Le Pen Continues to Gain Ground Ahead of Run-off

Nationalist presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is off to a strong start in the run-off against globalist and open borders advocate Emmanuel Macron. She recently garnered the support of French National Assembly member Nicolas Dupont-Aignan of the Right-wing Debout La France party. NPR reports that he could bring nearly two million more votes to Le Pen. In turn, she has promised to make him her prime minister if elected president:

The two appeared together at a news conference in Paris, Saturday. “We will form a government of national unity that brings together people chosen for their competence and their love of France,” Le Pen said, as quoted by Reuters.

…[O]n Friday, Dupont-Aignan announced his endorsement of Le Pen. As NPR’s Eleanor Beardsley reports, it is the first time a mainstream party has aligned itself with the far-right group.

…DuPont-Aignan is with the right wing party “Stand Up France,” and said Saturday, he does not consider Le Pen an extreme right candidate. The New York Times reports, the two politicians share numerous views, including a Euroskepticism and a hardline approach to security. That stands in contrast to Le Pen’s opponent, Emmanuel Macron, a 39-year-old centrist who is pro-European Union and a fierce defender of immigration.

DuPont-Aignan lost the first round of the election with less than five percent of the vote, but he will presumably bring those near 2 million voters to Le Pen’s side on election day.

Polls have shown Macron leading in the race, but Le Pen has been gaining ground.

So far Le Pen has made all the right moves, doing much better in the run-off than she did on the campaign trail prior to the first round – where she finished a slightly disappointing second after leading the polls for a long time. Increasingly, she looks like a real threat to the establishment. Can she maintain this momentum?

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  1. 43% minimum. The French saw how Hitlerian Trump really was. They could elect her and it won’t cause too many ripples really.

  2. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but, rather, give some unconditionally good news.

    Whether Marine wins this election or not, she’s not going away.

    Come what may, France is never returning to 1980, where any propective Nationalist Party was a pipe-dream, because people would immediately associate it with Petain’s Vichy or The SS ‘Charlemagne’.

    She will, as will Gert Wilders, as will we, as will Czar Vlad, as will Macedonia, as will Hungary’s Orban, as will Farage, continue to push for a securely sovereign multi-polar world.

    Rothschild’s Macron may well win this battle, but, the war will not be his.

    The clock is ticking on Jewish Domination, and how long White Gentile Society will continue to abide the stench of it.

  3. @Michael Cushman…

    Thank you kindly, and, more importantly, for your efforts here.

    ‘Twas your gymnasium interview of Dr. Hill, in 2012, that popped up on my YouTube player that, from the first time I saw it, peeled back a lifetime confusion for me.

    Many more will experience this.

  4. The crux of this election has become more obvious to me.

    The Far Left, a very sizeable constituency under Melanchon, agree with Miss Marine on all major issues but, immigration.

    She must make a coalition with them. If she will do that, she will break Rothschild’s grip on France.

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