The Revenge of Rural White America

This is the story of the election:

“It was supposed to be the year of the Latino voter. Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, white rural voters had an even bigger moment.

Now Democrats are second-guessing the campaign’s decision to largely surrender the rural vote to the GOP. With their eyes turned anxiously to 2018, they’re urging a new strategy to reach out to rural voters to stave off another bloodbath when a slew of farm-state Democrats face tough reelection battles. …”

Everywhere we look from Iowa to Maine to Pennsylvania to Wisconsin to Appalachia, we see the same story of the rural surge. Rural Whites overwhelmingly voted against the cosmopolitan coastal elites. The 2016 election was a racial, cultural, and class divide.

Hillary won only 21 out of 490 counties in Appalachia:

“What does all of this data tell you about America? Todd says it is simple, “There are absolutely no more blue-collar whites in the Democratic Party. They just don’t exist, even the ones who want there to be have recognized there is no room for them,” he said.”

Hillary Clinton bridged the ethnic divide between rural Whites in the South and Midwest:

“Rural white America has staged a political rebellion unprecedented in recent American history, propelling billionaire developer Donald Trump to an astounding presidential victory.

The result is essentially a repudiation of Washington and overthrows a pundit class that, as late as Tuesday afternoon, thought Hillary Clinton was poised for a tight but clear victory. A Republican surge undetected by virtually all polling kept the party in solid control of the House and Senate as well …”

It is what it is.

This is a big change. Just look at Trump’s 10 point victory in Iowa. Maybe it was the assault on Christianity? Maybe it was the total cultural alienation of the Heartland?

Note: Hillary literally lost the country. They all went out to vote and bitchslapped Lena Dunham.

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  1. A native Iowan friend of mine thinks it’s the negro problem, not an ‘assault on Christianity.’ Churches all over the state have been closing down for years. During the same period, blacks from Katrina have been wreaking havoc all over the state.

    • Yes I was going to say something along the same lines. One day at Grandma’s house, I was shocked to see one ambling down the street in one of those bizarre gates. In the 1950s it was news when there was “a nigger in town.”

      Public housing of a grotesque appearance was built right next to Grandma’s grocery store. The Democrats have become strongly anti-white and they have believed they have a lock. When people think of Iowa they think of The Music Man, which is of course the reason why the Jews want to settle all sorts of aliens there.

      • I met a Ukrainian who went to Iowa, and have up on wanting to become a citizen after a year, and went to Portugal instead, to work as a cleaner and waitress. I asked her why she didn’t like Iowa. She just said, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

      • Not so much as, “There’s too much truth that America knows, but has been shouted down by the Cultural Marxists.”

  2. I have no inclination to be “nice” to our enemies. That’s not me.

    All I want to do is laugh in their face and push the knife in deeper.

  3. If you see anti-Trump terrorists in the streets, try to cut them off, isolate them, and take them down.

  4. It’s been instructive to see how weak, vulnerable, & confused our adversaries are in defeat.

    Who thought it would be so easy to crush them?

    • I don’t find it terribly surprising at all. They are r selected vs. K selected and have faced almost no resistance for at least the past 2 decades. A loose alliance of the weak of course it was going to fold like a house of cards.

      In a more natural order than this bizzaro world utopia fantasy that (((certain people))) have been forcefeeding and propping up for decades they’d have been eradicated long ago.

      They have no tolerance for hardship or pain, no real skills to speak of, and are pretty listless and lazy.

      “Pride Cometh Before the Fall”


      For those who fancy political satire coloring books
      here’s a new one for you,
      these are the eyes who looked UP to Her
      admired her, worshipped Her, wanted Her
      color me Blue
      This is the heart that Loved Her, that Bled for Her
      color me disconsolate {nu, wouldn’t you be too}
      These are the arms that held Her, supported Her
      as She went up against The Shnorrer
      color me, to say the least, disappointed
      These are the Qabalah beads I wore
      to bring Her Good Fortune
      color them such a way
      they blend into the color of garbage in the garbage can
      This is The Hope and The Dream I had
      before He Came Between
      color me livid { which is the same color as chopped liver}
      This is the Hollywood dressing room
      I put on my make-up
      paint my face desolate
      This is the check book
      from which I wrote millions of dollars in donations to Her
      color me a putz
      This is the goniff who stole the election from Her
      and now I’m out millions of dollars damnit!!!
      this is a giant blow to My Ego
      We gotta get rid of him!
      He’s gotta GO!
      color me a schmo.

