MILO Shut Down At Berkeley

As I was telling Professor Main this afternoon, the Left isn’t synonymous with liberalism anymore:

The progressive Left has become infected by various non-liberal authoritarian ideologies like Marxism, postmodernism and critical race theory. What you saw on display tonight at UC Berkeley was Herbert Marcuse’s doctrine of “repressive tolerance” in full bloom.

Frankly, these people are not “liberals” anymore in any real sense of the term. Free speech? Tolerance? Freedom of assembly? Free inquiry? Neutrality? Equality? Freedom? The taboo on political violence? It’s all gone in a veritable bonfire of political violence. BTW, the classical definition of a “bigot” is someone who is “intolerant toward those holding different opinions.”

Do you know what I did when MILO gave a speech at Auburn? I ignored him because I don’t give a damn if he has a different point of view. I don’t care. It doesn’t bother me. I don’t believe that is a legitimate reason to riot in the streets and disturb the peace of my community. I also think it says a lot about these people that they are incapable of engaging in a civil exchange of views.

It’s actually pretty funny because I am supposedly the “fascist.” And yet, I am more of a *liberal* than these people. You have never seen me rioting in the streets, trying to beat up someone, wearing a mask and acting like a street thug, harassing people at hotels, haranguing innocent pedestrians, trying to get people fired from their jobs, smashing windows, throwing rocks at police officers, etc.

In the 21st century, there are political riots at UC Berkeley and shootings at the University of Washington. Such a thing would never happen in Mississippi or Alabama in 2017!

Note: The Left is plainly violating the norms of liberalism here. They’re establishing themselves as a new orthodoxy. They are as violent as any religious sect.

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      • She’s also very pretty. She may not be aware that could have been vitriolic acid or worse.

    • In 1974, either in Alabama or South Carolina, the Klan attacked a bunch of Communists and Carpet Bagger SJW types with rifles and pistols. Needless to say, a number of them were killed. These people haven’t met real opposition, yet. If it keeps up, or gets worse, or happens outside of the Trendy Lefty enclaves, riot police and National Guard will be employed. I can’t see the Marxist Governors of the Pac Rim doing it, though.

      • It’s funny that Milo is essentially absorbing bullets, soaking them up like a sponge.

  1. Again, looking at the photo of two bandannas blocking the door, I’m saying “you’re shitting me, right?” Tens seconds max anywhere else but where these goings on have been happening, before stretched out horizontal. Glasses would be laughed at before he got knocked out with one punch by at least 90 percent of guys I know.

  2. Milo’s pivot into civic nationalism is actually more threatening to the leftists. He exposes that they’re the true fascists. The left hates all expressions of ‘equality’ of opportunity. They fear their own hypocrisy’s transparency more than the actual far right.

    At the same time Milo enables a gay, elitist male supremacist agenda that scapegoats all white women and white families.

    His brand of ‘insurrection’ is the ultimate jew weapon.

  3. Civil war time. Alt-Right activists and Trump supporters start bringing handguns and knives to these events.

    • Not that you’d really need them. Christ look at this little faggots, I could wade through thirty of them on my own. “Taking the streets” back from these clowns would be child’s play.

      It’s much more a question of opportune timing. For now, letting them rampage helps us far more than it hurts us. Every time they or BLM riot it sends normies our way, however cautiously, reluctantly or half-heartedly. If the alt right were to riot, it’d send normies bolting.

      • A lot of normies will be inspired by sight of Alt-Right heroes fighting back against commie street thugs.

  4. Media, infected with the neurosis of the Tribe, promoted Obama as new jesus and then vilified Trump as ‘literally hitler’. For 8 yrs under Obama, there was soft-peddling of the phoniest president in US history. And the media covered up real problems like black crime by labels the thugs ‘teens’ and ‘youths’. Meanwhile, every Hate Hoax about KKK and white supremacists have been hyped sky-high.

    Also, while far-right ideology has long been censured and condemned by the media, the violent culture of rap music and anarcho-terrorist culture have been glorified and romanticized. Since young ones, especially males are high on hormonal thug instinct, they seek outlet for their aggression. Those who can make it in sports expend their energies through ball-play(and balling the sluts on campus). For males who don’t make the team or lack ‘big man on campus status’, there is the culture of rock concerts and radical politics. Since rightist politics have been censured and prohibited among youths, a lot of young males channel their male aggression through underground rock culture that is associated with antifa and anarchist strains. Most antifa types didn’t get ideology through books and study. They got it through rock/punk/rap scene. They were more likely converted into the movement by Matrix movies, Rage Against Machine, Public Enemy, the Clash, or articles in Rolling Stone magazine.

    And the real animating force behind their lunacy isn’t much different from Alex and his droogs in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. They need outlets for their young male energy.

