Stephen Bannon: Chief Strategist & Senior Counselor

How about that?

Stephen Bannon is going to be President Trump’s equivalent of Karl Rove or Valerie Jarrett. Oh my, how the worm has turned in Washington:

“For the last six months, Republican leaders walked a careful line supporting Donald Trump. They supported his campaign and loved his running mate, Mike Pence, but they didn’t agree with his positions on banning Muslims or mass deportations, or with the far-right figures who backed them.

That line was easy enough to maintain when it was just campaign rhetoric. But now Trump is signaling that the far right wing of the party will be going with him to the White House, where it will have a chance to influence policy, as well.

Steve Bannon, former president of the incendiary Breitbart News and more recently chief executive of Trump’s campaign, is taking on a role as “chief strategist and senior counselor.” Bannon’s ascension is the clearest sign yet that Trump will maintain his ties to the populist white nationalism that helped propel him to the White House against overwhelming opposition from party leaders and traditional media. …”

Sounds good to me:

“PARIS—Never mind that the French cable television report on Stephen Bannon made him look like one of the winos living on grates in Paris, or that it compared Bannon, Donald Trump’s grizzled éminence grise and newly-named White House chief strategist, to Adolf Hitler’s propaganda chief Josef Goebbels.

And never mind the program’s citations of rampant sexism on Bannon’s pseudo-news service, Breitbart. All he had to do in that clip was say he’d like to expand Breitbart’s operations to France and allude to Marion Maréchal-Le Pen as “the new rising star” on the French version of the alt-right and she started gushing on Twitter in English:…

Breitbart, which currently runs an office in London, certainly has plans to expand in France and Germany with new bureaus to cultivate and promote the populist-nationalist lines there.

“He has long wanted to work with all of those parties, but that was only in promoting them with Breitbart,” a source close to Bannon told The Daily Beast. “Now he has the power of the White House to do it.” …”

This is our dream too … spreading the national populist revolution to Europe, overthrowing the liberal world order, turning Trump’s America into our equivalent of the Soviet Union. It’s a stunning turn events. I still can’t believe it is happening.

More on that here:

“There is talk of Breitbart bureaus opening in Paris, Berlin and Cairo, spots where the populist right is on the rise. A bigger newsroom is coming in Washington, the better to cover a president-elect whose candidacy it embraced.

Mainstream news outlets are soul-searching in the wake of being shocked by Donald J. Trump’s election last week. But the team at Breitbart News, the right-wing opinion and news website that some critics have denounced as a hate site, is elated — and eager to expand on a victory that it views as a profound validation of its cause. …

I like this attitude: are we sorry we destroyed Hillary Clinton? No, not really.

I can’t believe this is happening either. President Trump doesn’t give a shit what the SPLC and ADL thinks. I’m feeling whiplash in a good way.

Note: As for Reince being named Chief of Staff, his official title might as well be waterboy. He is the instrument of Trump’s will, not the other way around.

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  1. Great.

    We’re in.

    Time to go mainstream.

    Wave the American flag

    Clean up your computer hard disk.

    Throw out racist literature.

    Just go…

    USA, USA

    The Bush family, Romney, Paul Ryan, George Will, Cuckservatives are all kissing Trump’s ring.

    They’re looking to find some evil Racists, NAZIs to throw under the bus…

    Don’t let it be you.

    Great week.

  2. I’ve touched on this before, here at Occidental Dissent, but surely I’m not the only person who thinks this whole Breitbart thing doesn’t add up. Below, in a photograph that’s part of a New York Times piece, is Steve Bannon with Breitbart co-founder Larry Solov, who, I think it fair to guess, is (((Larry Solov))). At is the following:

    During a stay in Israel, Breitbart conceived of the idea of founding Breitbart News Network, with “the aim of starting a site that would be unapologetically pro-freedom and pro-Israel. We were sick of the anti- Israel bias of the mainstream media and J-Street.”

    Co-founder and owner of Breitbart, Larry Solov writes:

    “One night in Jerusalem, when we were getting ready for dinner, Andrew turned to me and asked if I would de-partner from the 800-person law firm where I was practicing and become business partners with him. He said he needed my help to create a media company. He needed my help to “change the world”… We were blown away by the spirit, tenacity, and resourcefulness of the Israeli people on that trip. Andrew could be quite convincing, not to mention inspiring, and I decided
    right there and then to “throw away” (my Mom’s phrase) a perfectly good, successful and safe career in order to start a “new media” company with Andrew
    Breitbart. ”

    Just sayin’.

  3. This appointment means that if we speak with a common voice, Trump will get the message. And not just happy/unhappy but nuanced tactical choices as well.

