Wall Street Journal: Republicans Rode Waves Of Populism Until They Crashed The Party

This is a good article:

“When Donald Trump rode down an escalator at Trump Tower to launch his presidential campaign in June 2015, he began galvanizing a populist version of the Republican Party.

But he didn’t create it.

The GOP that carried Mr. Trump to the presidential nomination was formed by waves of new voters who washed onto Republican shores in the last four decades: George Wallace Southerners, Ronald Reagan Democrats, Pat Buchanan pitchfork populists and tea-party foot soldiers.

The Republican establishment was happy to have the votes of these newcomers, many from America’s working class, and accommodated their cultural preferences on social issues from guns to abortion to gay marriage. What the establishment didn’t do was adjust the GOP’s economic approach to match the populist impulses—or even seem to consider such a shift necessary. …”

Rich Lowry put it well here:

“Our basic argument about Trump is simple and unassailable: He is a populist, not a conservative. Conservatism has always had a populist element, but it has been tethered to conservatism’s animating causes of liberty, limited government and the Constitution. Trump inveighs against elites and tramples on political pieties, but these causes are afterthoughts to him, at best.”

Ross Douthat put it better here:

“Sometimes this interdependency has worked out well. At its peaks of political success, the conservative intelligentsia has channeled and directed populism, responding to grass-roots passions without being ruled by them.”

The goal of the conservative intelligentsia has always been to CUCK the populist vote so that all of its anger and energy can be “tethered” or “channeled” into advancing the conservative agenda (read: classical liberal agenda) of the “governing wing” of the Republican Party. The role of populist voters in the GOP is to show up on election day and vote for a handpicked establishment candidate like Mitt Romney or ¡Jeb!

In this way, the conservatives can pass new free-trade deals for their corporate backers in the US Chamber of Commerce, start massive new destructive, unending wars in the Middle East, and keep the border wide open so that an endless influx of Third World cheap labor can further enrich the plutocracy. They figured all those yokels would just keep voting for them indefinitely because Democrats want to abort babies and seize guns.

Give them lip service! Give them token gestures! Give them round after round of failure theater! You know, it kind of worked too until their whole signaling structure broke down. That’s what happens when an elite loses its legitimacy. To borrow an analogy, the falcon doesn’t respond to the Falconer anymore and the elite falls.

It is only a matter of time.

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      • Do you think Buonocoursi is capable of delivering such a soliloquy on the gallows? I rather think his last words would be something like: “O Lawdy, Ize don’ wanna die! Won’t somebody hep me?”

      • As is so often the case here, Captain John, you seem to have missed my point: I was spitting on white workers and their “populism.” Unlike Donald Trump, who has what strikes me as a sentimental regard for that group, I view them as what they’ve always been: enemy to the race’s valuable elements. Whites’ flourishing is dependent on white workers’ being kept in line, which means at the back of the line. That includes the rednecks, who infest Dixie and are a pre-urban atavism of that stratum.

        PS Here’s Trump in his element, at a real-estate ceremony, more appealing than he was in what little I saw of those presidential debates …

        • Overestimate and Underpromise, the secret to contract bidding. You are very frightened of populism.

        • Ah, we are finally enlightened as to Bonaccorsi’s worries. He is deeply concerned the likes of the Clinton’s, Kennedy’s, the Gates’s, the white readers and writers of the Huffington Post have been bamboozeled and might wind up corrupted by the anti-white policies they so advocate and promote. And from his latest posts, we can infer he is also troubled that women like Donatella Versace are induced to take up with a black buck.

          We see.

          It all makes sense now.

          • I confess, Robbie, I had fun baiting you here, with this “haughty” post of mine. I was wondering whether you’d reply.

            Don’t know what your sentence about Donatella Versace is a reference to, but your having spelled the name correctly puts you a point or two above Occidental Dissent’s ruck. Adios.

          • You’ve been talking a lot about fashion and nice clothing, and the people who wear such. Hence my Versace reference.

            As for the rest, I believe you spoke the truth concerning which kind of white people you like, and that you spit on the rest.

            I’m also of the strong suspicion you yourself are drawn from the Deplorable class, and probably in appearance are closer to some of the Southerners you disdain. Am I correct?

        • May I aks you, John : could you, in any way that suits you, describe what a ‘Southern Redneck’ is to you?

          Thank you

          • To be honest, I probably couldn’t, Junius. It’s a term I probably never really used until I started visiting this website, Occidental Dissent. I dislike using such insulting terms, but I’ve noticed insults are the currency of discourse in this precinct.

