Alt-Right vs. Alt-Lite


Boy, many of us woke up yesterday to find ourselves in a strange place.

I’ve spent much of the last 24 hours defending Richard Spencer on Twitter. I say this is a strange place because we are on the opposite end of the Alt-Right. We’re populists, not elitists; Christians, not atheists; more downhome than fashy. We’re more likely to drive a pickup truck than to hail a cab with Uber.

Still though, we consider ourselves natives of the Alt-Right. We’ve been involved in the larger scene for many, many years now. We have been around from the beginning. We might live on the opposite side of the Alt-Right island from the NPI fashy dude bros, but it is still our freaking island. We have long known everyone on White Man’s Island. We know everyone’s longstanding beef with everyone else.

Well, that was until they came along. It was going on before Trump’s campaign, but it has dramatically accelerated over the past year and a half. They are the Alt-Lite. They are conservatives and libertarians who have only recently immigrated to White Man’s Island. Some of these interlopers are now using The Heil Heard Around The World as an excuse to stake a claim to our freaking island.

By the Alt-Lite, I am referring to Breitbart, the Milo phenomenon, Paul Joseph Watson and Infowars, Cernovich and a few other people. A few years ago, none of these people were around. They certainly weren’t nationalists. They saw that our movement was steadily gaining ground and opportunistically hopped on the bandwagon. We’ve always known this would be a problem once our movement began to hit a critical mass.

I’ve seen this up close. In fact, I think I can explain why and how it happened. It started around the time of the Trayvon Martin case when we were writing about race hoaxes and black crime. We’ve covered the race beat for years, but it was starting to generate enormous traffic. That was the precise moment when all these conservative clickbait websites suddenly began to cover racial issues which they had long ignored.

They noticed that there was a large audience and growing market for our issues. The top management at these websites must have realized that there was a lot of money to be made by adopting our issues while watering down our Narrative in order to maintain plausible deniability. All these stories about black-on-white crime, illegal aliens, political correctness, anti-White outrages, etc., etc., generated those sweet clicks which allowed them to gain marketshare over rival conservative clickbait websites.

That’s how the Alt-Lite was conjured into existence. It was basically conservative websites pushing Alt-Right material in order to generate clicks and revenue. It was their version of crack cocaine. I’ve never listened to talk radio, but I assume they were in on the act as well. After two or three years into second Obama term, all these clickbait stories had produced a hybrid of conservatism and the Alt-Right.

Now, we suddenly have a new problem on our hands. We have all these people running around with half-baked ideas on social media. We’ve got all these clickbait entreprenuers and bandwagon jumpers in search of an audience who had nothing to do with us until they realized they could make buck off the plight of our people. They’re out there selling e-books, gold coins, water filters, survival packs and pop-up advertisements. Get your Silver Bullet Collodial Silver for only $19.95. You will need it to fight the globalists!

I’ve got a lot of differences with Richard Spencer, but we all know he is ideologically driven. He’s a longtime resident of White Man’s Island. We know what Richard Spencer is about. Breitbart, however, is the Wal-Mart of nationalism. It is the premier Alt-Lite conservative clickbait website run by some Jews out of Los Angeles. It’s useful in the same way that Wal-Mart is useful, but no one in the right mind would say Joel Pollack in his yarmuluke crying about “racism” is one of us. They’ve set up shop in our hood and we’re their customers, but none of us work there. What the hell does Milo Yiannopoulos – a Jewish homosexual who boasts about carrying on interracial relationships with black men – have to do with us?

Anyway, I’ve steadily grown disgusted with all these triangulating hucksters, johnny-come-latelys and money-making poseurs boasting about all their clicks and e-book sales. They’re all condemning Spencer who boasts about the spread of his ideas while they are boasting about the growth of their audience. It was especially offensive when several of these Alt-Lite types tried to purge Spencer from the Alt-Right – he’s banned from Twitter and unable to defend himself, so they kicked him while he was down – because they concluded he was having an adverse effect on their marketing gimmick.

That shit just rubbed me the wrong way. It made me want to get all Red The Angry Bird on them. Don’t walk into another man’s house, smack your gums, put your feet up on the coffee table, and tell the man who lives there to get out. Bro, show the man of the house some damn respect! He’s allowed to make mistakes!

Note: It even rubbed Andrew Anglin the wrong way!

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  1. So you had to compare the irish catholics to a bunch of parasite interlopers. And I don’t even defend Catholicism.

    I was just thinking this today…that our people are aryans and expect the fight to be among men, who stand and face battle like men. But what whites are fighting is the pestilence of the semitic people, and their wormy cowardice. No matter how survivors of their plots like me try to warn people, no one listens.

    By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War – Mossad Motto

    Stop expecting a fair fight.

  2. Your theory is right. Paul Joseph Watson got into the Trayvon case big and then of course Ferguson and so on. I remember Andrew Anglin praising him for it at the time thinking he was coming around to our issues.

    It was simply clickbait.

    Same thing with Trump. They opposed Trump harshly and supported Rand Paul until they realized Paul was not driving traffic or clicks, then jumped to Trump.

  3. Alt Right and Education.

    There isn’t much Trump can do about education.

    Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama, etc. Same problems remain.

    And same strengths.

    Lots of American students of certain races do just fine. Indeed, they out-perform their ethnic peers in home countries as Sailer made clear some yrs back with PISA scores.

    But there are some things that can be addressed that may do some good for all people.

    And it in the very concept of education.

    The problem of education is it’s been thoroughly institutionalized and professionalized. And ideologicalized or dogmatized.

    Because of this, much of education means nothing to our lives. It’s like most people think of work only at work. Outside work, it’s all about leisure.

    Likewise, education is seen as something that only happens in classrooms to prepare people for workplaces.

    So, outside schools, the ONLY culture that matters is Pop Culture. Just like candies, cookies, and sugary drinks lead to cavities in the teeth, too much Pop Culture leads to mental cavities, and boy oh boy(or girl oh girl, homo oh homo, tranny oh tranny, one of the fifty genders oh one of the fifty genders), Americans(and modern folks all over the world) sure have lots of mental cavities. I wonder about all those Japanese who grow up with comics as their main culture. I wonder about French whose main cultural fare is Franco-rap.

    Now, there is a need for institutionalized education that provides children with basic scientific and academic knowledge. Math, chemistry, literature, history, social sciences, etc. And there is need for education geared toward professional specialization: accounting, medicine, law, engineering, and etc.

    We need institutions for such since most parents don’t have the knowledge or smarts(or the extra time) to teach their kids advanced math, world history, physics, biology, and etc.

    And of course we need well-trained professionals in professions.

    But such institutionalization has turned education and knowledge into a dry academic/theoretic enterprise. It’s something that happens in the school lab.

    Also, because education counts for so much in professional competition, the main intention of education among many students is getting good grades to make it than in the knowledge itself. Indeed, once they get the grades and attend good schools or get good jobs, they don’t care if they forget all they learned about ‘irrelevant’ stuff.

    Since education is now all about academics or professions, it’s not considered a part of life, culture, and personal meaning. It’s compulsory stuff you gotta do to make it in life.

    Because of the institutionalization and professionalization of education, young people are cut off from their parents, ethnos, heritage, and culture. Education isn’t considered something that happens in the home or in the ethnic community.

    And this impoverishment is the biggest problem of our culture. It’s not material poverty. After all, even lots of rich people are culturally poor. This is as true on the GOP as on the Democratic side.

    Long ago, parents were the main educators. They were farming folks who might do some hunting. The sons grew up learning from their fathers and other elders of the tribe. And daughters learned womenfolk stuff from their mothers and other female elders. So, the gaining of knowledge was tied to family, tribe, culture, and heritage. It drew the community and culture together. So, there was no dry separation among knowledge, learning, training, culture, community, ethnos, tribe, and heritage.

    But with the rise of modernization, explosion of scientific/technological knowledge, and endless specialization of knowledge — and movement of folks from farms to rootless cities — , the core of knowledge no longer passed from parents to kids. A farmer son might learn from his farmer father, but a kid who wants to be a doctor needs to go to medical school. Also, even if his father is a doctor, the advancement in technology requires young people to acquire the most cutting-edge education in schools.

    So, parents came to see education as a institutional thing that should be left up to schools.

    In pre-modern times, parents held the authority of knowledge. This is still very true in primitive societies in Africa and jungles of Amazon where fathers teach sons how to make arrows, spears, and drums.

    But in modern times, most parents don’t have the authority of knowledge. They must hand over their kids to schools that have the authority and prestige of knowledge.

    And with the rise of mass education and expanding number of college students(even from working class), the idea of education became almost entirely an institutional activity. Also, the model of social mobility meant that kids should ideally do better than their parents. So, if a farmer kid respected his farmer pa, the modern kid tends to look down his parent’s profession and hankers for something BETTER. More loss of respect for fathers and mothers.

    Now, that is how modern times work, and we can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

    Still, it’s too bad that the idea of education became so institutionalized and professionalized. This is unfortunate because the true meaning of education and knowledge derives from the idea of education as a lifelong process than something that happens only in the school. It’s been said that college life is pretty lax and uninteresting in Japan and Korea. We are told Asians respect education, so why would this be? It’s because the whole idea of education is institutional and professional over there. They don’t care about knowledge or education per se; they only care about scoring sufficiently on tests to go to best colleges. And once they make it, they are no longer interested in education and knowledge. All they care about is status and the feeling of “I made it.”

    But real education and knowledge aren’t only what happens in schools. It is a lifelong process of learning and thinking about stuff. Every time we read a book, we learn something. Every time we think about a piece of music, we learn something. We learn things from life experiences and from everything around us. Reading the news is education. Being honest about the things we notice every day in the streets and work place is education. Discovering new facets of life through marriage, having kids, and losing friends/relatives to death is part of education. Also, there is the intangible kind of education that happens emotionally as we gain certain ‘inner truths’ only through experience of pain and loss.

    But we don’t think of them as education since the concept of education has been so institutionalized. Many people think education ends once we graduate from college. It’s no wonder that so many college-graduates never read any serious literature, watch any serious film, think about their ethnic origins, or care about anything but fun, fun, fun once education is over.

    They think they are educated because they got high school diplomas or college degrees. They don’t see life itself as an ongoing education and that the main purpose of this life-education to lead a meaningful personal, familial, and cultural life.

    Indeed, a person who didn’t attend college but lived a mindful life is better educated than someone who went to a good college but only cares about money, materialism, and me, me, me — and never thought about reality beyond the fantasy of Pop Culture and dictates of PC.

    This may be the problem of Benjamin Braddock in THE GRADUATE. His soulless life is one of institutionalized education and professionalism. He’s smart, went to a good college, got good grades, and graduated with honors. But stuff he learned had no interest to him beyond academism and professionalism. Out of school, he has no compass. He only has a life of ‘plastics’ to look forward to. His parents are nice supportive people, but they never instilled him with a sense of culture, belonging, ethnos, heritage, and etc. They raised him as a trophy to win trophies so they can show him off to friends as a ‘winner’. One could say his real education begins after college with his mishaps with Mrs. Robinson and romance with Elaine, though I don’t necessarily approve of what he did, crashing a wedding and stuff.

    Greatest Generation was so much into plastics that the Boomer generation sought meaning in hemp.

    And Michael Corleone gains a different kind of education when his father nearly gets killed. In terms of school-learning, he knows much more than his father and his brothers who didn’t go to college. He has more knowledge to gain a legitimate profession and be a good citizen of America(he even served in the Marines out of sense of patriotic duty).

