Ivanka – the Shiksa


Pronounced SHIK-seh, to rhyme with “pick the”. From Hebrew: sheques: “blemish.”
1. A non-Jewish woman, especially a young one. (Source: “The Joys of Yiddish” by Leo Rosten)

It’s been a very bad month for the Trump administration. Immigration patriots, America First patriots, race realists, populists and nationalist and just intelligent, healthy sane Trump voters are all lamenting the 180% reversals of President Trump:

The border wall is no longer a priority.
There was a missile attack on a Syrian, Russians airbase – we’re apparently now supporting ISIS.
The cursed Neo Conservatives and Goldman Sachs have apparently restarted the Cold War with Russia – probably something to do with Vladimir Putin not embracing the LGBT agenda and giving bad movie reviews to the Feminist remake of “Ghostbusters”.

President Trump’s “shlemiel” son in law Jared Kushner is apparently the top “macher” directing National Security – only he seems to have absolutely zero interest in promoting American national security, doing sensible things like keeping out Islamic extremists. Kushner’s beautiful “shiksa” wife Ivanka (President Trump’s daughter) has been sent on a propaganda tour to Germany to remind the world of the 6 Million Jewish Holocaust and to plead the case that the United States and the West must rescue tens of thousands of Muslim “Syrian war refugees” – or these poor Syrian Islamic women and children might suffer another Holocaust at the hands of the Russians and Syrian president Assad who’s supposedly just like Hitler. Ivanka has not made any statements suggesting Saudi Arabia or other wealthy Islamic countries should take in any of these Syrian Muslim refuges, nor has she suggested Israel take in any – not even allow them in to the Israel occupied Golan Heights recognized as part of Syria.

Some of our OD readers might notice that I am using some Yiddish words like “shlemiel”, “macher” (some big shot insider who arranges, fixes things and has connections) and “shiksa”. I do so because Ivanka Trump and President Trump are operating in a very New York, Jewish media/political world where Yiddish ways of talking, thinking and operating dominate. Back before Donald Trump entered Presidential politics he and his beautiful daughter were able to negotiate this New York Jewish world without too many problems. Donald Trump used to be a popular host of Saturday Night Live, now he’s the butt of constant SNL abuse. Howard Stern (1/2 Jew and often fair to our White working class people) commented a while back that he thought the US Presidency would destroy Donald Trump because Trump loved to associate and be liked by the entertainment, celebrity world – which is overwhelming Liberal Leftist, hostile to Conservatives, Republicans, hostile to Whites in fly over states.

So President Trump’s 180% reversals on the border wall, the Dream Act, Russia, NATO, Syria can be seen as a move to get the American Jewish/Leftist media off his back. Or, you can think that Donald Trump just sold out our people. Both are probably true.

Now back to Trump’s Shiksa daughter Ivanka. It’s just reality that wealthy, powerful and influential men desire beautiful, White Nordic looking young girl friends, lovers and sometimes wives. Hollywood producers, Black UN Consular Generals, Tiger Woods, OJ Simpson, Michael Jordan, Arab Kings and Presidents like Syria’s Assad, or the son of Harrod’s owner who was “shtupping” (fornicating with) Princess Diana – they all want and can get our most beautiful women. This causes huge resentments in Jewish women, Arab and Muslim women who get passed over. Jewish American women like Elena Kagan, Ruth Bader Ginzberg, Bella Abzug, Tamar Jocoby – they deeply resent these beautiful Shiksas who get the richest and most powerful Jewish men – they go in for the worst forms of anti White, Leftist feminist politics out of envy and open hatred of attractive White Gentile women.

How will it end for Ivanka? Who knows – it didn’t end well for Marylyn Monroe. It’s less common for a Jewess woman to marry a White Gentile power man, but it does happen – often with terrible outcomes for our people/civilization. Read up on the book of Esther and also the reign of Roman Emperor Nero – Nero’s Jewish wife is often blamed for the terrible persecutions of early Christians during Nero’s terrible reign.

As Bad as Hanoi Jane Fonda?

What should we do with Ivanka?