    Honest ones join street gangs. But middle class kids want to justify their thuggery, so they seek ideology. Likewise, the main reason for some kids joining skinhead gangs had less to do with ideology that frustrated longing for excitement and action.

    Since radical rightist politics is pretty much forbidden, the only permissible outlet is the anarchist and antifa strains of violence. Also, even though all violence is officially illegal, there is no moral, political, and ideological censure of much of bad behavior by blacks and proglodytes.

    If a bunch of far-right thugs went on a rampage, the media would foam at the mouth, Democrats would condemn it, and even Republicans would condemn it. There would be loud sermons about ‘hate crimes’.

    But when antifa goes nuts, the media just report it neutrally, the Democrats either remain silent or give tacit support(like Obama and Hillary did for race riots after Ferguson), and Republicans say nothing. Even Trump wont say anything about Berkeley,and he hardly said anything to condemn antifa violence against his supporters in 2016. Thus, white patriots are treated like Palestinians in Israel.

    Anyway, the media have spread the message that Trump is hitler, Putin is hitler, and ‘Muslim ban’ is WWII and Holocaust all over again, and etc. And given that pop culture and celebrity mania are the dominant culture for many young people, the entertainment industry freakouts about Trump infects them too.

    The media also gave green light to ‘punch nazis’ after Spencer got clocked. There was no condemnation, and even Conservatives said nothing. So, the national consensus is now that it is OKAY, even cool, to attack ‘nazis’ who could be any Trump supporter.

    Indeed, the Tribe in the media are especially angry over the Trump victory because the anti-Trump violence failed to cower the will of Trump voters. Almost all the political violence in 2016 was anti-Trump, and the media hardly condemned it. Media didn’t even cover much of it. Anyway, the message that Trump-supporters were supposed to take from the violence was that they better not even dare to vote for Trump because they are deplorables who deserve an ass-whupping. But the deplorables voted for Trump anyway. The Tribe is furious at such uppity behavior.

    It’s rather odd. The media are trying to send a message not unlike the editorial of a newspaper after Jack Johnson defeated the great white hope. The paper told the Negroes not to get uppity or boastful about the victory.

    I think the Tribal Media are sending the same message. Spencer got punched on Inauguration day. The media more or less endorsed it and celebrated it, and in doing so, sent out a missive to all young exasperated progs to punch a nazi to send a message to white patriots NOT TO GET TOO COCKY OR UPPITY. DON’T GET TOO PROUD. This goes to show that white folks have become the ‘new negroes’ who are expected to be shuffling uncle tom before the Tribal Massuh. “Don’t git uppity just because Trump run.” And antifa is used as overseers to whip white folks into shape. Shut up and pick some cotton. The Tribe sees this as a Slave Rebellion.

    While there would have some unrest regardless of the nature of media coverage, there is no doubt that the anti-Trump media coverage in 2016 was the most hysterical ever.

    It was rabid, extreme, and crazy. The narrative received by the urban and radical young was that Trump is ‘literally hitler’ and his supporters are ‘nazis’. Trump is trying to restore simple law and order in immigration policy, but this is WWII all over again for those who’ve come under media spell. Snowflakes turned into hailstorms as this most easily triggered generation have been spoonfed on the bitter medicine that they are now living in Neo-Nazi-land.

    And then, there is the power of academia. We know that academia have been totally taken over by Progs. Indeed, they worked politically and systemically to recruit and promote only their ideological brethren and sistren. This happened for 30-40 yrs, and the result is the academia has become the incestuous hotbed of dogmatic thinking and PC lunacies. Safe in their own ideological bubble, ideologues never had to deal with reality. They had this fixed view of the world where the ‘progressives’ are struggling nobly against Nazis and KKK and Haven Monahans. Much of it was shaped by the paranoia of the Tribe that served as professors who would concoct PC and notions such as ‘hate speech’ that came to encompass more and more speech. (In Canada, even the failure to address some tranny as ‘ze’ can be constituted as ‘hate speech’.)

    But what if there is no Hitler? Okay, pretend Trump is Hitler. What if there is no KKK? Pretend blankets and science labs are associated with KKK. What if there are no nazis on campus? Well, any Trump supporter is a ‘nazi’. Since young ones are stupid and gullible — and hungry for a self-righteous view of the world where they are ‘good’ joined against ‘evil’ — , they’ve latched onto this cartoon vision of reality. Since their worldview depends on combating Hitler, Nazis, and KKK, they must turn their enemies into such caricatures to feel justified. It’s Justice Pornography. At some point, Progressivism loses its main themes(some by victory and some by failure), and it turns regressive into childhood fantasies of cops and robbers. It’s sort of like what happens in the movie REGRESSION where people begin to hallucinate stuff because a certain narrative and idea begin to infect their minds. It’s also sort of what happens to the character in Mamet’s HOMICIDE. His awareness of existence of antisemitism makes him imagine much more, far beyond reality. He even surmises that a Jewish shop-owner was killed by some vast neo-nazi conspiracy when it turns out that she was killed by neighborhood negro hoods.

