Trump’s Picks: Rex Tillerson and John Bolton for State

If the reports circulating this weekend are true, Donald Trump has picked Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson to be Secretary of State:

“WASHINGTON — Rex W. Tillerson, the chief executive of Exxon Mobil, whose extensive deal-making for the energy giant has plunged him into global politics from Yemen to Russia, is expected to be offered the secretary of state post this weekend by President-elect Donald J. Trump, according to two people close to Mr. Trump’s transition team.

Mr. Tillerson has close ties with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, whom he has known for more than two decades. Russia awarded Mr. Tillerson its Order of Friendship in 2013, the year before Washington’s relationship with Moscow was plunged into a deep freeze over Russia’s annexation of Crimea and its shadow war in eastern Ukraine. …”

I’m relieved it wasn’t Mitt Romney, but …

1.) We don’t know much about Rex Tillerson’s political views. We only know for certain that he is a strong supporter of Common Core which is irrelevant at the State Department and that he doesn’t like energy regulations. Otherwise, Rex Tillerson is a mystery pick without much of a record who could turn out any number of ways.

2.) We do know that Rex Tillerson is a typical Texas energy corporate executive. We know he is a Business Roundtable man. So there is that.

3.) The Lügenpresse is making hay out of Tillerson’s ties to Russia. He was awarded the Order of Friendship by Vladimir Putin. This, however, proves nothing about Rex Tillerson’s politics. The oil majors have always done business in authoritarian countries: Russia, Libya, Algeria, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, South Sudan, Nigeria, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Venezuela, etc.

4.) If it is true that John Bolton is going to be Deputy Secretary of State, we dodged a bullet but the king of the neocons is still going to be the second most important voice at the State Department. That’s nothing to celebrate. In fact, it is alarming that John Bolton is anywhere near the State Department after Iraq.

Finally, there is this … the fact that Trump’s victory has produced a single nationalist/populist Cabinet pick, Sen. Jeff Sessions, who has been in the Senate for the last 20 years. Sessions is the closest thing to an “outsider.”

This is the current breakdown of the Reince Revolution:

Conventional Republicans

Vice President Mike Pence
Deputy Secretary of State John Bolton
Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt
Deputy National Security Adviser KT McFarland
CIA Director Mike Pompeo

Establishment Republicans

Chief of Staff Reince Preibus
Secretary of the Interior Cathy McMorris Rodgers
UN Ambassador Nikki Haley
Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao


Secretary of Homeland Security General John Kelly
National Security Adviser Lt. General Michael Flynn
Secretary of Defense General James Mattis

Wall Street/Finance

Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin
Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross

Major Republican Donors

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos
Deputy Secretary of Commerce Todd Ricketts

Corporate CEOs

Secretary of State – Rex Tillerson (Exxon Mobil)
Business Advisory Council – Stephen Schwarzman (Blackstone Group)
American Manufacturing Council – Andrew Liveris (Dow Chemical)
National Economic Council – Gary Cohn (Goldman Sachs)
Secretary of Labor – Andrew Puzder (CKE Restaurants)
Small Business Council – Linda McMahon (WWE)


Chief Strategist Steve Bannon
Attorney General Jeff Sessions

The only two names that stand out on this list are Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon (and maybe you could argue Michael Flynn), but everyone else could have just as easily been in the Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney Cabinet.

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  1. It should be a major red flag that Trump picked an oil CEO as secretary of state knowing the history of Bush/Cheney/Rice. It’s an even bigger red flag that Trump spoke of “taking the oil” from ISIS. Trump seems to be positioning himself to invade Iraq again.

    Now as I stated in the last thread, the people who formed the alt right used to ban and purge people who suggested that oil played a role in the Iraq war. To them it was denying Jewish culpability. I see this as settling an old argument. This doesn’t mean that I deny that Jews wrote a clean break.

    • I’m not concerned about Tillerson. I am concerned about John Bolton, and what Tillerson will do when Bolton starts slipping State Department information to Jew Israel?

