Ross Douthat: Who Are We?

So, I was just reading Ross Douthat’s latest take on Who Are We?

Can you believe this shit? That’s literally the look on my face.

“Then for a variety of reasons — a necessary reckoning with white supremacism, a new and diverse wave of immigration, the pull of a more globalist ethos, the waning of institutional religion — that mid-century story stopped making as much sense. In its place emerged a left-wing narrative that stands in judgment on the racist-misogynist-robber baron past, and a mainstream liberal narrative that has room for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Alexander Hamilton (as opposed to the slightly more Trumpish genuine article) and Emma Lazarus, but feels unsure about the rest. …

Trump’s ascent is, in part, an attempt to restore their story to pre-eminence. It’s a restoration attempt that can’t succeed, because the country has changed too much, and because that national narrative required correction. The myth of the “Lost Cause” had to die, the reality of racial wrongs required more acknowledgment, the Judeo-Christian center had to make room for a larger plurality of faiths.

But so far we haven’t found a way to correct the story while honoring its full sweep — including all the white-male-Protestant-European protagonists to whom, for all their sins, we owe so much of our inheritance.

Instead liberalism, under pressure from the left, has become steadily more anxious about its political and cultural progenitors, with Woodrow Wilson joining Jackson and Jefferson in the dock. Meanwhile the right’s narrative has become steadily more exclusionary — religious-conservative outreach to Muslims has given way to Islamophobia, racial optimism has been replaced by white resentment. …”

Wrong answer!

Then for a variety of reasons – it just happened. Why?

Why did the traditional narrative unravel at that particular moment in America history? Why was it replaced by the emerging leftwing cosmopolitan narrative? There’s got to be a reason, right? Douthat is going out of his way here to avoid mentioning the real reason.

It was the Jews, wasn’t it? You can’t talk about the course of American liberalism or the American Left in the 20th century without mentioning the cumulative impact of Jewish influence. It’s like trying to talk about the solar system without mentioning the sun. It doesn’t make any sense at all. Literally the most important thing that happened was that around the mid-20th century America’s traditional Anglo-Protestant elite was replaced by a cosmopolitan Jewish elite!

We can spend all day here talking about the details of why that happened:

– The switch to meritocracy at the Ivy League universities.
– Jewish success in business.
– The rise of Hollywood which was a Jewish creation.
– The creation of Jewish disciplinary institutions like the ADL and SPLC.
– The rise of the mass media (radio, television, film, newspapers, publishing) and the corresponding Jewish penetration and dominance over the mass media.
– The context of the Second World War and Cold War.
– The Jewish crusade against “racism” in science.

The bottom line is that America began the 20th century with an Anglo-Protestant elite that clung to the traditional American narrative. It began the 21st century with a cosmopolitan Jewish elite and a completely different origin myth and symbol complex. Jews had amassed enormous fortunes. They had a massive cultural influence due their concentration in culturally sensitive areas like the news and entertainment media and academia. They changed the discourse around race, culture and sexuality.

Is it anti-Semitic to say that? I don’t care. It’s true. That’s the heart of the problem and anyone tells you otherwise like Ross Douthat is bullshitting you because they are a scared little conservative. Around the mid-20th century, America acquired an alien Jewish elite drawn from Central and Eastern Europe. Many volumes have been written about the subject if you know where to look.

America’s Jewish elite is seriously alienated from America’s White Christian majority population. Significantly, it elevates Gentiles who are themselves deviants who are alienated from White Christian America, and in doing so their interaction at the top of the social pyramid compounds the problem. As a people, Jews have always conceived of themselves as “outsiders.” These people nurse ancient grudges. Suddenly, they found themselves thrust into the highest levels of the American elite. They were now the “insiders” and our culture radically changed as a result.

I got to be honest with you. The Jews aren’t any good at being “insiders” in Gentile societies. If you look at European history, this has a track record of not ending well, which is precisely why millions of Jews had the foresight to move to Israel. This cycle is not exactly a new phenomenon. The fact that we are even talking about it and avoiding the elephant in the room is an indicator. We’ve got all these legions of alienated Jewish leftists who are antagonizing White people and just can’t stop themselves.

