Trump’s Latest Picks: Ben Carson, Nikki Haley, Nancy DeVos


Ben Carson

I don’t have any objection to Ben Carson as HUD Secretary. I understand why he picked the soft-spoken black neurosurgeon. He was a Trump loyalist and that should count for something. Ben Carson was one of the few people who grew on me through the campaign. It’s hard to dislike the guy.

Nikki Haley

I have mixed feelings about this one.

I had been pulling for ambassador to India. I don’t care about the ambassadorships and I am not going to pretend to be upset she was appointed ambassador to the UN. It’s a small victory that she is leaving South Carolina and Lieutenant Governor Henry McMaster will replace her. That’s good.

At the same time, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Nikki Haley engineered the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from South Carolina. She was a Marco Rubio supporter. She denounced Trump in the Republican response to Obama’s State of the Union Address. She condemned Trump for his failure to disavow the KKK. Apparently, Nikki Haley is avowed by Trump and good now, but the Alt-Right is disavowed as no good.

Betsy DeVos

I can’t object to this appointment as a betrayal of Trump’s platform. We didn’t spend much time discussing education policy, but this is in line with what he said he would do.

Betsy DeVos though? Were White working class voters in Michigan voting for Dick and Betsy DeVos when Trump campaigned on his #DrainTheSwamp platform there? These two are kingpins of the the Republican donor class who refused to support Trump until he embraced the “opportunity agenda.” She lives in a 22,000 square foot mansion. These two were huge backers of Marco Rubio in the primary. Betsy DeVos is avowed now. The Alt-Right is “disavowed” and “condemned.” Does that sit right with you?

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  1. Trump made big promises during the campaign. World changing promises.

    He has to deliver now. The general election is over. Trump won and is the most powerful man in the world. He has a mandate.

    He can sit around and disavow the Alt-Right til the cows come home but he still has to get that wall up, start the deportations and the get the jobs back to America. He has to drain the swamp and rebuild America’s infrastructure.

    If he fails to get anything done and instead spends the next fours years denouncing the Alt-Right for the umpteenth time on PBS and spends lot of time & money dilly dallying in trying to make Detroit the new black paradise then he is going to have BIG problems, not from us but the rust belt and the rest of the country that voted for him.

    • He should literally kick the shit out of the next reporter who tries to hold him accountable for what Nazis say.

      • Exactly. My God, stop playing the media games with the disavowing and condemning and get in their face and call them frauds and liars and throw everything including the kitchen sink right back at them on prime time TV.

        Say, “I’m a busy man and don’t have time for this garbage, I got a country to make great again” and get up and walk out and everybody cheers. It is not like they have any credibility left with the American people. Instead we have Kelly Anne Conway complaining about how unfair it is for the media to blame Trump for Nazis. Of course they are unfair! That’s a newsflash? Gimme a break!

        Seriously, why does he feel the need to explain himself to Maggie Haberman of the NYT?

      • you are right. at this point, if he told any and all reporters from the jewish media with their loaded questions to simply ‘f–k off and drop dead’, americans would give him a standing O for half an hour.

    • ‘If he fails to get anything done and instead spends the next fours years
      denouncing the Alt-Right for the umpteenth time on PBS and spends lot
      of time & money dilly dallying in trying to make Detroit the new
      black paradise then he is going to have BIG problems, not from us but
      the rust belt and the rest of the country that voted for him.’

      You mean, if he governs like President Obama – platitudes and repressions, without discernible solutions or constructions.

  2. WHAT A GIFT! … Miss Nikki be taken away from the Carolinas.

    Perfect place to dump her – in The UN!

    God bless Trump!!!!!

    • Agreed. The Bindi Prostitute Nimrata’s appointment is actually funny. A Darky rent-seeking slag, sent to deal with other Darky rent-seeking slags. Sent off the sacred soil of SC. Hurrah!

        • It’s genius, Mr. Whitaker – not just because Williamette Tecumseh Nimroda Sherman is gone – but, for the reasons Miss Denise cogently states.