      From what I’ve read Bolton will be running the day-to-day operations of the State Department.

      • I knew Trump would sell out and I knew his “god emperor” supporters would look dumb. But he’s exceeded my expectations.

        Same with Obama. I knew Obama would sell out the Michael Moore fan club. But he exceeded it.

        In neither case is this good for the country or the world, but at least I wasn’t naive.

        • He hasn’t even taken office yet. Him picking an oil man doesn’t disturb me in the least. Oil is leverage on the world stage. Economies are dependent on oil.

          • Your statements may be within reason if Trump didn’t keep saying that our flaw in Iraq was “we didn’t take the oil.” Combine that with he’s going to “knock out” ISIS. Finally, his pro-Russian alliance only makes it easier for him to invade Iraq and Syria, because he can use it to say he’s not intending to target Assad but just ISIS. But he can flip flop on that too. There are sunnis who are opposed to ISIS, but with Trump putting the US directly in there, those Sunnis will realign to support ISIS.

          • Assuming that he is considering an actual invasion, which I have not seen any mention of.

            When did Trump say he would invade?

            Edit: You may be correct though. Choosing Bolton definitely increases the chances of an invasion.

          • It was one of my “beefs” with Trump in the early stages of the campaign. He was on morning joe and essentially making policy statements on the fly to banter with the reporters. One of the statements was that he would send 10,000 troops in there maybe more.

            Here is a clip of him saying that essentially it would be one of his first orders of business and he would send 30,000 to 40,000 troops.

          • When Trump slammed the war in Iraq to take down Jeb Bush, I thought it was great. At that point I though Trump might be Pat Buchanan material (which is as good as we’ll get in electoral politics). But then I listened to the nuances and I realized his stance also said we shouldn’t have left and should have took the oil. Combine this with the fact it’s proven that Trump changed his mind on Iraq (Howard Stern) and Libya as well. Also, the fact that Obama and George W Bush both capitalized on isolationist sentiment during campaigning, but governed as regime change artists.

          • ‘When Trump slammed the war in Iraq to take down Jeb Bush, I thought it
            was great. At that point I though Trump might be Pat Buchanan material’ …

            Mr Trump is not anti-war nor an isolationist.

            He only objects to war when it is a bad deal.

            Mr. Trump has one governing principle, in all affairs – make a good deal.

          • I don’t have an issue with securing areas within Syria and Iraq to house refugees that would end up in the US or Europe. If that takes 10,000 troops, so be it.

            I just don’t want to see “spreading democracy”. I’d hope he backs tyrants that can control the locals and stop the flow of refugees.

          • Here’s how it would actually unfold. We send a token force; 40,000 troops are just sitting ducks, with no offensive punch. They start getting killed, and now Trump has to double down or lose face. What does John “seven countries in five years” Bolton advise? What does Exxon Mobile want?

            Refugees start INCREASING as this is a weapon the Sunnis are willing and able to use.

            This is why we need to get back on the ordered liberty (Ron Paul) + white nationalism formula, because these people will defame us and we don’t have time for an infinite string of redos.

          • I doubt their rules of engagement under Trump would render them “sitting ducks”.

            At this point Trump can not just ignore the Middle East. When Bush left office the situation was far better.

            It will take some form of aggression to pacify the savages. Undoing Obama’s foreign policy will not be easy.

          • Or leverage. Our best bet is to drill our own oil. Saudi Arabia was nothing before the British set up their oil industry. And a deal was struck with them in the 70’s for the US to control their oil in return for huge infrastructure projects they were incapable of doing on their own.

            If they see a future where we no longer need them or their oil, they will fall in line.

          • You might recall the TV drama “Dynasty” from the 80s; one of the major plot lines was the fight to control fracking in the Dakotas. We’ve always had the oil, the Deep State just wants to use other people’s oil first.

