TRUMP CUCKS: Donald Trump Condemns and Disavows The Alt-Right

I’ve already commented on this at length on Twitter.

“Asked directly about the event that was widely covered by the mainstream media, Trump replied, “I condemn them. I disavow, and I condemn. …”

It is fair to say that Trump has has created a major problem with his Alt-Right base. He was running out of disavowals before the election and with this move has finally exhausted his well of good will with his most fervent supporters.

Now, the Alt-Right is openly wondering why Trump hoisted the Rainbow flag and explicitly avowed the “LGBTQ community” at the Republican National Convention (he made a point to add the Q to LGBTQ), but disavows the people who actually voted for him and who stuck with him throughout the campaign. Why does Trump explicitly appeal to the black community, the Hispanic community, the LGBTQ community and the Jewish community, but has never once talked about the White community?

Is the White community no good? It was the White working class, not any groundwell of black and Hispanic support, which put Trump in the White House. Are we conserving the status quo? Are transsexuals and queers who voted for Hillary Clinton good, but the Alt-Right voters who supported Trump no good?

Note: White Nationalists voted en masse for Trump in both the primary and general election. There are many, many more White Nationalists than most people realize and they don’t usually vote. Ask Ted Cruz.

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  1. There is no victory if Trump stabs his base in the back. If anything, Trump could be the final nail in the coffin. If he throws his white base under the bus, this election was no more a historic victory than any of the congressional landslides handed to the Republics by the same base, and only proves that one 1% er can defeat another.

    • Todd, speaking as a Tarheel Confederate, we win either way.

      If he does what he said he would do, then Dixie is so much the better; and, if he don’t : say hello to full blown secession and or revolution.

      It’s a rare case in modern history where, no matter what happens, Southern Whites will win.

      Normally, no matter who gets elected and no matter what they do, we will lose.

      It’s nice to be on the opposite end of the street, for a change.

  2. Trump has disavowed this whole campaign rhetoric that put him into office. He wipes sweat as he says climatic control ain’t that bad. Well okay he is a New Yorker that’s a big minus for him. His after campaign shenanigans may be a new interpretation of the art of the deal. The left will still hate him after all he can’t change the color of his skin only his campaign rhetoric. He has now called the New York Times “a world jewel”. That says it all for me. They’ll still hate him.

  3. Perhaps we should not judge trump too harshly just yet. Wait until after he is in the white house and see what he says and does. Remember the electoral college. Members are apparently receiving death threats unless they vote against trump. Trump may be managing his way along here. No matter what trump will perform a needed service. If he defaults on promises then the gig is up and the govt of today is seen as terminally corrupt and the people will be wide awake. If he does what he promises he allows us to gather strentgh.

  4. WWIII, at best has been cancelled, at worst, postponed. That may be all we can expect, or hope for from Trump.

    • Yes, Mr. Owen – that is true. Moreover, I think Mr. Trump has already some might achievements to his credit :

      Democrat Party in shambles, Political Correctness damaged, Relationships with Russia already realigning, and the air – the actual air, in northeastern North Carolina, breathes and tastes better, now that he has been elected.

      It’s lost the totalitarian Bolshevik depressive qualities that President Obama injected into it – even down here, where we are knee deep in endless pine forests…

  5. Hitler had to disavow the SA and Ernst Rohm because they got too rowdy and threatened the coalition with respectable German conservatives.

    Hitler also distanced himself from Julius Streicher who was too extreme even for Hitler.

  6. Deplorable Doug ?? ?@N22PapaDelta
    Haley accepts Trump’s nomination to serve as UN Ambassador.

    Larry Schweikart ?@LarrySchweikart
    Clever move. Puts a critic in the Star Wars Cantina–a do nothing gig—while elevating a pro-Trump Lt. Gov in SC.

  7. Brad, I think you’re jumping the gun here. This was in the context of the UPI conference where they were giving “Heil” fives.

    I don’t think it’s reasonable to ask Trump to stick his face into those fan blades! You’re correct whites are his base, but for the vast, vast majority of white Trumpers, it’s just recognizing a long dormant sense of group identity. It is NOT a sign they’re ready to re-litigate WWII! Trump deserves a little more breathing room than this.

  8. The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

    Are we going to react to every appointment and news blurb like a bunch of Chicken Littles?

    He hasn’t even been inaugurated yet?

    He’s building a coalition. There are plenty of potential allies that hate him within the party that he needs to to get on his side to get things accomplished.

    Let Trump offer them some crumbs if we get the choice portions of the cake.

    Give him a minimum of 100 days before going apoplectic.

    If by then there has been no action on the wall and he has indeed backtracked on related issue.. then all bets are off.

  9. I really think the “single Jewish cause” played a large role in Trump’s rise in popularity with the alt right (as opposed to the average Trump voter). I really think alt right people thought that because he was financially independent, that he wouldn’t sell out like the other Presidents before him who promised to end nation building. I also think Trump’s sell out invalidates the single Jewish cause. I thought he was selling out for some time, but I didn’t want to give the election to the Gaddafi murdering Clinton. And I wanted to invalidate the single Jewish cause.

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