          I tell you : Mr. Trump may ‘disavow us all he wants, but, if he keeps helping out the Carolinas I ain’t gonnuh be addledone eentsy weentsy bit!

          • Yes, M’am, though there must, inevitably, be some failures, watching Mr. Trump makes me think he has a near perfectly seasoned approach – a combination of developt intuition and highly ripened technique.

            Why do I say this?

            #1. He is very clear about what he wants.

            #2. He is comfortable in charge – has nothing to prove; and, being secure with that, listens well and is always evaluating anew – including a willingness to make use of enemies, if that is what must be.

            #3. He only seems to care to find a solution – is not inflexibly bound to a particularly methodology, other than in finding what works for the particular situation.

            #4. His judgement (something that cannot be schooled, researcht, or given) seems very very sharp.

            In my experience, if you know what you want, are comfortable with yourself, flexible about how you find what can help you on your path, and persist, you will, in the end, meet with success.

            Watching him, from way out here, I think his methods are vastly superior to any other president-elect I’ve seen.

            Happy Thanksgiving!

          • I’m inclined to agree. Discussion of Haley, of whom I know little, prompted me to do a quick Google search of UN ambassadors. Jiminy Crickets!, what a cavalcade of clowns. At least lately, we’ve posted John Bolton, Susan Rice, Samantha Power…This latest posting may be of a kind.

      • Good point, Miss Denise. I sure should have thought of that, myself, but, I was so wrappt up in my joy at seeing the backside of her, I could not think straight!

        Anyway, that’s why you get the big bucks – you keep your eye on the bottom line.

        Happy Thanksgiving, M’am!

    • Nikki Haley managed to make the Confederate Flag even more popular which in a twisted way I thank her for. Now I see them everywhere so I think it blew up in her face. Which was a pyrrhic victory for Southern Nationalists but I actually believe a VICTORY Nonetheless

  3. Off topic but I just thought of it. Any movement made on an OD meet up in DC? I know I’m a new commenter but I’d love to at least stop by for a sec and say hi if yall dont mind.

  4. Chief Strategist Bannon, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the TPP going down. Those are three **tentative** decisions that show some seriousness about implementing a civic nationalist/populist (not alt right or WN) agenda. Everything else Trump has done so far is ambiguous to troublesome.

    • Ambiguity is good.

      The game has to be played at a higher level now, the other side is no longer phoning it in.

    • The first three things you mentioned are actually earth-shattering politically. They are all being fought tooth and nail. You have to give this non-Alt-Right white man some credit.

  5. Maybe Trump gave those dubious characters relatively minor posts in his government as a way of keeping an eye on them. At any rate, HUD and the Dept of Education need to be abolished. The US should withdraw from the UN and tell them to get the hell out of their headquarters on the East River. Trump International can then redevelop that property into something profitable.

  6. DeVos in addition to being from the donor class globalist establishment is PRO common core. It looks like betrayal on the common core issue.

    • She is claiming she is not. I saw some people on twitter who said they were from Michigan and she was for common core.

      The official position though directly from her is that she is not for common core. We’ll see.

      • The Common Core issue with her is hard to pinpoint at the moment.

        What I’m worried about is how zealously will she push the school choice and voucher programs…

        And will DeVos attempt to weaken or dismantle the Department of Education at any point in the future?

        • A Tarheel can only hope, Mr. Cicero, that Ms. DeVos will ‘dismantle’ the Dept of New England Government Youth Indoctrination.

          They’ve been destroying Southerners long enough with their anti-Southron, anti-White histories and their ever-changing ‘scientifick’ lores…

    • No, Mr. Lew. To get the post she had to agree to ‘disavow’ ‘Common Core’.

      That’s standard for all cabinet members, who are known for a different agenda than that which the president-elect, who hires them, is advocating…

  7. Ben Carson at HUD is another very poor and possibly troubling appointment by Trump. The Department of Housing and Urban Development is the executive branch department that controls the implementation of housing law and numerous housing regulations. With the right person at HUD — a Kobach or a Sessions type — a lot of section 8 and other housing regs that inflict very severe damage on white neighborhoods could be rolled back. Now, that is not likely to happen. Limiting the impact of section 8 and other housing rules in white neighborhoods is not likely to be a priority for Carson, who, let’s face it, is only there because he is black. He doesn’t know anything about housing policy. This might be Trump’s initial foray into rebuilding the inner cities. I can see Carson making the circuit into black cities.

