The Reince Revolution

The “Alt-Right has seized power” narrative is looking increasingly absurd.

I hadn’t seen this column until this morning. I was noticing the same trend in Trump’s Cabinet picks which stand in stark contrast to his rhetoric on the campaign trail:

“The prevailing opinion on President-elect Donald Trump is that he’s unpredictable, a man of no fixed views who transcends traditional notions of right and left. …

In Trump’s picks for economic and domestic policymaking jobs, there’s a consistent underlying thread. And no, it’s not that so many of them are billionaires.

It’s Republican orthodoxy. Trump’s choices have all been thoroughgoing conservatives who believe in the free market, deregulation and, wherever possible, privatization of government functions.

Most of them could have been nominated by any GOP nominee, including Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio.

There’s nary a populist among them – not even the conservative kind.

“Conservatives are happy,” Scott Reed, a political advisor to the business-establishment U.S. Chamber of Commerce, told me. “It’s a mainstream conservative list of very competent people.”

Take a look at the names …

“This is a business-friendly Cabinet of pragmatists,” a top corporate lobbyist in Washington told me, asking for anonymity to protect his multinational clients. “These are people orthodox Republicans can work with.”

What happened to all the populism in Trump’s platform that made him the champion of so many white working-class voters? It’s been quietly downsized since election day.

The wall Trump promised to build along the southern border is now a fence. …”

I knew I smelt a rat.

Before this is over with, Trump’s administration is going to be the size of the Okefenokee Swamp if Reince continues to get his way and set the agenda:

“Trump campaign staffers are also angry that Priebus is attempting to staff the West Wing with mainstream GOP officials rather than Trump loyalists. According to sources, Priebus wants Trump to appoint RNC chief strategist Sean Spicer to serve as White House press secretary rather than Kellyanne Conway (who turned down the job, sources say); he is also promoting RNC chief of staff Katie Walsh for deputy chief of staff, and former George W. Bush deputy chief of staff Joe Hagin for deputy chief for operations. “If Priebus controls the schedule and the message, what does Bannon actually control?” one Bannon loyalist asked.

According to a senior transition official, Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is supportive of Priebus’s staff choices because they bring a level of professionalism to the chaotic Trump team. But some at Trump Tower are alarmed that Priebus has so far not offered jobs to a number of Trump loyalists who may have been expecting them, including Michael Cohen, Corey Lewandowski, Hope Hicks, and Dave Bossie. “We didn’t fight two years against the swamp only to bring the swamp into the White House,” one senior Trump adviser told me. Sources said Trump himself may not be aware that members of his original team haven’t been offered jobs. With only about 40 West Wing positions available, Priebus is moving quickly to fill them with his choices. This may be one of the ways in which his knowledge of how the West Wing works puts him at an advantage. (For his part, Cohen describes that characterization as “inaccurate”: “Trump is the most loyal person I know,” he wrote to New York in an email. “He is currently filling certain key roles and upon completion, will concentrate on offering important roles to those who have been with him since the beginning of the campaign.”) …”

Sean Spicer is Reince’s lackey.

While so many people have been consumed by the #Pizzagate conspiracy, Reince has seized power within the transition team and is muscling in all these mainstream conservatives into key Cabinet positions. They will have the power to hire a slew of establishment Republicans in the departments underneath them.

Just wait for it … they’re going to move with lightning speed on things like deregulating Wall Street, repealing Obamacare and tax cuts which were never at the forefront of the campaign. They’re going to exhaust Trump’s victory on pushing the Paul Ryan agenda.

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    • It’s a little more complex. When you look at Obama’s deputy secretary appointments. These characters all ended up running policy and were there in the second term.

    • Think about the nerve of the house Jew Kushner.

      He says he wants “professionalism” that Trump didn’t have with Bannon, Hicks, Lewandowski, Miller etc. even though that “unprofessionalism” won Trump the election.

      It was Bannon and Miller’s speeches that won the election. Bannon brought the whole campaign to victory after that access Hollywood debacle when the GOP including Reince attacked Trump and even demanded he step down.

      It was Bannon and Miller’s terrific speech in West Palm Beach that brought that campaign back from total doom. That speech riled up his base and then it was all uphill after that.

      But you have the house Jew Kushner saying that Trump now needs professionalism – what a joke and a total slap in the face to the team that brought victory.

