The Obamacare Rate Increases

Isn’t this just beautiful?

“You can almost set your watch by it: Every year, when new premium rates for the Affordable Care Act exchange plans are published by the government, critics proclaim that the law has failed Americans by failing to rein in prices. This year, the cries are sure to be even louder, because premium increases nationwide are averaging about 25%.

That’s the average in the benchmark silver plan (the second-cheapest silver plan in any region) for states using the federal marketplace, according to government figures released Monday. The benchmark plan is the one on which the premium subsidies available to the vast majority — 84% — of Americans who purchase their insurance on the ACA exchanges are based. …”

All I want to know from the #TruCons is this: why didn’t the Constitution we have heard so much about save you from the Obamacare rate increases? Why did your guy on the Supreme Court – Chief Justice John Roberts – save Obamacare?

Hold on, Ben Shapiro’s website Daily Wire has come up with a plausible answer from Wikileaks … it is because his spine melted under pressure from Obama and the #LyingPress. The moral of the story: even with control of the White House (George W. Bush), Congress (2014-2016), and the Supreme Court (2015) at various times, the parchment fetishists were defeated by their own timidity and cowardice.

They didn’t have the nerve to block Obamacare when they had the chance to do so. Without the resolve to advance their own declared agenda, the Constitution is just words on a piece of paper and can be twisted to mean anything. Notice how the Cons only seem to regain their nerve and will to power when they are relentlessly condemning the nominee of their own party and the voters who supported him in the primaries. That’s when they know that they are standing on firm ground with all their pals in the media.


Hey, I may have lost the war against Obamacare for all of you, but at least I *proved* that I am one of the good ones to Time magazine!

Note: Don’t get too worried about the consequences of a Hillary Clinton presidency. If she tries to do anything outrageous, the Constitution will rise up and stop her!

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  1. Obongocare isn’t even constitutional, because the Federal govt doesn’t have the constitutional authority to require citizens to purchase anything. This is what Americans get for failing to defend their rights and relying on a big yellowing piece of parchment to do it for them.

  2. A single-payer health system would have been constitutional and unlike SoetoroCare it wouldn’t have required thousands of pages to explain and set up. Best of all it would have kept the multi-billion dollar insurance industry totally out of the picture.

    • A good point. Sadly the Cucks are going around saying that the true aim is Single Payer…I don’t think it really is. We are subject to private insurers. I suspect Trump will or has repeated the talking point.

  3. So much for Supreme Court Justice Roberts’ “constitutional” and “conservative” philosophy. I suspect the Bathhouse Barry gang had some dirt on him – some QUEER dirt. That’s why Roberts caved in and voted to approve SoetoroCare.

  4. The #NeverTrump people are spending more brain energy to come up with clever resolute strategies on how to deny Trump the Presidency than they ever did to stop or block or scuttlebutt ObamaDontCare.

  5. Petty good point to this article. This is a multilevel story.
    First, a document, including our Constitutions, must be followed to be effective. If the Constitution was followed, we never would have had ObamaCare and would not be talking about rate increases to the non-existent plan.
    Second, if conservatives really were conservatives , then Roberts would not have caved to Obama and betrayed the Constitution he swore to protect by approving ObamaCare.
    And third, is that governments historically use their corporations against the people -either to control markets or to extort money or information (aka Google spying by NSA). The Boston Tea Party of this highlighted this issues almost two and a half centuries ago.I put up a piece about his on my blog this morning, entitled “Who Owned the Tea?”

    • Well written.When I was in the 5th grade,around the bi-centennial of the founding of the republic,the teacher taught us,the revolutionaries were standing up to the monopolies that had formerly controlled them,and the govt. would never allow monopolies in America.

  6. The Communists could care less about the Constitution. If anything use our very Constitution against Christian Conservative Americans. The Constitution can be productive only with right wingers in office. The GOP and it’s love of Bush is the reason why Roberts is on the Supreme Court. The Bush family are global communist liberals and everybody should now realize that with the Bush love fest with Hillary Clinton. That’s why you never vote based on Party. Only support candidates who have our views in mind and who support Health Care Reform. WPWW !

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