Refugees From French & Haitian Revolutions

As we have recently seen, the “savage executioners” who rose up and slaughtered thousands of White settlers in Saint-Dominigue, France’s most important colony, exercised inhuman cruelty in their genocidal campaign. Their revolution destroyed one of the wealthiest societies in the world and created an impoverished, despotic Black-run country called Haiti. Needless to say, those White people who were able to flee to safety left. Hundreds of them sought refuge in the State of South Carolina.

These French colonists from Saint-Domingue were joined by others fleeing the choas and slaughter of the French Revolution in their home country. The September Massacres in Paris and the 1804 Haiti Massacre are examples of the senseless murder which defined the two Leftist revolutions and drove many to seek safety in Dixie. Southerners generously opened their arms to many of the victims.

Dr. David Ramsay (1749-1815) wrote of this episode in Southern history in his work Ramsay’s History of South Carolina: From Its First Settlement in 1670 to the Year 1808. He wrote:

A new variety of human misery was lately presented for the exercise of [South Carolina’s] hospitality. The insecurity of life, liberty, and property, in revolutionary France, and the indiscriminate massacre of Frenchmen in St. Domingo, drove several hundreds in the last years of the 18th century to the shores of Carolina. They were kindly received; and, such as were in need, received a temporary accommodation at the expense of the public. Most of them fixed their residence in or near Charleston.

These days South Carolina and other Southern States are forced to take in more and more Muslim “refugees” from the Middle East, endangering our citizens and imposing an alien and incompatible culture in our midst. However, once upon a time we “kindly received” White, Right-wing refugees we thought would fit in and add to our strength. And we supported them when necessary for a short time. Today, we are looted indefinitely to provide welfare, housing, free education, free healthcare and an assortment of other free services to people who pose a serious security risk and add nothing positive whatsoever to our society. The contrast between the kinds of people to whom we offered refuge then and those we are forced to take in now is stark.

If Southerners were again free we could set our own refugee policy, perhaps accepting Afrikaners and Rhodesians fleeing genocide at the hands of hostile Black Leftist regimes. And we could again close our door to the Third World and its violence, chaos and poverty.

If Dixie were free again we could offer help to beseiged White Christian South Africans instead of Arab Muslim jihadists.

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  1. I wouldn’t get too carried away w taking white refugees either. We might accept them on a temporary condition, like giving refuge to the women and children while the men fight to take their own country back.

    Or we might work some kind of deal where they have to pay a stiff yearly tax for as long as they stay here. That way we are helping them out, they are helping us out, and they are motivated to seek greener pastures elsewhere asap.

    Or perhaps we could ally as a mercenary to help them take their own land where we get part of it or mineral rights as compensation for our service.

  2. “As we have recently seen, the ‘savage executioners’ who rose up and slaughtered thousands of White settlers in Saint-Dominique, France’s most important colony, exercised inhuman cruelty in their genocidal campaign. Their revolution destroyed one of the wealthiest societies in the world ….”

    Oh, yes–how strange that the blacks there would destroy that country, in which they were living in such opulence.

    • Whether they live as slaves or in idle squalor, they are fully capable of killing the white people when given the opportunity. It’s in their genetics to be a danger to whites so long as they are allowed to live among us.

      • Hell, they’re dangerous to each other and every living thing on earth. I read a story about a swarm of nigglets that destroyed a prize steer, a horse, and a couple hundred yards of bob wire fence.

      • As I have always said THIS IS THE SPLIT BETWEEN YANKEE and SOUTHERN understandings of the Negro.

        The Yankee saw the Negro in two ways, the Coon and the Magic Negro ala Frederick Douglass. but mostly the Coon. Minstrel Shows were much more popular in the NORTH than in the SOUTH. The Yankee couldn’t get these two ideas out of his mind and see the Negro as a man with good and evil in his personality.

        The Southerner saw the Negro as a man of sorts, not equal to him but capable of all the evil that men can produce but much more destructive. Southerners would laugh as well from time to time. but they saw that the Shecoonery and Monkeyshines could quickly end and Sambo could turn violent if given the chance. Thus because they saw the Negro realisitically, Southerners knew that if you gave them a half inch they’d take 100 miles.

        Malcolm X wrote the following

        “America’s most dangerous and threatening black man is the one who has been kept sealed up by the Northerner in the black ghettos – the Northern white power structure’s system to keep talking democracy while keeping the black man out of sight somewhere, around the corner.”

        The white conservatives (SOUTHRONS) aren’t friends of the Negro either, but they at least don’t try to hide it. They are like wolves; they show their teeth in a snarl that keeps the Negro always aware of where he stands with them. But the white liberals (YANKEES) are foxes, who also show their teeth to the Negro but pretend that they are smiling. The white liberals are more dangerous than the conservatives; they lure the Negro, and as the Negro runs from the growling wolf, he flees into the open jaws of the “smiling” fox.”

