The Battle of Huntington Beach

This is the big story of the day:

“Violence erupted at a Make America Great Again rally in Huntington Beach on Saturday after a protester opposed to President Trump allegedly doused a female organizer of the event with pepper spray, sparking a brawl that ended with several arrests.

A group of flag-waving Trump supporters tackled the man with the pepper spray, who was wearing a black mask, and started punching and kicking him, according to witnesses. Several other fights also broke out between demonstrators. …”

The #MAGAs are getting sick and tired of the antifas. Beyond sick and tired. The straw that broke the camel’s back was one of these masked punks pepper sprayed a woman.

Note: At the #MAGAMarch in Philly, antifa burned the American flag.

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  1. Where was Thernovich? That’s in his backyard. Or was he repelled by the Anti Semitic “Da Goyimn Know” sign?

    • Civic Nationalists are a-w-e-some bro! They outsmarted the left by saying they want a brown turd world future, just like the left do. As long as a cross dressing judge in a skirt says its “legal”, White Genocide is a-okay bro!

    • With a fighting spirit like this still evident in our county (and state),we just might have a chance of saving California yet.

    • Well done, Sir! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve enjoyed watching that handsome young Aryan man beat at least some of the MERDE out of that kike fag.

  2. : At the #MAGAMarch in Philly, antifa burned the American flag.

    But they’ll defend the North and the New England Moral-Political Paradigm, while denouncing the South as “un-American®” , to their last breath.

  3. What was it that Obongo said… oh yes, if they bring a knife to a fight you bring a gun. Antifa scum are the lowest of the low and the biggest pussies on earth.

  4. Love to hear about SJW’s getting smacked but I’ll bet most of the MAGA flag wavers think “great” is all about a melting pot, the contents of which are getting browner and browner.

  5. Soooo… if you protest under Trumpenfuhrer’s banner you get to streetfight with BLM and Antifa and you get a fair shake from the coppers?

    Good times.

  6. Why do the antifas burn American flags and call racially conscious whites Nazis -when the antifas want to control the country of the flag they burn? If they really think that Trump supporters are Nazis, why do they not burnt he Nazi flag? These antifas are retards. (((Someone))) has out them in the streets top destabilize America.
    And by the way, Greetings from Greater Appalachia to all OD readers.

    • Burning Nazi flags will not offend the MAGA contards. Hell, they’d join the antifas doing it.

  7. Some people showed up with bigoted signs but were actually the AntiFag crowd trying to get on the news as a Trump supporter…so believe what you want but lots of us who were there new this was going on. It’s a common tactic of theirs. But Yeah hahahahahahaha loved seeing people finally say they had enough and stood up to them. I was there with my kids and the facist antifags were pepper spraying people & pushed for this fight

    • Yah, we’re going to be putting some snipers in position at future events…the ROE will be that if you see anyone attacking another person in a manner that could cause great bodily injury or death, then you can take the shot.

  8. I talked to my former California self defense trainer and he gave me some good advice about what to wear, bring, use to these MAG rallies that get attacked by Antifas.

    He recommends:

    Dressing for safety and using self defense weapons that have some other use besides as a weapon – as the authorities will persecute you for bringing weapons with the intent to hurt others.

    He noticed that so far – the Antifas have mostly used these weapons:

    Pepper spray, bear mace
    Metal flag poles, fists and boots

    Pepper spray hurts the eyes, nose and mouth – so have eye protection and some nose and mouth protection even if it’s just a bandana.

    A half motorcycle helmet is good to prevent concussions.

    Your club should have some purpose like showing a small flag – use a hard word like rattan, hickory or oak. The Stickman hero broke his wood stick on the head of an Antifa attacker – his stick was too long and not hard wood enough.

    A kevlar sign (Make America great) can be made into an effective shield.

    Since I’m a biker – biker self protection gear, thick leather coat is very good for defense.

    So far the Bikers for Trump have really been the only ones who have taken to the street in a group and not got beaten down, chased off those McInnes’ “Proud Boys” did do a decent job in New York City in wading in there against light weight college students – not very good at U Cal Berkeley.

  9. Insight on Philadelpha – the Negro PoPo Chief is Pro Trump. There were Anti Fa cops – but apparently the po po are talking about how they need Holy Patron Saint of PoPo Frank The Original God Emperor Rizzo BACK. The Po po defended the Humans, overall, in Philadelphia.
    The TRUMP EFFECT, people. Remember.

  10. Looks like the “alleged protestor” has a prominent hooked nose typical of you know whos

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