    But it is upon his father’s near-death that he gains a different kind of knowledge, a different kind of education in emotions and family and culture. And in Sicily he gains an ‘education’ in roots, ethnos, culture, and heritage. It’s not about test scores or getting a job. It’s about taking in the sights and sounds of the very land that sustained his ancestors.

    In the end, that kind of education is more essential to a person’s emotional life than the institutionalized kind or professional kind. It is identity, emos, and ethnos that are meaningful as they are passed down through generations. After all, suppose a distant Jewish ancestor was peddler, his son was pawnbroker whose son was an accountant whose son was a dentist whose son was a doctor whose son was a lawyer whose son was a consultant whose son is a Hollywood writer. When it comes to professions, they all differ. So, what is the connective link across generations? It is Jewishness itself. It is ethnic memory in which one’s family lineage has a place. One is of an identity of a family of an ethnicity of a history. For Jewishness to be meaningful, one has to know about the history, heritage, culture, and family stories.

    Now, there used to be a time in certain societies when professions themselves were genealogical and culturally meaningful. So, the son of serf had to be serf. Sons of warrior caste were also of the warrior-caste. Sons of blacksmiths also had to be smiths. In SHOGUN the TV series, the woman explains to Anjinsan that people are categorized according to their work in life. And in India, the caste system ensured that sons born into a certain caste has to master that craft. Untouchables who did dirty work like working with dead animals had to do this down the generations. Children born to untouchable class also had to do untouchable tasks. Children born to Brahmin scholar class were also Brahmins.

    But that hasn’t been the case in the West and rest of the modern world for some time.

    Professions change all the time across generations. Sons often have different jobs from parents. Many people switch jobs and learn new skills. And a certain work associated with a certain ethnic group might pass to another one. Lots of Jews used to be public school teachers in NY. They moved onto other things, greener pastures. And Hindu parents may run 7/11, but their kids might become doctors or college professors.

    Anyway, the institutionalization of education had two very negative impacts.

    One is the weakening of ties between young individuals and parents-family-culture-community.

    The other is the notion that education is ONLY what happens in schools and other such learning institutions.

    So, in our material-hedonistic culture, many people grow up thinking there isn’t much to learn from parents, family, culture, and heritage. Parents just hand their kids over to schools and just leave it up to teachers to fill their children’s kids with everything. Parents just produce the kids, feed and dress the kids, and hand them over to OTHERS to fill their minds with.

    And students think their education is over once they are out of school. Since their education is over, they see life as mainly as looking for a good time. And they see work that way too. Work is to make money to have fun, fun, fun. Even the search for meaning has become meaningless since life is predicated on hedonism as reward for having finished the task of education and gaining well-playing employment. So, even those who offer ‘meaning’ in our culture are phonies like Oprah, Deepak Chopra, and all those insipid writers of self-help books which should be called help-yourself books. Feel-good kumbaya crap, a kind of new age gaga as spiritual orgasm.

    Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas.

    And since education is seen as the means to get good grades to get good jobs to have good times, hedonism rules our society. While serious students may not be into the Negrotesque LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL attitude, even their outlook essentially amounts to little more than LTGTR. It’s just delayed-gratification-model of the same idea. Leeeeet-theeeee-goooood-tiiiiiiimes-rooooooll. Now, patience and diligence are all very good, but the main goal of life is to go to good school, get a good job, and have lots of good times. And that’s it.

    And parents share in this moral and cultural corruption.

    Most parents don’t care about meaning via culture, heritage, identity. All they care about is their kids making it and having a good time. So, even if the kids end up with values and morals totally different from their parents, the latter are happy if their kids ‘made it’ and having a good time with good jobs and such.

    This means parents have kids to offer up to Mammon. They don’t see themselves as the primary educators and cultivators of their kids. They see themselves as mere biological producers of would-be-consumers to be offered to the god of mammon. Fathers are not patriarchs. Mothers are not Mrs. Patriarchs. They are just like cattle who produce calves to be handled by humans. They are like dogs in puppy mills that produce puppies to be taken by humans. Parents don’t have kids to carry on the torch that they received from their own parents and ancestors. A meaningful modern life needs to move forward and cannot be stuck in the past. But the future has meaning only in relation to the past. It’s like we cannot look to the future unless we remember our past. This is true on the individual level but also on the racial, cultural, and historical level. The problem of Diversity is it dilutes the identity, culture, and mythos of every community since differences in narrative and perspectives may offend or slight other communities. Eventually, diversity can lead to a new unity, but this is difficult with too much diversity and with peoples who are racially and culturally too different. Since diversity requires that we be sensitive to others, especially the most powerful and vocal groups, so much of our history must be denied, rejected, or suppressed in favor of some PC narrative. Look how Confederate status and symbols are being removed all across the South because they offend blacks. Now, I can understand why blacks might be offended, but where does the logic of this take us? Well, there is Lawrence O’Donnell attacking Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln too. The Current Year or Currentism.

    Now, in modern society, we value freedom and individuality, so it would be wrong to be like the stereotypical Jewish mother or Italian who clings and clings and clings and drives sonny boy crazy.

    But the main purpose of creating children shouldn’t be to offer them up to mammon. I mean what is the purpose of having a daughter to have her end up like Lena Dunham, Miley Cyrus, or Emma Sulkowicz? What kind of father has a daughter with the idea that she is to be handed over to gods of PC and Pop Culture that demand that the girls turn into zombie whores? What kind of mother produces sons whose culture life consists of watching super-hero comic book movies and imitating moronic rappers?

    This is just another kind of child sacrifice. The kids are not killed physically, but their souls are delivered to mammon.

    What we need is a kind of neo-Vito-Corleonism. Michael, despite his Ivy League college education, realized he has much to learn from his father. As much as father and son are interested in business and power, the culture of family comes first.

    We need to strengthen the bonds between parents and children, and we need to change the notion of education in the minds of young people.

    Since parents can’t teach their kids stuff like calculus, chemistry, physics, and etc, what can they teach? Lots of parents just give up and let the schools and media shape their kids. But even parents without much education can keep alive the story of the generations. Every family story is like a mini-bible. Every parent should be encouraged to be story-teller who weaves a narrative of his lineage and tell this story to his children. And he or she should bind grandparents with grandkids. And parents need to see PC-ism as highly offensive, arrogant, contemptuous, and disrespectful to grandparents and earlier folks who’d done their share to build the world we live in. Now, the tragic side of history should be told too, but they shouldn’t be turned into self-hate cult especially for white folks. Tim-Wise-ism is the worst kind of poison.

    It is so easy for people in the here and now to turn up their noses at people of the past who had it so much tougher and lived under different and far more difficult circumstances. (Also, the rise of welfare has degraded true pride in so many communities. Prior to Great Society, everyone had to find some kind of work, and there was great pride in that, even for simple folks. Most black folks prior to Great Society could take pride in having contributed to American society. Even if they worked as maids, housekeep, nannies, or some menial jobs, they did their part. No one looks down on the mama in RAISIN IN THE SUN or IMITATION OF LIFE. And blacks could honestly and correctly say they did their part in the building of America. Even lowly job is something, a contribution to society. But since the Great Society, we’ve had generations of blacks who’ve done nothing but leech off welfare and society. And this has spread to white ‘deplorables’ too. And we have the same ‘white trash’ trend in UK, now going back several generations. If your mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and great great grandmother were maids or even slaves, there is pride in their honest toil and contribution to society. But where is the pride if they were all a bunch of fat trashy welfare leeches whose main cultural life revolved around twerking, wearing hair-weaves, and getting their fingernails manicured? Since there is no real pride, so much of black pride now is about wild gestures and throwing fits and turning history into some cartoon like HAMILTON.)

    After all, the early part of the Bible isn’t about great leaders, kings, or awesome heroes. It’s just about fathers and sons keeping the memory alive and trying to be good in the eyes of the Lord.

    This is a kind of education, indeed, the most important kind of education. It is no wonder that Ingmar Bergman in his final phase tried to understand where he came from, and why he is the way he is. He can’t escape the fact that he is the child of his father and mother. Even though he learned from artists and film-makers around the world, his personality and genetic makeup are his half his pa and half his ma. Books and movies didn’t create him. However he may feel about his pa and ma, they made him, and their blood, with its gold and poison, run through his veins.

    • So, perhaps, what is necessary is genealogy and family studies as the center-piece of education, and this is something that can happen outside schools. This kind of knowledge will also shield young ones from the power of trash culture that is all around and PC that trashes the past in favor of the trendy Current Year. I mean it would be stupid for Michael Corleone to look down on his ancestors cuz their lives violated the litany of PC sacraments.

      Such kind of genealogical and familial education is necessary because it instills people with meaning and value EVEN IF they do NOT succeed. Education as it is currently geared in institution is only about the winners. If you get good grades and get good jobs, it was worth it. If you fail in such, your education has no value. It’s like college sports. If you get recruited to the pros, it had value. If not, it had no value. Zilch.

      But if one has a sense of family, culture, and heritage, life is meaningful even if you don’t have much and don’t to fancy schools and have jobs that fill your wallet with millions.

      The problem with Negroes is moral and cultural poverty. Materially, many Negroes are no worse than than Amish or certain Orthodox Jews fresh off the boat. But they have no culture except blings, ho’s, guns, thuggery, and materialism.

      An Amish could live modestly and still have meaning.

      A Negro can find a suitcase-ful of money and only think, ‘gots to get me a cadillac seville’.

      It’s like sports. Some see sports only institutionally and professionally. So, it’s only about making it on the team and making big bucks in the pros. If you can’t make it in college and pros, it’s meaningless.

      You might as well be a couch-potato, get fat, and just leave it up to the Negroes to score points while you sit and cheer in front of the TV.

      But, there is more to athletics and exercise than professions and money. Everyone needs to exercise to stay healthy and fit. And everyone should. But unless one can make a living off sports, a lot of people don’t see it as part of their lives. So, a lot of people just get lots of tater chips and ice cream and gorge on that stuff and get grossly obese or flabby while leaving sports only to the pros. This is dangerous especially because so many jobs are sedentary.

      In the past, when most jobs required lots of manpower, learning from your pa meant not only gaining knowledge and skills but plenty of exercise.

      Most people cannot make it to pro sports, but they can exercise and stay fit.

      Most people cannot teach their kids advanced maths and specialized knowledge, but they can instruct their kids in lessons in culture, heritage, family story, and the arts.

      Arts is one thing where parents can play a role. It isn’t rocket science.

      Arts can be complex and sophisticated, but even laymen can appreciate it. And museums are open to all people. And parents can read some books and have discussion with kids about them. (There was a story of a successful Negro who was asked why he turned out so much better than his peers, some of whom ended up in prison or dead. He said his mama took him to museums, gave him some culture, and kept him from trash. I wonder if the Hollywood and MTV elites really realize how much damage they are doing to kids all around the world.)

      Parents should create set schedules for family discussion times, a kind of in-house seminar. Schedules are important because kids respond better to routine than just being called on to do something out of the blue. Kids learn to expect it and prepare for it.

      Also, there is the myth of a people. European folks have the myths of Greeks, Romans, Germanic, Slavs, Celts, and etc. Any parent can learn the basics of this and pass this onto their kids as the formative stories of ‘our people’. Indeed, some of the most lasting impressions in kids come from stuff they learned OUTSIDE of school. It just seems more personal and intimate. Most of us value books we read on our own than were forced on us by schools.

      There are lots of things parents can teach their kids.

      But too often, parents just leave it up to schools to do all the teaching. Such parents think the sole purpose of parents is to make money, offer material support to kids, then offer kids to schools to shape into whatever.