          • One other thing: Trump spoke of establishing “safe zones” in Syria and Iraq. It could be a prelude of a limited involvement in tandem with Russian forces using their (Syrian and Iraqi) oil to fund the program?

          • What a total disaster that would be. End game scenario possible there – nuclear war type shit and massive terror strikes across the West especially in Europe.

          • Well, I’m of the opinion that at least in the United States (not necessarily the broader white world) if the pendulum ever swings back the other way, its over. Brown Out will be rapid and irreversible.

            The only reason Americans elected a black muslim named Hussein 7 years into a “war on terror”, was to flee from the hell of the Bush GOP.

            Trump barely won. It wont take much of a swing to paralyze him in office then throw him out in 4 years.

          • The way things are going in this country there is no way to predict if there will even be another election in 4 years. Or another President!

        • I hoped for the best. Trump said the right things but it looks bad. One thing I have said several times that if he isn’t on our side he would be dangerous. Maybe Stalin or Hitler type dangerous and that may be fear mongering and be completely wrong but it wouldn’t do not to consider the possibility that the country has really fucked up and even Hillary would have been better. He really scares me. His picks are in no way geared towards helping Whites.

    • Another point is that the reason Clinton had Gaddafi killed is because Gaddafi was going to create a new currency and turn away from the West. Clearly the US funds revolutions in and invades countries that don’t play by its business rules. Clearly Trump is aligning himself with people who fit the narrative of that motus operandi.

    • I don’t have a problem with securing Iraqi oil.

      The Iraq war was not fought for a single reason. The Jews also benefit by controlling oil.

  2. You Forgot Again: Stephen Schwartzman is the Chairman of Trump’s Business Advisory Council.

    Schwartzman is the Chairman of the various Blackstone financial groupings, and a very greasy Jew.

  3. (((Jennifer Rubin))):

    Friends and associates said few U.S. citizens are closer to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin than Mr. Tillerson, who has known Mr. Putin since he represented Exxon’s interests in Russia during the regime of Boris Yeltsin.

    “He has had more interactive time with Vladimir Putin than probably any other American with the exception of Henry Kissinger,” said John Hamre, a former deputy defense secretary during the Clinton administration and president of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington think tank where Mr. Tillerson is a board member.

    In 2011, Mr. Tillerson struck a deal giving Exxon access to prized Arctic resources in Russia as well as allowing Russia’s state oil company, OAO Rosneft, to invest in Exxon concessions all over the world. The following year, the Kremlin bestowed the country’s Order of Friendship decoration on Mr. Tillerson.

    Gulp. Oh, and he publicly spoke out against sanctions against Russia.

    So why in the world would Trump be considering this guy? Maybe the people-pleaser Trump is trying to butter up whoever recommended Tillerson. That said, his nomination would be a disaster, one that could enrage anti-Russia hawks in both parties and anger both climate-change believers and deniers. In short, the only person who would like this nomination would be — you guessed it — Putin.

    • Jennifer Rubin is likely surprised that the largest energy corporation in the world does business in “authoritarian” countries like Russia. That’s the punditry for you though … people who don’t know shit about anything.

      • it could be surprise, but it could just as easily be stretching the truth to apply pressure. She was critical of Rand Paul earlier for his (in my opinion more genuine) isolationist stances and backing McCain, Lindsay Graham etc. She fears the US will “only” target ISIS, not both Assad and ISIS. I’ll be critical if the US even targets ISIS (because Trump made it clear he’s after oil, not team tactics to restore the Ba’ath regime).

      • Armand Hammer did a lot of business with the old Russia, too :-))

        The CEO’s of many international firms are globalists to the core.

        Why do you think these companies all pushed diversity simultaneously and have continued promoting it ever since?

  4. You know those wars for oil? The ones where we “get the oil”? The CEO of Exxon is the one organizing it and capitalizing on it; it was never just the Jews. These are the people the Jews displaced because they alienated their own people with wars and anti-labor practices. They rival with the Jews for the right to feed off of us.