          • I’m going to say, for the first time in my life, I am utterly disgusted at the pompous-assness of someone like Mr. ‘Bone of contention.’

            Even as a Yankee, ( who speaks four foreign languages, holds a doctorate, has travelled and been employed around the world) who has been involved in the “haute culture” for most of his adult life, I now find myself in a small, rural southern town…and every deprecation of this entire class and race of people, has been wrong in my mind, for all of my adult life.

            The amazing civility, the complete gentleness, sweetness, and Christian charity of these people I am now living among, far outshines any one of the various ‘upper classes’ I knew in: Southern CA, NY state, or my home area of Minnesota, (with her higher per capita number of Master’s and other advanced degrees; and the racial nobility of the aristocratic Scandinavians around me) among whom I have lived, for almost my entire life.

            All of those above-mentioned groups are snobbish, disdainful, full of hubris, and utterly without merit, when compared to the simple Southern women and gentlemen that I have met, since my relocation.

            Don’t get me wrong, however. I still don’t care for monster truck rallies, Huntin’ and fishin’, and country/western music. But that isn’t the real thing I’m talking about. That’s merely a cultural tackiness that was adopted, in opposition to the snobbery of the true culture of the civilized man, which we Yankees pridefully confused with our northern-ness. I think Margaret Mitchell was the last person to actually Chronicle the aristocratic nobility of the South, contrasted with the aristocratic pseudo-nobility of the north, if you get what I mean…the Rhett Butler type of mercenary, iow.

            What I’m trying to say is, I am ashamed of how my class, (exemplified by Mr. Contention) “look down their nose” at anyone not in their very limited circle of sycophantic acquaintances. Oh yes, the poor people here are terribly poor, and the necessity of a good dentist would work wonders among some of these individuals; but their gentility of spirit is amazing to behold: in other words, they may look like hillbillies, but in their souls, they are true aristocrats. And, having been a recipient now for some six months of this southern spirit, I find that I am loath to return to the upper Midwest; and the only thing that calls me back, is family -and those few very older people who were the image of what Garrison Keillor snobbishly disdains as the ‘Lake Wobegon’ type of people I grew up with.

            I know for a certainty, that I would never again want to live in an urban vacuum like Philadelphia, LA, New York, Boston, Washington DC, or even Richmond-where this healthy (albeit schismatic Protestant) Christian ‘caritas’ is utterly absent. Because those urban areas are where a vacuum- a vacuity of the soul- exists, and that is why we are in the mess we are in, as a country.

            And Bonaccorsi is merely the exemplar on this forum of that vacuity of soul. I apologize for him and all the rest of we Yankees, who don’t know (in our studied ignorance) of what the South & Sothernors, is really like.

          • Eight paragraphs of semiliterate humbug: your new record, Padre. Never in my life have I encountered the bad manners that prevail at this Southern Nationalist website. This is a breed for whom snarling is as natural as breathing.

          • You are an amazingly insufferable asshole -do you know that? Obviously you do. Which only proves the point that I was trying to make as an apology to those people whom you have offended.

  1. It’s also true for the left. It’s not like they are going to quite get what they want as Clinton slams the US armed forced into Russia.

    The silver lining to having Clinton in office is that the Uniparty really are responsible for the catastrophic Iceberg ahead.

    White men can’t be blamed for a fucking thing this time.

  2. The GOP establishment never did anything more than pay lip service to its populist / nationalist wing. The Party has always pursued a globalist, corporatist agenda. Now thanks to Trump the America Firsters have a candidate they can call their own. No more being taken for granted by the cucked-out Party “leadership”!

  3. I think there is a pretty good majority opinion on Occidental Dissent that the Republican Party has become hopelessly corrupt, it’s serving nobody but a bunch of amoral plutocrats, and it needs replaced. At one time it did a good job of working against wars, but that seems to be long gone. My suggestion for a name for a new party: Orange Party, after the Irish Protestants and the Boers country in South Africa, the Orange Free State.

  4. GOP was doomed when Bill Clinton adopted GOP issues that were most appealing to the rich and super-rich.

    When Democrats dropped Big Labor and went for ‘free trade’ and all that stuff, it became a hybrid party of Democratic virtue-signaling and Republican prosperity & law and order. You could be righteous and rich. And that is when GOP lost its thunder.

    Trump has been trying to recreate the GOP as a kind of neo-Democratic Party that stands up for the Working Man. But such an alignment cannot happen in one election cycle.

  5. Maybe competence is a kind of justice, and incompetence is a kind of injustice.

    No matter one’s ideology, pure incompetence is injustice. It kills. During Mao’s Cultural Revolution, the notion of red-over-expert led to horrors.