That’s the real reason why we can’t correct the story, Ross.

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  1. Ahem. Thank you! (Takes bow for always being consistent in Naming the Tribe of Satan, despite ALL naysaying and insults).
    Now what?

  2. Note also that he presents “a new and diverse wave of immigration” as something that just happened as the result of some mysterious force of nature.

    This is invariably the case — it’s always “America’s changing demographics”, never “America’s demographics are being changed by people with agendas*”.

    That’s the trick — if our changing demographics is the result of mysterious forces of nature, it’s only haters that oppose. If instead our changing demographics are the result of certain and specific policies, then it’s a political matter and a matter of choice.

    *or (((people))) with agendas if you prefer.

    • A very good point. Whenever this issue is discussed it is always framed as if it were just a natural occurrence rather than a deliberate policy. It’s also framed as if it were just a continuation of what has always been rather than a recent change and a complete aberration from what was the norm before. And then we are portrayed as un-American for opposing it.

    • “America’s changing demographics”

      They like that phrase, but they would rather not illustrate it with class photos taken before and after the third-world invasion.

      They boast about the changing demographics, but at the same time, they deny it is happening. From listening to the media, you would think there is no invasion and the third-world parasites have always been living among Whites.

  3. You’re correct about the Jewish influence being the heart of the problem. The average American simply doesn’t understand this because for most of them, his traditional culture has been replaced by the swill served up by the leftist, Jewish controlled mass media. It’s only traditional cultures like the South, traditional religions with a firm root in antiquity, and people like us that have studied the real history of what really happened to us as a people that understand the real situation we’re in. We need to use the Internet to spread what we know to help people to connect to their historical roots. Only then can we beat this malign influence that have crippled us for years. To better understand this influence, I recommend that you purchase “Jewish Influence On Christian Reform Movements” by Rabbi Louis I Newman. This book goes into considerable detail about how Jews have worked to subvert Christianity by introducing ideas and heretical sects that pushed Judaizing. This book maybe purchased at for about thirty dollars. Get it so you will know your enemy.

    • It used to widely known that political subversion and jews went hand in hand and somewhere this knowledge failed to get passed down to the next generation. In high school no one could figure out why the jew were ever disliked? The most I ever hear are some jokes about penny pinching etc, but no one these days seems to know the score about jews and political subversion.

  4. ‘You can’t talk about the course of American liberalism or the American Left in the 20th century without mentioning the cumulative impact of Jewish influence. It’s like trying to talk about the solar system without mentioning the sun. It doesn’t make any sense at all. Literally the most important thing that happened was that around the mid-20th century America’s traditional Anglo-Protestant elite was replaced by a cosmopolitan Jewish elite!’

    Well said.


    The Daily CallerVerified account
    9:07 AM – 7 Feb 2017

    ‘Justice Ginsburg Backs Abolition Of The Electoral College

    If she had her way and the EC was abolished before the last election Trump would have lost.

    • It’s like discussion of the solar system without mentioning Jupiter or Saturn. The Sun is some other God.

  5. Part 1 of Mein Kampf describes these symptoms – and this crazy idea that America needs to “right past racial wrongs” is a load of horseshit.

  6. Douthat knows which side of his bagel is buttered. He will not risk losing his guaranteed lunch to write the truth about his Jewish masters.

  7. People misunderstand fascism because only a few nations have been Open Fascist nations. Italy called itself ‘fascist’ cuz it invented the term. Nazis went with ‘National Socialism’, but it could be said a variant of fascism. Franco was allied with fascists but not really fascist. Peron’s was a milder form of fascism, a kind of left-fascism.

    Anyway, because Germany and Italy lost big in WWII, it’s assumed fascism was defeated. But there has been closed, hidden, and subsumed fascisms all over. But people don’t want to discuss this because it would bring us to the closer to the truth of history.

