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Rolling Stone:

“Spencer, wrote Hunter Wallace, the pen name of neo-Confederate white nationalist Brad Griffin, on the influential white nationalist site Occidental Dissent, is the Alt-Right’s “acknowledged leader.”

This article refers to an old 2010 post here in which we were discussing which everyone knows was Richard Spencer’s website.

Mother Jones:

“Trump’s big social-media boost for the phony black-crime stats was further proof that Trump had “laid out the red carpet for all those who want to move beyond the last 20 years of internet isolation and anonymity,” as Brad Griffin, who blogs on Occidental Dissent, wrote after Trump announced his immigration plan. “All those people, long laughed at and excluded from the ‘mainstream,’ who were cast out beyond the wall of ‘respectability,’ are now in the tank for Donald Trump.” …

The alt-right viewed Trump’s subsequent remarks on MSNBC’s Morning Joe—”David Duke is a bad person who I disavowed on numerous occasions over the years”—not as a sign of retreat, but as one of strength. Griffin described it on Occidental Dissent as a “disavowal,” in scare quotes, and applauded Trump’s “refusal to cuck and?condemn ‘white?supremacists'” more broadly. …

In late August, Occidental Dissent’s Brad Griffin?mused about the possibility of a Trump win: “Can you imagine?a world in which White Nationalists have come out of the closet, the charge of ‘racism’ elicits only a ‘meh’ and shrugged shoulders, and we have begun to openly organize? Don’t underestimate the power of the presidency to legitimize marginalized people and deviant movements. If Barack Obama can legitimize gay marriage and transsexuals, Donald Trump can legitimize the Alt-Right.”

Trump was only the spark that caused the explosion.

All the ingredients for 2016 were there long before Trump. It just needed a catalyst – a candidate with the money, the celebrity, the platform to challenge the status quo. In the end, the money wasn’t even really that important since Trump’s campaign was supported by an unprecedented number of small donors.

Note: Damon Linker thinks this is an “ominous American future.” I think that is pretty mild compared to where we will be at by 2024 to 2028.

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  1. Dark Clouds and a silver lining.

    I was listening to Enoch on TDS and he talked about Moral Defeat and Political Defeat as separate categories.

    If Trump goes down swinging the best Hillary can do is get 45-47% of the vote. She is literally a MOG (Minority Occupation Government) with all the chaos that implies. The nogs and Jews will be stealing anything that isn’t nailed down before the inevitable purge that will occur in the Congress in 2018. It’s going to be a maelstrom.

  2. Problem is once it became obvious under Clinton where we were heading, with all our industry sent to China, foreigners pouring in, Queerness and Bastardy the celebrated form of the “new family” the window to act and close this thing was during the Bush Jr. years. No coincidence they put in a total idiot during this critical time who would fiddle while Rome burned and by 2008 you had the electorate which gave us Reagan landslides largely in the grave and a new degenerate electorate, full of minorities, bastards and mothers of bastards who want a marxist free ride willing to vote for the black president Hollywood had been preparing us for with Morgan Freeman movies. Now the Republican brand name is largely dead, and even this vaunted “Trump killed the cucks” meme means he’d still start an even smaller party that has maybe 39% of the electorate while the globalists run the federal govt and courts.

  3. Alt-right is an upstream cultural entity to politics, we shit in the stream or purify depending on our mood.

    The Left is just peddling hatred and paranoia, the Left does not hold the moral level of conflict uncontested as they once did.

  4. Nice to see white nationalists getting some mainstream press attention. We need to enter the collective consciousness of the “normies” if we are to expand our movement.
    I recently put up a brief essay on my WordPress blog about why I believe that there is no Biblical or constitutional provisions against racial separatism. I hope some of my Christian readers will think about it. I am a Christian, but I think that many Christians are not open to the Alt-Right’s message becasue they are afraid to read people who (sometimes) are far from their own belief system.

  5. This was a surprisingly fair article on us the Alt Right – published at RollingStone magazine no less. Maybe RS Magazine is trying re-establish credibility after the terrible, libelous RS article on the University of Virginia fraternity rape hoax.

    Hunter, maybe you should offer to do a post election day follow-up interview of what’s next from the Alt Right.

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