      Worse, many parents’ idea of culture is just pop culture. So, shared culture in the home is the whole family watching garbage like MODERN FAMILY, FAMILY GUY, or worse. Families sit together to absorb sounds and images — interrupted by commercials that denigrate white males and promote homo ‘hubbies’ as the ‘new normal’ — that do most to corrupt and degrade the family. The Barry Levinson movie AVALON was right about the threat of the TV to the family. It was worse than the radio we see in Woody Allen’s RADIO DAYS. With the radio, people could still move around the house and interact with one another as they could hear the sound anywhere. But the TV made people sit in one fixed spot watching really dumb crap on the TV.

      Now, how nicer if parents turned off the TV, forbade moronic video games. Instead, just use the DVD for great films like SEVEN SAMURAI, SIBERIADE, EMIGRANTS, THE GODFATHER, EXCALIBUR, RIDE THE HIGH COUNTRY, SHANE, TAXI DRIVER, REAR WINDOW, GHOST WORLD, METROPOLITAN, ERASERHEAD, BARRY LYNDON, DAZED AND CONFUSED, MILDRED PIERCE, and other stuff. Sure, once awhile parents can let their kids have some fun with dumb goofy stuff like BILLY MADISON and smart goofy stuff like ANT-MAN, but there has to be a sense of hierarchy.

      If parents want to protect their kids from baleful effects of PC and Pop Culture, they need to develop a true appreciation of arts and culture in their kids.

      Kids with genuine cultural sense will see pop culture for what it is. Even if they enjoy it, they won’t take it too seriously. The problem in America and the world is that pop culture is taken too seriously and constitute the only cultural life for too many people, adults included.

      It’s like food. If you raise your kids right, they appreciate real food. They may enjoy candy and cookies, but they will never see that stuff as real food. They will see it as dessert, snack. But if you don’t raise your kids right, they are getting all piggerish with horrible sugary and fatty food that turn them into blubberers with rotting teeth.

      We have too many pop culture blubberers with mental cavities.

      Now, appreciation of arts isn’t enough. It is the ability to separate wheat from chaff. Tarantino and Lena Dunham have seen serious films and even like some of them, but they seem incapable of telling a film classic apart from SwitchBlade Sisters or some crap.

      It’s one thing to enjoy junk as junk, but tardos like Tarantino think anything is a masterpiece. The high-IQ moron thinks the horrible Japanese film BATTLE ROYALE is the best film of the decade. It goes to show that cultural life isn’t just about IQ or quantity. Tarantino has seen many more movies than the rest of us combined.

      There is also the factor of emotional maturation, and it is lacking in our culture that is into sampling than immersion. Post-modernism is about sampling this, sampling that, being clever about this, being clever about that. Lucas presents himself as the counter-Tarantino whose vision is hopeful and idealistic, but he isn’t all that different from the high-IQ tardo. Lucas the shallow clown jumbles Flash Gordon with the Bible with westerns with Greek mythology with comic books with Kurosawa with whatever. He says he waited a long time to finally do the trilogy right with lots of money and technology, so what did he give us? A talking lizard Steppin Fetchit named Jar Jar. John Simon can be a jerk, but he makes some good points in his criticism of STAR WARS. Though Simon is wrong about lots of things, his advice can do some good in a world where the childish Gavin McGinnes feels compelled to offer sermons on sobriety and maturity to a totally infantilized populace. When a tattooed freak(who’s into trashy culture himself and even kissed Milo the jungle fever homo on the lip) thinks our culture is too trashy, it must really be trashy. In a world of -isms, we need more virtue of the -ities: integrity, maturity, sobriety, probity, sanity, normality, alacrity, veracity, sincerity, dignity, propriety, responsibility. Instead, the only -ity that flows from the media is mendacity.

      For rural folks, there is still the very meaningful ritual of fathers teaching sons how to use guns and hunt. But modern culture calls for the development of the mind. And parents must rethink the very meaning of education. They need to realize that, as important as institutional education is, more important is the kind of education that should be and can be imparted in the family. After all, most humans for most of history didn’t get fancy schooling or have ‘nice jobs’, but they had meaningful lives because they were part of a culture, heritage, and lineage with a shared community and set of myths. Much emphasis of modern education is about material rewards, and this is understandable. I mean, who doesn’t want the good things of life?

      But a more deeper kind of education is about the meaning of life EVEN IF one fails to gain material goodies in life. The fact that there are so many suicides in East Asia among students who don’t make it suggest a total spiritual and moral bankruptcy of culture. Some people look to the East Asian model because students study so hard, but it’s only for winners. It has no meaning to the losers. And that means it has no moral value.

      In contrast, take the meaning of IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. George Bailey is very competitive and wants to be like Howard Roark and have it all. But bunch of obstacles stand in the way. He never goes to college and never makes big money. But ultimately, his life turns into a deeper education of what really matters. And he realizes this lesson not through institutionalized education but life lessons and family. He learned more from his father than he ever realized.

      Something has been lost in American Culture. It’s the fire that Tommy Lee Jones mentions in the ending of NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. The past was far from ideal and had its own kind of hell, but the new nihilism is truly horrific because the soul fire seem to have been extinguished in a world without shame and moral compass. People in hell with a compass have a brighter future than people in material heaven with no compass. The only ‘compass’ in NO COUNTRY is the transponder of greed.

      The true rebirth in education cannot come from the government or myriad think-tanks funded by gorks like Gates or Zuckerberg who are too high IQ and success-oriented to understand the human soul.

      This fire must be ignited within the family, and it must being with parents with a new understanding of what a deeper concept of education is. There is education taught in schools for good jobs. But there is another kind of education that isn’t about math problems and chemistry equations or particular historical dates but about family memory, ethnic community, spirituality, culture, myths and folklore(of one’s own culture and those of others of special interest), and arts(and entertainment at its best). Parents can and must play a key role in this kind of education. This can bind parents and kids closer together when so much of PC and pop culture is tearing families apart. Indeed, the rise of PC is a sign of the decline of family culture, ethnos, and shared myths and folklore. (In the past, the best minds went into academia, and lesser minds entered churches and other moral institutions. But this was okay since you don’t need high IQ to be good spiritual and moral leaders. But with the demise of traditional cultural, moral, and religious institutions, the lesser minds also entered academia, and they now serve as a neo-clergy with PC as their holy dogma. When dogmatic pigheadedness of decadent do-gooders are qualified as intellectual discourse, social science, and the humanities, it undermines both morality/spirituality and intellectualism. True intellectualism needs free discourse. Churches and moral institutions can be somewhat dogmatic since they are about righteousness, even faith in goodness. But when dogmatism is allowed to pass ‘free thought’, it is lose-lose for both intellect and morality.)

      With the decline of churches and breakdown of family values, the only morality left is PC that hails MLK as demigod, KKK as the eternal devil, homos as angels, Jews as saintly victims no matter how rich and powerful they are. Hallowed terms like ‘diversity’, ‘inclusion’, and ‘equality’ sound nice in a vague way but offer no guidance in personal morality and cultural meaning. Often, they degrade morality and dissolve cultural value. For instance, in the name of ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’, we are supposed to praise law-breaking illegals or pretend black thugs don’t commit a lot of crime. And ‘inclusion’ means the powerful can intrude into any society and community and force it to ‘include’ even ideas, peoples, and things that do them harm.

      And ‘equality’ forces us to pretend that things of unequal value are equal. So, homo-‘sex’ is to be regarded as just as functional and meaningful as real sex.

      Anyway, if conservatives want to make a difference, they must create a new educational culture within their own homes. They must raise kids who see all of life as an educational experience. They must grow up thinking that there is something to learn everyday, and not just from books and articles but from life experience, from raising a family, from new experiences, from rethinking old experiences, and etc. Such will bind parents and children closer together. Better that than parents offering their kids to mammon of materialism and witchery of PC.

      Also, kids who are raised to be more mindful culturally and emotionally will be less likely to be suckers of the soma of Pop Culture and snake oil of PC.

      And if this cultural renewal works with conservatives and white folks, then it may spread outward to other communities. It may serve as a model. That is the way to win the Culture War.

      The new way of education sucks, but there is no way of going back to the old way either.

      We need a new formulation of the deeper meaning of education independent of institutions and professions.

      After all, suppose you ask a successful professional:

      1. You keep your professional skills and ability but lose your entire memory of your parents, culture, and life experience.

      2. You keep your memory of family and life experience, but you lose memory of all your professional skills.

      What would he choose? I think he would go with #1.

      Losing professional skills means loss of money and privilege. But if you would still know what you are, your life is still meaningful.

      But if you lose knowledge of what yourself except for profession and material success, you would be nothing despite the successful job and money.

      This Other Education also needs to instill kids with the means to tie their knowledge with their own lives, their own people and culture.

      Anyone can be curious and dilettante-ish and learn about various things. And he could have fun poring over such stuff. But unless he is able to make them relevant to his own life and his own people, it has no long-term meaning.

      It’s like the Jews were able to create their own culture because they took ideas and stories from other tribes but shaped them to have special meaning for themselves.

      It’s like Kurosawa read Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Shakespeare, Gorky, and Hammett(and watched films all over the world), but he took the themes, ideas, & images and remolded them to have special meaning for his Japanese people.

      It’s like Bob Dylan took in lots of kinds of music from various traditions, but he made them his own. It’s not enough to passively experience and sample culture. It may be fun, but the effect will wear off. For cultural experience to be lasting, one has to be activist and digest what one has seen and heard into one’s own trove of references.

      There must be a way between cocooning and mammoning.

      Cocooning doesn’t work unless one is maybe Amish.

      If parents try to protect their kids from ALL THE BAD STUFF, the kids will feel stifled and eventually rebel, especially if of a creative bent. It’s like Paul Schrader was raised in a family that said movies are satanic, so he rebelled against it. In TAXI DRIVER, he is represented by both Bickle who is sickened by the moral rot and by Iris who left her boring small town family for the bright lights(even if she has to live as a whore).

      But mammoning is worse. It is a form of child soul sacrifice where parents never grow up and offer their kids to the mindless and sick consumer culture of modern-day America whose ideal for girls is Lena-Dunhamism and Miley-Cyrus-ism.

      Miley’s father admitted that, gee, maybe he failed as a father by just letting his kid indulge in all the fun offered by Pop industry.

      There is a way to raise the kid by instilling him or her with genuine appreciation of real culture. This real culture would be appreciation of real film as art, real music as art, real literature as art. But culture isn’t just about high art and high culture. If so, most German folks would have no cultural meaning, and the ONLY culture that would have mattered would be the great artists like Beethoven and Wagner and great philosophers like Nietzsche, Marx, Kant, and Wittgenstein.

      But there is also folk culture and family culture. Every family has its mini-bible of forbears. IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE isn’t about great people or titanic individuals like THE FOUNTAINHEAD, but the Bailey family has its own story. In our culture of ‘cool’, so much of this kind of culture is overlooked. Also, when whiteness is denigrated and white folks are caricatured as having too much ‘privilege’, many people don’t realize that most of white history in America was closer to the Joad family than the Carnegies, Rockefellers, and the Gates.

      The culture of ‘cool’ also fills young ones with arrogance and contempt for people without the Current Year props of ‘coolness’ such as tattoos, blings, ass-bearing low-drop pants, imitation-celebrity-glitter, etc.

      We need a return to humanism. Not as the ONLY show in town but as the counter-force against so much that is wanton, excessive, and trashy.

      When the American Western was a major part of American Culture, movie audiences were reminded of the struggle and sacrifice of creating a new community. It was work, work, and work for the cowboys who had to fight the ‘red savages’, stand up to outlaws, chop down trees, raise the cattle, build churches, and protect womenfolk from drunkards. There was something basic and fundamental about the Western Narrative, as in Raoul Walsh’s BIG TRAIL.