    Take Israel. It is a fascist-democracy, and it goes to show that fascist themes and democracy can go well-together. Israel is about race, culture, history, and heritage of Jews. Its military culture is spartan and tough. It is about us and them. But it is also democratic. If anything, it goes to show that fascist themes and democracy actually work well together. If Israel were multi-culti in outlook and had a growing Muslim and Hindu population that threatened to outnumber the Jews, its democracy would be harder to sustain. Democracy is possible in Israel because of unity of Jews.

    And indeed, democracy flourished most in nations with ideal fascist settings. Now, when I say Ideal Fascist Setting, I don’t mean that the people are necessarily fascist-minded. Suppose there is an island of only Swedes. Suppose all these Swedes are multi-culti cosmopolitans. So, they want massive immigration and wanna be minorities in their own islands. So, they are not fascist in thought. Still, let’s say the island, for the time being, is safe, secure, rich, and decent with only Swedish people. Why? Because it has Ideal Fascist Setting of unity, homogeneity, and work ethic(developed under culture of discipline and restraint over the long Protestanty winters). It’s like Madison Wisc is very proggy in outlook. But its white areas are very nice, safe, and secure. Why? Because of the proggy outlook OR because of its Ideal Fascist Setting? The nice parts of Madison are white and filled with Germanic folks. So, even if these people have proggy outlook, they are living in a world of Germanic habits, manners, and work ethic. They are living in an Ideal Fascist Setting.

    In contrast, suppose there’s a nation that is 40% black, 40% Muslim, and 20% white. Suppose everyone were to read Mussolin’s DOCTRINE OF FASCISM and agree with fascism. But the setting would not be Ideal by fascist ideals. Too many wild and aggressive blacks, too many nutty Muslims, and too many whites scared of their wits.

    So, a setting that is ideally fascist but filled with proggy people work better than a setting that is multi-culti & diverse but is fascist.

    Now, look at China under Maoist-leftism and China under defacto-fascism. Since Deng Era, China has essentially been about mixed economy of capitalism and socialism, mixed culture of old and modern, and heavy emphasis on nationalism. Isn’t this model closer to fascism than to communism? What worked better? Maoism or this defacto fascism. But no one wants to use the term ‘fascism’ since it would state the obvious: fascism works.

    Fascist Theories aren’t only about fascist societies or self-professed fascists. It is about a study of why certain societies work and why some don’t.

    If we take Sweden, why did it work so well and why is it falling apart now?

    Even though Sweden was never officially fascist, it had many Ideal Fascist Qualities. It was homogeneous and united. It combined socialism with capitalism. It was a society of sobriety, work ethic, and discipline. If it later turned more libertine, such freedom could be enjoyed PRECISELY BECAUSE Sweden was such a safe and stable place.

    So, even if social-democrats of Sweden considered themselves as Marxist-lite and anti-fascist, the real reason why Sweden succeed owed to Ideal Fascist Elements.

    It’s like a rich successful person may consider himself a Christo-Marxist and pretend that his success owes to his self-professed ideology. But the REAL reason for his success is high IQ, work ethic, individual ambition, and etc. So, despite what he SAYS, what made him SUCCEED was something closer to Ayn-Randism.

    Because Nazism gave fascism such a bad name, nations like Sweden have been falling all over themselves to be as anti-fascist as possible, and what is the result? Deterioration and decline. Swedes have been taking a close look and trying to purge whatever is sub-fascist: Homogeneity, unity, sobriety, and hardness. The result is a nation of pansies run by women who let rapists and murderers in to gain approving nods from the GLOB.

    Many successful or rising nations that call themselves non-fascist or even anti-fascist have some ideal fascist elements if we take a closer look. Because Russia fought a great war against officially fascist nations in WWII, Putin would never use that term positively. But whatever success he’s had owes to pro-fascist or profa themes. Nationalism, culture of morality, unity and discipline. Russians, being drunken bums, need a long way to go, but their only hope of success is a kind of intelligent and sober fascism even if they don’t call it that. In the end, a nation must be using all ideas to maximize its power and security, and fascism allows this because it is not a mono-ideology. And this is why Jews, even though most anti-fascist in their official pronouncements, are a very fascistic sort of people. Jews creatively combine various ideas and ideologies and shift from one position to another based on the premise of “Is it good for the Jews?”

