Race War: The Origins of White Nationalism

Here’s more from Planting an Empire on a pivotal moment in America’s racial history:

“Moving quickly from farm to farm, and frequently taking up tools and weapons readily at hands in colonists’ homes and fields along a one-hundred-mile stretch of the James River, warriors killed the English regardless of age or gender, burned fields and buildings, and slaughtered livestock. Employing many of the tactics that Dale had used before the 1614 truce, Indians killed 347 colonists, nearly one-third of the English population, and forced survivors to seek refuge in a handful of fortified settlements.

Yet even this brutal assault and the months of warfare that followed failed to dislodge the English. In fact, Opechancanough’s attack, which the English perceived as unprovoked, strengthened their resolve to occupy tidewater lands and establish themselves as overlords of the Chesapeake region. Ironically, the “great Massacre” removed the one constraint that had kept the English from pressing the advantage provided by their supply of weapons and growing numbers. Up until 1622, a persistent imperative to cast the Virginia as a godly mission to Christianize and civilize Native Americans dictated at least a veneer of humane treatment and moral behavior. Now the Company’s leaders abandoned all efforts to proselytize and ceased any negotiation for permission to settle in Indian territory. Instead, the colonists’ “first worke” henceforth would be “expulsion of the Salvages to gaine the free range of the countrey,” and they quickly reverted to Dale’s methods of subjugating the countryside through raids that destroyed villages and crops as well as people. …”

The 1622 attack on Jamestown was a turning point.

We’ve forgotten how common race war used to be in the past. The 1662 attack on Jamestown was the first race war. It was a White genocide. There were many others examples like King Philip’s War, Pontiac’s Rebellion, the Fort Mims Massacre and the Yamasee War which were seared into the minds of our ancestors and shaped the way they thought about race and identity.

In the video below, we learn an interesting story about Massasoit and the first Thanksgiving in New England which is remembered as this hackneyed story of racial harmony. Massasoit’s son was Metacom better known as King Philip who attempted to drive the Puritans into the sea. Similarly, the story of Pocahontas in Virginia is used to build a narrative of racial harmony. After Powhatan died in 1618, his brother Opechancanough attempted to exterminate the English in 1622.

Update: I just read about how the Powhatans launched a second devastating attack in 1644.

Note: Again, watch the Jill Lepore video. The Puritans in New England attempted to make multiculturalism work. They had these Indians towns full of Christian Indians. It was a source of pride for them that they weren’t like the cruel Spanish. Skip to 4:00.

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  1. Interesting piece Mr. Wallace. Multiculturalism never has worked, and never will. Before slave revolts there ere Indian savages massacring women and children. When will whites in America wake up to history -and our present peril?

      • I think that was the Massachusetts Puritans, Plymouth was largely isolated from that mess but i digress. The odd thing was how the Yankees tried to simultaneously baby the Indians, while being disgusted at them at the same time. Intermarriage and concubinage among whites and natives was common among the lower class in Virginia in this early period, but in sexually repressed New England, such goings on didn’t happen.

        A very odd thing you will notice from old writing is the image of a Southern Aristocratic girl as a wealthy slut who was literally screwing all the time while the Yankee Abolitionist type is almost Lesbian/celibate and hates white Christian men, but in her twisted repression she has to feel sorry for men to assuage her guilt so she turns to worrying about the Nigras.

        Even today, Southern White women are always portrayed as whores, they have always done this to our people, ESPECIALLY IN HOLLYWOOD

        • ‘The odd thing was how the Yankees tried to simultaneously baby the Indians, while being disgusted at them at the same time.’

          At that time, Mr. Jenkins, New Englanders were still conflicted by reality and the abstract.

          Today, however, they have no such conflict; this owing to their complete dedication to fantasy.

          • If the antebellum South of contented darkies and paternalistic masters is a vision any less fantastic than the first Thanksgiving of amicable Indians and Pilgrims, I’ve not noticed it, Junius.

          • Dear John,
            There always have been some contented Darkies, down here, as well as paternalistick masters – the most famous being Jeff Davis.

            Be that as it may be – we have always been aware of the many other realities in our world because we deal with it and them, every day.

            Our equivalent view of Pilgrims and Indians, up yonder, happily together for Thanksgiving, was the spectre of Indian Wars, that we a serious issue, for the first 150 years we were in Dixie.

            I hope mama is well, and you, too!

          • Thank you for the good wish, Junius. Fortunately, my mother’s prosperous offspring–who don’t include me–along with their spouses and their children, plus her nephews and nieces, cousins, church friends, in-laws, and remaining siblings, made sure she enjoyed her ninety-fourth birthday, which ended about an hour ago.

            I hope everyone is good at your end, too.

          • Wow! – 94! Holy cow! That’s great. Another firey Aires? Well, I guess at near a century old the fire burns more sedately!

            You are prosperous in many ways, John – not least of which is in the soul and mind. Trust me – these are areas where prosperity is lacking in this country, and you ought be thankful to The Lord for it.