M’thinks we should make her the most hated American woman since Hanoi Jane Fonda! Unless Ivanka makes her own 180% change and promotes building that border wall, keeping out the Islamic terrorists, or doing charity fundraisers for poor girls in Kentucky coal country or works for peace with Syria and Russia – Ivanka is the Shiksa whore who’s destroying our country, our people our civilization. Let’s burn her in effigy.

How come we stopped doing this great form of social protest – burning someone in effigy?


  1. Jared Kushner is a Chabad Jew. He’s got all kinds of connections with the worst Hebe vermin infesting the Earth. He’s the Devil Incarnate. The Jude infesting this site makes excuses for his Tribe members though, as par for the course.

  2. “Quite frankly, I wish Jared (“Jar-Jar”) and “Ivy” would just depart the White House, leave WashDC and take up a nice, quiet family life in Montana somewhere leaving the affairs of state to qualified statesmen.”

    I respond

    This couple ain t gonna live a quiet life in Montana

    It s New York , LA, Tel Aviv, Stockholm Sweden, Martha s Vineyard, Aspen and….


  3. FYI: The Book of “Esther” is the only book that doesn’t mention “god” for good reason: it is a tale of Istar, a made-from-whole-cloth tale using Hindu and Egyptian myth. The prince “Haman” that Esther has killed is Hanuman the Monkey God: hence Jews celebrate his death by baking cookies shaped as “Monkey ears.”

    “Hanuman/Haman” is none other than King of Abydos: Khentamen Tui. (Hanuman of the Two Lands). Depicted as a winged monkey in Abydos, he was the “resurrection god” of early Abydos, Egypt.

    It is interesting that one finds a Hindu icon of a “monkey man” wielding a sword, and decapitating one of three men dressed up in costumes, the one he kills is wearing a red suit with a three-headed mask, with a spike it one of his eyes. “Brahma.”
    This is Seti I, his mummy is really decapitated, and his temple only one of three to still stand at Abydos.

    Two other characters in costume are “Yuya” dressed up in green (his mummy exhibits a horrific wound: someone drove a spike in his right eye and “popped it.”) Yuya is the alleged “Vizier” of Egypt under Thutmose IV and Amenhotep III.

    The other one wearing a costume, of a red devil, is Ramses II. Disguised as “Rudra” the “red devil.” Son of Seti I. He carries the “Set” banner. They are fleeing from Khentamen Tui/Hanuman. Ramses II and Khentamen Tui’s temple are the other remaining temples at Abydos, where there exists a “Valley of the Monkeys.”

    So listen closely: this is the story, “Esther,” of a “resurrection god” being killed by a Jew. Heard that one before?

    That she is actually a myth of Istar is indisputable: there are other “Gods” of the M.E., such as her uncle, that are thinly disguised stolen myths.

    Funny thing too: In the Hindu tradition, “Hanuman” the Monkey god is BFF of “Lord Rama.” This is typical Jewish Inversion, taking a myth they stole from another culture and “twisting it” 180 deg. from the original. “Lord Rama” of course, is none other than Ramses II. His father was Tushratta…the man that Hindus call Dushartha…Dasaratha. Same guy.

    Hanuman/Haman/Khentamen and Ramses/Rama were not “best buddies.”

  4. The power behind the late Julio-Claudian Caesars was Jews. Especially after they assassinated Caligula.

  5. essentially, the beautiful Shiksa is a genetic tribute which the parasitic Tribe demands of the goy Host; in Trump’s case, “hand over the daughter or we will call your debt.” One notices that Mrs. Clinton’s daughter is also married to a Wall Street Jew. Conversely, the archetypal Beautiful Jewess is a Tribal bioweapon whose mission is the infusion of corruptive Jewish genes into the Host population, and the capture of Host genes for purposes of racial camouflage. If the victim is a Man of Power, the Jewess’s purposes may range from mere control to outright destruction. Biblical examples include Jael, Esther, Judith, Salome et al. More recent cases are the Jewess of Toledo (~Phillipp II of Spain) and these @ http://seductivejewess4.net :

    *Monica Lewinsky (~Bill Clinton), Type II/#M124
    *Paula Kranz-alias-Broadwell (Gen’l Petraeus), Type II/#G60
    *Rachel Uchitel (~Tiger Woods), Type III/#H74
    *Barbara Klein-alias Benton (~Hugh Hefner) Type II/#F56

    etc., etc.

