Violence, Censorship, and r/AltRight

It has been a banner day for the Alt-Right. In between the mob violence at the MILO event at UC Berkeley and the censorship of r/AltRight at Reddit, we’re being repressed:

“Reddit, the enormous online community-run forum, announced on Wednesday night that it was banning the white nationalist subreddit r/altright, due to “posting of personal information,” otherwise known as doxxing.

“Reddit is the proud home to some of the most authentic conversations online,” a statement provided to The Daily Beast by the company read. “We strive to be a welcoming, open platform for all by trusting our users to maintain an environment that cultivates genuine conversation and adheres to our content policy. …”

Might as well own it.

I sat down and wrote out an article about the success of r/AltRight this evening. I was unaware that Reddit had banned the community a few hours before. Then I sign into Twitter and notice that the MILO event at UC Berkeley is spiraling out of control into antifa riots. It is all over FOX News. It is the top three trending hashtags on Twitter. Millions of people are watching these leftists lose their minds.

Milo Yiannopoulos doesn’t even claim to be Alt-Right, but he is treated no differently than if he really were one of us. These people assume he is Alt-Right. There’s nothing we can do about censorship on social media, but maybe we can parlay all of this censorship and repression into a romantic image. We’re dangerous. We’re edgy. We’re outlaws. We’re the Proud Goys. In contrast, we could say that mainstream conservatism and libertarianism are, you know, boring and non-threatening.

The Left is trying to shut us down because they are losing. We’re the real opposition on the Right. They’re not afraid of the likes of Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson or Egg McMuffin.

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  1. HW, you’re about the only alt-right character who hasn’t been booted off of twitter. Suspicions are being aroused…….

    • Hunter hasn’t got enough followers for them to bother with him yet. Get him up to 50K and they will start coming after him. Also he doesn’t rant and abuse like other Alt-Righties that get banned.

      What is suspicious to me, Trump never says anything when his supporters are silenced. He is fine with muh guns, but muh freedom of speech? I never hear it from him.

      • Richard Spencer didn’t ‘rant and abuse.’

        I think these purgings are highly strategic. I suspect that Spencer had to be temporarily purged in the eyes of both the extreme leftists and the extreme right. The former needed to believe the establishment was still on their side (no matter how much they delude themselves on one level that it’s not they know deep down that it is), and the latter needed to see Spencer as legitimate, as opposed to controlled, opposition.

        Brad Griffin isn’t touted to convince either side of all that much as of now, and as you say he wasn’t abusing people. He’s probably just who he is and could still be useful to TPTB. To over-punish him would jeopardize the faith his flock still has in an authority (mostly republicans and republicanism/conservatism) they should have wholly disaffected from long ago.

        ETA My point is that those ‘powers’ are shepherding both extreme ends of the political spectrum to manufactured manicured conflict which will become grounds for ultimate repression of everyone. Brad is still a free agent type rook on the chessboard for now.

        • Spencer or his backer can afford lawyers to get him back on Twitter, when he did nothing wrong. They used to shut down David Duke on Yotube as well, but every time they tried it, he called his lawyers and they got him back on. I don’t hear about Duke’s Youtube channel getting shut down any more. They only go after people they can law-bully.

          • Ye of too much faith…in the system. The suspicions about both Spencer and Duke are founded on solid evidence, so while I personally don’t make solid conclusions enough proof exists to suggest they’re the bullies’ lackeys, just as it’s provable the system really is that rigged.

            Renegade has been almost totally shut down to the point where they’re having to build their own video platform. That should give their detractors more reason to heed their warnings.

            I don’t think the system can’t get whoever they want, more than less anyway. If Duke amassed enough money to fight it’s because someone allowed him to. But I question whether the ‘fight’ is real to begin with.

      • I’m hoping he’s planning a big surprise for these rabid SJW’s: AG Sessions going after them and funding NGO’s with RICO laws. Put the bastards away for a good long time and fine the shit out of them. That would certainly make recruitment more difficult. But yeah, remaining silent while his supporters are getting trounced looks suspicious. We’ll see.

        • Well I just looked in on Stormfront and they said Trump is threatening to shut down Berkley University’s funding, because Mommy Professor’s Campus Thugs won’t allow Milo to speak there.

          I don’t like Milo, but that is freaking awesome!

      • This is why you are a dangerous man, Sir; and I mean that as a compliment, no irony express nor implied. You are articulate and sober

  2. The Alt Right is making itself felt, no doubt about it. The level of hysteria to which the Left is reaching is one indicator. And this is for a movement which exists largely as a virtual online insurgency.

    The Alt Right has to leverage the free publicity from events like Milo at Berkeley. The Liberals are now in the role of the oppressive establishment. The Alt Right in particular and the Trump movement in general are the freedom fighters. But to make this work, it’s going to have to move into the realworld. One opportunity here is that as more normies are Red Pilled, there are more potential recruits for the Alt Right. Every Trump supporter who is assaulted, or who has a family member assaulted, can become a marching member.

    But some effort is going to have to be made to reach out to them and get them into the movement.

    The Alt Right also has to look at mobilizing the support of nationalists in Europe and elsewhere. They can provide additional information warfare capabilities as well as expertise, and perhaps some boots on the ground. An attack on a nationalist anywhere is an attack on nationalists everywhere.

    And it’s those “boots” which count. If the Alt Right can put a thousand activists in the street then the next time around, the people who get shut down will be the Leftists.

  3. For all those who say ‘white nationalism’ or ‘white supremacism’ rules America.

    If that were true, there never would have been the 1965 immigration act.

    There never would have been slogans like ‘diversity is our strength’ and all this crap about ‘white privilege’. And all this deification of MLK and non-whites.

    If ‘white supremacists’ really control America, why did all this happen?

    No, the ruling power in America is Jewish Supremacism.

    Mass immigration and Multi-culturalism were strategies laid out by the Tribe to create Diversity conducive to Divide-and-Rule by the ruling minority elites.


  4. The Left, however, have the proven ability to spin things so as to make themselves look like the victims. Their 1850s New England ideological forefathers taught them well.

    These people want another Kent State to inspire them.

  5. Ways to deport Mexicans.

    Put them all in an Arizona border town. Say Nogales or Yuma. Build wall around that city. Millions of them should be piled up there. Comb them out of California and Texas.

    Then give Mexico back sovereignty of that slice of land. Make sure there is a copper mine under the land or something to sweeten the event…

  6. I don t see this as a win

    The Left owns U Cal Berkeley

    It s their turf

    They even control the cops

    Unless we ve got 200 bikers or longshoreman – don t contest on the Left s turf

    • I agree with you. I do see it as a win long term as they are shitting in their own nest. Like the guy in Washington who knocked the shit out of a SJW who was hassling him when he was just going to work. People will get sick of rioting people screaming violence constantly. It will weaken them every day.

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