  5. Your Future Under Globalism

    The next time some pathetic moron or degenerate lowlife scumbag tries to tell you how great China is — (((“It’s the Chinese century!”)))— keep in mind that THIS is what the globalists have planned for us:

    (Map of China, air quality (PM 2.5 index), 2016.11.13@01:30)

    A typical public toilet in the People’s Republic of China: A room with no walls and several slots in the floor, which is covered in piss and shit and toilet paper and shitty rags, and the slots are slides covered in shit that lead down to a MASSIVE pile of shit and piss and blood, connected on the other side by the other gender’s slots. Everyone straddles slots, grunting and farting, looking at each other, with bare feet or footwear (usually flip-flops) covered in shit, trying not to vomit from the hellish stench. It’s not surprising that most people just shit and piss on the street.

    • Hey no doubt about it China pegs the bizarro meter. America is at a crossroads now and has to decide – who knows how it could go…


      Racist Misogynist Islamophobics
      come and go
      and some of them become The President
      but that’s alright by Me
      Play-Pretending to be a Rebel against The Establishment
      while fully supporting Hellary
      who is hooked-up-the-kazoo and deeply connected
      to the Bush family and the cabal who assassinated JFK
      has made Me Rich and Famous!
      and I’m accepted in Communist social gatherings!
      ’cause we are living in a George Soros world
      and I’m a whore for The Globalist One World Government NWO Vision!
      while pretending to be a brave empowered woman
      going up against the forces of Evil in Our nation
      I’m deeply opposed to Racism
      that’s why I support Hillary who Stole
      billions of dollars meant to rebuild the Black country of Haiti
      after a devastating hurricane
      and My Hillary Wages War against NON White countries
      whose NON White peoples NEVER did anything harmful to us
      cause we are living in a play-pretend world
      and I’m a whore for The System
      I pretend to be a “Rebel”
      that’s the role they want me to play
      and I play my role well every day
      ’cause know who butters my bread!
      cause we are living in a George Soros world
      and I’m brave “Rebel” against The System
      and Cognitive Dissonance is like so Trendy
      America’s future is in selling aborted baby body parts
      and Massive Muslim immigration and Islamic RAPE JIHAD
      everyone in-the-know knows that already
      and waging Wars all over the world
      and starting World War Three with Russia
      all Our wars based on Lies
      and dismantling all of the country’s industry
      and moving it en-masse overseas
      and that’s alright by Me
      Gee, why did WE lose the election
      it was not supposed to happen to Hillary and Me
      I’m all about saving America
      from her population of rednecks
      ’cause we are living in a Communist system
      Bring Back Hellary!

  6. The Democrats nominated a white person to lead an anti-white party; they won’t make that mistake again. They now must scour the country, American-Idol style, for a candidate with the following qualifications:

    * Born in the USA before Jan 20, 1985.
    * Of mixed race with obvious African features.
    * Fluent in English, Spanish, and Ebonics.
    * Able to correctly read highfalutin’ words off a teleprompter.

    No leadership skills or intellectual depth required — the permanent bureaucracy will take care of decision-making for xir, and the media will cover up any gaffes.

    • Speaking of George Wallace, who’s mentioned in that headline …

      Among my classmates at my Catholic high school, during the presidential campaign of 1968, was one Wallace supporter, whose surname, like my own, was Italian. Though I’d guess he’d been raised Catholic, as had I and all the other boys there, he’d somehow become what would now be called an evangelical.

      On the radio in those my high-school years was Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky,” which, though he made one point of clarification, my said classmate once told me was his “kind of music.” The clarification had to do with the line “Never been a sinner, never sinned.” My classmate said something like, “I have been a sinner, but I know Jesus Christ brought about the forgiveness of my sins.”

      Well—if you’ll permit me, Mr. W., I’ll dedicate the following video to Vincent M., that long-ago part of my life. The period 1967-71 was not only my time in high school but, as you know, the period in which pop music, like everything else in America, underwent great change. Here in the cities, too, are persons who remember the America that used to be.

      • PS Among the YouTube comments for that video is the following:

        “Never been a sinner, I never sin, I’ve got a friend in Jesus…..obviously meant as a dig at self righteous Christians.”

        That’s a possibility that never occurred to me–or, evidently, to my classmate of yore.

