19 Rabbis Arrested Outside Trump International Hotel

Is it anti-Semitic to notice?

“About 20 rabbis affiliated with a liberal Jewish group were arrested on Monday night after blocking the street near the Trump International Hotel and Tower at Columbus Circle in Manhattan to protest an executive order that banned travel to the United States from seven majority-Muslim nations.

Although the hotel has been a site of numerous protests since President Trump’s election, few, if any, have involved the arrest of a group of clerics.

A crowd of about 200 people assembled at 88th Street and Broadway about 7 p.m. and then marched toward the hotel, brandishing signs with messages like “welcome refugees” while hitting drums and tambourines. …”

They’ve been doing this for a few months now.

They are fond of calling themselves the “Jewish Resistance.” They’re opposing President Trump in the name of the Jewish community. They organized events to disrupt the Trump Inauguration. These people are organizing through Twitter under the hashtag #JewishResistance.

Again, if you notice what these Jews are doing you will be shouted down as an “anti-Semite,” but that doesn’t change the fact that they are out there doing it. No, it is not a “Jewish conspiracy.” These Jews really are trying to bring down the Trump administration.

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  1. Leftist Jews have always been haters of anything that looked traditional or conservative, even in their own culture. O this is no big surprise.

    • There is no ‘left v. right’ for the jews. There is only Us v. Them. Jews may disagree on how to achieve and maintain their Chosen oligarchy, but they never disagree that it’s their Yahweh-given birthright to be that oligarchy. Many disagree sincerely but the most powerful are just directing the theater of ‘left v. right.’

  2. There is nothing implicitly or explicitly pro-White about Trump. He has barely scratched the surface of 3rd world immigration. Yet, the anti-Whites are coming out of the woodwork. Jews marching on behalf of Islamofacists. That’s just plain funny.

  3. The Jewish Supremacists can’t stand anyone who represents Nationalism and White Pride. Now even mainstream Conservatives who disagree with Neoconservative foreign policy. Our views on nationalism have become popular and the GOP is becoming more isolationist instead of a worship of War in the Middle East. However the Alt Right / Alt South must remain active in educating the public and our elected officials about the enemy…..Jewish Supremacy. I see no difference between Jews and Muslims. Both reject Jesus Christ. WPWW !

    • It can’t be said enough fellow European/White goys:

      “Every time Europeans try to organise politically to prevent their own destruction, the Jews mobilise against the parties they create.”
      “Jews demand suppression of Europe’s patriotic parties”, Diversity Macht Frei 8 Sept 2016.

      Let these subversive Rabbis out themselves to normies to show the duped Goyim who support the poisonous Jews that the Jews only seek to work against and destroy all that Europeans have created and worked for: homogenous White societies.

      The JQ cannot be avoided – try as hard as you may. If you’re avoiding raising the JQ, you’re either intentionally supporting Jewish-instigated White/European genocide of White/European nations, you’re a cuckservative, or you’re a mere civic nationalist.

      And yes, the Talmud is the most wicked manual the Jews continue to hold onto, thereby making the subversive Jews no different to their Muslim cousins.

      Muslims are Jews’ natural allies in Europe – Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt

      PS: This went to spam again! Must be the hyperlinks. Anyhow…. re-posting and apologies if the other double post shows up.

  4. Jew parasite worm race war against THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN MAJORITY..

    Nuke fucking TEL AVIV in long overdue retaliation of the slaughter of THE NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN TEENAGER CREW OF THE USS LIBERTY….

  5. “The Jewish belief is paradoxical and degraded”. Tacitus
    “The more things change the more they stay the same”. Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr


    • Like the Talmud.
      I have heard tacitus was a jew? He is one of the only scholers who wrote of Christ at the time of Christ, if I remember correctly.

      • You are right about the Christ part, but he was not a Jew. You might have confused him with Josephus Flavius.

  6. Kosher ass clowns trying to drive up their Intersectionality rating, probably not going to yield much in results, they should try harder I recommend miscegenation with the colored nobility

    • But these tactics have yielded results. That’s why we are where we are now.
      Time for Expulsion 110. Globally. One Hundred and Ten and NEVER AGAIN.

      • Poor little urchin, your leaders are drowning in Jews that you despise, yet you somehow feel he’s gonna reinstate the so called glorious days and keep drinkingi their semen and licking their assholes being in a orgy.

  7. We Jews are just trying to show you how generous we are by offering to bring all these terrorists…I mean “refugees” here. We don’t want to build walls. Only racist countries do that. Just look at Israel…oh wait don’t do that. Stop noticing our hypocrisy. Only a racist would notice that. What, are you some kind of Nazi or something?

  8. Jews you’re not Semites. Jews are not God’s chosen people. God is not here the prayers of juice. Jews are imposters, because Zarrian tribe of Turks who converted for political, rather than religious reasons, and then were too stupid to realize that they were converting to tell me it is him, and not biblical mosaicism.