      And GONE WITH THE WIND had the Civil War to slap some sense into the heroine’s head. In a way. GWTW perfectly encapsulates the conflict in American Culture. The narcissism/egotism and duty/burden. The lead character is conceited, selfish, stuck-up, and bitchy. But a great tragedy unfolds, tears her world apart, and she is forced to to think about something beyond her vanity. She becomes like a pioneer woman in the West who must roll up her sleeves and go to work. She becomes a better person but also remains a conceited bitch throughout. A ho.

  4. I don’t agree with Spencer’s methods sometimes. But in keeping with my personal motto of, I support White people who support White people, I’ll save my more vociferous rants for the anti-Whites. I already knew this was coming. I knew what to expect with Trump. I knew what to expect with the Republican establishment. I knew what to expect from the anti-Whites. I knew they would all try to take pro-White/Alt-Right/White Nationalist talking points and make them their own.

    Time to redirect fire.

  5. “…What the hell does Milo Yiannopoulos – a Jewish homosexual who boasts
    about carrying on interracial relationships with black men – have to do
    with us?..”

    Exactly. I’ve wondered the same. It appears the Jews are moving in as they always do to bend an organization and splinter it. As far as I’m concerned we should support anyone who names the Jew. They are the instigator. Even if they don’t name the Jew then we should support them as long as we make clear that the Jew is the primary problem.

    It seems to me that there are a huge tsunami of sites popping up with tons of disinformation. I believe they’re trying to flood the net with lies like they did the news. With the UN in charge of the net how long can it be before they ban all news deemed anti-Semitic or racist?

    We’re running out of time. These people have what is essentially unlimited money from robbing us in their bank wars and war robots are being built very fast. I suspect you could mass produce a war bot that would kill everything with a thermal signature of a human right now for about the cost of a SUV baring development cost. Probably much less.

    I hate to say this. I know it’s defeatist. I’ve gone back and forth about Trump but as of right now I would say we’ve been had. Maybe my thoughts will change. If he really wanted to get rid of all the illegal aliens he could scream bloody murder about how he was going to jail them all as soon as he got in office and the VAST majority of them would flee before he steps in office. He doesn’t seem to be pushing them to leave. It would be much more painless to be rabid about it now while the elections have just past and the aliens fear the worst. Lot easier than rounding them up which I support if necessary. My guess is he deports a couple million, with much gnashing of teeth by the press, but leaves the other 28 to 38 million with some kind of green card. I want them out. Now.

    • IMO when you hear talk about unity and bringing America together you know you are about to get screwed.

      We will know in 60 days.

      • “when you hear talk about unity and bringing America together you know you are about to get screwed”

        It sounds bad.

  6. Hunter, I owe you a case of beer or a case of wine or a couple bottles of Patron—your call. You’ve come a long way in the decade or so I’ve followed you. Having a kid does something to your resolve and makes you see things a little more clearly, doesn’t it?

  7. I just want to see the Zionist occupation government in Washington City overthrown and replaced by a National Socialist dictatorship. That is all I’ve ever wanted. If the Southern states want to secede and form a White nation of their own they have the right to do so. If they want to put the coloreds back to work picking cotton that is their business. The North is populated largely by Anglo-Saxons, the South is comprised of Celtic Scots-Irish. That, I believe, is the source of much of the friction between our two great American nations.

  8. A cogent telling.

    But here’s the problem, we’re trying to accomplish something. It isn’t just for the lulz for me. I worry about a global Brown Out from which we never recover. I worry about my children’s future.

    Until Spencer AND Enoch’s shenanigans, we were riding high, we had unity. That unity wasn’t a precious thing to those two. They had a precious spotlight with which to advance our message to the broader white world and they squandered it.

    There were some momentary benefits, such as taking the heat off of Trump, Bannon and the Alt Lite – our allies. But there was surely lasting damage. Much like the “ban kebab” affair, we can and will learn a lesson and regroup and still win in the end. But do we need to keep learning the same lessons over and over?

    Lesson 1: There is another side. They have an agenda. The stupider we are the easier we make it for them.

    Lesson 2: Hitler is a loser. He lost in the 40s, he’s losing now. In 10, 100, and 1,000 years he will still have lost. Why are we wasting energy rehabilitating the Third Reich? We have much better men than Hitler alive right now (Trump, Putin, Farage) and they need our help.

    Lesson 3: The battle isn’t for /pol/ and the shadowy bowels of the internet, we won that. The battle is for normie acquiescence to a new Order. A professional cadre of men and women who can paint a convincing picture of both the journey and the destination is needed, not frat boy pranks.

    In my life off the internet I was working on bridging the alt-right with the local party apparatus. I wonder how much interest they will have in that now? In normie-ville the reaction was universal and damning against Spencer, no matter how much people want to rally/spin for “one of ours”. I never embraced the “alt right” label for many reasons, but probably out of instinct, there just isn’t something right about people who “joke” about extra judicial murder, demon worship and black magic, and Nazi role-playing. No one is laughing.

    • That all is probably true but you also have to give credit where it is due to the Alt-Right for dismantling the gatekeepers that all those ordinary white people worshiped and read diligently to get their view about the world.

      If NRO and all the rest of the gatekeepers had stood tall in this election, Trump would never have stood a chance. Trump was a master of course and it gave the alt-right great material to work with and also boosted their morale to keep fighting but the fight was on social media and the alt-right obliterated the gatekeepers.

    • Afterthought, points taken but here is the problem:

      Hitler was actually a HUUUGE winner – cosmically more so than the president elect Trump. Germany was a huge winner, the entire white race (and the better sorts of the black, muslim, and asian races were winners too — which is why they fought for freedom in the SS during the war).

      The only reason the “goyim” as the enemy calls us didn’t secure their freedom right then and there was the IGNORANCE and compromise of the white masses who allowed themselves to be used to stab Germany, the white race, and all the “goyim” in the back.

      At some point we MUST correct history, redeem National Socialist Germany, and also reclaim our stolen symbols and salutes.

      The lies around all of these are chains, and weakness, an exposed backside where the Jew knife comes in again and again.

      The Holohoax must be exposed to the world and and thoroughly destroyed,
      The Jew made Holodomor and the Hellstorm in germany after the war proclaimed and well understood by all.

      I’m not saying that this is the first thing that must be completed, or the biggest thing to emphasize all the time, BUT it must always be in mind and always in play on some level.

      To concede on these matters may seem attractive or even sophisticated but to concede on these matters, to cuck the spirit of these heroes, is to suffer a spiritual defeat, and to surrender on a higher plane beforehand.

      As above and so below. This is a spirit war as much or more than physical.

      We cannot win by conceding spiritual weakness.

      We must be committed on all levels of this war for survival, above and below.

      And yes, we must be canny on all levels, and not hand easy gains to the implacable jew, the adversary, the taint on the creation — but we must never betray our racial soul, or the spirits of our heroes.

  9. The key is to be found in the secession of the south.
    Let Milo be Milo and Spencer be Spencer.
    We need not defend something in the abstract or as a universal to say “Not In My Back Yard”.
    I can defend Spencer’s right to say things I disagree with. That is the key and the crux.

  10. I’m not Alt-Right or Alt-Light I am Pro White, but was heavily triggered by the occurrence at the NPI conference.

    NPI has irritated me for some time, for the way they let non-Whites in to virtue signal like AmRen do. Should it be surprising they were crawling with trolls, when they let any old riff raff in the door? Vietnamese and Jews would get nothing out of White ethnostates. So why would you expect them to do anything other than screw you over when the media is on them?

    Then there’s self styled White leaders with the conceit they can use the media, when the media always uses them. No normie will see or care if Spencer gave a good speech or not. The media got the 10 seconds they wanted from Spencer and they will use that footage for as long as it is useful to Them.

    I guess I am most triggered by the unprofessionalism. Can’t these people learn anything from the ones that came before them? Don’t they take advice from people who are experienced and good at this kind of thing? Or does every new generation make the same mistakes because of vanity?

    And lastly what were they celebrating? They are the new establishment? Give me a break. They made fools of themselves and the entire movement.

    • Trump is still going to be President. He either gets the shit done he said he was or he cucks out. That has nothing to so with the Alt-Right, Spencer or anybody else. He is the most powerful man in the world now – time he acts like it instead of disavowing the Alt Right every second to PBS.

        • I agree.

          I’m just saying: the man is out there avowing Milo and transsexuals and offering a “New Deal for Black America,” but he is disavowing his strongest supporters while offering jobs to Nikki Haley.

          It’s not just Spencer either. He has disavowed every pro-White leader over the course of the campaign including Jared Taylor and James Edwards.

          • The ones he disavowed were trying to ride his coat tails to advance their own cause. What they were attempting would require a high degree of skill considering WW2 history, the way Pro Whites behave on the Internet and who the establishment really (((is))). Don’t try it at home if you are not a professional.

          • Thank you, Bill Jackson.

            Hunter, I’m sorry, but anyone in the vanguard, and I am going with the MSM’s definition of the vanguard as anyone who leaves so much as a paper trail or an electronic trail under an anonymous user name, should not expect to have an explicit influence on politicians.

            We all remember how Mindweapons was outed and shut down over two years ago. The blogger’s wife ran for political office and the opposition used his positions to torpedo her campaign. If you want political office, if you want to be invited to the White House and assigned to a cabinet position or anything else, you basically have to be “David Duke without the baggage.” Or even married to a David Duke without the baggage.

            David Duke has paid and continued to pay a high price for his KKK activities. How much a racial activist is allowed to prosper depends on how much leeway or encouragement is offered by TPTB. That’s why Al Sharpton is rich and has his own television show on MSNBC as his platform and David Duke is only allowed on to news shows because his endorsement is used to discredit a candidate, is barely scraping by, and always has his youtube channel taken down.

            That’s the bad news. The good news is that the Alt-Right is forcing the (((Usual Suspects))) to allow for the creation of the “Alt-Lite,” which is really an official Right medium to allow for a POV which is not only NOT Anti-White, but is even explicitly Pro-White in a limited way.

            I am saying that any Right medium that does not only not explicitly name the (((Usual Suspects))) but has many of (((them))) as its members will be allowed to thrive. The presence of (((Milo))) himself is more representative of the “Alt-Lite” than the Alt-Right to me. The Savage Show with (((Dr, Michael Savage))) could be considered “Alt-Lite” before his time.

            Yes, I know that many Aryans balk at the idea that this is another example of Semite Control on what they do, but I don’t think even an “Alt Lite” would be in effect right now if not for the “Savages” or what Mindweapons used to call the “Jonathans” which could be defined as Jews who have assimilated enough to absorb a sense of Whiteness into their own identities and thus have implicit Pro-White leanings. These are also Jews who may have been mugged by racial realities where people of color are concerned and are starting to intuit that, in a race war, their skin color is going to draft them onto the White side whether they wish
            to be there or not.

            I like the “Alt-Lite,” because I believe it is good for Whites. Vanguards can dismiss it as a safety valve that distracts Whites from (((The Real Problem))). And that could be true as long as the Alt-Right doesn’t continue putting the “Alt-Lite’s” feet to the fire by maintaining their positions.

            However, if the less violent, less kooky elements of the vanguard can pull their collective heads out of their own vanity, which is making them so territorial that they don’t want to share their little island, Hunter, they can see and exploit the “Alt-Lite” as a way of filtering out their ideas to an acceptable venue to Whites who would otherwise be scared off by their “antisemitism.”

            So,”vanguard” sites like this one can Name the (((Usual Suspects))) by ranting about their actions and occupations. The “Alt-Lite” filter rebrands the (((Usual Suspects))) with their occupations of which many include Shabby Goys. So, then the White consumer gets informed about the Lying Media, the Globalists, the Banksters, etc. And the (((Usual Suspects) stop getting away with murder, without being murdered themselves.

