David Brooks: The Great War for National Identity

I found myself smirking while reading this dreck:

“This historical story was America’s true myth. When we are children, and also when we are adults, we learn our deepest truths through myth.

Myths don’t make a point or propose an argument. They inhabit us deeply and explain to us who we are. They capture how our own lives are connected to the universal sacred realities. In myth, the physical stuff in front of us is also a manifestation of something eternal, and our lives are seen in the context of some illimitable horizon. …

And so along come men like Donald Trump and Stephen Bannon with a countermyth. Their myth is an alien myth, frankly a Russian myth. …

We are in the midst of a great war of national identity. We thought we were in an ideological battle against radical Islam, but we are really fighting the national myths spread by Trump, Bannon, Putin, Le Pen and Farage. …”

Here’s the truth: millions of Jews came to the United States during the Great Wave. Much of the early 20th century is the story of how these Jews rose from working class occupations into the American middle class before ascending into the highest levels of the American elite.

By the mid-20th century, America’s traditional Anglo-Protestant elite was being replaced by a more cosmopolitan New York-based Jewish elite. This new elite wasn’t and never has been exclusively Jewish (it included, for example, Catholics like the Kennedys), but was predominantly so, enough for Jewish intellectuals to have a major impact on American culture.

Around the mid-20th century, Jewish intellectuals began to change American culture and rewrite American national identity. They introduced new concepts like “racism” and new taboos like “anti-Semitism.” They concocted the myth that America was “a nation of immigrants.” Previously, Americans had no clue that there was even such a thing as “racism,” or that “anti-Semitism” was immoral, or that “we are all immigrants.” As Jews became more concentrated in culturally sensitive institutions (i.e., the elite news media, top universities, the entertainment media), they introduced an entirely new moral code.

The Statue of Liberty is one of my favorite examples:

“The Statue of Liberty myth provides a good case study of the shift to a post-WASP, consensus-liberal version of America. In current parlance, the Statue of Liberty is viewed as a symbol of the openness of America to immigration, and the plaque at its base by Emma Lazarus, which urges other nations to “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses,” is believed to be organically connected to the statue and its liberal-universalist narrative. Unfortunately, reality is not so simple. Lazarus’s poem was not present when the statue was inaugurated in October 1886. Nor did President Grover Cleveland make any mention of the statue’s significance for immigrants in his acceptance speech.

Some Americans, especially Protestant clergymen, greeted the gift of the statue cautiously. In addition, the statue was often viewed less as a beacon for immigrants than as a guardian of American purity. As for Emma Lazarus’s oft-quoted poem, it was first erected on the interior wall of the immense statue in 1903 owing to the financial contribution of one Georgina Schuyler. Schuyler had donated the bronze plaque in memory of Lazarus, an obscure poet of Jewish ancestry whose work she admired. Not until the 1930s did the contemporary myth of a statute to immigrants arise – exactly the period in which the cosmopolitan ideas of America’s organic intellectuals were starting to win wider elite acceptance. In turn, this attitude change prompted officials to relocate Lazarus’s obscure poem to its current position at the base of the statue. …”

You can read all about this and much more in Eric P. Kaufmann’s excellent book The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America. I highly recommend it.

The Statue of Liberty was sent to the United States as a gift from France to commemorate the American Revolution. In the 19th century, it was seen as “a guardian of American purity.” It faced Europe like a sentinel defending the United States from a perceived subversive threat.

In the hands of David Brooks’s forebears, a group known as the New York Intellectuals, the Statue of Liberty became a symbol of immigration and cosmopolitanism. It became about THEM. Indeed, America itself was redefined as a “Nation of Immigrants.” The phrase “Nation of Immigrants” was popularized by John F. Kennedy in a pamphlet he wrote for the ADL in 1958.

See, the truth is that the mid-20th century was kind of a unique epoch in American history. It was a time when the mass media (radio, film, television, publishing) was becoming highly concentrated in the hands of David Brooks’s ethnic group. There were only a handful of television channels in the 1950s and 1960s. Jews like David Brooks had virtual total control over what we now call The Narrative.

Not anymore! We’re having this “great war of national identity” because our New York-based Jewish elite no longer has the power to control the Narrative. The fake news Lügenpresse has steadily lost its legitimacy. Thanks to the internet, the smartphone and social media, they are losing control over everything from radio to publishing to video. I now have the capability to fire an Alt-Right cruise missile of truth from rural Alabama right back at David Brooks in New York City.