      • Kushner is saying he doesn’t want proles around. Kikey fucker. Old Trump can’t win reelection if he stabs the sliver of white proles in the Upper Midwest.

      • It’s so frustrating. Ordinary white people beaten by the Jews and the GOP donor class again, this time with a big assist from an unprincipled, lying asshole.

        I bet Sundance feels like a fool deep down. He’s too intelligent not to see the writing on the Wall.

        I enjoy your tweets by the way.

        • Sundance should be having the discussions on treehouse that Brad is having here. Let’s just cut the shit and talk plain. The election is over – no more point to cheer lead and pretend now.

          It is simply dumb to claim that you know for a fact that all of this is part of a secret plan that only the enlightened know about. That is basically Sundance’s position. He better be right or he is going to look retarded.

          • The true believers on Stormfront are doing the same. They are at stage 1.

            The 5 Stages of Grief & Loss
            1. Denial & Isolation
            2. Anger
            3. Bargaining
            4. Depression
            5. Acceptance

          • Dear Mr. Jackson – soon enough they’ll realize that there is something beyond Stage 5, and that is ‘Stage 6’ … the use of like to cure like – as invented by Dr. Samuel Hannemann in his ‘homeopathic medicine.

          • It makes more sense to make judgements based on his cabinet picks than to pretend there is a secret plan. Looking at the picks is something that is happening in the real world – it is not speculation.

            These people have pasts and records you can look at. The idea that Trump is going to be Emperor Trump and have total control over these people is a fantasy that I hope is real but probably isn’t

          • None of these people are conservatives. These type people never lose anything but maybe popularity contests from time to time. People like Gary Cohn and Puzder are losers? What are they doing tonight in contrast to most people?

        • By what theory does anyone think ordinary white people could ever hope to beat Jews and the GOP donor class?

          The same one where I could out muscle all the guys on The World’s Strongest Man competitions?

        • No, the first rule of being a professional? Don’t be yourself. Be a consistent ideal. In politics, that means message, policy, and image discipline. Foremost in the leader, and here Hitler actually has merit, but also people like Putin and the guy who split Pakistan off from India, Khan.

  1. That is why the media went so hard after Bannon – calling him a white nationalist and the rest. The establishment wanted to delegitimize Bannon and then have Reince seize control.

    It also sounds like Kushner is the house jew who controls the Trump family. He is like the jewish “advisors” who always slither their way in like in ancient Babylon.

    • It’s doesn’t matter if Kushner is Jewish or not, he is part of the economic 1%. Get your anti-semitic propaganda out of here. Gentile capitalist like Trump’s pick for secretary of commerce are just as corrupt. We need an elite based on the creative class, as Aleister Crowley advocated, not a money class. Doesn’t matter if they are gentile or jewish.

      • sorry, bob, but if you are walking in the desert it makes quite a bit of difference if you recognize quickly a rattlesnake just as recognizing a jew in the washington swamp makes quite a bit of difference. your sissy protest means you are either a dissembling jew or a very stupid goy.

  2. Trump put Preibus in the job.

    That lying motherfucker. It’s not our fault. We make decisions based on what we know at the time, and at the time Trump seemed like he was offering something different.

    It’s not going to take a year to know the direction of Trump’s admin. It won’t even take 100 days. The agenda for the first 100 days, and therefore the first year, has already been decided by the wrong people.

    • I did not see Preibus coming here. Someone ought to look into the movements and communications by Reince. He’s out-thought everyone.

      • Bob Whitaker warned of this months ago, when Trump appointed Pence. Trump did exactly what Reagan did when he chose Bush. He gave the party back to its real owners, the Respectable Conservatives.

    • Trump may be a liar, or just an incompetent newb when it comes to
      hardball politics. The Tea Party was sidelined just as effectively
      as Trumpism is now.

      I wonder what would be more effective? Calling Trump a liar, or a sucker who’s been outmaneuvered before his presidency has begun.

          • And you were saying he had no more than 10% chance of even winning. If that.

            He is certainly going to have to go into overdrive with Mestizo deportation, cracking down on inner city blacks and renegotiating international trade contracts.

            Or he’s rightly going to be seen as a failure.

          • Excuse me? I never once, either during the primary or the general election campaign, speculated on this site about Trump’s chances of winning or losing. How about you just to stick to posting juvenile memes and let the grown-ups discuss what Trump will or will not do once he assumes the presidency.