    • Have you listened to Carson? Honestly, only a conservative black person can probably effect change at HUD. We will see, but I don’t see Carson’s conservative credentials in question anywhere. I’d like all alt-right white folks too, but that’s not realistic.

    • Trump will scour the best real estate of negroes. Just like he did with bits of Manhattan.

    • Ha ha, I liked Postmaster General, somewhere he can’t do any damage. The Post Office is so f’ed up already he would never be noticed. Head of HUD he’s sure to keep section 8 chasing down more White areas.

    • I had that instinct, too, Mr. Owen, but, it’s better he tries to figure out how to inspire his race to leave The New England Government slave shacks, than formulate policies on where prophylacticks ought be handed out.

      It’s another wry move.

  8. Anyone know if Anthony Weiner is still at Recovery Ranch here in TN? I hear Trump is looking to reach across party lines and select his new Secretary of Grab’em By The Pussy. Weiner would be a natural fit.

      • Sir, you need to ease up on the line, and just let the fish run with it, a bit.

        You are holding on too dang tightly.

        Mr. Trump has in mind what he wants to do, and you well know what it is.

        Know that he is no fool. If someone agrees to implement his policies, and if he finds them amenable to it, he will choose to give them a chance.

        If they contravene him, in any way, you will see them fired, just like on his show.

        I’ve said this to other highly intelligent and highly idealistick young men, such as yourself, and I’ll say it to you : one cannot govern without those who know where the levers of power are and how to pull them.

        Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton tried, in their first terms, to govern with unconnected outsiders, from their own states; and, in the case of the first, it was such a disaster he was roundly defeated, and, in the case of the second, only his native political genius kept him from being destroyed. As it was, his tomfoolery led to the rise of his enemy : the first Republican Congress (1994) in some 65 years.

        So, as Miss Denise says ;’ just lay back and have some faith’.

        No, matter what happens, Sir, we are a thousand times better off than we would be if Miss Hillary were on her diabolical way…

        • Thank you. Trump is far from perfect, but overall, his Presidency will be far better for EVERY-ONE. Hillary would have killed us all.

          • Thank you, M’am. Short of secession, and a reconfederation of these here 50 states, President Trump IS the ticket.

            Ain’t no two ways about it.

            And, yes, M’am – Miss Hillary would have gotten us all killt – some of us killt fightin’ for her, an’ thee rest o’ us gittin’ killt tryin’ to keel her!

            As it stands, she is STILL trying to win the election!


            Now, as I have just eaten two plates of my wife’s perfect Thankgiving dinner, I am retiring to the den, where I will confront the spectre of our cat trying to stalk me, as I try to relax in the recliner.

          • A thousand times yes. Good grief, the man hasn’t even been inaugurated yet. As another poster stated recently, any time you get dejected, just repeat to yourself “President Hilary Rodham Clinton.” Works like a tonic.

    • There is a disconnect here, Dear Celestial.

      You misunderstood what Mr. Trump meant by ‘draining the swamp’

      He did not mean that he would conduct a Torquemado like inquisition to exptirpate the previous administrators, or a Jewish like ‘denazification of Germany’. No, Celestial, he did not mean that.

      What Mr. Trump meant, by that, was that he would remove all those blocking his plans to implement the welfare of the people.

      If they would agree to help him implement it, then, by his judgement, they are no longer ‘impediments to the swamp, thus, they do not need to be removed.

      That’s what he meant, or, at least, that is how I took him.

  9. Uniting the party is not a dumb move, proceed as a normie and let the Coalition of the Ascending make the mistakes.

    As far as white nationalists go, Trump is givong us time to Professionalize. Lawrence Murray is consistently articulating Partition over at Atlantic Centurion. If we all got on a consistent message (remember Horace the Avenger?!) we could actually make hay while the sun shines.