          • At the risk of undermining your fun vision of my Irish mother, Junius, I’ll say she probably never would have been described as fiery. Sweet-natured, I think–almost preternaturally so. Whatever may be my personal worth, you are quite right that I have been prosperous in my friends and relations–including you. I hope I’ve been duly thankful for that.

          • You’re a good friend John – as loyalty and honesty are your marks.

            If a man has those two rare qualities, he has the only kind of riches in which I consider indispensible to a friend.

            That you are brilliantly observant, wry, analytical, contentious, and deep make it a hell of a lot more fun, but, they, unlike the first two, are electives.

          • Well–thanks, Junius. There do seem to be a few of us, including Mr. Wallace, our host, who manage to make it fun for each other around here, even with the difficulty of some of the questions we confront.

          • So, concerning your mama, this is where you get the core of sweetness that is within the peevish gall?

          • I can’t guess, Junius, the origin of that peevish gall, which must strike my kin as a mutation.

          • Our association with Injuns was not an extensive one. By the time of the so-called Revolution the Indians were pretty much removed from New England.

        • ‘A very odd thing you will notice from old writing is the image of a
          Southern Aristocratic girl as a wealthy slut who was literally screwing
          all the time while the Yankee Abolitionist type is almost
          Lesbian/celibate and hates white Christian men, but in her twisted
          repression she has to feel sorry for men to assuage her guilt so she
          turns to worrying about the Nigras.’

          These were, at one time, the fantasies of middle-aged Yankee males, Mr. Jenkins.

          It was a projection – blown up all out of proportion from a minority of examples to a stereotype, owing to mental lust.

          • Thank you so much, Mr. Cushman!

            I did not know that Discus had allowed us back on – given that we were so deplorable. I’m shockt, though, happy, at the reversal, if for no other reason than WordPress & Gravitar are pretty much the pits!

            I hope the pregnancy is advancing without incident.

            A word of warning – file the religious objection paperwork to keeping your baby from being innoculated, as all vaccines are preserved in a base of Mercury – which plays havock with the brains of children, and which is now the #1 acknowledged trigger of autism.

            Many folks I know have kept their kids from being innoculated and they have done just fine.

            That said – if you are sceptical, do the research yourself.

            Anyway, God bless you and yours!

    • With every respect, Mr. Putnman, though multiculturalism has long been the exception rather than the rule, it has workt long and in many places in history, Mr. Putnam.

      What does not work is multiculturalism with no one in charge.

      Heirarchical-less groups just do not work – one race of 4 races. It don’t much matter.

      • Yes, Mr. Daniel, you may have point there. Perhaps a legal hierarchy would clear up many of the issues.
        And with no one race in charge in post WWII America, it left a vacuum for (((someone))) to step in and organize the minorities against the white majority.

  2. Believe it or not it was a college professor of mathematics who disabused me of my “Dances with Wolves” delusions. Since those conversations and through reading, I’ve grown to despise the Indian savages. Jared Taylor did a recent video on this subject.

  3. The strange part of this whole thing was that it was the Puritan New Englanders who at this point were the maniacs about Ancestral/Cultural/Racial/Religious purity. New England was settled almost wholly by intact families and in the early age of the Yankees, White women were slaves to their husbands. This idea of gender equality in New England got going in the 1700’s after Orthodox Congregationalism (Puritanism) was replaced by Unitarianism. Thus at this period of time it was the Yankee women having 12-16 babies.

    Virginia was much more complicated. The settlement was largely started by younger sons of the nobility in England and adventurers. Whereas the Puritans/Pilgrims were largely the descendants of Anglo-Saxon Peasants, Virginia’s founding fathers were the sons of the Nobility, many could trace their antecedents back to William the Conqueror. In the same way as their Visigoth Counterparts in Spain, these young virile men came to a land without white women. Soon, just like in New Spain and South America, scads of illegitimate half-breeds began to pop up. Some of these children were borne to legal marriages, such as between Pochahontas and John Rolfe, while others were simply base-born. I would assume many of these halfbreeds remained after the expulsion of 1622 as servants and the like.

    King Charles I and the Puritans brought hundreds of refugees to Virginia during the 1630s and 1640’s and during Cromwell’s time, many political prisoners among them an ancestor of mine were sent to Virginia for punishment. After 1660 when the monarchy was restored, more began to come. Once Slave law was codified under partus sequitur ventrem restricting race-mixing became a BIG concern. If an Englishwoman had a child with a Negro male, that child was born Free, however if an Englishman had a child with a Negro female, that child was a slave. Evidently, the children of white convict slaves and indentured servants were considered chattel, thus they weren’t considered white under the law. Evidently as these white men became free of their indentures or served out their sentence, the shortage of white women for their class was still an issue which seemingly led to more miscgenation with the Native Americans.

    These issues seemed to have become less of a problem after 1700, by which evolution had taken its course. A heartier white person had adapted to the Virginia climate, thus leading to more children surviving and the availablity of White mates for everyone became much more doable for everyone.

