka classical liberals). We don’t believe that more liberalism – more freedom, equality, tolerance, individualism, rights – is always the solution to every problem in American life. Ryan and his ilk are a bunch of liberals who are barely different from their leftist cousins. They’re not even rightwing!

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  1. Equality a mass illusion maintained because we never ask them to prove it

    There simply is no proof of human equality, but we have the cucks to deflect all serious inquiry into it

    • They really are the vipers in the grass.

      Is he being blackmailed or something? It doesn’t make any sense from the POV of a white guy in a nominally right-center party to be like this.

  2. Paul Ryan is right: he is a classical liberal.

    I don’t know what’s a classical liberal, but I don’t think Paul Ryan is one.

    “Classical liberal” sounds like something out of the old Western tradition, but no one in the old European/American tradition used to support race replacement. I think Paul Ryan is simply a traitor who works for the Jews.

    In the United States, the term “conservative” means “classical liberal.”

    They should systematically use the phrase “phony-conservative”.
    For example: I am proud to be a true phony-conservative!

    America’s politics only drifts leftward because hitherto there hasn’t been a rightwing opposition in the United States. Liberalism wins every election because of its full spectrum dominance in American politics.

    It’s a Jewish drift, not a liberal drift. The full spectrum has been under Jewish control. But they are about to lose their control in 3 weeks!

  3. Ryan has already lost the strength of his convictions. If he gets shouted down a few more times by Trump supporters, Ryan will be a meek as a lamb.

  4. Ryan is a Leftist. He’s also a USURPER. He’s a Leftist who joined the Republican Party to USURP the Republican Party from within. There are many like him in the Republican Party, they’re called USURPERS.

    I don’t like Leftists, but I have more respect for the Leftists who stay in the Democrat Party and are honest and upfront about their Leftism. They’re Leftists and I don’t like them but at least they’re not USURPERS.

    Ryan and his Leftist ilk in the Republican Party remind me of the COMMUNIST USURPERS who entered the Catholic seminaries , starting in the 1930s and going-on to this day, entered Catholic seminaries under the guise of being “Catholics”, but were actually Communist agents who hated Catholicism and USURPED the Catholic Church from within. See “Bella Dodd and Communist Infiltration of the Catholic Church”.

    Leftist Ryan and his Leftist ilk in the Republican Party are using the same tactic to USURP the Republican Party as the Communists used to USURP the Catholic Church. It’s a very effective tactic/strategy. The USURPERS of the Catholic Church and the Republican Party have been enormously successful with their strategy/tactic.

    “cuckservatives” is an appropriate label for Ryan and ilk, but “USURPERS” is more accurate. Ryan and ilk are USURPERS.

    • Ryan is a Leftist. He’s also a USURPER.

      The only real problem today is race replacement. Do you think that race replacement is intrinsic to leftism? I don’t! Two hundred years ago, you already had leftists: naive people who think that money grows on trees. But they didn’t use to push for race replacement. But today, at the core of leftism, what you find is the ideology of race replacement.

      It means that leftism isn’t a real ideology at all. Their political orientations are set by the jewsmedia and by Jewish political activists.

      You say that the right has been infiltrated by the left, but it would make more sense to say that both the right and the left have been taken over by the Jews.

      • But the Leftists two hundred years ago also supported race replacement. They certainly supported race replacement in Haiti and supported the total slaughter of Whites in Haiti. They were also idolizing the indians, they’re the ones who started the “Noble Savage” meme/trope.

        • They (…) supported the total slaughter of Whites in Haiti.

          Most people in France had never seen an African. I wonder if they had heard about Haiti. And the revolutionary government was incompetent. Anyway, it’s unlikely they supported the total slaughter of Whites in Haiti.

          the “Noble Savage” meme/trope.

          When White people wrote romantic stories about noble savages, what they had in mind was the idyllic life of their own ancestors, in a natural paradise, before modern civilization. It was only idle philosophical speculation. People didn’t know yet about evolution, natural selection and racial differences. They had not read Darwin.

          As new countries were discovered, there was probably the idea that people in those countries still lived a lot like our own ancestors used to live in the very distant past. And from the European point of view, there is really something romantic in the life of the savage. That’s why people like to go camping. But today, as we rub shoulders with authentic third-world savages imported by the Jews, we have a more realistic and better informed opinion than in the past. Of course, in the American South, people already knew about racial differences 200 years ago.

          Anyway, noble savage stories were never used in the past as a way to justify wholesale race replacement.

          • Yeah well, now that we all know about evolution, natural selection, and racial differences, and we all have read Darwin, the Leftists are the ones most knowledeagble about evolution, natural selection, and Darwin, the Leftists are still idolizing the “Noble Savages”, now they added to their “noble” indians “noble” blacks and “noble” all kinds of NON Whites to their idolizing. And for all their knowledge about Darwin and all their preaching of Darwin, evolution and natural selection, the more they preach and promote the racial superiority of NON Whites. And it’s the Leftists who love Darwin and his evolution and natural selection the most of any other group around, and they’re also the very ones who love the blacks and all the other NON Whites the most. The ones who preach Darwin the most are the ones who love the blacks and all the other NON Whites the most.

            Darwin’s theories are just that, theories, and Darwinism is NOT Science, his theories are “religious” theories and false “religious” concepts/theories too boot. Just like the Heliocentric theory is just that, a theory. It’s NEVER been proven Scientifically, and can NOT be proven Scientifically. The Heliocentric theory, like Darwin’s theory, comes from the jew’s satanic Kabbalah. BOTH Darwin’s theories and the Heliocentric theory are at foundation satanic. BOTH Darwinism and the Heliocentric theory can NOT be proven with Cold, Hard, Objective, Empirical Science, the only kind of real Science, Objective Science, is Empirical Science.

            I’m a Catholic and everything, but I don’t care for the Jesuits, NO, not even your and the Noosphere’s “alternative” media “Saint” Teilhard de Chardin and certainly not his “Piltdown Man”.


            Search Terms :

            “Teilhard de Chardin + Piltdown Man”

            “Malcolm Bowden + Geocentric Universe”

            “Malcolm Bowden + Science Mafia”

            ” Dr Robert Sungenis + Geocentric Universe”

            “How They Hide God” [ YouTube video ]

            “Zetetic Astronomy”

            All the Search Terms excellent for YouTube also. Lots of videos about this subject matter, the Geocentric Truth and the falsity of the Heliocentric theory AND the falsity of Darwin and his theories. In real Science, when something has been proven, it’s NOT called a “theory”. In real Science, when something is proven, it’s called a FACT, it’s called a TRUTH ; FACTS AND FACT-BASED PROVEN TRUTHS IN SCIENCE ARE NOT CALLED “THEORIES”. Get that thru your heads, people!

            Darwin’s lies and the lie of the Helicoentric theory go together like a horse and carriage. Each lie depending on the other lie in order to sustain both lies. BOT are PYSOPS and LIES from the Wizrds of Liber Oz.

            The only Jesuit I ever cared for is Saint Robert Bellarmine. Now that’s a REAL SAINT. It’s funny, but Saint Robert Bellarmine is the only Jesuit the Noosphere “alternative” media doesn’t like. That’s because the Heliocentrics can NOT refute anything the GEOCENTIRC Saint Bellarmine said, NOT even your “Saint” Teilhard can refute anyting Saint Bellarmine said and asserted. Not to this day, can Heliocentrics refute Saint Bellarmine. Bellarmine is A True Saint.

          • I don’t know why I cited Darwin’s name… Anyway, Darwin doesn’t matter, and the leftists don’t matter. The problem is the Jews. They are the ones behind the race replacement program.

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