    Let’s use this weekend past as an impetus to get focused and get better.

  10. DeVos is just another politician who thinks you can put 10 pounds in a 5 pound bag.

    I would have like to have seen Trump appoint an education professional who was willing to deal with the reality of IQ, emotional IQ, and the various educational problems encountered in dealing with our large and growing underclass.

    Many of these charter schools are for profit rip-offs often operated by immigrants looking to make a quick buck in America. Trump knows this, I among others warned him that many of these charter schools couldn’t stand up under serious investigation. What’s he do, but, appoint a queen of multi-level marketing as our nation’s top educator.

    • And it’ going to be a train wreck! YAY! Multi Cult Madness must DIE of it’s own weight! Dillentante DeVos , Grande Dame DooGooder, is just the gal to make that happen!

      • Public Ed, and much private as well, is already a train wreck. Its first priority is inculcating White guilt and self hatred into White kids and encouraging White hatred in the niggers and muds. Any “education” that comes along is incidental and in a dumb downed form. Throwing more money and resources into an anti-White system isn’t going to fix it.
        Yes, it must die of its own weight before any real improvements can be made. Trump said he wanted every child to have a bright future. Did he include White children?

        • Yes. Trump was the only figure running for POTUS that does not want to exterminate White children. That’s why he won.

          • Have you seen Ivanka’s natural nose? Talk about jewish-looking. Ivana is at least part jewish, it’s a different look in some parts of eastern europe, depending. His sons could be considered jewish. Have any of his oldest three kids married non-jews?

            I’m with Celestial. That Kool-Aid has some powerful psychedelics.

          • I don’t know. But so far all three of Ivanka’s kids are jews, as are Don, Jr.’s. Tiffany is dating a jew. I don’t know what Eric’s wife is.

            Jared Kushner’s father was of the slimiest of jews. He actually tried to blackmail his brother in law by setting him up with a prostitute and filming it. He was tight with the slime McGreevey in NJ and went to jail for various white collar crime.

            I continue to be shocked at how selective the supposed jew-wise on here are. It’s appalling, really.

  11. I’m sure that Jared Taylor, Kevin Mac Donald and others, including myself could have given Trump a short list of published professional educators who understand the reality of IQ, and what’s being called by some emotional IQ in dealing with the many real problems of education today. Instead, Trump picks a queen of multi-level Ponzi scheme marketing as Secretary of Education.

      • I understand that Trump has powerful and deadly enemies, the Jew/marxist/socialist-communists, the Pope & Roman Catholic Church, and people with more money than brains like this DeVos woman.

        • Yes, Mason/Dixon – and The New England Government proxy media, and the academick institutions, and Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, The entire Brussels baset EU parliament. and the looney left states of The Far West, and the entire Rothschild banking system, and God only knows how many international global corporate conglomerates, and The Saudis, and The Chinese – all, who, to varying styles and extents, are rightfully threatened by him.

      • Trump is not involved with White politics. He’s never had to deal with the BRA, in a meaningful way. Trump loved, expects, and DEMANDS results. Think of Trump and the BRA engagement, that’s coming, as a wonderful adventure we can enjoy. FYI – OUR job is to keep saying, “We TOLD you so”. So Trump is not a 1488 Nazi right now. WAAAAHHH!!! WAAAHHH WAAAAHHH! . Let’s see what the next year brings to us….

        • You already have a train wreck, and it’s the reason your property taxes are so high. If you pay property taxes? Often you end up paying local income taxes in addition to support and service your non-White population on a local & county level.

          • Don’t caution me about taxes. Our little locale is being wrecked by confiscatory taxation. Hell is breaking loose. DeVos is not going or fix anything. She’s only going to make things worse. Goos. The Department of Education Depravity must be DEMOLISHED. I long to witness Socialite DeVos dealing with the Roiling, Howling Dark Hordes. Wait til she has to report back to Emperor Trump. Wait til HE must FACE Racial Reality.
            Stock up on the popcorn. And KEEP SAYING, “We White Racists TOLD YOU SO”. Tell MacDonald and Taylor to call and write to Emperor Trump There will plenty of advisory slots, waiting to be filled……..