        Malcolm X growing up in the North understood this about the Northern Man and he actually sad he respected the Southern White man because the Southerner was honest, the Northerner was always dishonest

    • The point is, if all that “black labor” creates wealth for White run countries, whether in Haiti or South Africa or Detroit, then that same black labor should be able to create wealth for black run countries. You’d think that once freed from the shackles of slavery, apartheid and segregation, blacks would build prosperous and progressive societies.

      What we see in reality is black run polities (mostly) degenerate into squalor, disease and despotism. Haiti is a prime example. It is the oldest black republic in the modern world. It has had two centuries of independence, it has had massive outside aid in the 20th-21st centuries, including the USA rebuilding its infrastructure on several occasions. The results? Blacks have thoroughly trashed their own country.

      And whether we are talking the Caribbean, sub-Saharan Africa or inner city America, blacks will be out there, banging their begging bowls, demanding that White people clean up the messes they have created.

      • The problem is that the colonial powers allowed the Black population of Africa to explode because of better agricultural practices and medicine. Notice that the tribes that still live in the bush aren’t starving. They’d all be better off if the population dropped to pre colonial levels and they returned to their limited tribal ways in the bush. Civilisation has been an unmitigated disaster for the negro.

          • Sir Francis Galton said that the Chinese would remake Africa and that he believed because the White Man’s body is INFERIOR in a sense, we don’t thrive in extreme warmth, that the Oriental who lives in deserts, jungles and in the Arctic would evolve and thrive better in Africa. He also believed that they would submit to our rule and work with us.

          • That sounds like a giant load of Jewish horseshit. We do fine in warmth, if you look at Subtropical Dixie(the same kind of weather the Chinese live in) this is apparent. The only reason we died in tropical environments simply because we were not used to it, and environmental transitions, especially ones that extreme, when coupled with new diseases, make for a high death rate. Once our bodies have adjusted to the transition, we do well.

          • Sir Francis Galton was the founder of the Eugenics Movement the Galton Institute. That was his plan in the 1870’s as he believed the Africans should be eradicated and he didn’t believe that Whites bred fast enough to populate Africa. I know all about how White adapted to life in the tropics, but it is true that Orientals do adapt better to harsh conditions than we do, why exactly I don’t know.

            Btw Sir Francis Galton was Charles Darwin’s relative

          • Firstly, Whites are extremely durable and hardy, stop presenting us as fragile. We adapt to harsh climates in general just fine, the tropics are the only region we have trouble with. Second, I read his article and I read up on him, so I can understand why he believed what he did, but although replacing the Africans with (Christianised, Westernized)Orientals certainly would have been better than letting the Africans continue to run Africa, I still disagree with him. We could have replaced the Africans, and we could have brought Southrons over to do it as we are already adapted to a sub-tropical region.

          • You are right, Galton was basing his beliefs on knowing European Whites. Galton made these statements he was worried that Whites could never remain in Africa and he was also worried that Whites were too merciful to the Noble savages

          • They were savages, but they certainly were not noble, and I do agree that we were too merciful with them. Although I still maintain that going through the pain of acclimating Europeans or bringing over Southrons would have been the best option, I will concede that, in the long-term, populating the tropical region of Africa with Orientals(why stop at Chinese when Japanese, Mongolians, and Koreans would be more than happy to come?) would have been better than leaving it too the Africans.

          • I agree it would have been the best option, but I think Galton believed it was unworkable so he went with the second option. Unfortunately Galton died and there was no one with his wisdom to really take up his mantle. After 1920 England went full leftist

          • Actually Galton said it because he believed the Chinese man could adapt better to Africa and would work with us, whereas the Negro would not. By the way he more meant putting them in the warm zones, not South Africa or Rhodesia

          • Sir Francis Galton proposed that, he was Charles Darwin’s cousin. He didn’t believe whites bred fast enough to subdue Africa and he felt that if it was not subdued the Africans would be come a problem for us in later years.

            Galton is the father of Eugenics btw

    • Ya, it’s difficult to imagine any black-run country, city or even neighborhood for that matter not be one of opulent roses and sunshine. Detroit, Chicago…….Zimbabwe, blacks are known for sprinkling colorful flowers wherever they go!

  3. As I’ve said before whenever the coons show up the grass, the trees and the flowers die, the birds fly away and a pall of gloom descends upon the earth. That is exactly what happened in Haiti, which was once a tropical paradise. Nature herself dislikes the coloreds and punishes those responsible for bringing them into new lands where they don’t belong.

    • Some years ago, I was struck, on one or two occasions, by the poor condition of trees in Philadelphian ghetto locales I’d had reason to visit. A thought something like what you’ve expressed went through my mind, but I can’t say I’ve ever heard it from any other person.

  4. Napoleon would have established his Empire in the New World if it weren’t for the Negro uprising in San Domingo. And if he did that then President Jefferson would never have been able to purchase the Louisiana Territory from France. American history and the history of the world would have been very different. And probably better.

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