    What is very interesting about all this is the following. In 1650, the racial attitudes of Virginia were much more lax than Massachusetts because of a shortage of white females, thus like Mexico creating situations where unmarried men took native and sometimes Negro concubines. By 1700 as Virginia’s population began reproducing well above the replacement rate and with a constant influx of settlers and the growth of the Negro slave population, the emphasis on purity of blood became much more important. Massachusetts on the other hand began to become much more liberal on these issues once Unitarianism began to dominate.

    A very interesting sidenote is if anyone ever read about Abigail Adams. Although in theory Mrs. Adams held that the Negro should be free, she once wrote about seeing a play in London in which a Negro played Othello and how it revolted her to the point of physical illness. The Yankee looked at freedom as a laudable concept, just as long as SOMEONE ELSE dealt with the problems from it. The idea of interracial marriage disgusted them, yet the Yankee always looked at that issue as it would only happen to prostitutes and immigrants anyway, in other words NOT MY PROBLEM. You can read lurid novels from the 1840s and 1850s where Yankee abolitionists wrote and fascinated about slave brothels where white Southron boys went to stud the Colored gals among other things. In a twisted way, this idea of miscgenation both frightened and fascinated them. The Autobiography of Malcolm X in which Malcolm dictated of his early life in Boston before being arrested, he told tales of these wealthy Boston Brahmins who both hated and perversely obsessed over Negroes and how degraded these people were. He said later that although the Southern Man hated the Negro, he could at least respect him for being honest.

    • Since England cleaned out its jails and debtors prisons by sending those inmates off to the new world as indentured servants, there were plenty of women in Virginia and the other American colonies.

      Better an indenture in Virginia, even a bad one, than years in a workhouse.

      • The female/male sex ratio didn’t raise in Virginia until I believe the late 1600’s it was still a pretty male-dominated place because Englishwomen tended to die from the tropical heat. It took a few generations after Jamestown for it all to equal out.

        The lowest class of White men and women ended up in an interracial coupling in that early period usually White/Native. Often the worst class of white prostitutes ended up with Negroes from what I read in that early time period. Miscgenation was 100% Legal in Virginia until 1691, Maryland was the first colony to outlaw miscgenation outright in 1664.

        • ‘The lowest class of White men and women ended up in an interracial coupling in that early period usually White/Native.’

          When there is miscegenation, Mr. Jenkins, where I live, it almost always confines itself to the trailer parks.

    • ‘You can read lurid novels from the 1840s and 1850s where Yankee
      abolitionists wrote and fascinated about slave brothels where white
      Southron boys went to stud the Colored gals among other things. In a
      twisted way, this idea of miscegenation both frightened and fascinated

      Many Northern men, Mr. Jenkins, have long had a food-craving/allergy relationship to Southern culture.

      Deep inside they yearn to live out some of the behaviors we so naturally grant ourselves, yet, being as advancet as they feel they are, they cannot quite bring themselves to do so…

    • Amazing remark, Mr. Jenkins – really!

      Why don’t you have a blog?

      You ought call it – ‘SOUTHERN HISTORY – all you ever wanted to know but the Jew England Government was afraid you’d ask’…

  4. Brad, in a battle you never heard of, on November, 4th, 1791, the Indians killed around 1400 US Army regulars, militia, armed and unarmed civilians in a battle known as St.Clair’s Defeat.

    • That took place near Fort Recovery, Ohio in the western part of the Buckeye State, there’s a tiny village there today called Fort Recovery in Mercer County. The Wabash River’s headwaters is there. What most people don’t know about Ohio is that only about 1/2 of the state land-wise looks like the Great Midwest. The Southeastern part is basically West Virginia, the Northeastern is Greater New England and between that its basically a continuation of Western Pennsylvania. You actually have to go about 100 miles west from Wheeling and Youngstown OH before it begins looking like what Hollywood portrays as the MIDWEST with the corn and soybean fields that stretch all the way to Kansas and Nebraska.


        1 Iowa 2,367,400,000 2,505,600,000 138,200,000
        2 Illinois 2,350,000,000 2,012,500,000 -337,500,000
        3 Nebraska 1,602,050,000 1,692,750,000 90,700,000
        4 Minnesota 1,177,800,000 1,428,800,000 251,000,000
        5 Indiana 1,084,760,000 822,000,000 -262,760,000
        6 South Dakota 787,360,000 799,770,000 12,410,000
        7 Kansas 566,200,000 580,160,000 13,960,000
        8 Ohio 610,720,000 498,780,000 -111,940,000
        9 Wisconsin 485,160,000 492,000,000 6,840,000
        10 Missouri 628,680,000 437,360,000 -191,320,000

        The only Southern State in the Top 10 is Missouri and that is because after slavery, Missouri began to switch from Cotton/Hemp/Tobacco to grain production. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b19aa20223afbbfc6c41ca66c553036b85cb5d82e43cb595a1d1f141d18e6d2b.gif

  5. ‘We’ve forgotten how common race war used to be in the past.’We’ve forgotten how common race war used to be in the past.’

    Seems to me that we’ve forgotten a whole lot, and that a whole lot of effort has gone into helping us forget it.

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