    Is there any bright side? Perhaps they have heard that demographics is the source of power, not money. Perhaps not. In eras past, WASP elites saw multiculturalism as a way to break white labor and white socialism; much like Jews see multiculturalism as a way to break white religion and white culture.

  5. Note that the departments that are full of organized armed men (DOD, Justice, Homeland Security) have been assigned by Trump to former military officers…

  6. By the way, this is an excellent piece on short notice, HW.

    Here is a list of adjectives to describe attitudes towards Trump’s regime:


    Guarded <- I am here, where are you?


    • I am feeling no emotions other than cynicism. I don’t think any President will change the path the West is on. I view the system as a mindless amorphous blob.

      I passed through the angry stage when I realized Pro Whites will keep wasting their sweat on Republicans.

      • THANK you. I have enjoyed Trump’s campaign immensely. I am getting really sick of the relentless Black Pilling. Who every thought Trump was going to nominate Andrew Anglin as Secretary of State?
        Did we know that Trump is not a White Nationalist?

    • Angry… heading full speed toward furious!

      I guess he was our Obama

      Never trust a white man in a very expensive suit. Do any of these stuffed suits identify with their race?

      Did we really believe he was going to stop the march toward globalism? Globalism has been at the very root of white destruction.

      • Perhaps he’s trying to get into office, and not get assassinated first?
        I have been saying for AGES, ZOG is not going to go away quietly.

      • ‘Never trust a white man in a very expensive suit. Do any of these stuffed suits identify with their race?’

        Accomplished men in most fields often wear expensive suits.

        Is Trump supposed to appoint Floyd at the barber shop or Fred the Roto Rooter guy to high positions in government?

        • He basically has shown he is fearful of the Republicans joining the Democrats to Impeach him so is trying to consolidate his relationship with the RNC to prevent this. The Fast Food guy is an absolute terrible pick, and a propaganda coupe for the left, but other than that did people think he would nominate Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, and Kevin MacDonald? A lot of these posts like Transportation, Energy, the EPA, Interior really don’t need anything other than a run of the mill republican who will purge the green ideologues Obama put in there stifling economic growth. Oil, not solar panels, Concrete Freeways for cars, not high speed trains to nowhere and mass transit to bring carless blacks out into Whitetopia.

        • Sam, you know what I meant. In the present time, name one white man who can afford to wear an expensive suit that is openly racially conscious and uses his affluence and influence to correct the destructive path we are on? Just one.

          White people are at the forefront of our destruction. And they mostly belong to the upper classes.

    • I was definitely at worried but as each day goes by I am reaching Angry. Bolton as dept secretary might have just sent me over the edge to Angry.

  7. I just rest his wiki page.

    He is not Jewish and he was active in reversing the policy of gays being allowed in the Boy Scouts.

  8. No fully straight man producing enough testosterone to keep him straight would ever endorse or allow gays to serve in the Boy Scouts or any civic organization that can have an influence on the beliefs of society’s most vulnerable. What I’d like to know is “Why are the Boy Scouts not a solely gay club at this point?” Why have parents allowed their sons to continue with the organization?

    The public is the problem. And men, the builders & gatekeepers of civilization, are mostly to blame.

    • Thank god someone is willing to hold white men responsible finally.

      As someone who is absolutely gay friendly, I have always found gay men’s forcing themselves into the Boy Scouts disgusting and depraved. If they aren’t child molesters then they should at the least have the respect for normal society’s concerns and just leave other people’s kids alone.

      • I agree, we have a traitor, aka white, problem more than a Jew problem. The latter would be little or no problem if the former were loyal to us.

        I have no problem with gays either as long as they stay in the closet where they belong.

        • Problem is the rich elites priced the gays out of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village and San Francisco so now they are hanging around Bedford Falls serving as Scout Masters instead of like in the Al Pachino movie “Cruising” living in Manhattan and dressing up in leather motorcycle outfits at night and doing their depraved acts in run down seedy meatpacking industrial districts. They should show “Cruising” more often so Americans see what homosexuality really is, and it’s not the fake media image of two dudes getting married and adopting kids.