        • ‘Trump is not involved with White politics.’

          That, M’am, is exactly what I have been trying to tell my White Nationalist friends, but, they ain’t been listening.

          Trump does NOT think racially, except in the primitive sense of addressing constituencies.

          The only way Trump thinks of people is : do I like them or do they like me? If they do like me, I’ll be nice, if ‘n they don’t, I won’t.

          Complex creature that he is, in this way he is the soul of simple.

          One thing is for sure – a lot of people like seeing Mr. Trump as racist, not just on the Alt-Right, but, on The Left.

          They see what they want to see, as is their right.

      • ESL (English as a Second Language) is a whole other can of worms. You won’t see the charter schools/private schools having to tackle that problem on anything, but, a tiny scale. I’m sure Mrs. DeVos has some multi-level ideas on that too.

      • Unions are part and parcel of the problem.

        In Milwaukee it’s almost impossible to fire incompetent teachers.

        The union is comprised of radical leftists.

      • The Trumpmeister beats up on his alt-right supporters, and, Jared Taylor and Kevin MacDonald are two prominent leaders of the alt-right who supported and praised Trump. Both Taylor and MacDonald have written extensively on educational topics, intelligence and genetics.

        • Trump did not “beat up on us”. The JEW-created kerfuffle means nothing. Why are we tough White Nazis such fragile little Fluffy Bunnies? We are FINALLY making National Headlines. Trump has NEVER had to deal with any racial issues, in a public, political, REAL way. He will be dealing with ALL the Racial Realities, NOW.

          I know a person who worked for him, directly. Trump is not a racist. We KNEW this. But he expects and demands RESULTS.

          PLEASE let this sink in.

          Trump expects and demands RESULTS.

          Trump expects and demands RESULTS

          Trump expects and demands RESULTS

          What do you think is gonna happen when all Trump tries to continue the program of the Jew Multi Cult Nation Wrecking, when he is working diligently to Make America Great Again?
          We just have to be there, waiting….and pushing our agenda, all the while. Come on! This is going to be fun!

          • I’m not. YOU are a defeatist. We did not get to the edge of racial extinction overnight, and we aren’t going to live the 14 Words overnight, either.
            Trump is not and never was our Saint George. Why does any-one think this? The REAL battle is just beginning.

          • I’m a Realist. I don’t pray to GodTrump. You’re trying to find a silver lining at all costs when it’s much easier to just see Trump for what he is and accept the fact that he only said what he had to say to win. He paved the way for someone else to come along who is actually pro-White and who has more integrity and sincerity when it comes to doing what he says he’s going to do.

            In any other situation you would be connecting the dots and trying to find any link to Jews. Trump is pretty much married into the Tribe, so why are you all of a sudden so eager to cast aside the heavy Jewish connection? You’ve convinced yourself it’s tactical and strategical blindness. I think it’s desperation.

          • There is a young son that he has with a Slavic woman you know.

            Could be him thinking like William Conqueror with his third son Henry Beauclerc.

            England was given to son 2 Rufus, Normandy to son 1 Curthose and Henry inherited $5,000. Who became master?

          • Again, why are you so eager to cast aside concrete proof of Trump’s very cordial Jewish/Israel relationship when you always go out of your way to link anything and everything bad to Jews and those who kowtow to Jews?

          • I promote amity with anyone who isn’t trying to kill me. I usually treat people on an individual basis. As a general rule I tend to not turn amicability or indifference into hostility.

            But what does that have to do with Denise’s complete 180 on the issue of Jewish connections?

          • People are still being gaslighted by the press. Trump knows all this stuff.

            Get him sworn in and he is going to take sweet revenge on these (((allies))).

            Sounds like you found a little faith here. The black pill doesn’t suit you.

          • Thank you. Chris 313 called him a buffoon, in way over his head. Chris was wrong about him being a buffoon. Trump is anything but. Trump did jump into water way over his head. He’ll “surface” just fine.
            Did any-one imagine Trump would throw the Roman Salute, and shout Heil Hitler, when he’s sworn into office? That would be my ideal scenario – but I’m not holding my breath. I won’t be disappointed if this doesn’t happen, either.