    • Not all Jews are Semites, but the majority of them are. Many genetic tests on various Jewish groups show this is true.
      They were the chosen people under the Old Covenant , but Christ’s death ininiated a new and better one for both Jew and Gentile converts.
      God does hear the prayers of truely converted Jews.
      The Khazar Jew theory is malarkey. No genetic proof has ever been found that shows Turkish DNA in Eastern European Jews. And no Khazar remains have, to the best of my knowledge, have ever been tested and compared with Ashkenazim DNA to see if there’s a genetic connection between the two groups. These facts are so obvious that even David Duke rejects the Khazar idea. Go to his website and read the articles he’s posted on this subject.

      • Stephen, I gave you a complement a few days ago and now you return with insults? DNA evidence-just like Piltdown man evidence, or Peking man evidence, can be fabricated, tweaked, and utilized by those who “say they are Jews and are not.”

        Do you wish to deny Scripture, the witness of your own church (before Vatican I), and your own common sense, or are you hugging to your heart the prideful concept, that some of your ancestors were “more chosen” than others?

        If you are honest, you will drop this charade, and accept the grace of Christ that all are sinners and all are in need of repentance, and that no one comes to the father, except through Jesus. And that those who are not the Israel of God, are no longer in a special position of grace and favor. Misericordie, Domine

        • John, no insult was given to you by me. I merely told you and the readers of OD that your facts and information was wrong. I’ve read several books and many article on Jewish DNA, and with some very small exceptions, Jewish DNA is Semitic. The idea that all the research on Jewish DNA has been fabricated is beyond belief. There are too many Jewish and Non-Jewish researchers working on projects worldwide that make it next to impossible to pull off a hoax like you propose.
          Read David Duke’s articles on the mistaken Khazar origin idea. He was a firm believer in it, until he took a hard look at the actual genetic and historical evidence, and came to the conclusion that It was without foundation.
          I do not deny the Scriptures, the witness of the Pre-Vatican I RCC, or common sense. The Scriptures admit that the Jews are the flesh and blood descendants of Abraham. They’re called false Jews because they don’t have Abraham’s faith, but because of their lack of faith in Christ, that they’re of the synagogue of Satan. And common sense tell me to believe the best possible, probable, provable evidence.
          My ancestors, Jewish or Gentile, has nothing to do with me thinking that I’m “chosen”. It’s the grace of God given to me as a Christian that matters to me. Rather than being prideful, I’m humbled that God would love me so much, in spite of who I am and what I might have done before I became a Christian.

          • And I disagree with you.

            This is a long-standing battle, Stephen. I believe the Jews are Khazars and have Neanderthal DNA -I base that on the unchanging witness of numerous encyclopedia articles, books and monographs…written by Jews themselves(!) going back to at least the Jewish encyclopedia of 1905;

            and continuing on with men like Freedman, Koestler, and Sand, and most conclusively-and recently, with Dr. Elhaik’s DNA analysis- and again, he a Jew!

            What purpose does it serve the West, to legitimize (in any fashion) our common enemy? May I point out to you that your communion used the Isadora decretals for hundreds of years to bolster their spurious position? Or that St. John Chrysostom says “so we are saved by grace through faith” in his epistles, and yet Rome denied that very thing to Martin Luther?

            (((The Jews))) are the collective, racial, ideological enemy of Christendom. Vatican II did not change that, it merely lied. And if (((they))) are not your enemy, then you do realize the corollary, don’t you? You are- or become- the West’s enemy.

            ” And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?” II Cor. 6:15

          • People can believe the Khazar theory all they want, but belief doesn’t equal proof unless it is backed by cold, hard evidence. And as I’ve already pointed out, the latest genetic findings show most of the world’s Jews are Semitic, not Turkish. So your various encyclopedia articles et cetera don’t mean a thing, because they have been overthrown by the new findings.
            Freedman, Koestler and Sand were not geneticists and the one that you mentioned, his findings were rejected by the larger scientific community, because his research was sloppy. Read David Duke’s articles for the details on these men and their writings.
            Legitimizing them?! I have always spoken out against their bigotry and Anti-Christian hate and actions. Where have you been?
            Your ignorance of Luther is incredible. The RCC didn’t condemn Luther for believing that we’re saved by grace through faith. It condemned him for believing we’re justified by faith alone.
            I believe organized Jewry opposes Christianity. I just don’t believe your take on it, which, IMO, is based on outdated information, and religious myths like Christian Identity. I prefer up to date information and facts that can be verified by careful research by researchers with no axe to grind in favor of one view or another.

          • I’m not going to. I posted that to inform the other readers of OD. FJ is too cock sure to take any correction.

      • What a vulgar woman you are!

        And how ignorant you are of history, theology, anthropology, and all of the other sciences that clearly corroborate our point of view.

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