    And it’s all about the Power. People either want the power(the will to power) or want to be associated with power(will to cower). They want to command the field or cheer for the team that is on the field. Look at football or any sports. Spectators identify with their side and try to ‘share’ in the glory of the players.

    Christians will claim to be anti-power, but fascistics is a part of Christianity. After all, it claims that Jesus was really the Son of God, therefore God Himself. If Christianity said Jesus was a very nice guy who had these shining ideals and died for them and that was that, would it have become a great religion? People would have said Jesus was a nice guy but helpless and weak. The real appeal of Christianity is that Jesus revealed Himself as the Son of God, the greatest power that be, and that vengeance is really with Him. So, He died for our sins out of great love, but He is waiting in Heaven to whup some serious butt of those who will burn for all eternity in the afterlife. That is Power.

    And look at the appeal of all this homo stuff. Is it really about sympathy for these poor pitiful homos? No, homos have great appeal in globalism that is obsessed with status, riches, celebrity, and vanity because homos are associated with fashion, Hollywood, privilege, wealth, and power. Think of the costs involved to have those massive homo parades. It is the spectacle of power and riches that attracts people to homos. Suppose most homos were un-creative and poor and lived in trailers. Suppose they decided to throw a parade in their run-down dinky little town. How many politicians and celebrities and yuppies would show up?

    Power is like an addiction, a drug. Antifa types are bottom-feeders in this. Being dumb, trashy, idiotic, impatient, or immature, they fail to do anything in life. So, their experience of power is anarchy. They watch stuff like V FOR VENDETTA or listen to RAGE AGAINST MACHINE and throw tantrums. They wanna FEEL the power cuz they got none. The fact that they even attack Starbucks shows that they are confused.

    But those with IQ and talent don’t become antifa. They don’t go for bottom-feeding. They study, gain connections, attend Ivy League school, and serve in government and advise leaders to attack and destroy entire nations and populations, like in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and etc. They are Top-Bombers(hawks) than bottom-feeders(carps and crabs), and they do a lot more damage. And what is it really about? Sure, they invoke ‘human rights’ and ‘democracy’, but it’s really addiction to power, be it Zionist or American Imperialist.

    Though fascism is seen as bad stuff — and there can be bad fascism as Hitler certainly proved — , I think we can have moral fascism if we identify and understand the true nature of power in the world. It’s like alcohol. It can make you do crazy stuff, and it can even kill you. But a glass of red wine a day is good for you. And a few beers never killed anyone. So, we need to be honest about alcohol, what it is and how it should be handled.

    Censorship of fascist theoretics is like prohibition. Because alcohol did a lot of damage to society, a bunch of people decided to ban alcohol altogether, as if that will make it go away. But it only led to bootleg booze and organized crime. So, even though US was officially non-alcoholic, alcohol was all around underground. Eventually, the US came to its senses and acknowledged alcohol as part of what people want. The thing was to be honest about this and then have laws that best regulate the trade and use of alcohol.

    Likewise, because of WWII, there’s been this suppression of honest discussion of fascism and race-ism; EVERYTHING associated with them was supposed to be irredeemably bad. They were condemned as ‘obsession with power’ and ‘supremacism’. So, officially anyway, we were told that history since end of WWII has been all about ‘equality’, ‘human rights’, ‘liberal democracy’, ‘tolerance’, and etc.

    But in fact, just like alcohol went underground during the Prohibition, the power-obsession merely went underground. The Cold War was about the struggle for power and dominance than about ideology. After all, if it was all about ideology, why did the US become so aggressive after it won the Cold War? It should have welcomed the new peace and harmony. Because it loved the fact that it had the Supreme Power. It was like Madeline Albright saying that the US got all this power and might as well use it. For what? To spread ‘human rights’ by having 100,000s of Iraqi kids killed? If US is about equality and favoring the weak over the strong, why does it favor Israel over Palestinians? And if US is about secular values, why side with Saudi Arabia against secular modernizers like Assad? And why piss off Russia that is no longer an enemy and wants to get along with EU and the US? It’s all about the Power. Jewish globalists want to gain supremacy over Russian resources, and US military-industrial complex will jump on any excuse to flex its muscle and act tough.

