Politico: Dark Enlightenment Has Ties To Steve Bannon

The story isn’t true.

Still though, it is nice to see Neoreaction getting some greater exposure:

“The first weeks of the Trump presidency have brought as much focus on the White House’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, as on the new president himself. But if Bannon has been the driving force behind the frenzy of activity in the White House, less attention has been paid to the network of political philosophers who have shaped his thinking and who now enjoy a direct line to the White House.

They are not mainstream thinkers, but their writings help to explain the commotion that has defined the Trump administration’s early days. They include a Lebanese-American author known for his theories about hard-to-predict events; an obscure Silicon Valley computer scientist whose online political tracts herald a “Dark Enlightenment”; and a former Wall Street executive who urged Donald Trump’s election in anonymous manifestos by likening the trajectory of the country to that of a hijacked airplane—and who now works for the National Security Council. …”

I’m pro-Dark Enlightenment.

If I was completely unethical, I would troll the media for the lulz.

I would be like, yes, white supremacists really are running the country. Steve Bannon really is a white supremacist. The South really is in charge now. It would be fun to attempt to troll California into seceding from the United States. That would be the greatest troll of all time.

I would never do that though. It goes against my values to intentionally mislead people. The Alt-Right is about telling the truth, having fun and smashing taboos. The fake news Lügenpresse are the ones who create false narratives (i.e., Iraq has WMD, Russians are getting us, white supremacy prevents blacks from excelling in SAT math scores) in order to bamboozle the public.

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      • Yes. But it’s interesting just how much things have changed.

        For example, the Mantra wasn’t always standard. Now there’s little argument about it, in the alt-right. “Anti-white” is a valid concept. Mass non-white immigration into all white countries and only white countries plus forced assimilation really is white genocide. Mandatory “diversity” in housing means white people are being chased down. Diversity does mean we can’t have free speech; we are all seeing “the great shuttening,” the intimidation and the hate speech codes, and so on.

        Some people don’t like to say this, for reasons such as: my friends rolled their eyes at me and I felt embarrassed. But nobody has an argument against it. And nobody who has tried arguing this position has run into credible anti-white arguments against it. So even though people may not be interested in the Mantra (because they may have other causes, like Christianity or Southern nationalism), “the Mantra is tough to argue against” has become part of everybody’s passive knowledge base.

        There’s also much more diversity than there was in how people choose to present themselves. I think it’s a result of growing skill. Whatever people are doing, whether it’s comedy, video or old-school blogging, people are getting more focused. This site’s recent upgrade is an example.

  1. The truth is that while Trump et al. may not be white nationalists, they can become white nationalists.

    Stop and think for a moment: what causes politicians to “evolve” on a given issue? The evolution of their base. Either they follow suit, or they get fired, as with Jeb Bush’s “act of love” and Rand Paul’s “Detroit Republicanism”. Now we no longer worry about a “pathway to citizenship” but “build a wall, deport them all.”

    Two things can move the base towards white nationalism: proselytizing, and shaping events – both of which we can impact.

    Did The Mantra ever reach full penetration? We, as a movement, left some chips on the table there. Fortunately, we have Horace the Avenger returning to the field after a family tragedy to get us back on a consistent message. He has a podcast “This Week In White Genocide” with Truck Roy and Johnny Monoxide, which has amazing potential.

    I would love to see Alt South figures building bonds to that milieu, which has strong Southern roots (Whitaker & Truck Roy directly, and Horace by ethnicity).


  2. Dude you win the Sunday school competition truth to your people is fine but if you cannot discredit our enemies do us a favor and ball peen hammer your balls flat.

    If you ain’t trollin you ain’t trying

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