            Aside from extreme vanguardists, no Pro-Whites want a Star-Spangled, Red, White and Blue Pogrom. They don’t want to create more antisemitism; they want to end anti-gentilism. They want to end Anti-Christian agendas. They want to end Anti-White agendas.

            The vanguard needs to stop throwing tantrums over their exclusion from the establishment, because their function is to be the anti-establishment. The bad cop. The “Alt-Lite” must be used to be the “good cop” to the Vanguard’s “bad cop” where the establishment is concerned. Good Cop-Bad Cop has worked successfully where racial activism is concerned in the past. We saw this with Black activists during the sixties. Malcolm X portrayed himself as Bad Cop to Martin Luther King’s Good Cop to White Liberals and White Conservative Bedwetters back in the sixties, for example.

            No, Hunter, I understand that you resent every bit of revenue and clicks the “Alt-Lite” is funneling away from even the more moderate vanguard sites like this one, but that’s the price ideological purists pay. You are doing the work of the Lord by keeping the “Alt-Lite’s” feet to the fire with these great, thought-provoking articles of yours, forcing them to be your megaphone wheter they like it or not.

          • It is a fallen world where Jews are worshipped.

            Also I saw this too…it’s a shame that Spencer failed to mention that many CEO types are Jewish. People who can present White but are ultimately hostile Semites. It gets funny in the last 5 minutes. One thing about Egypt. Stonehenge and New Grange went up st the same time as Giza. Could have easily been the same technicians and designers. Who designs big projects like that today? Whitey architects.

      • The difference is that he doesn´t claim such behaviour is part of White society or try to pass it off as masculinity.

        Paul Joseph Watson or Donovan might not bath in pig blood but they are worst, into the bog they go!

  11. The Daily Stormer is the most popular WN website in history and it is not even close. It is explicitly National Socialist. Case closed.

  12. I remember Alex Jones stating years ago that Trump was a front for a consortium of (((others))). I heard it myself straight from the horse’s mouth. But then he jumped on the Trump bandwagon last year and I was suspicious ever since…..

    The “new” Right….. same as the old Right. As Henrik and Lana on Red Ice Radio pointed out, they called Trump a Nazi, too. And, he ignored them. He never named the Jews, he forced the Jews to name the Jews. Too many people are brainwashed with the Holohoax and mythical Jewish innocence right now but that is steadily decreasing. I just think there is a schism between several factions of Jews. Kushner is a Zionist and Zionists don’t like the Iran deal or Jewish critics of Israel.

    I remember the late, great Bob Chapman stating that when it came to the royal families of Europe, the banking families and other elite families, they were all intermarried (Jew and Christian (or fake Christian)). If one went down, they all went down. I assume many American elites are connected in the same way today.

    If Trump doesn’t deliver as promised, I predict the real Alt-Right will expand in multiples very quickly. Patience is low. There is too much anger out there. Remember, Trump is a megalomaniac and he may now look at his victory as predominantly due to his strategy and less to do with our unwavering support. When the female body part scandal arose, white women of the Alt Right didn’t disavow him. Loyalty works both ways, Donald.

    We have to wait and see what happens. But, do not expect the change you are seeking. Come on, he’s picked Haley and is vetting Romney? Is this the best he can do? The Education Secretary is a billionaire donor. I would prefer he pull someone off the streets to fill those positions than tap our traditional enemies within.

    The Marxists are not going away, period. It is only a matter of time before civil unrest starts affecting everyone every day. Lines will be drawn. And the choices will be fewer and fewer. Perhaps everyone at the top is simply playing charade or musical chairs.

    • I don’t think there needs to be a wait and see approach, because we already know he’s going to buckle under the pressure. Timing is everything. We should put ourselves ahead of the curve. We know who he will sacrifice to appease The Media and the other string-pullers he pretends to be fighting against. Trump has no incentive to be the rebel now. He will want to be seen as some kind of great unifier. He’s the guy that will make Multiculturalism and a multiracial utopia a reality. He’ll soon be kissing black and brown ass at warp speed and giving us the typical CuckSpeak lip service that we’re all so used to hearing.

      You bring up a good point that the people that were his staunchest defenders did so even when he was being attacked by the media, the establishment of the Left and Right, and attacked by the Vagina Brigade who wanted to make some silly locker room talk into a national scandal. Pro-White people didn’t fall for that trap because we have a shitload of experience being on the receiving end of hysterical accusations. But if there’s no incentive for us to push back against the vultures and hyenas attacking someone not of our persuasion, then why waste our valuable time and energy? We might as well serve him up on a platter and keep them busy while we maneuver and try to outflank them. “Hey all you Leftists and Cucks! Go gnaw on Trump’s chunky ass, ’cause I’ve got shit to do.”

      • In this day and age, the loyalty to blood and soil is non-existent at that level. They are too far removed from our everyday struggles. The competition between them is absent of primal identity. They use identity only to control us. Their focus is on staying at that station in life at all costs. That class seldom, if ever, produces heroes or heroines. There is no greater good than themselves.

      • Trump will fail, though. Unity is literally not possible. Trump will get tired of pandering to Orcs in…less than a year. The REAL Wall is the Race Wall – and Trump is put himself in a position where there is no other place to go but that Race Wall. WE needs to keep reminding him, and every-one else, that WHITE PEOPLE put him in office. More important than Trump we need to remind millions of Whites that WHITE PEOPLE elected Trump. Everything is in the open now. We need to point out the Jew every SECOND they Jew Out. This is gonna be fun!

        • He’s going to chase the groids out of the best urban real estate. This will be bad for suburbanite whites. The contours of this fight will be quite interesting.

        • Personally that is what I would advise him to do, offer them unity for a while and once they inevitably refuse…

      • White people, not ‘pro-white’ people, didn’t fall for the trap of believing Hillary Clinton and the Democrats give a rat’s ass for the white working class, or any whites but elites. That is absolutely not the same as saying they regarded Trump’s attitudes towards women just ‘silly locker room talk.’

  13. We’ll stick to our guns, Hunter. We’ve got the energy, memes, and the blessing of mighty Kek himself.

    At the end of the day, we’re the sons of Europe, and they’re the greasy snake-oil salesmen. No fear.

  14. Alt-lite is respectable conservatism 2.0 and serves the same purpose: Prevent any open, free, discussion of issues vital to the very survival of our race. No surprise alt-lite is so Jew friendly and so anti-White.

  15. No worries. In the end, We Are White. There is nothing like us. NOTHING replaces us. White Man’s Island is really only inhabitable by Whites. The frauds show themselves soon enough.

  16. Watching those pricks Paul Joseph Watson and Cernovich do a 180 and turn on Spencer and the Alt-Right was infuriating.

    • The jews in Washington and the jews in the mainstream media NEVER protested and never railed against Alex Jones all the years the trolls on Alex Jones’ payroll working from their offices in Saul Alinsky’s University of Chicago were very ardently promoting and inculcating the “KILL THE COPS! KILL THE PIGS!” meme, that the jews in Washington and in the mainstream media never protested and railed against. Alex Jones’ media corporation is named “Red Cow Productions” and the “Red Cow” refers to the RED COW of the jews, it’s a jew religious thing, “RED Cow”. The jews in Washington and the jews in the mainstream media fully well do know Alex Jones works for them, they fully well do know that “Red Cow” refers to a jew religious sect of die-hard Jew Supremacists working to advance the One World Government to be ruled from Jerusalem, Israel, and how they pretend not to know, and how they pretend Alex Jones is “really” “opposed” to them. It’s ALL bullshit.

      And the jews in Washington and the jews in the mainstream media NEVER protested and never railed against Alex Jones all the years he CENSORED , and to this day still CENSORS, anyone who mentioned/mentions THE TRUTH ABOUT KENT STATE. Jew Communist agitators from Chicago are the ones responsible for KENT STATE. A sharp-shooter on the Communist payroll fired the first shot at KENT STATE, NOT THE NATIONAL GUARD. And the night before KENT STATE JEW COMMUNISTS FROM CHICAGO STARTED AN ARSON RIOT IN THE TOWN RIGHT OUTSIDE THE CAMPUS OF KENT STATE. None of that was reported by the jews in the mainstream media and Alex Jones doesn’t want it to be known either, the jews in Washington don’t want it to be known either, and the jews in the mainstream media and in Hollywood don’t want it to be known.

      It was immediately after KENT STATE ,PLANNED AND FOMENTED AND THE WORK OF JEW COMMUNISTS FROM CHICAGO , THAT THE MEME “KILL THE COPS! KILL THE PIGS!” became a mainstream media meme/trope, and was greatly promoted and inculcated in the mainstream media and in Hollywood. Before Kent State, the meme “Kill the Cops! Kill The Pigs!” was promoted in the black neighborhoods in the United States, after Kent State the work of JEW COMMUNISTS , “Kill The Cops! Kill The Pigs!” was promoted to ALL Americans.

      NO jew anywhere ever protested or protests or rails against Alex Jones for being CENSORIOUS ABOUT THE TRUTH CONCERNING KENT STATE.

      Alex Jones is disgusting to promote and spread and inculcate the meme that was started by murderous blood thirsty jews. Jones is detestable. And the jews in Washington and in the mainstream media news and in Hollywood fully well do know Alex Jones is solidily on their jew Supremacist Communist side. The name of his media production company says IT ALL. And the jews in Washington and in the mainstream and in Hollywood fully well do know the name “RED COW” is ALL about Jew Supremacism ;

      So their jew protesting and jew railing against Alex Jones now is all about smoke and mirrors, sowing confusion, all about show business and it’s all jew lies and jew bullshit, and I hope the jews in Washington and in the mainstream media and in Hollywood read this here post. FUCK the jews and their lies. That’s all they do is LIE. LIE and foment violence and WAR, and they want a massive RACE WAR IN THE UNITED STATES AND HAVE WANTED MASSIVE RACE WAR IN THE USA FOR A VERY LONG TIME, THAT’S WHAT THEY’RE WORKING AND STRIVING FOR AND HAVE BEEN SINCE THE 1960S AT LEAST — IF NOT LONGER. That’s another reason they’re so upset Hillary lost, Hillary was going to give the jews the MASSIVE RACE WAR THE JEWS ALWAYS WANTED FOR THE UNITED STATES. MURDEROUS BASTARDS.

      Alex Jones, supposedly a “Patriotic” American, always promoted and inculcated the jew’s COMMUNIST murderous “Kill The Cops! Kill The Pigs!” meme/trope the jews love to promote so much, the meme is promoted by Hollywood all the time, in the mainstream news, the news is abridged and truncated in such a way to make as many Americans as possible to hate cops , espeically blacks and minorities are always being propagandized to hate cops, esp. White cops, , the blacks and minorities are always being goaded on to hate cops and to want to go out and kill cops. That message is always promoted in the MSM and in Hollywood and Washington never protests or gets angry that jew Communist meme is promoted everywhere one turns. Obama and his Al Sharpton actively encourage the blacks to go out and KILL cops, esp. White cops [ and also KILL White Americans period, cops or not cops, KILL Whites ] ; Washington is silent about that, as Washington makes such a big stink about the Alt Right media. The jews never protested against and never railed against Alex Jones for promoting all these many years their COMMUNIST murderous “Kill The Cops! Kill The Pigs!” [ esp. White cops ] filthy dirty murderous blood-thirsty meme/trope.