Newsweek used to be a highly influential national magazine. In 2010, it was sold by The Washington Post for $1 dollar. I find it symbolic of David Brooks’ predicament. He’s writing for The New York Times, but in the Wild West world of social media that doesn’t count for much anymore.

Note: Is it anti-Semitic? I don’t really care. Everything I said above is the truth. Feel free to read up on the subject and tell me what you think in the comments.

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  1. According to progressives:

    America is a nation founded by racist, homophobic, white Christians who wrote a Constitution that mandates diversity, anti-racism, inclusion, gay rights, and tolerance of other cultures.

    • Not easy to find one single civilized country that is not run by them. Since their bigwigs kip their kosher asses behind the scene, the goyim are at ease to wave aside any remarks/comments on (((their))) dominance as conspiracy theories.

  2. The Jewish Question must be addressed by all nationalists. They are at the center of the internationalist web.

  3. These journalists should be NO PLATFORMED. They have nothing to say any more.

    The Louvre just had to be shut down and evacuated.

    Scour the Place clean.

  4. “our New York-based Jewish elite no longer has the power to control the Narrative.”

    Not so fast. I remember the triumphalism over the “New Media” after the 2004 election, when the Swift Boat Vets were able to sink Kerry’s campaign by publicizing facts about Kerry’s war service the mainstream media was uniformly burying. This was supposed to herald the end of the old media’s control of the narrative due to the democratization of the means of disseminating information. It took about a year for the old media to reassert control (through the Katrina operation) and by consolidation of the major internet news outlets.

    2016 was a great victory for alt-media in getting the truth on Hillary out, but like last time, I wouldn’t count on the people who control mainstream news, advertising, televsion, Hollywood, and social media platforms to go quietly into the night. Today, the cultural war goes on unabated. The Super Bowl will feature Lady Gaga attacking Trump and Budweiser ads promoting immigration. The media is actively fomenting open rebellion and legitimizing political violence. Corporate internet censorship is increasing. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Be ready.

  5. “The one thing Jews and anti-Semites have in common is that they both sure do love to talk about the Jews a lot.”

    It’s always necessary to talk about power and influence. It would be stupid to waste time talking about Eskimos and Hawaiians. Sure, they are interesting from an anthropological perspective but not from a political, economic, or historical one.

    One thing for sure, the quality of Jewish intellectual discourse has gone way down. Not because there aren’t smart Jews cuz there are plenty. I think the problem is twofold:

    1. Cultural degradation that affects all intellectual discourse. What kind of substantial discussion can we have in a world of homomania, tranny-mania, 50 genders, and other triviality-as-centrality? Also, PC isn’t good for free discussion, and Jews who’d been free-speech pioneers are now newspeak pioneers. Also, since the 60s, two or three generations grew up under permissive slovenliness, and no one bothers to learn logic or reason or manners. It’s like art school students making ‘art’ without honing their skills of basic technique. I mean how did Emma Sulk graduate with art degree at prestigious Columbia by dragging a mattress around? How is The Nasty Coates a first rank intellectual? Long ago, Jews from working class backgrounds who studied like crazy made their way into media and academia. Today, we often have spoiled Jewish brats of spoiled Jewish brats controlling much of media.

    So, there are plenty of smart Jews, but they’ve become either culturally slovenly, socially snobby, or overly PC or both. The general rule is you can be crude, abrasive, and trashy as long as you keep within perimeters of PC. I think part of the intensity of hatred against Alt Right(and the cartoonish insistence that it is ‘nazi’) betrays alarmism among progs and globs that it’s where the only honest and free debate is pertaining to social and political reality. It talks about the real power and how it relates to race at the biological level. Alt Right has the hunger thing.

    2. Intellectual discourse is always more interesting as a form of attack than defense. It’s like a court trial. While defense can be clever in its own way, the trial only exists cuz of plaintiff and/or prosecutor. It’s like charging up San Juan Hill. What made it exciting was going from below to the top of the hill. It required courage, vision, boldness, etc. Those at the top only needed to hunker down and defend their position.

    Jews used to be on the offensive. Wasps and other gentiles had top power in US and Europe. So, Jews had to critique, subvert, analyze, interpret, accuse, and go on the attack. Endless sorties through culture, ideas, news, and art. Jews were charging up the hill, and they had to be endlessly creative to break through the walls of the castle. Why do we like heist movies than movies about security folks defending a bank? The heisters are more fun. It’s like David Mamet’s HEIST. More fun to follow the robbers than people hired to watch the fortress.