    Anyway, if we end the prohibition the Power Studies(fascist theoretics), we could better understand what is happening. It would become apparent that influential people who pretend to be sober with ideals of ‘human rights’ and ‘liberal democracy’ are actually intoxicated with Power Madness that ranges from Jewish Supremacism to Military-Industrial-Complex-mania.

    And what is Fareed Zakaria really about? Why is he here? I mean if he wants to use his talent to help a nation, why the US that is rich already? India has many many more problems, and he could use his smarts there. So, why is he here? Is it really about his embrace of nice kindly globo ‘human rights’? Non, the punk wants the good life in the US, and also, he figures India can colonize the West with its rapidly expanding population. So, he’s not just some nice guy promoting tolerance but an agent of Hindu-Muslim-Indian Globo Colonization. He may rinse his mouth with the ‘human rights’ mouthwash, but his stomach is filled with Power Moonshine.

    And this thing with the Megaphone and Gag Order. (Or MAGAG order since Trumpers are supposed to shut up.) Why are certain people given megaphones while others are gagged? Where is freedom of speech or equal opportunity of expression? ‘Hate Speech Laws’ are supposed to be about protecting the powerless from the powerful, but it’s really about protecting the powerful(especially Jewish elites) from the relatively powerless.

    Best way to deal with alcoholism is to state the fact that someone has an alcohol problem. Only by stating that fact can the person learn to see what his problem is and learn to drink responsibly. Refusal to admit the problem makes the problem worse because he will pretend he has no problem while sneaking drinks all throughout the day.

    Similarly, the best way to control fascism as a moral ideology and instrument is to admit that the world is driven by competition for power and the natural organismic drive for supremacy. Every organism is ‘supremacist’ in that it seeks to gain more and more. Plants spread seeds all over and try to take over the entire field. Wolf pack tries to gain fresh territory. Mosquitoes breed like crazy and fill the air with bloodsuckers that try to suck everything. Bacteria try to spread as much as possible. So, nature is a world of competing supremacisms.

    Humans are the same way as all of human history has been about gaining dominance by invasion, trade, ideas, religion, etc. By admitting this aspect of human nature, we can control it better by coming to an understanding that all groups have this Will to Power even if they don’t admit it. (Hitler was honest in stating what his ideology was all about. It was about the Power. And he was honest about what other great nations were about too. The Power and domination. This is why the Brits didn’t like him. Hitler’s admiration for British greatness made it plain as day that the empire was primarily about British domination than about Brits being noble carriers of the “white man’s burden” to enlighten the world. He understood and stated the true nature of imperialism. This made the Brits nervous since they always justified their domination over dark folks in terms of being generous and tolerant. In a way, Hitler and Jews agreed on this aspect of Anglo domination of the world. Anglos were really about Power and Domination. The difference is Hitler admired & praised it whereas Jewish leftists reviled & condemned it. Either way, it made the Anglos nervous because it lifted the veil of its moral justification for empire. But Hitler was bad fascist because of his utter contempt for much of humanity and failure to understand that other peoples have a will-to-power of their own that should be respected. Also, whether the Brits intended to or not, they were spreading not only the light of civilization but the means-of-power to other peoples who learned from the Brits to gain power for themselves.) It’s not ultimately about some higher ideal but about the Power. Now, if we just act like animals, we will be fighting endless wars and that will lead to a big mess. Therefore, we must work towards building a responsible and moral fascist order where all sides respect one’s another’s need for core power and core security. We must declare the Age of Empire to be over and promote a world of secure nations that respect one another and trade with one another. Then, Nation A respects the will-to-power of Nation B and Nation C, and Nation B respects the will-to-power of Nation A and Nation C, and Nation C respects the will-to-power of Nation A and Nation B.