  17. One of the last things Richard Spencer tweeted—maybe the very last thing—was that he was off to National Public Radio, for an interview. Here it is …

  18. While the so-called Alt-Right enthusiastically supported Trump I would be hard-pressed to point out when Trump ever came out for the Alt-Right or identified with it. He wanted black support all along and campaigned hard for it in front of nearly all-white audiences. Trump thanked the delegates at the RNC for applauding his pledge to protect LGBTQs from Muslims. Maybe some of you read too much into Trump? His main issues– ending stupid wars, stopping the illegal alien nonsense, cracking down on corruption and re-industrialization– might appeal to the Alt-Right (though I am unsure of what this really means); none of his positions address their cultural/social/racial concerns. Trump is more Ike than Alt-Right. And I’m still okay with him.

  19. I think a lot of people are missing the point about Alt right and Spencer.

    Alt Right does not flow from respectability. It is the enfant terribles of the Right. It has to be edgy. Now, Alt Right has a place for the staid and respectable.

    Kevin Macdonald is rather a diligent pedantic scholar of Jewish history and power. He doesn’t have style and flair. He is offering a counter-culture-of-critique.

    He is considered dangerous and heretical(even outrageous) by MSM because his views are so politically incorrect. But he is not a trouble-maker, a bomb thrower, a visionary, or leader.

    Jared Taylor is also a respectable figure. He is well-mannered and dignified in style. But he too is unwelcome and considered dangerous by the MSM for his views that are inimical to standard PC.

    Neither men are looking to be risque, edgy, or dangerous. They are just considered as such because their views deviate so much from the boilerplate of what is Acceptable in the Current Year.

    Same goes for Paul Gottfried. Like MacDonald, he too is an academic type. His book ENCOUNTERS is interesting, but it’s more about ideas than action.

    Peter Brimelow used to be a respectable figure, but his views on immigration become increasingly heretical and even ‘evil’ according to PC as the US became more diverse, PC took over media and academia, and GOP caved to Neocons and ‘cucks’.

    Now, the Alt Right has room for such individuals and owes a debt of gratitude(because they kept the fire alive against all odds when their ideas were written off as dustbin of End of History.) Alt Right owes something to those people.

    But they aren’t exactly core Alt Right. Elements of dissident right were given no place at the table, not even in Conservatism Inc that eventually purged Buchanan, Derbyshire, and even Steyn.

    So older figures like Macdonald, Brimelow, and Taylor formed an alliance with younger figures like Spencer.

    Also, the MSM in 2015 decided to tie Alt Right with Trump, and it was the media that cast a wide net. Alt Right became everything from Daily Stormer & Andrew Anglin to Milo of Breitbart & Steve Bannon. Some in the media went so far as to say Trump himself is an Alt Right candidate. Ridiculous.

    The core Alt Right has been a movement of the edge, but according to the media, you’d think at least 1/4 of the people who supported Trump were Alt Right. Media played up and exaggerated Alt Right as much as they underplayed Wright & Ayers in 2008.

    Core Alt Right is really a youthful dissident, heretical, theoretic, and revolutionary(even radical) movement made up of a new generation of thinkers and activists who feel they have no place in Conservatism Inc.

    Though the media’s definition of Alt Right was too inclusive, it is true enough that there is a great variance among Alt Right figures that range from traditional Christians like Mark Hackard to neo-pagans to aristocratic libertarians, and etc.

    American Conservative Magazine and Taki Mag sort of pointed the way, but TAC is part of Dilbertine Beltway culture, and Taki Mag is more like Alternative Conservatism or Alternative Libertarianism than truly Alt Right, which is far more brazen about race, identity, resistance, and youthful passion.

    Unlike Macdonald, Taylor, and Brimelow who never asked for notoriety or trouble but got them due to PC domination, the Alt Right relishes notoriety, danger, risque politics, mischief, bad boy antics, and a bit of scandal. It goes for white mischief.

    And it is not afraid to be bold, visionary, creative, and daring. It doesn’t shirk away from intellectual molotov cocktail-tossing, trolling(sometimes with sadistic glee), fight fire-with-fire-ism, and the sardonic smirk. It’s sort of like the French New Wave with trouble-makers like Truffaut, Godard, Chabrol, and others.

    Or like the British Invasion with its Rockers vs Mods thing. Or like punk rock(though I can’t stand it). Alt Right is closer to the spirit of the Stones than the Beatles. It is a baiter of the Establishment like young Bob Dylan who speech at Tom Paine award was a riot and who drove the folkies nuts with electric guitar at Newport. It is a pisser on Political Correctness and Globalist Power.

    The fun thing about Mick Jagger was he could play it straight with the press but also the bad boy, the nasty, and the jester. He could to the gentleman, he could do the black, he could do the white doing black, he could do the white doing black doing white. He reminds me of Anthony Michael in WEIRD SCIENCE.

    So, the Alt Right aspect of NPI conference needed to be edgy. It needed to make a bold gesture that would outrage the MSM. It couldn’t be just matter-of-fact. The Alt Right is nothing without a bit of theatrical, hyperbolic, apocalyptic, parodic, ironic, and even a bit sick.

    It’s like Kevin Grace describes Mishima’s antics. The cult of Mishima owed to notoriety and ambiguity. Mishima wasn’t just a writer but a cult figure.

    Alt Right is into real ideas. It is about honest and courageous discussion of race, identity, history, and social reality, far more so than the media and academia, though I suppose a world controlled totally by Alt Right could lead to its PC repressions.

    At the moment, it is the most daring, courageous, and honest intellectual movement in America. It may not have the most erudite thinkers or the most intelligent people(on the level of Pinker and Ivy League types), but they make up for it with boldness and courage seen almost nowhere else where PC dominates from far left to Conservatism Inc.

    Also, Alt Right isn’t only alt to Conservatism Inc & GOP but alt to 14/88 and Neo-Nazism, the Hollywood fantasy of the KKK. To be sure, Alt Right has connections with both Conservatism Inc and 14/88. Alt Right is close to Brimelow whose site features Ann Coulter who supports politicians of GOP. And there are some murky connections between Alt Right and 14/88 via borderline figures like Greg Johnson and Alex Kurtagic.

    But then, even some non 14/88 elements of Alt Right love to play with neo-Nazi memes just to piss off the media and academia — and teachers pets — that throws fits and tantrums all the time. If MSM sees fantasy KKK at Oberlin and Nazi-rapists at UVA, why not play along and provoke them with a Pepe the ‘nazi’ frog? Sometimes, hilarity ensued when college professors began to give lectures about Pepe as a ‘hate symbol’. They have no idea how much they got trolled. In this our Age of the Trigger, it is irresistible not to TRIGGER the media and respectable establishment with some outrage. It’s like bad boy French Right of the 1950s that did outrageous things, like in the scene in LES COUSINS where a French youth romanticized a Nazi soldier lost in France.

    60s Counterculture had its serious thinkers and activists, but it also had its shock troops, jesters, clowns, provocateurs. It got a lot of attention but some of that theatricality.

    If Alt Right had thus far been ONLY a respectable movement about think pieces and staid conferences, it would not have made any splash on a culture that looks for the Outrage of the Week.

    And we have to give Spencer a lot of credit. Not only did he coin the term but he brought together and orchestrated different personalities in both continents.

    And let’s not forget he was arrested in Hungary(of all places) because the Globalist masters fingered him and forced even conservative Orban to arrest him. Despite having done no wrong — Spencer’s sin was bringing together European patriots — , he was banned from EU for several years. How many people were willing to go through all that? Also, unlike many Alt Rightists, he put himself out there, and he was even hounded in his place of residence in Montana.

    Given his presentation and style, I think Spencer could have gone far in politics. Had he played it safe and respectable like Mitt Romney, he could have been chosen for political office or public face of some Neocon outlet. He is smart and presentable, which a lot of political thinkers and activists are not.

    But he didn’t take the 30 pieces of silver. He didn’t do the Jack Hunter thing, the guy who went from being the Southern Avenger to the Southern Fried Chicken.

    Also, Spencer was smart enough to find the chink in the establishment armor. American Renaissance conferences were canceled in private venues due to terrorist and financial threats, and of course, the MSM ignored this repression of freedom and assembly. And even Conservatives were mum and offered no moral support since they’d caved to Neocons and PC. Spencer however realized that the safest place for alternative voices was in the belly of the beast. The Reagan building. He’s been very savvy about those things.

    Also, I don’t hold it against Spencer that he’s a Germanophile(but he also seems to be a Russophile) and that he admires certain positive attributes of National Socialism. I think any honest person would admit National Socialism couldn’t have gained power and popularity had it been all bad. Of course, its evil side was very evil and led Germany to destruction. But it is possible to separate the wheat from the chaff. It’s like Joachim Fest said in his very critical and damning biography of Hitler. Had Hitler died after he took Sudetenland, he would have gone down as one of Germany’s greatest leaders.

    Spencer’s blindspot is that he isn’t nearly as concerned as he should be about the dark evil side of National Socialism. I don’t believe for a moment that he is a Hitler-lover; still, his outlook is visionary and prophetic, and this makes him somewhat Wagnerian and ‘Nietzschean’ in his view of history, and he sometimes gets carried away with the Future Is Ours rhetoric that may seem a bit supremacist-ish. I tend to prefer the humanist model because hubris always leads to nemesis and demise.

    Spencer’s association with Kurtagic(who is really like a Himmler-figure) is troubling. I can always spot pathological Himmler-ish type. (Anglin is like a clown version of Streicher, and no one takes him seriously.) Anyway, I think Spencer’s camaraderie with Kurtagic has less to do with ideology than Kurtagic’s sense of reach, a futurism peering deeper into the realm of the possible.

    Whatever Spencer’s feelings about National Socialism may be, he is not a mindless fanboy of Naziesquery that Matthew Heimbach is. Indeed, Spencer’s banning of Heimbach and Parrott a year ago at the NPI conference signals real ideological divide.

    Besides, the media have no credibility after its indulgence of Ferguson riots, BLM lunacy, black & PC thuggery on colleges(esp at Mizzou but also at Duke), cop killings, silence about Hillary & Obama’s mass murders in Middle East, and etc.

    And how dare Jewish power bitch about racial supremacism when AIPAC strongarms all politicians to continue the support of Israel’s Occupation of West Bank. And isn’t Jewish Globalist animus toward Russia predicated on the perception that Russians are a bunch of inferior drunken Slavs undeserving of all the great resources of Russia that should really fall into the hands of globalist oligarchs?

    Also, the HAMILTON’s casts behavior toward Mike Pence was downright disgusting. It violated all decency and protocol. Being black or proggy means never having to say you’re sorry.

    And Spencer’s supposed ‘hail’ salute is NOTHING compared to MSM’s non-stop hounding about Trump as ‘literally hitler’ and ‘fascist’ for a whole year. If indeed MSM is correct, it means someone should assassinate Trump since we’ve all been led to believe that Hitler should have been killed(even in the cradle) and it was fun, fun, fun to see Gaddafi sodomized and lynched to death. If Trump is indeed Hitler, the logic would indicate he deserves the same fate. The fact that the media can go on after such behavior is the real scandal. Besides, if any racial hatred is permissible in the US, it is anti-white hatred, and there were so many examples of this in the anti-white violence at Trump rallies where men and women were bloodied in the face. Trump supporters didn’t shut down a single Hillary or Sanders rally. Sanders’ worst opposition came from BLM. But Hillary thugs shut down Trump’s rally in Chicago. And after the election, Proglodytye thugs went about smashing several cities for several nights. But according to MSM, the great horror is Spencer’s Hail remark. MSM needs to be trolled. What a joke.

    I don’t defend everything Spencer did, but I think we should stand by him because he’s been out there, paid his dues(especially in Hungary and EU as a whole), gave up what could have been a lucrative career in politics & punditry for his true convictions, and devoted his life to the cause of his people.