    But now, Jews are now so deeply entrenched in seats of power that they are in defensive mode. They now fear controversy. They demand consensus. It’s like NYT saying ‘debate on gay marriage is over, shut up, and obey’. And shut up and obey about ‘America as nation of immigrants’ too. Jews talk of building bridges and creating an open society, and this outwardly seems ‘radical’ and ‘progressive’. But it is actually defensive, to shore up and entrench Jewish Domination. Diversity is a tool of elites to play divide-and-rule.

    There are now a lot of Jews in media, academia, and etc. but they offer nothing new, unlike Jewish thinkers in the past. Sure, they are erudite, smart, and can have articulate conversations and write interesting-enough essays, but there is nothing seminal in what the say. Not due to lack of talent or intelligence but because they are in a defensive establishment position.

    Long ago, Jews looked at the mountaintop occupied by gentile elites, and they wanted some. So, they figured they had more to gain than lose by stirring up the discourse on power. Now, they don’t want a lot of discussion of real power since it would point to them. So, there’s a lot of obfuscation — ‘white privilege’ to distract us from Jewish Privilege, alarmism over ‘Nazis’ and ‘KKK’ to shut down free speech, Haven Monahan’s aryan blonde gang than black rape since blacks are symbolically useful to Jews, ‘we love muslim refugees’ in context of holocaust & refugees to hide the fact that refugees exist in large part due to Zionist-led wars in Middle East — than real talk about real issues and problems. During the Vietnam War, Jews led the debate against the Military Industrial Complex. Some of their attacks were radical, ludicrous, and hateful, but Jews were really presenting fresh ideas and dissenting views. Nowadays, Jewish power is firmly on side with military industrial complex and calls for ‘new cold war’ with Russia and other warmongering strategies around the world.

    Those defending power and privilege tend to be less interesting in ideas and criticism because human nature likes to yammer about the rich and powerful. So, those with less power wanna talk more about the Power(like hoi polloi wanna talk about rich celebrities with mixture of envy and disgust) while those with more power wanna talk less, at least about the power. This is why the powerful prefer the pageantry of power than critique of power. Kings throughout history put on regal processions to wow the people. Communist nations had the same thing once new elites were established. Just look at the grandeur of power. Bow down, obey, and cheer. Make the power look godly, awesome, and glorious so that the masses will simply revere it. Notice how Obama was promoted as The One, the new messiah. It must have worked because even the anti-war progs were silent during his destruction of nations.

    If the powerful wanna protect the power with pageantry, with more idolatry and less ‘ideality’, the powerless wanna look past the crown & cloak and get to the real nature of the power.

    Jews have retained their style of critique and dissent — that of attack — , but their substance is now the defense of power. They have the ultimate power and privilege. Their main priority is defending their top dog position while pretending to be the underdog. Thus, both their topdog discourse and underdog discourse are disingenuous. We have top dog Jews as underdog Jews barking at imaginary KKK and Nazis.

    Jews are still in offensive mode via globalism, but it is one of imperialism than liberation. They are trying to conquer more than nations than liberate them. They are trying to plant the homo flag in every nation. Homomania is sold as ‘leftism’ — the homo agenda is valid as progressivism to the extent that we should acknowledge some are born homo and such folks should be left alone than persecuted — , but it is essentially a tool of globalist domination, a proxy of Jewish Power.

    So, we have a strange situation. We have people in dissent-mode as the people-of-power. This isn’t anything new. Communists came to power in dissent-rebel mode but suddenly found themselves with all this power. But since their ideology was always about the oppressed-fighting-the-oppressors, they hunted for ‘bourgeoisie’ and ‘feudalists’ even after all such class enemies been wiped out or sent to the Gulag. Their need to ‘resist the oppressors’ was such that when there was no more bourgeoisie, they had to accuse other communists of being ‘bourgeoisie’.

    And we have something similar with Jews. Since they rose to power by critiquing gentile elites, some of whom were antisemitic, they are still looking for Nazis. And when there aren’t real nazis, they make believe others are Nazis. Jews used to hunt real Nazi criminals, but now they are hunting imaginary Nazis. It could be any white man or woman who voted for Literally Hitler Trump.

