Ben Domenech on American Populism

For a conservative, I actually thought this wasn’t so bad.

I would say the difference between us is that I believe what we are seeing now is the logical conclusion of classical liberalism. It is a system which glorifies rights claims, individualism, freedom, equality, tolerance, democracy, free markets and so on. It is a system which inexorably unravels the social fabric by keeping society in a perpetual state of social revolution. Whether it is done in the name of “liberty” or “equality,” authority and order are perpetually in the crosshairs and steadily lose ground.

When I look at Caitlyn Jenner, I see don’t see a sad case of expressive individualism gone too far. I see someone who represents the culmination of the American Creed. Similarly, the devastation wrought by globalization is just an example of market fundamentalism being taken to its logical conclusion. The same is true of collapse of the family and the disintegration of our national borders. What is that but the application of the acid of “liberty” to areas where liberalism is making new inroads?

Some degree of liberty, equality, individualism, tolerance and so on was a GOOD THING. Like any good thing though, it can be perverted into its opposite when taken to extremes. We passed that point a long time ago.

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  1. Thomas Jefferson’s quote about the Tree of Liberty shows the fallacy of Classical Liberalism. To Jefferson the Social Order of Old Europe was oppresive and deserved to collapse. Thats why Jefferson supported the Revolutionaries who were murdering Christians and enthroning Negro worship in France, he called that Liberty. Oddly enough TJ didn’t go that far with his beliefs over here, his Notes On The State of Virginia seemed to give off an air of REVOLUTION FOR THEE BUT NOT IN THE OLD DOMINION. In other words Jefferson liked Aristocracy when it was in Virginia but not when it was elsewhere. Completely disjointed and dishonest.

  2. I have spent a significant percentage of my life thinking about these things. I’ve been paying attention since age 11, cut my teeth as a normiecon at 16, then to a Bircher at 17, then to an outright racialist at 20. For the record, I’m 39 in this the current year. But it wasn’t until I really gave neoreactionary ideology a chance that everything really started to come together. And it was then I realized that I wasted a good part of my prior life. Where was neoreactionary ideology when I was 16? I could have confronted it first then skipped over a lot of trivial and superfluous nonsense.

  3. No one believes in human equality, no one. Especially any lefty progtard white or the usual colored Nazi impersonator, the closest to a true believer in human equality is the usual contard moron who has been so psychologically beaten down that its almost a life or death matter up in their brain cases to “believe.”

  4. You’re doing a great job exposing conservatism using their own words. Keep it up! You see the latest from Douthat? The man’s writings are a motherload of quotes exposing the manipulative, exploitative and back stabbing nature of intellectual conservatism.

  5. Liberalism left unchecked leads to anarchy, nihilism and despair. The essence of genuine conservatism is to keep it in check, something the Constitution and its Trucon guardians failed to do. It is not surprising that an authoritarian figure with unlimited powers is preferred by many in times like this.

  6. Kind of gets old listening to Conservatives like this guy, American patriots or Mel Gibson going on and on about how terrible and cruel the British were/are to true lovers of freedom like William Wallace, Andrew Jackson and…..

    Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson and Winnie Mandela, Rosa Parks and now BlackLivesMatter.

    The anti British, anti White colonial forces of freedom won probably one battle in the war of 1812 The Battle of New Orleans. The rest the British and European mercenaries won everything else.

    I believe the American Congress had to flee Washington DC as the victorious British marched in to burn the capitol to the ground.

  7. Yes, “Caitlyn” Jenner is free will liberty taken to its most anti-God degree.
    I agree that there must be a balance of liberty and order in a society. At its base, any law is moral -be the law right or wrong. Even when I was reading libertarians a great deal 2-4 years ago, I never understood the whole “natural law without a god” fantasy. They were never able to show me how there would all some universal morality and cooperation without a God to give us fixed standards -and reward or punishment based on our behavior. They never showed me why it would not immediately devolve into “law of the jungle” But many have been ensnared by (((20th century American libertarianism))), perhaps primarily becasue of love of wealth.
    Though he was a “pro-Christian agnostic” and not a Chrsitian, I recall that back in the 1960s George Lincoln Rockwell (in White Power) wrote about the balance between order and liberty -left and right. Rockwell seen the failure of American “conservatism” back in the 1960s. But the JBS and the Tea Party march on…
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