  3. Can anyone trace the contact between Preibus and Trump? The pledge, the primary battle with Ryan, either it was settled before the primary or sometime during it.

    Something must have occurred on a timeline. Maybe the Ryan primary battle?
    Anyone willing to dig into the recent shennanigans by Preibus? He’s the most powerful man in America.

  4. Donald is playng the same game as Stalin and Putin. Relax and enjoy the show. Some games are so dirty that knights on the white horsebacks are not fit for that.

  5. It’s possible that Trump is just choosing his battles & acknowledging his true level of leverage against the cuckservatives in DC.
    The Republican margin in the House & Senate is razor-thin. The Republican & Democrat swamp-snakes share many of the same values & interests.
    Waging war open against the cucks from Day One could incentivize Repub traitors to join the Dems in opposition to Trump.
    Trump has appeared to Cuck, then turn it around in a stunning move before. I’m going to hold back on the black pilling & remind myself that Trump at his worst is still better than Hillary.

      • Those people who really want drain the swamp may have bigger problems that reelections and Donald knows that.

        Adolf Hitler, JFK, Jorg Haider and the rest of the folk were not defeated on the reelection. Do we want add Donald on this sad list or do we finally learn to fight back ?

          • I,m sorry to insult but it,s not a faith but a war. War is a war and only important thing is who wins.

            Maybe you heard about stuff that German generals were smart and Soviet generals were stupid. When somebody to to tell this story again, ask only one simple question.

            Who won?

            What now going on is fight for white race survival and only important thing is , who will win. Methos are absolutly irrelevan

          • I don’t have any particular opinion about the quality of the German Army Staff. More interested in Mackinder and people with good Map reading skills. I do think that the Germans were fated to lose 1 out of 2 wars with the Russians and probably both against the British. I’m not
            Sure what your point is.

  6. ===========

    14/88 Types at sites like Daily Stormer claim to be shifting the Overton Window, but they are lying or delusional. If anything, the Overton Window says that ANY WHITE PERSON WHO CARES ABOUT HIS RACE, CULTURE, AND TERRITORY IS A NEO-NAZI, and 14/88 types are validating that stereotype. 14/88 types are either Jewish shills hired by SPLC or they are mental psychos or moral midgets.

    • The 1488 types are winning.

      The cucks need to get off the fence.

      As the situation escalates, you pussies are going to come begging to the 1488 crowd.

      You can fucking count on it.

      • LBF is an omega basement dweller, who fantasizes about being a PUA and cucks for the 1488’s and anti-semitic nutjobs. The Alt-Right should of kicked out the NeoNazis and “Alphamales” but now that they have wrecked it the only solution is the Alt-Left. I am the only one putting real ideas out there. The Alt-Right did great things but has it’s limitations. Faux Alpha male PUA’s, homophobes, and anti-semites contribute nothing.

          • LBF. You dissed me on Radix’s post about my interview with Richard Spencer because you viewed my highbrow version of radical centrism as a threat to your low brow version of the Alt-Right, which is basically bro culture mixed with anti-semitism. You compared me to Rick Moranis’s character in Ghost Buster’s which is as an anti-semitic attack against me. You also got Roissy to Ban me from his site, but we all know that he has no credibility himself because he talks about a lot of bullshit that has no relevance.


          • I mean, LBF, your fame really increased when Greg Johnson dissed you on Red Ice Radio. 1488s are winning, yes, and they are there to mock the postmodern joke of the “Hollywood Nazi.” However, if they did really mean it, Ramzpaul is right… things are going to quickly fall and “shock art” will be dominate. If your into that. Do you like GJ at all? Would Identity Evropa or Trad Youth be ideal for you?

          • To sum it up for plebs, it’s basically the best aspects of the alt-right but without the homophobia, anti-semitism, right-wing economics, bro-culture, and into futurism, modern art, creativity, and environmentalism.

      • I just want to know this about you… there is ALOT of cute Asian girls in the OC area… and I’m surprise they are not interested in you? Are they? Or are you too WN for that?

  7. It’s way too early to jump to any conclusions about what the Trump presidency will be like. Many people here predicted he wouldn’t even win. I’m just glad that Grandma Cankles’ diabolical plan to destroy America and start WWIII has been foiled. But if Trump decides not to appoint a Special Prosecutor or push for an indictment against her he’s going to have a lotta ‘splainin to do.