    So, Trump is hitler, Spencer is a nazi who needs to be punched, and Trump voters at Milo speech are ‘nazis’ too. And this dumb-dumb mentality has spread among progs who now call anyone a ‘nazi’. Little do this prog tools realize that they are ideological goons of Jewish power and privilege. IF the main objective of the left is to speak truth to power, then we should be speaking truth to Jewish power. But Jews fear this and used the media to spread alarmism about Trumpen-Hitler and nazis(and KKK), so the progs are on easter bunny hunt for Nazis and KKK.

    It’s like what Mao pulled. To shore up his own people, he told the Red Guards to ‘bombard the headquarters’. ‘To rebel is justified’. But it never meant going after the real supreme power, that of Mao and his inner circle. Only Mao’s rivals in the communist party were ‘capitalist roaders’.

    To be sure, perhaps some progs, especially if non-white, understand wink-wink that Jewish supremacist power is to their advantage. Though ostensibly anti-western and anti-American, what they prize most is the chance to live in the West than in their own nations that are repressive, corrupt, backward, dirty, and/or brutal. A Muslim in India prefer white rule than Hindu rule, and a Hindu in Pakistan prefers white rule to Muslim rule. All said and done, whites are nicer and fairer. But they would feel ashamed to admit this, so they demand to allowed into the West in the name of fighting ‘white oppression’. (But if West is about white supremacism, why not stay in their own nations? They can’t admit that their own kind made a total mess of things.) So, they talk anti-Americanism but they are glad they are in America or some white-built nation. And since Jewish Power has been most instrumental in letting them via the Statue of Liberty myth, they are allied with Jewish Power. Immigration is the bribery offered to non-whites to support and defend Jewish supremacist power in the West. As long as Jews rule the roost, immigration get the boost. It’s an old imperialist trick. When the Brits ruled over African nations, they brought in Hindus(like Gandhi) to manage things. Since hindus in Africa depended on British power to gain profit for themselves, they supported the Brits over the blacks. During most of Gandhi’s stay in Africa, he was firmly on the side of the Brits over Africans.

    If Jews are the top elites, why hasn’t there been much needy critique of Jewish power from the gentiles? For one thing, too many whites are ‘dumb polac*s’, too many blacks are too busy rapping, too many Mexicans prefer to watch blondes in soap operas, too many Asians are obedient followers, and too many Arabs-Muslims don’t write or read. If Arabs produced many more like Edward Said, Jews would be in serious trouble. That ONE guy did so much to change discourse in the West. Spain(hardly an intellectual power) publishes and reads more books than all of Arab world combined.

    Also, there is the Holocaust Cult in the West that suppresses honest discussion of Jewish power. Anything even slightly critical is deemed ‘antisemitic’ which is associated with Nazism and Holocaust. Consider how GOP became a total bootlicker of Zionism. Even Trump is totally about ISRAEL…. though some barbed comments during the campaign — “I don’t need your money” — were daring but mostly for show.

    Because sane discussion of Jewish power has been suppressed in mainstream liberalism and conservatism, the only anti-Jewish voices that were heard was from nutjob far-right neo-nazi types whose craziness had a self-negating effect. I think Jews rather liked neo-nazis as the face of criticism of Jewish power cuz it created the impression that only extreme nutty haters can possibly dislike Jews.

    This is why Alt Right is alarming to Jews. It does offer some cogent critique of Jewish Power.

    This is why Jews would rather call it ‘nazi’ than address its arguments in point by point manner.

    And yet, ironically enough, there may be dawning of more honest discussion of Jewish power by the way of New Jewish Perspective. We see this with the Mondoweiss guy, Norman Finkelstein, Glenn Greenwald, and others who feel that Jews have abused their power and memory to justify bad behavior that is resembling the abuses of power by the enemies of Jews.

    Indeed, the most effective criticism of Obama administration came from this camp than from National Review that stuck to old lame formula. And despite Obama’s Iran deal and final play snub of Israel, can any honest person say Obama ‘threw Israel under the bus’ during his 8 yrs?Even with the easing of sanctions on Iran, the US is 1000x more friendlier to Israel than to Iran.


  6. Great writing.

    I think it was Matt Parrott who said that as Israel now exists Jewish and White identity are going separate ways – and need to go separate ways.

    Smart goys from Alabama and Indiana can best Brooks and Lil Ben Shapiro.

    • Matt Parrott is no authority on jews. He lives in Indiana, a state with an odd history of sucking up to jews and over-fixating on blacks.