        • The old norms of society are being eradicated for globalism, the new world order. Tillerson is a globalist. And, his actions say he is no Christian. Puzder is a globalist too. Globalism is their religion.

        • I was listening to a podcast once and the host asked his guest what he thought should happen to:

          Obama (being black), Biden (being white), and the third who I don’t remember the name (being Jewish). The guest responded: Obama should be left alone, the Jew deported, and Biden, the traitor, hanged. Thought it was a great answer.

        • It wasn’t that hush hush if you knew, now was it? Sometimes a word need not be said.

          Back then they kept their mouths shut and their flies shut just out of fear. Now they get leadership positions and 15 minutes of fame.

          • No, M’am, it was hush-hush. Most people did not know. I knew because we had gays in my family and I intuitively recognized it.

            And, yes, you are right about the change.

          • Yes, there is obvious behavior/mannerisms, then there is the eyes, then there are some that are very good at hiding it. What I mean by the eyes….. with some gay men there is something about their eyes. I have discussed this with people who laughed at my observation only to later reveal that they now understood exactly what I meant. Not sure if it is the pattern of the iris, something…..

            I don’t have a problem with the non-militant variety. I believe their marriages should only be called civil unions. And although I believe most gays are born that way, society glorifies and promotes queerdom thereby normalizing it and making it a lifestyle choice for the younger generations. Of course there has always been an element of society that gravitates toward the taboos.

          • They say, Snow, that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Furthermore, even if you close your eyes, you can, if you are sensitive to such, feel the different vibrations. Each person vibrates at a different pitch and with different colours and textures. While the personality of gays varies wildly, many have a certain commonality of vibration, if you will.

            I believe as you do : that some choose to be gay, but, most are born that way. I believe in their right to be as they are, and to live without persecution, but, I don’t wish to have it thrown in my face, nor do I wish to blaspheme and sully holy matrimony with the homosexual lifestyle.

            That said, I am against against hospital regulations, or whatever, that penalize significant others for not wearing a ring.

            I dislike how corporation try to coerce individuals, and how that is used by The New England Government to further their subversions of our Southern culture and to project a tyranny over us.

            Have a nice day.

      • Trump and Tillerson, to implement a tweakt foreign policy need Bolton’s experience, Sir.

        Please forget any notions about The Yankee Government distancing itself from Israel, and Israeli concerns, as the Anglo-American-Rothschild Alliance will continue unabated.

        These three have been in bed with each other for centuries, and ain’t nuthin’ gunna change now.

        Have a good evening!

  9. WHO is Rex Tillerson?

    The kind of guy who uset to be common in government, when I was a child.

    WHO will Rex Tillerson be?

    Probably someone who will help redefine world relations, most especially the Anglo/American/Rothschild stealth war against Russia, as this man has long dealt successfully in that country.

    IF NATO is not jettisoned, then, I hope, it will be completely reoriented and marginalized.

    In fact : why not Russia join NATO?; or an entirely new strategick partnership alliance organized?

    I think this pick indicates that these possibilities are uppermost in Trump’s mind.

    A Yankee Government alliance with Russia would do a lot to diminish Saudi Arabia’s grip, and to create a hedge against China and India.

    Another clever pick and promsing move.

      • I’m surprised, Mr. Kleinfeld, as Lincoln said some very disparaging things about Russia.

        As to him being ‘ one of our friends’, one can only hope you were being sarcastick:::))))

        All the best, on this sabbath day!

  10. John Bolton…John Bolton! That’s it. Hipster Racist was right. As far as I’m concerned we’ve been had. Trump should get no support. Anything he does he will have to prove it not to be a huge rip off for Whites. Maybe he’ll evict a few illegal aliens. Close 3 or 4 thousand 401B workers but expect nothing. No one should cover for him and when people bad mouth him we should let it be known he screwed us too. He hinted he would look into 9-11. I believe he said he would directly. Yeah, fat chance. Nothing will happen. We should distance ourselves from him. Fast.