    My message? Rally the Deep State then lay a trap for the Coalition of the Ascendant.

  4. The spirit of Breitbart is revealed in their shameless, disgusting pomotion of (((Milo))) one of the most vile sodomites to ever crawl out of the swamp to infiltrate, poz, and seduce conservative leaning young people. We desparately need a real media free from faggotry and talmudism.

  5. The IRS prohibits not profits like the ADL from political participation.According to the IRS website: “Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. . . . [P]ublic statements of position (verbal or written) made on behalf of the organization in favor of or in opposition to any candidate for public office clearly violate the prohibition against political campaign activity.”

  6. Hopefully the republicans see the writing on the wall and drastically cut legal immigration down to the levels Pat Buchanon and Peter Brimlow have suggested ending the flood of 2 million Chinamen, Hindus, Arabs, Congolese, etc pouring into a country desperately short of jobs.

    Along with the 2-3 million criminal illegal aliens, next go after illegal aliens who are a public charge. Audit who all these benefits have been going to and then say they’ll have to pay back every penny if they want to apply for legal status after being sent back and getting in the back of the line for green card status. Of course they never will pay it back and you can use that to keep them out for good while playing good cop by pretending that’s not what you’re really doing.

    I’d also like a realistic estimate of how many illegals are here in the first place, the 11 million lie has been stale for over a decade, even had it been true at some point, you know year after year millions more poured in but the number never went up. Could it be 40-50 million? I’d bet there are at least a million in Oregon alone, a fairly small state, California probably accounts for a full 11 million by itself, then you have the rest of the darn country overrun with tens of millions more. Imagine how horrified the country will be to find out the truth, and that this was deliberately allow by elites as a long term attempt at election fraud to steal our political power. Trump likes to pretend everything is going on because of incompetence, wonder who he’ll select to play bad cop and tell us the truth that this was deliberate? Joe Arpaio is rather unpleasant with his heavy handed tactics, but the perfect person to head up the program to get the illegals out. He’d do it with a vengeance after they voted him out of his job due to the elites allowing Arizona to be overrun with spics.

    • There’s nothing wrong with Bannon. If we wasn’t an enormous thorn in the side of the anti-White establishment, the Leftists wouldn’t be in meltdown mode right now over his appointment. Trump might as well have appointed David Duke to a White House position, because that’s how the SPLC, ADL and all the usual suspects will treat his role in the Trump administration.

      • When Beck commented on the appointment of Bannon he was in total recoil.

        When Shapiro commented on it he was also horrified.

        Unless the entire thing was staged as a double bluff, I’ll go with the simplest explanation. Bannon is a Shitlord Irishman. Maybe he’s IrishSav.

      • Pretty much agree. But please re-read my OD article about False Nationalists. French Jew Neo Con Sarkozy was also once touted as a tough law and order guy when he was French interior minister and responded to Arab riots. Once the French President he suggested uniting both sides of the Mediterranean Sea in a common union. – i.e. uniting French, Spain with 80 million Arab Muslims in Algeria and Morocco!

    • As this movement grew and continues to grow exponentially, where are the new people going to come from? Outside the movement.

      Trust is earned with time and effort. Considering that Bannon jumped in when the campaign was listing and WON, that earns some trust, no?

      His pedigree is no worse than Trump’s, perhaps better.

      We are going to get 90% of white males and 70% of white females before this is all over, including converts from global satanism.

      • I agree. And Bannon did a great job of purging the backstabbing jews at Breitbart like Shapiro who orchestrated the lie that Trump’s head body guard body slammed a pretty Breitbart female reporter who was dating some Jew at the Washington Post. Bannon purged the jews. That’s always a great sign.

    • Agreed. An esoteric reading of their celeb, crime and subversive leftie story choices suggests they do everything but name the Jew, black or Shabbos goy. Just complete the thought in the comments.

  7. To h*ll with the SPLC. Go to you tube and you will find expose after expose of the SPLC including one by Ben Carson. They are one of the groups Trump needs to investigate because as a non-profit organization they use donated funds to engage in a political vendetta, defamation, and career destruction against their rivals. Withdraw their tax except status and look them up. Probably the only organization more crooked than the Clinton Foundation!

  8. ADL Israel firster.Polls favors neutrality in Palestine,two thirds of Americans say U.S. should not take either side in the dispute.

  9. Evangelical has been co-opted by usury in support of moonlizards holly land entanglements of special relationship with.Its corrupting effects on our domestic society and the benefits awaiting a return to the policies of the national interests.

  10. We need to audit the ADL, and the SPLC, and revoke their 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status: both because they were trying to influence an election as a nonprofit tax-exempt organization, and now are acting in a treasonous fashion against the president elect. Throw the book at the Jews.

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