  7. I’m really enjoying the Sunday shows today. I haven’t watched them for months. Chuck Todd would have a panel full of harpy Trump haters like Ruth Marcus on all the time. How unprofessional was that? Where was the Clinton hater? There are lots of Clinton haters.

    Nia Malika on CNN was so overwrought about people who are “scared” that Trump will be president. She and her ilk are scary. These are the people who should have been asked why George Zimmerman was supposed to let Trayvon Martin kill him or turn him into a vegetable, why Darren Wilson had to lose his job to stop the death threats on St Louis cops. Like Hillary Clinton, Nia Malika and her ilk only care about themselves.

    How pathetic was Saturday NIght Live? I rarely watch because its not funny but that opener was a surprise.

  8. Charles Murray grew up in a small Iowa town and he knows what it was like. When he writes books like “Coming Apart” he understands what has been lost in a way the insular coastal people can’t comprehend. They really are incapable of getting it, it’s alien to them. If your mother grew up in a small Iowa town, you start to understand that this whole society is entirely different than the way it was in the past. Much worse.

  9. Iowa.

    Donald Trump’s campaign manager in Iowa for the caucus season was the same guy who engineered an upset win for Rick Santorum in Iowa in 2012, that being Chuck Laudner. In that year, he juiced up caucus turnout west of Des Moines, which is almost always friendly Republican territory, and where Pat Robertson made his bones to finish 2nd in 1988. Laudner’s strategery for Trump in the current was different: He focused on normally Democrat east of Des Moines, especially northeast Iowa which borders MN/WI, counties that are reliably blue in November votes. The strategy didn’t work in February, because Cruz finished first and Rubio came in a very close third. However, now that Trump won Iowa in November, and with those northeastern Scandinavian style counties flipping so drastically from (fill in the blank Democrat in recent cycles) to Trump, I now think Laudner’s strategy paid off in the long run, it’s just that it paid off in November, not February.

    Which, is when it really matters.

  10. OT

    Found this in one of Nostradamus’s quattrains:

    “On the ides of June in the fifteenth year after the change of the millennium, along the fortieth line of latitude in the New World, an orange-crowned spirit will descend from the sky.”

  11. Reince Priebus chosen as CoS, probably as a middle-man between Trump and Congress.
    Maybe Bannon wasn’t interested. After all, Breitbart is looking at a major expansion into Europe.

    Not a betrayal. Maybe Trump also likes his organizational skills.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump is thinking about things bigger than the White House. Bannon can help him overturn that whole liberal power-group in Europe: get rid of Merkel, keep up the pressure for Brexit, help Marine Le Pen, and God knows what else.

  12. Proggism is Privilege. It is based on naivete, and naivete can only exist in a bubble separated from reality. And to be inside this bubble is expensive. Once the bubble pops, naivete goes away, and proggism cannot be sustained.

    So, the paradox of proggism is you have to enjoy unequal privilege of living inside a bubble to believe in the Cult of Equality that goes against reality.


  13. Yeb!’s whole strategy revolved around cucking for the mestizo vote. A lot of good all that pandering did. Approx. 30% of mestizos voted for Trump. The (((political establishment))) stupidly thought all “hispanics” supported open borders, mass amnesty and every other form of liberal degeneracy. They also thought they could forget about White voters because we were no longer organized or relevant. I don’t think they have any clue how they are going to fix the mess they made for themselves.

  14. Trump on 60 minutes 2 to 3 million Mexicans will make forced Aliyah immediately.

    OK then. It cannot be emphasized enough; this will come to blows.

    Be ready to hold out fr at least 1 month. The non-whites don’t have the logistics to last 2 weeks.

    • These deportees are the murderers, rapists, drug dealers, child molesters, burglars, kidnappers, robbers, and drunk drivers Trump went after when he announced. The Left loves street criminals, especially if they aren’t white.
      There were be riots and violence. Buckle up.

  15. Hey all, make sure you keep shitposting on Breitbart.

    The Philosemitics are now there full force claiming that their co-religionists love them some Trump.

    Don’t allow them to co-opt Pepe and The Don.

    • Some deluded Cuck on Breitbart was screaming the old “race doesn’t exist” canard at me yesterday. Of course he called me “racist” and went so far as to say I’m not really white because there’s “no scientific evidence that race exists.” Hahaha. It’s like someone arguing with you that the earth is actually flat. We still have a lot of work to do with these Cucks and their MLK-love. They’re even more dangerous than Libtards.