  8. I don’t know what the source is for “the wall is now a fence” as a flat, un-nuanced statement. He has said there may be fencing in areas where geography simply won’t accommodate a wall, but it’s news to me that the whole concept of a high, concrete wall was now just a fence.

    Anyone heard otherwise?

    • It has not come from Trump at all. He keeps saying he is building the wall. Even Pence at one of Trump’s recent rallies said the wall is being built. The fence thing seems to have come from the media

  9. There are a slew of articles if you look, going back many months, suggesting that the GOP use the electoral college to keep Trump out. If there’s one thing we should recognize, it’s that the GOP is Trump’s most dangerous adversary. If they backed him he’d have almost nothing to worry about, but of course they don’t, and they can pull the same stunts they did during the campaign, only this time with more dire threats.

    We should still wait and see what happens. Even Trump can only do what it is actually possible to do. Congress suddenly becomes powerful again, as soon as the Jews decide they want that.

  10. Republicans and Democrats are all plutocrats and oligarchs. Outside of the show they put on for the public, they’re all friends. They’re kids and grandkids all marry each other, and they all do business with one another. The Democrats exploit the Left, the Republicans, the Right. While we’re all arguing, they quietly pass laws that make it easier for them to rake in more money. Any real rightist, leftist or populist movement is quickly crushed or bought out and subverted.

    • Perhaps late medieval society was better. These people kill each other in wars with 500-3000 professional followers and the peasants are left out of it. War of the Roses style. Imagine a primary where the loser and his staff gets killed.

  11. Here is a little poem I wrote. I want “Arthur Vickstrom” (Hunter’s sock puppet – lulz) to comment on it.

    Muh dik, muh dik,
    Southern nationalism is shit.
    But where will all the niggers go?
    Back down south till all know,
    Any White man who stays,
    Is a nigger loving homo!


  12. The most notable thing to me, is how little I know about many of these picks. Very shadowy figures, people not wresting in the public square, but probably working behind the scenes. You might consider these people Trump’s base, much like Bush said to the Billionaire’s “you’re my base”

    So who are these people? THESE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT WOULD BE IN CHARGE HAD THE JEWS NOT DISPLACED THEM. What can we hope for? An awareness that demographics is the lifeblood of power, not money? That would presuppose an amazing transformation of consciousness for a crowd of people who strike me as far too vicious to have a conscience at all!

    They are dangerous “allies” and even deadlier enemies. As “allies” they can tarnish us as aiders and abbetors of actual fascism (not the cartoon fascism of the proles), and if they are swept out, we are doomed with them. Conversely, they can triumph and we are at their mercy – supposing they have any/

  13. Populist appeals to me were a means to an end to
    1) knock out the Gaddafi killer with a candidate who could actually succeed
    2) confirm that even without Jewish money, a bourgeois politician still can’t be trusted.

    Trump was a smashing success from that viewpoint. Now we just need to spread the word that class based revolutionary ideology is the ONLY way.

    • The idea that Putin is some anti-Communist is a joke, promoted by pro-Whites with good intentions (they want an alliance with Russia) but shaky reasoning.

  14. If Trump actually selects an Exxon Mobile CEO, the alt right is finished. The “forefathers” of the alt right spend 10 years telling us that the Iraq war was a war for Israel, not oil. Then the bourgeoisie puts in a CEO from Exxon. And nothing I say here defends Israel as an colonial state or ally of US imperialism.

    • In my opinion it isn’t the Alt Right that is “finished” it is Trump. Based on what I am seeing there is no way Trump delivers on any of his promises, and will have doomed his second term chances.

      • But the people who dominated the white nationalist movement early on hammered the message that you were a liar and deviant if you mentioned anything other than Jews when explaining neo-con foreign policy. Nobody is defending Jewish neo-cons who wrote a clean break. But I’m attacking those who attack people who can see other issues.

        • Trump is not Alt Right. He represents “Trumpism”. If anything he is a civic nationalist. If he appoints neocons than he is part of the problem. It is true that the Alt Right supported Trump’s presidency, but he simply isn’t one of us. His appointment of neocons to the SoS only makes this even more abundantly clear.

          • But my point is that all these years, the alt right banned, insulted and condemned people who disagreed with them on the role of oil in the Iraq war. Then in one swoop, Trump made it obvious that oil is a factor.