  7. Hunter, I think you need to do an article on the real (((ethnics))) behind the slave trade. Every place this (((vermin))) has distorted history needs to be brought to the forefront to show just how deceptive and manipulative they really are. Nothing has changed.

    Several interesting quotes from the past:

    Here is Queen Maria Theresa in a decree dated 1777, during the heyday of the Enlightenment period. The Queen of Austria-Hungary, Croatia, Bohemia, Mantua, Milan, Galicia, Parma and the Austrian Netherlands had grown weary of the Jews and the never-ending problems they had caused in her extensive dominions. Her expulsion order is typical of the many others issued by other countries before her time, so we shall quote the angry queen in her own words:
    “Henceforth no Jew, no matter under what name, will be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no other troublesome plague within the state than this race, which impoverished the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises. Subsequently they have to be removed and excluded from here as much as possible.”

    Eustace Mullins: May 8, 2004
    “It [the Holocaust] wasn’t really an issue until the late ‘50’s. All of a sudden, they remembered that six million Jews died in WWII. I’ve often said that after six million Jews died, most of them went on to own apartments in Manhattan and Tel Aviv. It’s not really a topic that interests me much beyond how it’s used as propaganda and mind control.” Source: ADL.org

    (From Henry Makow) The Jews got the last laugh. William Joyce, who broadcast Nazi propaganda from Hamburg during the war, was hung for treason in 1946, although he was Irish, and therefore did not commit treason. He went to death defiant saying:
    “In death as in life, I defy the Jews who caused this last war, and I defy the power of darkness which they represent. I warn the British people against the crushing imperialism of the Soviet Union. May Britain be great once again and in the hour of the greatest danger in the West may the standard be raised from the dust, crowned with the words – “You have conquered nevertheless”. I am proud to die for my ideals and I am sorry for the sons of Britain who have died without ever knowing why.”

  8. It is a myth that most of the jews who came during that period were ‘working class.’ One aspect that makes it mythical is that the jews arrived WITH CAPITAL AVAILABLE to them, courtesy of the jews already here who were largely western europeans. LISTEN UP: one reason why we north easterners detest them as a people is because no matter how snooty and separatist the (trending) more western european jews were towards their newly arrived eastern european brethren, they absolutely rigged the deck for these yiddier yids. Jews who up until the 1960’s wouldn’t be welcomed in some fancier Manhattan temple were still extended HUGE favors by the same exclusivist ‘whiter’ more assimilated snobs.

    The asians and the jews were the only immigrant groups who arrived in America with capital available to them. That is the key to their success; not ‘high IQ’ or anything like that. Up until the early 1970’s there were no college loans, so for both higher (or any) education and business asians and especially jews already enjoyed incredible privilege. Prior to the college loan era most white families couldn’t dream of financing elite college educations, if any; only the absolute most gifted whites qualified for merit-based scholarships. Jews who were competitive but not stellar, OTOH, could glide in with scholarships donated from other jews. Jews had also already infiltrated the admissions offices and other key positions to finagle constant promotion of ‘working class’ jews.

    Please understand this, it’s critical.

    Brad Griffin himself is dealing in wholesale myth here, with the ‘working class’ jews. It’s nonsense. Many of them bought properties with sweetheart jew loans and acted as landlords upon arriving in the northeast cities, even when they weren’t gaining admission and financing for higher and elite education.

    • Further, even when these grotesque yids enjoyed easy free or low interest money and settled in suburbia, they still partnered with proxies like the italians or sometimes the blacks to rig the playing field. Their more directly violent allies would directly attack whites who were particularly threatening to the jews (especially WASP’s). This was true especially when it came to high schools, where the agreement was between jews and whichever strongmen to attack whites so that they were further handicapped in the class competition. I saw this growing up around them over and over.

      Accept that jews’ success is very small part talent and industry and overwhelmingly corruption. Jews can never compete on an even playing field.


      • ” …to force upper middle class whites to be bused into jewish/italian ghettoes, etc.”

        I have never heard of anything like this.

        Could give some specific examples of this? What high schools, towns and neighborhoods were involved. What years was this happening in? Do you have any articles or books that mention this?

    • ‘It is a myth that most of the jews who came during that period were ‘working class.’ One aspect that makes it mythical is that the jews arrived WITH CAPITAL AVAILABLE to them, courtesy of the jews already here ‘

      I would have to agree with Lorax on this issue.

      We’ve often read stories of the jew immigrant who came to America with tattered clothing on his back and virtually penniless.