      • In many cases you get a sense that liberals are there for equality merely because they see equality as pragmatic. These Breitbartians are
        True Believers.

  16. Rural people are skeptical of the Government. Obama positioned himself as an outsider. So did Bernie (and Bernie got White votes). Clinton had no hope. Obama didn’t win rural whites, but won enough that he could rely on the cities to overcome the gap. To make an analogy to running, he stayed within striking distance.

  17. Rural people are skeptical of the Government. Obama positioned himself as an outsider. So did Bernie (and Bernie got White votes). Clinton had no hope. Obama didn’t win rural whites, but won enough that he could rely on the cities to overcome the gap. Within striking distance so to speak.

  18. How are the Stasi (((ADL and $PLC))) handling this? Have all Trump voters made their “hate list” of dangerous elements, wrong thinkers and social enemies?

    • Here’s a better article title:

      “President-Elect Trump Should Avoid Advice from NR.”

      If Bolton is named SoS that will take us back to Dubya foreign policy. No way.

  19. The man is a pig, has always been a pig and is doomed to be a pig in perpetuity

    Colette Browne, The Irish Independent, November 10, 2016

    The Republican Party has unleashed a monster with Donald Trump. Now, they must take responsibility for him.


    Perhaps if Trump had described his sexual assaults in less explicit language, he would still enjoy the support of John McCain and other Republican luminaries.

    But, there was no way for these senior figures to spin Trump’s brag that he likes to “grab ’em by the p***y” as anything other than revolting and wrong.

    Poor Trump, done down by the word “p***y” when all of his previous racist and sexist rants seemed, if anything, to bolster his support.

    This is not to suggest that all of Trump’s gormless followers have deserted him. For some, there is no apparent bar this oaf can sink below that would cause them to abandon their anti-hero.

    Remaining with Trump in the sewer are those ragtag of hypocrites and sycophants for whom he can do no wrong, no matter how offensive his language or despicable his behaviour.


    Professional troll Nigel Farage has travelled to the US to join the Trump circus as a barking sea lion who reacts to every outrage with an overzealous clap.

    The former Ukip leader dismissed Trump’s aggressive comments about women as nothing more than “alpha male boasting” from a “silverback gorilla”.

    While we can all agree that Trump is a gorilla, his contemptuous treatment of women does not make him an alpha male.

    There is nothing strong or powerful about Trump.

    His volcanic temper and thin skin instead suggest that underneath his brash, orange exterior he is riven with self-doubt and crippled with anxiety.


    He is a small, snivelling wretch of a man who doesn’t even deserve the validation of a grubby reality TV show, never mind the position of the most powerful political leader on the planet.

    While Trump’s demeaning and aggressive treatment of women means his campaign is now over, even if its death rattle continues for another few weeks, the problems for the Republican Party are only just beginning.

    Long after the dust has settled on this lurid campaign, the GOP will be picking up the pieces of its reputation, which was casually obliterated by Trump’s divisive rhetoric and bullying behaviour.


    The moderates in the party, having finally conceded Trump has no chance of winning, may be cutting their ties with him now, but the damage has been done.

    People of colour will not forget that these party stalwarts stood idly by while they were abused, vilified and degraded by their nominee.

    It could be that Trump has annihilated any hope the party had of attracting minority support for a generation with opinion polls indicating he enjoys 0pc support among black voters.

    Republicanism and Trumpism are now one in the same.

    The party has allowed itself to become so contaminated by its association with a loudmouth bigot that it’s hard to know how it can begin the clean-up operation.

    Trump may stumble on for the remainder of this campaign, but he will lose in ignominy, tormented by such a massive public failure.

    It should be some comfort to the women and minorities he persecuted that their votes will be the ones that hammer the nails into his political coffin.

    Locked in there with him will be the rest of the Republican Party, who will find it hard to escape Trump’s clutches even after he becomes a political corpse.


    • “How do I explain this to my children?”

      Easy. Let us do it for you.

      “Listen kid, your dad’s a cuck. End of.”

  20. I wouldn’t assume that blue collar whites are forever Republicans now. That’s why we call them swing states. I’m a white guy in a union and I hate Trump, as do many others. Clinton and Trump were both horrible candidates, and Trump is already overwhelmed by the scope of the job. His team didn’t even know that they had to replace all of the White House staff. If we see stagflation and a tax hike for single mothers, he won’t get a second term. I expect the rest of his party to reel him in on the antics we saw during the campaign, but you never know.

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