    Also, the rise of Trump finally permits some masculine element to reassert itself among the progs. During Obama, the progs couldn’t get worked up into militant mode, so things got soft and trannies & 50 gender pansies took the limelight.

    But now that the message is NAZIS RULE THE US, the pansies are being pushed to the back while the macho thug force are emerging as the vanguard. And violence is their forte since, in any sound, factual, and rational debate on just about any issue, the Alt Right will mop the floor with them. Alt Right has the advantage of having no use for censorious PC. In contrast, antifa must stick to PC formula, much like Mao’s Red Guards. They can only yammer in slogans and cliches, and this makes them sound stupid when matched with real reason and facts. All they can do is shout ‘nazi’, ‘racist’, fascist’, etc.

    The alliance of Western academia and Big business is not unlike the alliance between Wahabi and Saudi Royal Family. The Royal Family is very rich, very corrupt, very materialistic, and totally venal. So, they are vulnerable to moral and spiritual condemnation. To shield themselves from such opprobrium — that eventually brought down the Shah — , they formed a partnership with the Wahahi sect. This way, the Royal family would lavishly fund the Sect, its mosques, its missions. In return, the Wahabis would bless the family and shower it with praise. Thus, the Royal family would be shielded from the potential moral and spiritual outrage among the masses.

    Something similar happened in the West since May 68 movement. As the capitalist class came under increasing attack from the Left, it had to find a way to ameliorate the Left and win it over. Capitalists may have appreciated support from conservatives, but why pay for something you can get for free? The real danger came from the Left that dominated media and especially academia. The rich class may have all the money, but culture and values are determined by the intellectual class in academia and media. The boomer enterprisers who went for money knew of the boomer radicals who were taking over the institutions. So, a kind of symbiotic relationship had to be forged. The rich class would fund the Left on grounds that the main leftist ire would be directed at anyone but the rich class.

    And that was essentially the formula of Clintonism where the rich class were allowed to rake in more and more as long as they funded the ‘left’. This had a corrupting effect on the Left in the same way that Royal Family money had a corrupting effect on the Wahabi sect that has become entrenched and privileged. So, Wahabis may fund and cause trouble anywhere but NOT in the domain of the Royal Family. Likewise, the pact between the rich class and the Left means that the Left, in taking money from the likes of Soros and Wall Street, must take their rage out on ‘racists’, ‘homophobes’, ‘fascists’, and ‘nazis’ who could be any ordinary Joe with a maga hat. This way, the Left became the main enemy of the white working class and the tool of globalist elites.

    But then, all this anti-Muslim hostility on the Right is to miss the point. In the EU, yes, Muslims are a serious problem. In the US, the real enemies of the patriots are not the ‘muzzies’.


  5. “In the 21st century, there are political riots at UC Berkeley and shootings at the University of Washington. Such a thing would never happen in Mississippi or Alabama in 2017!”

    It’s interesting that these characters don’t do this in the South, interior West, or White, working class communities in the North. Exactly the places they blame for Trump’s election. I wonder why?

    As an aside; These kids have romantic notions that they’re storming the Bastille, on the barricades of Paris, 1871, Marching in St.Petersburg in 1917, or fighting in the ranks of the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War. However, without the risk of actually being shot, or having opponents who fight back.

  6. “They are burning Berkley down because they don’t want Milo to say you shouldn’t be a white nationalist”. The screamers and thugs are letting it be known they will shut down with violence anyone they perceive to be pro-White or pro-Trump. You can’t even have civic nationalism when civic discourse is threatened by felons. Will AG Sessions use RICO laws to go after “community organizers” and funding NGO’s?

  7. Trump has already this AM threatened to cut the funds to this shitty university (Cal Berk is a huge tit sucker they will fold).

    It’s too bad the usual right wingers are hung up on the old politics of “outrage, essays and guns”

    New politics folks do try to keep up or shut up (or go get your head bashed in preferably recorded on video), new politics “Troll em and trigger em, if you ain’t trolling you ain’t trying.”

    • Trump needs to send in Fed troops, occupy the city, detain and remove city officials, academics, and police, and arrest rioters.

      • He should go into Ookland and do a sweep for weapons stashes.

        All the blacks armed to teeth up there ought to be defanged.

        Dogs, jackboots, drones, helicopters, cordons…sweep it clean.

        The faculty could just be fired via cutting off cash. They are nothing.

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