      But, after a few years of selling apples, pencils, used clothing and discarded junk on the streets he eventually owned all the department stores in his town and six states by virtue of his his innate business skills and work ethic.

      Ha ha ha.

      What Lorax described is what Paul Harvey would call.’The rest of the story.’

      • It’s just a matter of what percentage were forced to labour for their bread. They do exaggerate, but when they first arrived, many were illiterate and had no decent trades/skills, and so were “forced” to work “like the goyeeem!” by the seat of their beetle-brows.

    • For many of them a lot of this capital was in the form of loans provided interest free by Jewish organizations. The same goes for some Asian groups. I’ve read that a few times although it was quite some time ago. I’ve tried looking for articles on that just this past year to no avail.

    • What you say is true about Jewish ingroup economic aid, but I can assure you being from NYC that many Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe were extremely poor and had low paying, low status, non-intellectual jobs like collecting garbage and working in sweatshops. The next generation, born in the US, often got upper working class or lower middle class jobs like clerks and tradesmen. They mostly didn’t go to four years colleges, but many had post secondary training from trade schools and the like. It was the third generation, raised outside of ghettos in lower middle class Jewish neighborhoods further out from the urban core in places like Southern Brooklyn, The Grand Concourse area of the Bronx and South Newark that flooded the Ivy League Universities.

      • I am also from NYC/NJ. Some jewesses in the sweatshop days worked in them, but not very many. I highly doubt any jews collected garbage. If you’re alive now you weren’t then, and it sounds as if you’ve inherited the cultural delusions that surrounded the eastern european jewish invasion. Your whole paragraph here is worse than Brad Griffin’s parroted tropes. Because he’s just parroting. You’re either lying or hallucinating.

      • Many of them were indeed forced to actually work. It took them a while to get their rackets underway in the USA to the degree that they had dominated commerce and taxes and rents and loans and addictions etc in The Pale. The ones who were forced to arbeit soon started organising Union rackets, organising strikes and riots, going into politics, setting up welfare rackets.

    • Not exactly. They may not have been penniless-poor, but hordes of them were illiterate (the Kike spent decades trying to remove literacy as an immigration requirement), with non-criminal trades or skills. The ‘Garment District’ type Kikes.

  9. Please read my long posts on this thread. Brad Griffin knows little about jews in the northeast and perpetuates the worst myths about jewish success.

  10. “I found myself smirking while reading this dreck”

    That, I fear, is a boast, not a confession. Smirking is always bad form.

  11. My attitude on Jewish and Irish power was that it was gained through mobster and criminal activity, and the Jewish mob won out ?

    • Go back to Africa, sand*gger.

      The irish ‘gained power’ through talent and grit, for the most part.

      Another point I meant to make in correction to Brad’s ignorance is that JFK did NOT want to punish white ‘immigrants’ or the white working class generally with his civil rights legislation. Instead, he envisioned a more egalitarian system that would have sought to equalize opportunity based on class, not race. He even tried to warn americans about the secret judeo-masonic cabal, to which most WASP’s were not a party.

      That’s why the jews killed him.

      • I’ll be go to hell.

        The article was talking about the Kennedy’s, everyone knows Joseph was a bootlegger, and groomed his sons for power.
        The Catholic church had been warning Europe for centuries about Freemasonry, and Protestantism for that matter, basically the 0 degree muttonheads in the New social order of the first communist nursery,most pastors were Freemasons.
        The Catholic president of Vietnam was assassinated 3 weeks before Kennedy,his name was Diem, there are as many excuses as Kennedy’s assassination, the one I believe is he wouldn’t escalate violence with the Viet mihn, who later became the Viet cong.
        I might have already told you that before.

        Don’t turn me into Chris please, you are one disturbed woman, I’ll leave it at that.

        • Sure, all angloceltic women (NOT half breeds) who don’t accept sexual (and general political) enslavement are mentally ill genetic defectives.

          It’s the sandnigger motto.

  12. David Brooks is the definition of a fatass nerd Jew. The fact that Brooks represented conservative opinion on so many tv shows from 9-11 until Trump just shows what an utter joke this country was during the Bush/Obama years.