        • Hipster Racist has a blog aryanskynet and comments on alt-right sights. He has said from the beginning that Trump was a set up. It is of course not set in stone and Denise may be correct but every day it looks more and more like HR was correct and we’ve been had again. HR is big on infiltrating the left and screwing up their plans. I hope I’m wrong and Trump is just doing the best he can but all these people he picks that are bad for us also bring along a whole slew of underlings that they pick. It’s makes it tougher and tougher to stop the destruction.

          As for,”Hipster Racist LOVES BJ’s from Jew females. and is obsessed with spanking women.”

          Uh…that’s a bad thing?

          • Here’s my posish – I know a lot of these pics are not Good News- but:
            1) I sincerely think Trump is trying not to be assassinated. I am 110% serious. The Children of Abraham are gleeful murderers, and sick a fourth stage cancer. They are NOT going to cede power willingly.
            2) Trump must actually TAKE OFFICE, Then ha can clean house. He may cuck, I dunno. I’m not going to write him off before he even takes office.
            3). Yes. The first is Race Treason, and the second – stupid and childish, and Jew.

          • I agree with you Denise but I still can’t stand some of his picks. Why is it that we have been conditioned not to choose a pure wildcard – one without political or corporate experience? The purest form of governance, one untainted by the corruption inherent in government and corporate bureaucracies. I believe the late Albany, Georgia, police chief Laurie Pritchett (male) would have made a great Attorney General. He took the game of chess to a new level. Spencer Quinn’s has a great article on him at Counter Currents. A fair and decent man who understood all of the ramifications of winning and losing.

  11. The saving grace of the Obama administration was the check on the reckless militarism of the (((neocons))). Trump denounced Dubya for the folly of the Irag invasion but he has failed to grasp the strategic implication of the (((neocon))) influence on American security. Rand Paul ‘s opposition to Bolton’s nomination to the State Department is a slender hope of preventing a repeat of the Bush nightmare years.

  12. I must admit, these people that Trump is selecting leave me feeling rather underwhelmed, to say the least.

  13. Which pick is the one that will oversee building The Wall? Is Mexico still paying for it? How about Prosecuting Hillary? Secretary of Draining The Swamp? Repealing Obamacare?

    Watch a Trump speech now and you can see how he uses some of the slogans and campaign promises almost like a convenient laugh track on sitcoms. You can tell that he doesn’t mean it, and only uses the campaign slogans to keep the audience invigorated and attentive. When the mood of the crowd doesn’t seem to be giving him adequate audible feedback, he inserts something he knows will get their attention:

    “Blah, blah, blah blah blah…”
    ***faint applause and wandering eyes***
    “But I gotta tell ya, folks, we’re gonna build that Wall. We are. We’re gonna do it.”
    ***thunderous applause and cheers, with smiling faces abound***
    “We’re gonna build it. It’s just gonna happen. It is.”
    ***applause still reverberating throughout the audience***
    “It’s gonna be a beautiful Wall. But we’re gonna have big doors….”
    ***applause and enthusiasm slowly dies down***
    “Blah, blah, blah blah blah…”

    If you compare Trump’s demeanor in front of a crowd vs his demeanor and speech away from the crowds, you don’t see the same invective and assertiveness about the campaign promises that gave him the foundation of his support. You see something totally opposite. This is especially true as he lays out his Cabinet picks. Almost all of his picks so far would not have been looked at as net gain for him while he was on the campaign trail.

    What you see now is Trump giving pure lip service to the people that showed up at his rallies,supported him and endured months and months of slander, libel, threats and even physical assaults. The tough, hardline stances that got him through the primaries are a distant memory. They are now nothing but whimpers and crowd control tools.