          • This doesn’t really prove that oil was a factor. We never took any Iraq oil. The war would have actually made more sense if we did. It is obvious that the Iraq war was for Israel’s benefit. We have 15 years of hindsight to conclude that.

    • The Alt-Right isn’t finished. Our destiny isn’t tied to Trump, even if he picks Tillerson. Trump has provided us with a platform and he slew the demon of political correctness for us. It’s up to us now. We can’t be faint-hearted and concede defeat before the battle even begins. Buck up man!

      • I’m just angered that I endured a lot of crap over the years for suggesting that while Jewish neo-cons pushed the Iraq war, they weren’t the only factor. Now being clearly proven right, it makes my anger seem less childish and more justified.

        • We never took any oil from Iraq. The Chinese are benefiting from Iraq oil more than America does. China gets half of all Iraqi oil produced. The war wasn’t about oil. It was about weakening Israel’s regional rivals.

          • We opened up free market capitalism in Iraq. That’s why Nick Berg was murdered. He went there to start a business, but Al Qaeda captured him.

          • Free market capitalism isn’t possible in a place like Iraq. We failed to to do that too. It is tribal run just like it always has been.

          • Also, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait the first time over oil prices (they were selling it cheaper) because he felt he had protected Kuwait from Iran, so the price competition was disloyal in light of that. I’m not saying that was smart. Today’s Ba’thists say it wasn’t smart. But even Saddam admits oil played a role in his foreign policy.

          • Sure, in the first Desert Storm oil played a part. Operation Iraqi “Freedom” was about knocking off Israel’s enemies though.

          • Absolutely.

            All about creating prophetic Eretz Israel.

            The Rabbis are hoping for a of an expansion into surrounding countries which claim most of the mid east for themselves based on their interpretations of Torah.

          • Looking at a map explains why Saddam invaded Kuwait. Kuwait had all the easy to get oil reserves not to mention gulf access. Kuwait was a protectorate of Baghdad for over 1000 years before the jew owned UK carved Kuwait out.

          • Bolton is likely to write the policy.

            I guess this SoS know Opec well. Which isn’t a bad thing.

          • That is what one would think, but look it up. Half of all oil goes to China through direct contracts with the Iraqi government. Muh free market at work. We have a little influence, but for the price we paid in blood and money it is pathetic. They should be a straight up vassal. We really did get cucked in the whole deal.

          • I obviously don’t know the inner workings of the Iraqi oil business, but I’d have to assume our influence over the oil is strong if not absolute.

            Have you read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”?

            According to the author US control over foreign oil is completely dominated by the NSA ect. Oil men such as our new Secretary of State are actually operatives on a discreet level with the backing of the military.

        • You haven’t been proven right.

          So, he picks a businessman who knows the oil business and can possibly work with moderate Arabs for our mutual benefit and who would help eliminate ISIS.

          • Much of the reason behind the war was to remove Iraq as a potential threat against Israel.

            If you remember just prior to the start of the war Sadaam was paying the families of suicide bombers in Israel. Bombs were going off daily throughout Israel.

    • Watch the alt right claim that Trump did this just to misdirect people away from Jews. Because otherwise the alt right would have directed them towards Jews. (grossly overestimating their influence is my point)

  15. ‘Fake News’, aka independent gentile news, are info-cossacks pillaging the Real News of Globalist Propaganda.

    ‘Fake News’ is the new pogrom against the Narrative, the only Truth that is permissible.

    Putin must be behind these news pogroms that mess with Globalist News Programs….

    just like the Tsar was behind the old pogroms. He was, he was indeed, he was very much so… because we want to believe it to be so so so very true.


  16. Trump never really claimed he was going to disenfranchise the jew mob. The fact that Jeff Sessions will be AG is enough for me. Also all of these people will serve at the pleasure of the president and I think Trump likes to be in charge. I say give him a chance,

  17. Buyers remorse is hard to take, so I sympathize with you, Mr. Wallace.

    We’ll have to wait to see how bad Trump will be, but my guess is he’ll be a lot like George W. Bush.

  18. I’m sure all of you heard about the Jew-run media’s hysterics about ‘Russian Influence’.


    When Glob media say ‘Russian Influence’, it sounds like, ALARM ALARM, “white gentile power” since Russia managed to wrest control from the globo-oligarchs(at least to some extent).

    The great irony of this warning about Russian Influence is that it interferes with another Alien Influence, that of Globalism that is anti-nationalist.