    Let the will-to-power remain within national borders. Let Hungary be Hungary and let Poland be Poland. But Merkel the crazy globalist bitch decided to succumb to the Will to Power of disastrous globalism and then, by invoking ‘human rights’, denounced Hungary and Poland.

    This is what happens when a people are unwilling to fess up to the fascist will-to-power. Germans, if they were to be honest, would say they want to survive and thrive as Germans in Germany. Ideally, Germans should seek Will-to-Power in Germany. This makes total sense since Germany is the land of Germans. But because Germany isn’t allowed to realize this, its repressed Will-to-Power seeks expression by something resembling Sweden’s ‘humanitarian super-power-ism’. Unlike Nazis who were for invading other nations, New Germany is about welcoming invasion and showing off their superior morals by being ‘good’, and then forcing this ‘goodness’ and ‘human rights’ on other nations like Hungary and Poland. It’s so crazy.

    We need to be honest that all the world loves the alcohol of power. Only by admitting this fact can we honestly and soberly regulate this power and warn all the world to not get drunk on ‘medicine water’. Best way to do it is by promoting nationalism that limits the nation’s power within its borders and respects the will-to-power of other nations with their own national sovereignty.

    Globalism is one big bootleg operation by gangsters like Soros who pretend to be providing the milk and cookies of human kindness to world while shipping the alcohol of power to fellow oligarchs around the world. Soros and his ilk hate nationalism because it erects walls against the bootleggers of globalist power-domination.

  8. I automatically dismiss anyone who uses the term “Judeo-Christian” seriously. There was no Judeo-Christianity before the Jews took over, and since then, whatever else you might want to label it, it ain’t Christianity. It is especially suspicious for a Catholic writer to use such a term.

    • Yes. If you do a search for “judeo-christian” on Ngram, you see that the term suddenly first appeared right after 1933, presumably so that the Jewish media could brainwash the gullible American goyim into anti-Nazi hatred in some sort of conjured-up “Jewish” and “Christian” alliance. The term “judeo-christian” is fundamentally deceptive.

    • For anyone skimming over posts, the Holocaust was a fake. There were no gas chambers and no mass extermination plans. There were probably about 260,000-600,000 jewish deaths from typhus and other exigencies of war.

  9. Jews didn’t find themselves ‘thrust into the highest levels of the american elite.’ They forced their way into it through every angle of violence, more often indirect, they could.

    They don’t nurse ancient grudges; they create contemporaneous ones as they go along. To be denied their status as Chosen lords over the goyim slaves, wherever that happens, is the only ‘grudge’ they need.

    • “They don’t nurse ancient grudges; they create contemporaneous ones as they go along. To be denied their status as Chosen lords over the goyim slaves, wherever that happens, is the only ‘grudge’ they need.”

      To call this a bull’s-eye would be to understate its accuracy. It’s at the bull’s-eye’s center, to within an angstrom.

  10. In my opinion the Anglo elite wasn’t beaten as much as it just stopped caring. A society has to be managed, too many of these people didn’t seem to care about anything except sitting back in their mansions and making money. J Montgomery Burns and Thurston Howell Third come to mind. They didn’t have to let these big noses into their colleges and businneses

    • What about someone like George Lucas? I assume he’s Anglo. He makes this gigantic myth cycle called Star Wars and then says the baddies are just selfish self obsessed twerps. He’s sucked in generations of bright young men into this cult. The retardation he’s caused is massive.

      All the while he’s eating all the pies and lives in skywalker ranch.

      He cares. Just in the wrong way.

    • “In my opinion the Anglo elite wasn’t beaten as much as it just stopped caring.”

      Doesn’t make sense. Why would the Anglo elite stop caring for no reason at all, at the same moment when in France, the French elite stopped caring for no reason at all, and in Germany, the German elite stopped caring for no reason at all?

      What happened is that the elites who cared were gradually pushed aside and replaced by Jews and people they had co-opted. The first criterion to be selected by the Jews is that you must not care for your own people. White Nationalists are not accepted.