    Conversely, you see him giving Cabinet positions and political leverage to the very same class of people he said were harming America and American workers, and even giving an audience to people who attacked Trump and his supporters.

    I said months ago that most of what Trump was saying was nothing but pure political posturing. None of this surprises me. But even I am amazed at his arrogance when it comes to believing that his supporters are so stupid that they can’t see the blinding contrast between Trump now and before the general election.

    • But even I am amazed at his arrogance when it comes to believing that his supporters are so stupid that they can’t see the blinding contrast between Trump now and right before the general election.

      After Trump started his campaign, I decided to read up on him. And every single info source that I found said the same thing: He’s a narcissistic elitist.

      He has no problem lying to the masses, that much is certain.

    • Watching the Chris Wallace Sunday Assault I’d say you are wrong.

      Wallace kept trying to pin Russian collusion with him.

      It was weird watching the interaction. Wallace was threatening him I think. Physically.

  14. Trump raised a lot of White expectations after years of the latter being down and passive to being constantly kicked in the face. If he turns his back on us and makes fools of us he will reap a much needed whirlwind.

  15. Great News!!!!!! Rand Paul threatens to block Bolton nomination

    Rand Paul is threatening to block President-elect Donald Trump’s likely pick of John Bolton as the No. 2 in the State Department.

    The Kentucky senator, who serves on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, could stop the hawkish former ambassador to the United Nations from getting out of committee if there is unanimous Democratic resistance. The committee is narrowly divided among 10 Republicans and nine Democrats, and Paul said on ABC’s “This Week” that he’s an “automatic no on Bolton.”

  16. Great News!!!!!! Rand Paul threatens to block Bolton nomination

    Rand Paul is threatening to block President-elect Donald Trump’s likely pick of John Bolton as the No. 2 in the State Department.

    The Kentucky senator, who serves on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, could stop the hawkish former ambassador to the United Nations from getting out of committee if there is unanimous Democratic resistance. The committee is narrowly divided among 10 Republicans and nine Democrats, and Paul said on ABC’s “This Week” that he’s an “automatic no on Bolton.”

  17. The CIA/Satanic Baby Raping Dems are calling for a new election, due to “Russia’s highjacking of the election”. The CIA was NEVER created to protect Americans. The CIA serves to spy in Americans, and keep Americans on the Jewish Supremacist plantation, Have ANY of you considered the possibility that Trump is simply trying to take office?

    • Yes.

      There aren’t many baby raping satanists in his cabinet. Not too many anti-populist-media folks either.

      Its a throwback cabinet, if they haven’t evolved from the 70s, they will be swept away like the previous Establishmen.

    • CIA could not see the fall of Soviet Union coming. CIA assured us Mao and Fidel weren’t commies. What the hell did they ever get right?

  18. I’m hearing buzz that Rick “Fed Up” Perry is the top candidate for Energy. It’s not that he would do a bad job in that area. That would be yet another pick that goes to a conventional Republican and #NeverTrumper.

  19. It doesn’t look like the incoming President is going to give a lot of aid to the White Nationalist movement. And the cabinet is starting to look less like a government and more like a board of director’s meeting of the major stock holders.

  20. Tillerson is okay, but Bolton is a crazy war monger. BTW, Russia is not our enemy and the warmongers such as Miss Lindsey Graham and Bolton are trying to get us into a war with Russia for no good reason. Sickos.

  21. Am I on Huffpo here? What is wrong with you people? Trump loves this country as founded and doesn’t need more money. Why can’t you just wait and see how this plays out? Would you have preferred Hillary?

  22. Things fall apart. The center cannot hold. The blood dimmed tide is unleashed and the ceremony of innocence is drowned. The Lunatic Left will save us. At inauguration day and all through out his reign they will loot, riot, vandalize, insult, pillage, and burn. More power to them I do indeed hope they raise unholy hell because it will radicalize red state Americans and the business as usual, namby-pamby, cabinet picks will get in line or fall by the way side as timid white political conservatives turn into radical racial conservationists!

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