    US is so far gone with crazy globalism that Russianism is the like the new patriotism among white Americans(even if most Trump voters are not conscious of this).

    Russianism means Russia for Russians. The implication of this for white Americans is that White Americans should be for their own interests… just like Zionists are for Zionism and blacks are for black nationalism.

    Indeed, what are the parallels between US and Russia?

    Both came under Zionst-globalist influence.

    Russia went through economic hell but found a leader in Putin who restored some degree of nationalism and sovereignty. Russia of 90s and Russia of today make for stark parallel and validates the power of nationalism.

    Both periods were times of severe economic duress for Russia. In the 90s, the shock therapy destroyed the Russian economy. Following Sochi Olympics, globalist dirty tricks in Ukraine led to tough sanctions on Russia and severe economic duress. Yet, if Russians were totally lost in the 90s, they stood firm in recent yrs because of national unity and pride. That’s what inspired leadership and nationalism can do in the worst of times. FDR proved it in the 30s and 40s.

    Unlike Russia in the 90s, US greatly prospered under globalism but not evenly. Huge portions of the population, esp white working class, fell through the cracks, and worse, these ‘deplorables’ were dehumanized by media and academia as subhuman trash. And some of these people supported Trump as leader of a new path.

    Now, Jews may argue that Jewish-American influence is as American as apple pie.. or bagel and cream cheese whereas Russian influence is foreign and alien.

    But to the extent that Russianism stands for white majority power, it has more parallels with white Americanism than Zionist-globalism does. After all, globalism only favors the elite minorities and cosmopolitans in cities interconnected with one another and positioned the play the entire world for maximum profits.

    So, when the Zionist elites and their cuckeroos denounce ‘Russian influence’, they are dogwhistling that any white gentile consciousness is evil and un-American. It is ‘Russian’. But white Americans need to understand… Russians are allowed to feel great pride as Russians in Russia.. whereas Zionist-globalists revile any white American who cares about his identity and culture.

    What is the better model for white Americans? Putin’s Russianism or Ron Rosenbaum’s I-hate-white-turkey-meat-and-white-bread-cuz-white-people-suck?


    • What you wrote is excellent and correct.

      “…Indeed, what are the parallels between US and Russia?..”

      Trump is the fuckin Yeltsin. He’s a danger to all of us.

  19. If Tillerson is SOS – what message does that send? One one hand, he’s a globalist – head of Exxon. Exxon’s public statements, like all global corporations, support all of the leftist globalist pc agenda. On the other hand, he seems to have a positive relationship with Putin. Putin seems to represent, uh, anti-globalist, anti-PC anti-new world order.

  20. Cuckism in a nutshell.

    Imagine a white father with white son and white daughter.

    A black kid enters the neighborhood. The black kid, being tougher, beats up the white man’s white son. But the cuck father cheers for black athleticism and roots for the black kid’s whupping of his white son. While the white son is bloodied and bruised, the white father pats the black kid on the back and praises his athletic prowess.

    The white daughter sees the fight, loses respect for the white male as ‘loser white boy’, and decides to go with the black kid who beat up her brother. She becomes pregnant with a black baby.

    So, what does the white cuck dad do? He praises his daughter for rising above ‘racism’ and sharing love with a Negro. And the cuck dad tells his son, who got whupped by the black kid, to praise the black kid for his athletic prowess and to bless his sister for rejecting the white race and offering her womb to a black thug.

    That is cuckism.

    Whenever you watch NFL or NBA, you are indulging in this cuckery.

    In NFL and NBA, blacks routinely whup white guys, the white sons of white men. And white women, the daughters of white fathers, lose respect for ‘loser white boys’ and get all horny over Negro men and decide to have sex with Negroes and have Negro babies.

    If you see all white men as white brothers and all white women as white sisters of the White Family Tree, then any white guy who indulges in black sports in the West is a cuck.


  21. Sir, Mr. Priebus could surround Mr. Trump with all the ‘Freetraders’ who ever lived, and it still would not change the fact that Donald Trump is hellbent to redefine trade, come hell or high water.