  13. Awesome piece Mr. Wallace. I agree that the American narrative has been twisted away from our openly acknowledged roots in the last 75 years or so. The “nation of immigrants” garbage is just that -garbage. I also had no idea that J.F.K. was connected to the ADL.
    On a side note, there seems to be little on the internet (article wise) concerning the Christian white separatist term Neo-Babelism. I jsut put up an essay defining it, and condemning multiculturalism for a Biblical perspective. You can read it here. https://putnamlibertynotes.wordpress.com/2017/02/03/neo-babelism/

  14. This may be the most important essay you’ve written in the last six months, maybe the last year.

    Kudos to you for it.

  15. Russian myth? Well, at least he doesn’t blame German Romantics, who kickstarted nationalism as we know it and who were super popular in Russian Empire. I guess since Merkel is letting rapefugees in all is forgiven. For now. While we, Russians, are the Enemy.
    …seriously, what an ignorant asshole.

  16. I’ve lived in New York and New Jersey my whole life and met many Jews. Never met even one who was a racial crusader. “Shvartz-uh” is the term Jews used for blacks and I’m sure they still use it even though the generation that spoke Yiddish is gone. I’d bet money that David Brooks’ grandmother called blacks “shvartzuhs.” Its a convoluted thing with elite Jews promoting blacks in order to triumph over ordinary white people.

    I took the train to Manhattan a couple years ago and didn’t see anyone reading a newspaper. They do promotions for digital subscriptions but do people renew when the price goes up? On-line ads — I wonder how well they do with on-line advertising. It was former Rep. Jane Harmon’s husband who bought Newsweek in 2010 for $1. He made a fortune in audio equipment and she was one of the biggest neocons in Congress. Despite being sold for only $1, plenty of Newsweek people continued to be frequent TV panelists. I think its part of Daily Beast now.

    • I’m from NYC too and I have met many crazed Jews who totally buy into anti-white ideology, they tended to be richer ones. You are right that many Jews and whites in the NYC area in general are not very liberal on racial issues at all. Whites here vote the way they do because they disagree with conservative economic ideology of rolling back the New Deal and because they don’t want creationist type low church holy rollers having influence over schools or other government institutions.

      We all remember that big shift right in 1992-1994 that brought the GOP into power in the mayor’s office, the governorships of both states, both legislatures in NJ and IIRC, the NY state senate. My impression at the time was that this was driven largely by race, whites here wanted less immigration and a crackdown on black crime.

      At the time, complaining about non-white immigration was pretty mainstream around here and even the NYT and liberal media somewhat critical of high immigration levels noting the strain on resources and effects on the labor market. In the early 90’s, you had TV shows making fun of immigrants and TV news talking about hospitals being flooded with indigent illegals.

      There was a pro-immigration backlash that started around 1995/6 across the whole national media. By the late 90’s, the current consensus was established. Not coincidentally, that’s when the paleocons were purged and Conservatism Inc. stopped opposing open borders at all. Gingrich’s Congress actually increased immigration and
      tried to gut the popular programs that most white Americans will depend on in their retirement.

      I have a theory that the shift left in the region after 2000 was largely driven by the failure of mainstream conservatives and the GOP to support immigration restriction. When it became clear that both parties were the same on that issue, whites began drifting back to the Democrats. Of course the lowered white population due to immigration was a huge factor as well. The Iraq war accelerated the process.

      Trump won 75% of the vote in SI and carried Bergen, Morris and Monmouth counties in NJ. These are huge, high population affluent semi-urban suburbs, similar to Orange county in CA, where many of the banking industry people live. Those votes did not come from doctrinaire movement conservatives, let alone Evangelicals. They came from highly educated Wall St. professionals who want to stop non-white immigration.

    • Your first paragraph just exposes how instinctive jewish two-facedness is. They talk about whites to blacks and blacks to whites.

  17. The Statue of Liberty is a classic case of the Jews general behavior. The French people paid for the Statue to celebrate Liberty in the USA. The American people funded the base and erected it. The Jews bribed someone to put the wretched poem on it and declared that that was it’s purpose. We should wrench that off and throw it in the Atlantic Ocean trench.,

  18. Yes, the Jews are completely responsible for “nation of immigrants”. Worse, they claimed that Emma Lazarus wrote the poem when she was a little girl, which is another lie. The one piece I did not know is that it was some rich Jew donation that had the plaque placement changed.

    We are now feeling the effects of the slow poison of Jew cultural pluralism. They have subverted the originally intended White European ONLY immigration to include ALL people. This was a multi-tiered, multi-generational plan. This must be exposed so white Americans can see where we went wrong, and clearly understand why the Jews do what they do.

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