          • Like you want him to? You can look at comments on the issue of the Clintons. Keep her under house arrest in a house in the Hamptons. Kill off their second tier of leaders.

          • Trump has powerful and deadly enemies, like the Jew/marxist/socialist-communists, the Pope & Roman Catholic Church, and people with more money than brains like this DeVos woman.

          • Demanding results, the saving grace. Trying to “fix” once again a failed system is like beating a dead horse, something only fools and madmen do.

          • ‘Why are we tough White Nazis such fragile little Fluffy Bunnies?’


            I always admire real Prussians!; and, if one has ever known any, one can never mistake them – as they get down to the task at hand, are unyielding, and never feel sorry for themselves – either in private, and especially or in publick.

            The whole Prussian state of mind is summed up by a quote from Frederick The Great, speaking to his reluctant elite troops, at the Battle of Koslin…

            ‘Rascals, would you live forever?’

  12. You don’t care about the ambassadorships? Somebody does. Weren’t more than half of Bill Clinton’s ambassadors kikes?

  13. We’ve got to reach out to the moderates, and disavow the fascists. If we punish our enemies and reward our friends, then we lose. Cucking requires real strength. We need to be the alphacucks, and humbly submit to those we defeated.

    • The Fascists are on the left. they always have been on the left. We should not submit to those we defeated, that is what they want and that is not what we should give them

  14. Former Democratic Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. is emerging as a possible contender for transportation secretary, or another Cabinet post, in Donald Trump’s budding administration.

  15. Mr. Trump has not even began to disavow the Whites who voted for him yet. It looks like once again I voted for the lesser of two evils.

  16. I pretty much agree with Hunter all all these appointments with the exception of Betsy DeVos who’s a Libertarian type “voucher” person.

    90% plus of these “voucher” types are targeted on “helping” inner city Blacks escape dysfunctional, violent all Black inner city public schools. Forced busing didn’t work, so the likes of Milton Friedman, Jack Kemp and Rand Paul came up with this “voucher” idea so Blacks could attend better private schools.

    But, the reality is that White parents take the time and expense to send their children to private schools to escape these dangerous, low IQ Black students so if you give them vouchers these same students will be terrorizing the White students in the private school.

    It’s a variation of the “magic dirt” theory of immigration where supposedly dysfunctional Bantu Somalian Africans will become just like Nordic Swedes if they are allowed to migrate to the magic dirt of Sweden.

    Plus the education pick is all about “economics” when what was clearly needed was a counter revolutionary tough White guy Education Secretary who would take on the entire corrupt Lib Left Education system – it’s the cultural marxist’s Left turf.

    With this pick Trump puts the word out that Conservatives are focused on better ways to pay for education to get more access for poor students to go to Yale and Univ of Cal Berkeley.

    No – I don’t like this pick, never choose a girl to do a man’s job.

    • Yep. I’ve seen the “voucher” type shit in action. It’s abused to make it a sort of reverse engineering of White Flight. We just can’t have those White kids taking their good grades and good manners to another school. That’s racist!

      • Get some non lunatics in the federal courts, which I believe Trump will try to do. And at the same time, the states need to start telling the federal bench to bleep off when they over step their authority.

  17. Looks like Trump is going to appoint Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary. No, Wilbur is not a Jew, but, like Trump he has spent a lot of time around members of the tribe. Wilbur’s parents sent him to an exclusive Jesuit prep school, but, it’s not real clear if one, or either of his parents was a Papist. Not that many years ago, the Catholic Church would not marry a couple unless the non-Catholic party swore to raise the Children as Roman Catholics. Some Roman Churches even required the Protestant party to convert to Catholicism.

    Wilbur is a clear, straight line thinker.

    My opinion, Trump made a good choice in Wilbur Ross.

  18. No serious person expected Donald Trump to come in with an alt right agenda for the administration. Despite Jewry’s paranoia and lying, as ever the great masters of the lie, Donald Trump is not alt right and never has been. He exploited us for energy and fanaticism, and we exploited him for exposure. Fine. Politics is a dirty business. Let’s move on.