  22. Who ever thought Trump was alt-right? He’s a fellow traveler on several issues important to the alt-right but he’s not alt-right. Why did anyone think he would appoint white nationalists to his cabinet? Why is anyone disappointed he didn’t? Let’s review what he’s done. He was called a racist, didn’t walk back any of his statements and just was elected POTUS. Let that sink in. He ran as a pro border security, anti-illegal immigration hawk and named a pro-border, anti-illegal immigration security hawk as attorney general. He named an anti-affirmatively affirming fair housing black guy to head HUD. He says Merry Christmas and radical Islam. He’s rattling China’s cage and playing nice with Russia. He’s put NATO and Europe on notice that things are changing. He’s named a climate skeptic to head the EPA (who is suing the EPA) and is apparently naming someone friendly with Putin with no prior government experience as SOS if reports are true. Today he said the CIA was full of crap. He knowingly or unknowingly has whites voting as whites and despite talking about grabbing pussies he got 52% of the white women vote. What did you think he would do? Name Hunter Wallace, Vox Day and Richard Spencer to his cabinet? We are upset about his appointment to secretary of the interior? What the hell do they actually do?

  23. Uh, folks. As much as “white supremacist” groups like to take the credit leftists give them for putting Trump into the White House, that is not the case. The people who put him there were working class Whites whose only concerns were jobs, jobs, jobs; any policy that would protect those jobs (e-verify, the Wall, fines on businesses who outsource, etc.) Race had nothing to do with it.

    The Alt Right issue was brought up by Hillary and it was more of a case of the boy who cried wolf where the Democrats (who always call Republicans racist every election year) played the racism card one time too many where the annoyed White electorate was concerned.

    Trump fed into this growing restiveness, saw that fairly aracial Whites had achieved Negro Fatigue when the NAACP went after the Tea Party for racism and then the Obama government sicced the IRS on Tea Party members, so he dog-whistled by retweeting stuff from White Nationalists.

    It is ridiculous to think that Donald Trump is going to go with an explicit White agenda. Mind you I don’t think he is unsympathetic to the crap Whites have been going through especially during the Obama tenure, but I don’t see him wasting any of the limited good will he has in his first term of office by openly playing to White concerns.

    And I think that’s smart on his part. The goal right now is to end the White dispossession that is going on right now that would ultimately lead to de facto White disenfranchisement. If Trump’s focus remains on policies that return jobs for the working class (build the wall, enforce e-verify for employment and housing and benefits, strict vetting of temporary workers and immigrants, fines on companies that insource and outsource) and if he can sweeten the pot by making the business climate (deregulation and low taxes) as incentives. Then we are talking about a carrot and stick approach.

    If Trump keeps his promise to bring back millions of jobs, then all those Whites who had to vote for Clinton, because they still bought into the line that the Democrats were pro-labor are going to switch sides and vote for Trump in four years. They will be joined by Whites who were so terrified of retaliation from their social circle that they either voted party line or stayed home. Because they are going to take a lot of shit over the fact that so many Whites voted against Hillary this time. They are going to come to our side with a snout full of political correctness.

    I am not as concerned about Jared Kushner as the rest of you are. I remember reading an article about how Kushner was greatly disrespected by his elite classmates at Harvard, because he didn’t have as high a GPA when he was admitted and that the law professor made a point about having his class study the case where his father was put into jail. He’s got a few scores to settle of his own with elite Jewish liberals and “true conservatives.”

    White Nationalists make the mistake of thinking that Jews are of one mind where it comes to pursuing their own interests. The Jews on the left are losing control of their rainbow coalition. The Blacks are unhinged, the Mexicans aren’t far behind, and yes, they have self-loathing Whites, but Whites who are so anti anything they perceive as White that they are taking the side of brown Palestinians over White Jews in Israel. I can see where Kushner and his crew would be tempted to create an “Alt Lite” movement kind of like the EDL in England, for example. One that would empower Whites against the Blacks and Mestizos but keep them loyal to Israel and friendly to “conservative” American Jews. JMO.

    In the long term, this is good for us. If Trump can bring back the jobs. Whites can afford to marry and have children. Those who will be doing so won’t be leftist libtards. That means Whites grow demographically. It’s what Benjamin Franklin referred to as Affordable Family Formation.

    Globalism doesn’t have to be quite the bogey man that WN paint it. Where it gets scary is with the idea of a NWO that involves a One World Government. But if Trump and the nationalists from other countries can force through a globalism which creates a system where countries retain their own sovereignty and fair trade deals are established that a certain percentage of products that corporations sell in that country are made in that country by its own nationals, then it would be a great thing.

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