    To focus so much on this ‘hail’ thing is to miss the bigger picture. Spencer isn’t just some loser-dork neo-nazi basement dweller who never would have amounted anything.

    He has the image and smarts to have been someone in Conservative Inc. Had he played his cards right, the GOP establishment would have appointed him for some institute or groomed him for political office. He has charm and likability. Even progs who loathe him say there’s something appealing about him.

    But, he gave all of that up because, unlike the Romneys, Grahams, Cottons, and Gowdies of the world, he chose not to sell his core ideas and dreams for 30 pieces of silver.

    It’s like Mr. Blonde, crazy as he is, has been utterly moral in his loyalty to the crew.

    I don’t care how the media spin the HAIL thing. Spencer has done more than most to further the Alt Right. He not only wrote think-pieces — any blogger can do that — but organized meetings, brought people together, and met with various media outlets to explain things. It took a lot of will, nerves, and resolve, especially as the entire power structure from academia, media, and politics are no-go zone for people like him.

    Worse, even when Spencer played by the rules, the powers-that-be were out to destroy him. Though he didn’t violate any terms, he was taken off Twitter. And National Review cheered the decision like the worthless cuck-zine that it is. Of course, NR didn’t come to his defense when he was arrested in Hungary. Incidentally, the very Hungary that banned the White Identity meeting hosted a Jewish Interest Meeting.

    Also, Spencer doesn’t take things too personally. He is able to see the bigger picture. He had every reason to feel bitter and betrayed by Viktor Orban, but he supported Orban who defended his nation from Muslim and African invaders. He let bygones be bygones for the greater good.

    And Spencer surely understands why Trump has to now distance himself from the Alt Right. Trump now has to be respectable. Trump played the ‘reckless’ maverick to rouse up energy and interest to win the election. He took a huge gamble and won. But now he has to turn his back on the Alt Right to be leader of the country.

    It’s like the ending of CHIMES AT MIDNIGHT and BROADWAY DANNY ROSE. It’s the nature of the game. When the players finally win or make it, they turn their backs on their supporters to shmooze with the men of power and privilege.

    But then, for the Alt Right to remain a vanguard movement, it has to remain ‘dangerous’ and go where no one wants to go. Though THE FOUNTAINHEAD has a Hollywood ending, it is right that SOMEONE has to be willing to be like Howard Roark and never compromise core principles.

    Alt Right must carry the cross. It comes with the territory of playing the vanguard role.



    • @gubblerchechenova:disqus

      Thank you very much for your insights on Mr. Spencer. I am sorry for my own knee-jerk reaction to the “Sig-Heling” stuff. When I heard about it, I had no idea that it was done by a Phillipina and two Jews. It was just that coupled with Spencer being banned from Hungary which is about as right wing as it gets made me wonder if Spencer was an agent provocateur.

      If Spencer is what you believe he is, I hope he is very successful in the future. I am going to research Kurtagic as you have got me curious about him.

      I just hope the hysterics over Trump’s “disavowals” go. Trump may have dog-whistled to us on steroids, but it was nothing more than the Republican SOP of the past. To his credit, Trump is trying to honor what he can through Sessions and promoting Governor Nimrata out of any position of power in South Carolina so he can replace her with a real Southerner. Trump envisions himself as the REAL post-racial and post-War Between The States President whose civic nationalism is going to magically transform Confederates into loyal Unionists and Non-White American socialists to White Conservative capitalists in blackface, etc. He will be disabused of at least that latter notion soon enough

      Trump did not win the popular vote thanks
      to stupid urban and suburban Whites. Too many Whites either voted for
      Hillary directly or indirectly by voting for Johnson or McMullin. He
      won the electoral vote by a large minority of rural Whites living in
      strategic areas behind the Blue Wall. They were more motivated by
      economic issues than racial issues and that is the voting population to
      which he needs to keep his promises if he plans to run again in 2020 (and I believe he does) and win his next term with not only the electoral vote but the popular vote as well. That must come from ALL White people, including US.

      We need to keep him focused on jobs, jobs, jobs, building that wall, replacing free trade with fair trade, and implementing an immigration program that helps America rather than hurts her. That way we can build his White support by bringing in people who sat out the election altogether or “voted their principles” and also bring in those White liberal Democrats from the cold after Keith Ellison throws them out of the party.

      The best way to achieve any real Pro-White objectives by 2024 is to deliver him a YUUUUUUUUUGE White racial voting bloc in 2020. You add Working Class people of color with their own bread and butter issues, and Trump has the ability to implement these objectives, because he has a clear and unarguable mandate from the American people to do so.

  20. Trump won because he took three states which have gone Democrat for a generation– Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan– by flipping rural and small-town folks in counties which voted for Obama in 2012, including the famous bellweather Macomb county in Michigan. These 3 states he won by a total of only ~110,000 votes. White working folks who went for Obama just 4 years ago are unlikely to be alt-right. (Or do you think the rural Dems all stayed home and these were all new voters? I don’t know.) I think that their Trump votes were motivated mainly by economic concerns with a touch of resentment at Democrat identity politics used against them and feeling ignored and abandoned. These are the people whom Trump needs to serve and look after, not the alt-right.

    Just how I see it for now.

    • Of course the small number of altrighters didn’t elect Trump. Just like the small number of neocons didn’t elect Bush (or the small number of Kike voters don’t elect anyone outside of their enclaves in NY, FL, CA, etc) The point is who sets the media agenda, moves the overton window, campaigns, and gets the large mass of malleable and apathetic voters out.

  21. Some people like to impose their ideal onto reality.

    Others like to observe and study the reality before coming up with solutions.

    Idealists tend to be impositionists. Realists tend to be repositionists.

    Idealists tend to ignore reality or even deny it.

    So, if the ideal happens to be ‘equality’, it must be the way of reality. If reality isn’t made of equal things, idealism feels a need to impose its ideal onto reality. If the reality doesn’t conform to such demands, idealism pushes harder and harder and demands the outcome of equality.

    Of course, idealists could force every student to get the same score of 50. They could force the teachers to give everyone the score of 50.

    But this outcome would have been imposed. It is not organic and intrinsic to the actual reality that, if left alone, will produce different outcomes on tests among the students.

    In contrast, realists first observe and study the students as they really are. But since society calls for achievement, realists understand that even the lesser minds have to be molded to learn something and gain some skills. So, instead of just resigning the lesser minds to hopeless ‘dumbness’, realists call for sufficient training to reposition them toward some useful goal.

    But it doesn’t try to impose equality on all students.

    Now, idealists might pretend to make realist argument. They may argue that research shows that the reason for the differences among students isn’t due to innate inequality of individual intelligence but to social factors as malnutrition and economic factors.

    And realists may actually agree that those are factors worth looking into.

    But realists would still argue that, while such factors may play a part in retarding the performance of certain students, there is no guarantee of equal test scores that once the social factors have been reduced.

    In contrast, idealists continue to insist that their ideal must be proven correct. So, if it isn’t manifested in real outcomes, idealist may once again insist on imposing equal outcomes on all the students.

    Or consider the ideal of universal beauty.

    Suppose beauty idealists believe that everyone must be equally beautiful.

    But reality says otherwise. Some are beautiful, some are not.

    Realists would point this out.

    But idealists cannot accept this because of their ideal of universal beauty.

    They feel a need to impose equal beauty on everyone.

    But no matter how much they impose this rule, the reality says otherwise.

    Now, Realists understand the yearning to be beautiful and would recommend that the less beautiful seek to ‘reposition’ their looks for improvement. With makeup and other means, looks can be made better. Realists would understand the yearning and look for ways to heighten beauty among the homely, but they would also understand that universal beauty is simply not a feature of reality. It just isn’t.

    Of course, no one is a total idealist, and no one is a total realist.

    No one is calling for All students to get same grade or look equally good.

    And no one is saying the dumb can only be dumb and homely can only be homely.

    Even hardcore realists know that dumb people can be made smarter through education and experience. And they know that even plain, even ugly, people can be made more appealing with cosmetics, dress, and etc.

    Still, idealists want to impose an ideal that simply isn’t feasible in the real world. It’s like NYT coming up with yet another possible solution to fix the Gap.

    Realists believe that education can be improved, but we cannot impose equality on reality just because we want it. Reality doesn’t work that way.

    It’s like a dog with a broken leg. A realist can recognize the injury and treat the dog so the injury can heal. It wants to make the dog better, but it also knows there is no guarantee that it will run as fast as it did before.

    In contrast, an idealist looks at a dog with a broken leg and insists that it be made to run as fast as it could earlier. It has no interest in reality and its limits and variances.

    It’s like communist economic planning. The state would come up with some ideal goal, and then it had to be achieved regardless of whether it was possible or not in the real world. The Great Leap Forward was one of the most epic tragedies of radical idealism.

    Idealism cannot be imposed on reality simply because idealists want it. If a bunch of people are of different height, you can’t make them of equal height by imposing the same height on everyone.

    A realist might argue that better diet might make the shorter ones grow a bit taller, but there is no guarantee that they will reach the average height, let alone the tallest height.

    Much of western social/political discourse doesn’t begin with close and honest observation of reality. If that were the case, we would carefully study every group and see what they are made of. And then, we can work from that reality.

    Instead, it begins with certain ideals that have turned downright dogmatic over the years. And these ideals are so sacrosanct that reality must conform to them. If reality doesn’t, then reality is blamed than the ideal.

    If an idealist wants a cat to be a dog, it tries to impose dog-ness on the cat instead of accepting the cat as a cat and dealing with the animal on that basis.

    To be sure, there are certain idealisms on the ‘right’ as well.

    On the homo issue, both homomaniacs and religious anti-homo folks are idealists.

    Arch-religious folks see homosexuality as mere wickedness that can be driven out of homo people. They believe homosexuality is a condition than a permanent feature of homos. This condition, like a disease, can be cured or driven out. But in fact, people who are born homo are naturally homo, even though homosexuality is a natural abnormality.

    But homomaniacs are also nutty with their idealism. They say homosexuality is of same biological and moral value as real sexuality. They say there can be ‘two mommies’ and ‘two daddies’. But the fact is ‘two mommies’ or ‘two daddies’ cannot produce kids. So, we must make believe that they ‘had’ the kids. Instead of recognizing homos for what they are and trying to find solutions from that basic natural reality, homomaniacs have an ideal about homosexuality as being just as good, wonderful, natural-normal, and functional as real sexuality. So, we must believe that anus is a sex organ. Or, in the case of trannies, we must believe that if a guy says his mutilated penis is vagina, we must go along with such imposition of idealism(or fantasy)onto reality.

    It is a grafting of sorts.

    In contrast to both Christian idealists(who deny the reality of homosexuality as a natural occurrence) and homomanical idealists(who deny the fact that homosexuality is a biologically useless natural defect/deviance), we have the realists who recognize the fact of homosexuality and recognize the need to accommodate homosexuals in society without going full retard with the notion that homosexuality and transsexuality are just as natural-normal, sane, healthy, and functional as real sexuality.

    Idealists always try to impose or graft their wish onto reality than work from actual reality, derive conclusions based on honest observation, and then formulate palliatives to the problems observed in reality.

    The only way idealism can work is with radical bio-engineering in the future.

    Prog idealists rail against eugenics, but their future might be possible only with something similar: eugenetics.

    The only way to make everyone equal is if scientists can toy with the genes of every person and rejig them to be equal in intelligence, looks, health, strength, etc. That wouldn’t be imposing the ideal but programming it into the core of the DNA.

    But unless such method is possible, leftist idealism is just fantastical imposition on reality than a development of solutions based on that reality.