    Suppose there is a white conservative who is deemed ‘racist’ but is competent as doctor. Suppose there is a POC who is so PC but lousy as doctor.

    Is there justice in letting the POC quack operate on your child?

    Which one would you trust to operate on your child?

    While people-of-competence can be bigoted or oppressive, competence is a justice and virtue in its own right. South Africa is a good example. Sure, apartheid was racially unequal and unjust(from purely abstract point of view). But it protected white competence in constructing and maintaining a modern society. That was why even blacks from neighboring nations migrated to South Africa for jobs. White Competence meant jobs, food, money, and opportunity.

    Same thing with Hong Kong. Yes, it was a British colony created under imperialism. In that sense, it was an ‘unjust’ order compared to China ruled by Chinese themselves.

    One could say British privilege in HK was ‘racist’. But the Brits were very competent whereas Maoist China was a hellhole of incompetence. Competence is its own justice, its own reward, and people in Hong Kong, despite the unfair colonial setting, enjoyed better lives and more legal justice. Competent British Imperialism did more good for people in Hong Kong than incompetent Social Justice Mania did for people in China.

    No amount of themes of social justice does much good without competence and truth. BLM is a mess because it doesn’t address the sheer incompetence of blacks as parents, teachers, managers, and administrators. And it has zero use for truth of why the black community is the way it is.

    Now, competence isn’t enough. Nazi Germans were competent in many areas but brutal and crazy in international affairs.

    But all this talk of justice without competence is just another kind of injustice. Filling up schools with idiotic incompetent teachers in the name of ‘social justice’ just does harm to kids. Filling up fire departments with inferior incompetent firemen can lead to deaths of innocent lives.

    “Justice” without competence is injustice:


    Now, the most controversial topic of 21st century will be the matter of whether all races are equally competent. It could be James Watson was onto something when he said blacks, on average, are less competent than other races.

    Some peoples are higher up on the People-of-Competence scale.

    And despite PC’s dichotomy of ‘white privilege’ and ‘people of color’, the real social divisions in America are between peoples-of-competence and peoples-of-incompetence.


    Look at Silicon Valley. Whites, Jews, Hindus, East Asians. POCOM.

    What is nutty about America is Jews are the most competent people who agitate the most incompetent people(mainly blacks but even Muslims) against other competent peoples.


    • I take exception to the notion that jews are the most competent people. they are masters of deceit and cunning- slaves of Luciferian materialism and the enemies of all whites: who they have identified with Christianity, they sworn and hated enemies. Their greed and envy is what brings them down every time; the use of moral degradation of host cultures is an “additional bonus”- the Frankfurt school theories are in complete dominance of a degraded Western civilization who would literally prefer death over rayciss.

        • Satan is competent… As a liar. But as a angelic being, he’s a complete screw up. And therein lies the difference: in theological terms, Christ is the perfect man, Satan is the most imperfect angel ever created.

          All because he did not retain his station, nor know his place.

          The same with ‘persons of incompetence.’ They need to know their place. In other words, DNA author Watson was correct: as was Dabney, as were all the WBTS Southerners. ‘Persons of color’ are incompetent, and their only function in a white society… is to be slaves. Slavery is an inescapable construct.

          So, if ‘they’ don’t want to be slaves in the 21st-century, they need to be repatriated to their country of origin, and let America be white/great again. End of story.

    • Yes, Muslim Islamic RAPE JIHAD, going on MUSLIM JIHAD ARSON RIOTS, traveling in gangs on trains and buses and beating up passengers, throwing rocks at and cursing at Christians entering and exiting Christian services, vandalizing and defacing Christian churches, torching Christian churches, throwing women, even young girls, even throwing young Christian girls, into Islamic-sanctioned sex slavery, is ALL about Christian family values. Muslims on ISLAMIC JIHAD always made the best sort of Christians, LOL.

  6. Never forget, Jew David Brooks stated that the Jews are the “new elite” in America. It is the Jew Neo-cons that rode the Republican party in the direction of the Jew agenda until a white goy stood up and told them to fuck-off!

  7. This stops short of getting to the problem. The problem is that the yokels woke up and saw that they were being cuckolded – being used on election day without getting any legislation for the yokels. Thus, the Tea Party populism. They butchered things all up, evidently trying to hijack the party from the wealthy. This uprising took 15 years to begin, and it isn’t over yet.

    Trump will get landslided in 11 days, which SHOULD drop his stock to zero. The GOP should never let him back in, not if they want to salvage their party.

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