    Serious people did reasonably expect him to be a different kind of Republcan, however, and do what he campaigned on: implementing a national populist agenda that rejects the GOP donor class agenda and political correctness.

    So far he has tentatively appointed Bannon, Sessions and Theil to key positions and killed the TPP. Trump also got Ford to keep one production line in Kentucky that wasn’t going to cause job loss when it moved to Mexico anyway. I call these outcomes *tentative* because nothing has happen yet. Trump may yet be cowed into dropping Sessions or Bannon. But that’s it. That’s what the populist wing has gotten so far.

    The donor wing and establishment cucks that shit all over him and his supporters have gotten more than the populist wing that put him there. So far. There is ample reason to be concerned.

    • Thank you. I’ve been shocked at the shift in people towards believing Trump is an end as opposed to a means. Had I realized how much people were willing to invest in him as some transformative figure, I wouldn’t have voted for him. His campaign was transformative but from hereon out he as president will only be holding the door somewhat open AT BEST.

      It could be the exact opposite that we’re in for.

      Either way, whites will have to forge that transformation.

  19. I’m more concerned about Trump moving toward a traditional GOP agenda of tax cutting and deregulation than I am the disavowals.

  20. People – it’s up to US to push our Cause. Trump is not Saint George. Stop whining and pouting. We have a chance. And it’s up to us to take it.

  21. Trump ran as an American nationalist, not a white nationalist. It is hard to tell whether Republican voucher magic believers truly believe in the equality of the races. All of them use their wealth to insulate themselves from black crime and misbehavior. Newt Gingrich has been announcing that Trump will transform Detroit and Baltimore. Gingrich belongs to the Jack Kemp/Rand Paul wing of the Republican party which has blinders about race.

    • Translating Newt, it means GOP donor-class connected businesses and corporations are at the ready to profit from contracts/tax credits to build out Detroit/Balt. Black-owned businesses will get a cut via affirmative action and quotas. The kind of non-rich white person who drove Trump into office will likely get little or nothing from this portion of Trump’s plan.

  22. Nikki Haley should be selling slurpees at a 7/11 in Greenville, but her appointment to the UN is fine by me. Gets her out of SC.

  23. Trump gave a job with very real power over white neighborhoods to Carson. HUD, again, controls all US housing policy/regs.

  24. Betsy de Vos reminds me of Mark Zuckerberg’s stunt promising $100 million to the Newark NJ publicschools. I believe it was a 5 year commitment so $100 million over 5 years, not all at once. Big push for charter schools. New Jersey taxpayers put $1 billion every year into the Newark public schools.

    We have 31 “Abbott” school districts (that was a case before the NJ Supreme Court) that get the lion’s share of state school money. There are 586 school districts in the state. The politicians won’t stand up to it because they like it that way. I believe its over $35,000/yr per child in Asbury Park, one of the Abbotts.

    Long story short, no miracle in the Newark public schools resulted from Mark Zuckerberg’s money. Here in Jersey, local taxpayers fight charter schools in the areas with good schools because it costs the taxpayers more. You can’t make economies of scale taking a few kids each out of a lot of public schools. How are they going to restrict the charter schools to black kids (the intent, even if its not said in so many words.)

    Trump offered black America a deal: “Give me chance. I will fix it.” Well, they didn’t vote for him; they didn’t take the deal. They went like 90% for Clinton. They’ll go 90% for the Democrat in 2020. I discount most of what he says about black areas by about 90%.

  25. Getting Nikki Haley out of SC was great. Henry McMaster is a good guy. The Confederate battle flag will return. Patience.

    • The time has come to consider an appropriate location for the Confederate flag. I’m confident the General Assembly will do the right thing revisiting this issue with respect and thoughtful consideration of all South Carolinians’ views. The compromise agreement of 2000 was considered historic progress; perhaps we can do even better.

      —Henry McMaster, June 23, 2015

  26. Well I will say this, Trump already did his service to me, he severely wounded the Political Correct Cow, now we have to slay it once and for all. The wall has been breeched men, go through the hole

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