    Equality can only be seeded from within, not imposed from without. But as the current left is fixated on sociology against biology, it still thinks it can achieve equality through more social policy.

    To an extent, even realists are idealists in that they want the good thing for everyone.

    People want to be smart and good-looking, and even realists understood the desire for such ideals.

    The difference is that realists accept the obvious fact that reality isn’t made of equally intelligent and equally beautiful people. So, if people want to strive for the ideal of higher intelligence and beauty, they can take some measures to be more mindful and more attractive… but they should not expect to be equal in IQ and looks with everyone else, especially the best.

    Radical idealism disagrees. It insists there can be and must be equality in intelligence and beauty. When reality doesn’t produce their desired results, they then turn to sophistry that says there are many kinds of intelligence and that even ‘dumb’ people are intelligent in other ways and that ‘ugly’ women are beautiful in their own way. That explains the Lena Dunham phenomenon.

    But then, so-called leftist idealists are not really into universality. After all, their disaffection always seems to favor certain groups over others. They are never concerned about all groups despite their universalist rhetoric.

    So, if blacks are underperforming in education, that is a great reason for concern.

    But if they are overperforming in sports, there is no complaint about their unequal superiority over others and the ‘unjust’ inferiority of non-blacks.

    And if Jews are overperforming in education and overrepresented in elite centers of power, there is no complaint whatsoever. Indeed, even the overrepresentation at Princeton wasn’t enough for Jewish groups. Though Jews are 2% of population and overrepresented as 10% of student body at Princeton, the complaint from Jewish groups was not that Jews were overrepresented but underrepresented.

    So, much of leftist idealism is really bogus and play loose according to ethnic opportunism.

    I mean how sincere are Jewish ‘leftists’ who profess to be about equality. If such idealism were truly to be achieved, then Jews who are 2% of the population would only make 2% of lawyers, 2% of doctors, 2% of media, 2% of academia, 2% of Hollywood, 2% of Silicon Valley, 2% of Wall Street, 2% of upper echelons of US government, 2% of lobbying power, and etc.

    Do ‘leftist’ Jews really desire such outcome where Jews are like everyone else? If that were so, a people who are 2% would only own 2% of everything.

    Complaint of inequality only plays out in US political and social discourse when certain favored groups are underrepresented in prestigious areas or fields.

    There is no bitching about how the Jewish minority is more represented in prestigious and privileged areas than Muslims are.

    And there is endless bitching about how blacks are underrepresented in everything from physics department at Cornell to quarterback positions in football.

    Those who bitch most about inequality are most unequal in their focus of complaints. The only people who matter in the equation are the favored groups, especially Jews, Negroes, and homos. And the other people who matter are the scapegoated group that is held responsible for all the inequality. And that means white folks. So, if there aren’t enough blacks in a certain area, don’t blame Jews and homos who may be vastly over-represented in that area. Just bring out the straight white male effigy and light it again.


  22. The funny thing is that Richard Spencer is rather alt-lit himself, homosexuality is part of White culture and even associate with manosphere homo Jack Donovan (at least Milo isn´t trying to mix homosexuality with masculinity).

    Anyone who calls Richard Spencer a White Supremacist and a Nazi is either completely dishonest or completely stupid, possibly both!
    Notice how he calling himself a classical liberal, just like those tranny cultural-marxists proclaiming that no communist governement was actually marxist.

    Hey… stop struggling Watson, stop struggling while we bog you!

    • Agreed. I find Spencer, Donovan, Johnson et al to be more subversive of White culture than obvious opportunists and enemies like Milo, Kikebart, Kike Pollock. It was the Spencer-types who opened the gates for the Milos, Kikes, fags.

  23. Prediction: Trump will not get re-elected if he stabs white people in the back.

    We are watching what he does.

  24. I don’t even blame Spencer.

    How was he to know there were some bumpkin Nazi LARPers in the audience who were going to get excited and perform Roman salutes for the cameras?

    Were these people collaborating with Alt-Lite figures to make Richard and NPI look dumb?

  25. It’s funny that the Alt-Right stupidly welcomed Cernovich, PJW, and Lauren Southern into the movement only to be betrayed by them, while vilifying loyalists such as Roosh.

      • You want to talk about a trap? Renegade people have exposed just how contrived the feminists are who Southern taunts. Which is to say, she’s almost certainly a paid op just like they are. This isn’t speculation, it’s been proven. Most of the ‘feminists’ Southern engages in her videos are paid to be there.

        She is as bad or worse. If you and other whites weren’t so ridiculously reactionary you’d see some of the obvious baiting going on.

  26. This happens in every movement. It isn”t the labels which define us, it is our handful of core principles. Hunter, I believe you wrote an essay about this very issue a few months ago.

    Also, I am a bit unhappy to see so much Alt Right investment in Trump. Trump is not and never has been one of us. Trump has done great good and will do more, but he is not the answer to anything. Denise the Celt, among others, was making that point more than a year and a half ago.

    I can pretty much guarantee that if Trump does turn out to be a miracle worker, half of his voters or more will happily go back to sleep.

  27. “He has a new book coming out in December about the Israeli psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky, The Undoing Project, who studied why people make bad decisions.”

    I don’t know about the authors’ theories, but I think most bad decisions are based on either instinct or ideology, though if ideology takes over a society, it can almost function as a kind of second-nature instinct, an ideolonct or ideonct.

    Instinct-driven bad decisions are usually connected to the pleasure principle or strong emotions. We can see this with people who eat too much sugary food even though they know it’s bad for them. Or people who won’t quit smoking even though tobacco is slowly killing them. Too much addictive pleasure. And too many guys go with bad women cuz of sexual attraction, and good girls often go with bad boys for same reason.

    But the reasons could be emotional too. If you have a personal animus toward someone, you might want to do things to ruin him(even if it ruins you too) than do things that is mutually beneficial to both of you. Revenge Principle is a strong emotion.

    Also, as humans are social animals, they instinctively want to be approved and liked. So, even if they think a certain proposal is bad, they may go along just to be part of the tribe.

    Also, most humans are followers than leaders, would-be-employees than employers. So, they tend to follow whoever is considered the Best or Top Dog.

    The instinct for approval and authority plays into Ideology-driven reasons for bad decisions. Most people follow whatever ideology that happens to be dominant.

    And all ideologies have its sacred truths and taboos.

    Under PC, what is called ‘hate speech’ is just Critical Speech. Even if you don’t call homos ‘f–s’, you will be called a ‘homophobe’ and hater if you are very critical of homo power and agenda. And even if you don’t wave the Nazi flag, don’t reject the Holocaust narrative, and don’t call Jews ‘k—s’, you will be denounced as a hateful ‘anti-Semite’ if you’re critical of Jewish power and Zionist agenda.

    While I support all free speech, I can see why some speech is considered especially ‘hateful’. Some people get a kick out of saying willfully offensive stuff about various peoples. But what is often called ‘hateful’ is merely critical without being mindlessly hostile and deranged. If anything, the most hateful passions are seen among the Progs who claim to oppose ‘hate’.

    If only mindlessly hateful speech were banned, it wouldn’t do much harm to the cause of truth. Even though I’m for total freedom of speech, I might concede the world might be a better place if people didn’t say such horrible stuff as you often find on the political fringe.

    But when critical speech is banned, there will be much social, moral, and intellectual damage since everyone has to tip-toe and skirt around the obvious and true, the very facts that are essential for better personal decisions and social policy.

    And who can deny that PC bans a whole host of critical speech regarding certain favored groups such as Jews, homos, and blacks? This ban on critical speech once almost destroyed Daniel Patrick Moynihan for stating the obvious about welfare and black families. And BLM is the result of such corruption. Since we can’t be honestly critical of black pathologies and realities, we have this surreal situation where we have to treat black bullies and thugs as the main victims of society.

    And Jewish Power, that used to be nearly synonymous with critical speech(against Wasp power), is now so utterly corrupt because it won’t tolerate critical speech about Jews and their influence.

    And when ideology is drummed into kids from a young age, a kind of epi-instinct or epinstinct develops within them. A lot of kids raised on PC have an almost knee-jerk quasi-instinctive reaction to any fact or truth that pricks their precious PC bubble. They bark like crazed dogs cuz they can’t handle the truth or they leap into the PC pond like frogs in fear of the truth that is seen as bogeyman.

    What they call ‘safe spaces’ isn’t for their physical safety. It’s to be protected from intellectual truth and critical thinking. They are like the Boy in the Plastic Mental Bubble. At least Travolta’s character wanted to come out of the bubble. Millennial snowflakes wanna hide.

    I think we need to have an understanding among all sides that it is possible to have different positions(based on emotions) but nevertheless acknowledge certain facts and truths.

    Positions are not entirely about facts. They are about emotions.

    The Zionist position is emotionally pro-Jewish regardless of facts that undermine Zionism.

    The Palestinian position is emotionally pro-Palestinians regardless of facts that undermine Palestinianism.

    Such positions are about tribal identity, sense of belonging, us and them, and etc. While they may be rooted in facts of history — Jews and Arabs have existed over centuries and have developed unique cultures — , one’s loyalty to a particular position is often personal and emotion-laden.

    People hold those positions rooted in emotions and passion, a sense of belonging and commitment(that not everyone in the tribe share but many do).

    In contrast, facts exist regardless one’s position. So, even a diehard Zionist should accept the fact that Palestinians were ethnically expelled and still live under Occupation in West Bank. That is a fact.

    And even a diehard Palestinian should acknowledge the fact that Palestinian terrorists have killed Jewish civilians just minding their daily business.

    But according to PC, positions determine facts and inconvenient facts must be dismissed. They are ‘hate facts’.

    So, since the PC position is ‘blacks are noble’, black thuggery is whitewashed with obfuscating terms like ‘teens’ and ‘youths’.

    And since PC says we must regard Jews as victims forever, even what is clearly Jewish power and privilege in places like Hollywood is just referred to as ‘white privilege’.

    Some people pay attention to Alt Right not necessarily for its positions. Some may not agree with or even be appalled by white identity movement or Alt Rights particular political or racial obsessions. But even non-Alt-Rightists sometimes realize that Alt Right is speaking far more honestly about the BARE FACTS of race, crime, intelligence, problems of diversity, homosexuality, sexual differences, and etc.

    It’s like I used to read The Nation not for its positions but for the facts it dug up about certain dark aspects of capitalism. Since every position tends to prefer facts that back up and justify that position, it’s good to survey other positions that dig up facts overlooked by other positions.

    The failure of MSM, especially since the end of the Cold War, has been its failure to expose and discuss the most consequential facts of power in America and the World. PC turns a blind eye to the sheer destructive power of black thuggery. It also turns a blind eye to all the reckless financial and foreign policy of globalism that is largely shaped by Zionists.

    Suppose someone is anti-Marxist, but the capitalist news he reads is filled with lies and lies. In contrast, suppose the Marxist news, though loathsome from a positional perspective, is more accurate in the reporting of economic facts. He may then read the Marxist news for the facts if not for its ideology.

    This is a valuable asset of Alt Right, and it shouldn’t turn it into its own brand of PC.


  28. ‘I’ve spent much of the last 24 hours defending Richard Spencer on
    Twitter. I say this is a strange place because we are on the opposite
    end of the Alt-Right. We’re populists, not elitists; Christians, not
    atheists; more downhome than fashy. We’re more likely to drive a pickup truck than to hail a cab with Uber.’


  29. Did the alt-right fall for the absurd MSM narrative that Trump is a white nationalist, fascist, xenophobe, nazi, racist, homophobe, and sexist? Are they abandoning him now because they see that Trump is none of these things?

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