  6. What’s so beautiful about Ivanka and who named her Ivanka anyway? Probably the old man, right? My wife is easily much more beautiful than Ivanka, better jaw line, nicer smile, more bountiful hair, just a lot better looking, brighter, more open eyes, perfect nose, and my wife’s name Lisa, so much more than Ivanka can ever be. So, how about, stop the bs?

  7. Yes Haxo

    It s also terrifying that the worst J tribesman are forming political marriage alliances with Saudi Arabia Sunnis!

    Look at Anthony Weiner and his hideous ugly Saudi wife who was Hillary s Chief of staff!

  8. Howard Stern is all Jewish.. He likes to say 1/2 Jewish as a goof so he can take on all sides that way as he says. He is 100% Jewish. Granted he follows few to NO jewish things. He now is married to a non Jew but he for sure has typical Jewish voting ways. He is a major abortion promoter and homosexual marriage promoter. Stern used to love Trump and would always ask Trump if he could adopt Stern in a joking way. But he turned totally sour once Trump ran for president

  9. Mike

    Stern used to be very politically incorrect on his shows in the late 1980s and shared his experience with being bullied by Black students in his high school on I think Roosevelt Island – his Jewish mother I think it was always tried to tell Howard that the Blacks were just misunderstood and Howard would just say he would have none of that.

    Plus Howard Stern took the New York Police side anytime they were in battle with Black rioters.

  10. The NYPD is run – directly – by the Mossad.

    Stern spewed more anti-anglo women (and anti-white women generally) hatred in his career than anything else. It was his main gig.

    If blacks picked on this jewish pig he probably deserved it. They almost never attack jews…only if there are no types of whites around – or if the jew has it coming.

  11. True Jack regarding Stern.. But he always had that democrat streak in him for the most part. Not always though. Not long ago Stern said he would never vote for a Democrat again calling them all communists. Then Trump runs and Stern endorses Hillary all the way. Totally nuts. Maybe hanging out with that Hamptons crowd all the time has pushed him further left.. He has always been a major abortion and gay marriage promoter though so maybe that is what pushes him Democrat. He was also smart bringing in a black woman as his sidekick on his radio show early in his career because that no doubt helped him when people would call him racist and all that. She has basically always been a leftist. 90% of blacks are of course no matter how much cucks and Rinos beg for the black vote. Trump got about 8% of the black vote and that still was 4% more than Romney got who did nothing but grovel and beg for it.. LOL..

  12. Mike I think your analysis about Stern’s career and his political, racial views is very accurate.

    He’s done extremely well in show business, which has pretty much always been very Jewish. Stern is of course very Jewish, but he has stood out many times as being different – he just never had that Kike intense hatred of White Gentiles. And he has never tried to cover for the worst Black crime, Black riots.

    I remember when Howard Stern had Jerry Seinfeld on the line and Howard was giving Jerry lots of abuse for donating $ to the Blacks in LA after they did the Rodney King riots.

    Howard Stern can be very funny. So can I….

    I have zero chance of making $ 90 million a year and Howard Stern can get away with saying racial things that I a Gentile Goy can not.


    That was most of his act.

    You, Jack RYAN, are NOT an anglo-saxon. Quit pretending you are. You absolutely copped to being 75% ROMAN Catholic just a few years ago but now, since it’s become cooler to be a ‘WASP,’ you’re conflating similar DNA with religion.

    For the record, everyone, DNA science is largely relative, which means that when my DNA comes back as whatever percent ‘Irish and English (or I think maybe British),’ that doesn’t mean there were NO differences between the Angles and Saxons and the Celts. It just means that the soup stands out somewhat compared to, say, the grouping of ‘Germans and French,’ which should give everyone pause for thought.

    The idea that the native germans and french are some highly similar group is a joke, if anyone’s traveled to Europe.

    Ha ha ha

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