      What started it all was the explosion of the Jewish population in Eastern Europe. Then, they began invading every White country.

      Today, we are ruled by crooks, not by elites. Actually, White Nationalists are the moral elite, but without the elite status.

      • ‘What happened is that the elites who cared were gradually pushed aside and replaced by Jews and people they had co-opted. The first criterion to be selected by the Jews is that you must not care for your own people. White Nationalists are not accepted.’

        That is correct.

    • The Anglo elite was aware of its own moral exhaustion and impeding decadence around the end of the 19th century. Theodore Roosevelt denounced his class’ newfound fondness for birth control as it became addicted to cheap 2nd wave immigrant factory workers. Madison Grant and other writers warned of the long term demographic peril of the West, and piles of books were sold on how to use scientific principles to keep boys from becoming effete or homosexual, often promoting circumcision as a way to prevent sexual degeneration. Many Anglo progressives had lost their religious faith and devotion to their own people degenerated into an sterile obsession with racial purity and eugenics.
      The Anglo elite replaced love of people with a love of vague, undefined progress and self-absorption. They had decisively defeated the organic, contra-enlightenment South, and in doing so had also killed off the antibodies to an energetic and far more confident Jewish minority’s opinion of what America should become.

  11. Hunter Wallace is right. You cannot leave out of account (((the main engine driving events))) and give an honest, accurate account of the transformation of America and white nations all around the world.

    • The entire 20th century becomes an incoherent narrative without reference to the Jews. The World Wars, Communism & the reaction of Fascism, Zionism, the “civil rights” revolution, the demographic transformations of America & Europe, the degradation of our culture and the current reaction against globalism all become a meaningless, chaotic, and disjointed story without the Jews.

    • It is really important that this now becomes known amongst the average white talk radio listener. Nothing makes sense without this, it’s like one of those mystery episodes on Star Trek where the crew just suddenly goes mad for no reason. If now isn’t a good time for this to become known then it never will be.

  12. The painting is of Last Stand Hill and Custer’s demise, it was the White Man’s high water mark June 25, 1876

  13. Douthat: “that mid-century story stopped making as much sense. In its place emerged a left-wing narrative”

    Many Americans are not optimistic about the possibility of MAGA. But it isn’t because they believe Douthat’s jewish BS. They just think that kicking 100 million non-whites out of the country is a difficult task, especially if you try to be gentle about it.

    • I really don’t give a shit about Holocaust revisionism, what I care about is my quality of life would be a whole lot better without these annoying people pushing this globalism, internationalism, feminism, political correctness etc. Come to think of it, I really hate feminism most of all, all these bitchy women allowed to lord it over me in the workplace, get first dibs on jobs I should have had, and fuck up the political process with their pathetic sob sister naivety for every last con. Only in the West are men blue balled, sex is this difficult thing to get, go to any patriarchal nation and whores are everywhere, sex is cheap an easy. That’s why feminists have created the big lie of “human trafficking” a rerun of white slavery to try to distort the reality of prostitution. As one who has been whoring for decades and knows the score, when I read these bizarre stories of the trafficking hoax I realize these people are either lying greedy NGO types trying to fleece the public, feminists or prudes with an anti sex anti male agenda, or have just totally lost the plot.

  14. The well known Zionist (Kissingerites) 1952 Rabbi Rabinovich plan clearly States (p/p):- “Destroy the white Countries & Governments cleverly, & use mass immigration & promote homosexuality to dissolve their countries societies”.

  15. ” Is it anti-Semitic to say that? I don’t care. It’s true.”

    Even with the false attribution of (((ethnicity))), this is the core statement of this entire article. And it causes me to rejoice.

    • (Because Amren has banned me from commenting, for some odd reason, I’m forced to respond here to a comment you made for the following amren article: im proud white)

      You said:

      Interesting how the scripture reading for this weekend was St. Paul shaming such people as this author mentions …

      Are you the same Fr. John who posts at DailyStormer?

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