Punching Right: Inside The Battle of New Orleans

Here’s an insider’s account of what went down in New Orleans this weekend:


As everyone knows by now, the Battle of New Orleans was provoked by the truckload of antifa who showed up to attack Black Rebel, Arlene Barnum and the Confederate heritage activists at the Jefferson Davis monument last Monday. They also vandalized the P.G.T. Beauregard monument on May Day and wrote an article about it on ItsGoingDown.org to celebrate their triumph.

The antifa attack pissed all sorts of people off who began planning on short notice to go to New Orleans to oppose antifa and the Take ‘Em Down NOLA event on Sunday. Many of us have known Arlene Barnum and Black Rebel for years. The League of the South was at the Monumental Dixie rally in Birmingham in 2015 when Anthony Hervey was killed on his way back to Oxford, MS.

Anyway, a steady stream of people started vowing that they were going to New Orleans and as this event began to gestate I created a Facebook event page to coordinate our activities. It made no sense for everyone to go in alone with no way to communicate with each other. Originally, the plan was to keep it quiet, organize privately, slip in unannounced and confront antifa.

As the League event began to materialize, we noticed that other groups announced they were coming to New Orleans. Based Stickman and American Warrior Revolution announced publicly on Facebook that they were coming to the Battle of New Orleans. The phrase “Battle of New Orleans” was coined by Black Rebel and the Confederate heritage crowd. By late Thursday evening, this had all spilled into public view and so I wrote the Battle of New Orleans article to encourage as many people as possible to come.

Confederate heritage activists, Alt-Right, League of the South, White Nationalists, the Alt-Lite and reportedly Patriot groups and motorcycle clubs were set to converge in New Orleans to oppose antifa. This was what we knew as we started traveling to New Orleans on Friday and Saturday.


We arrived in New Orleans on Saturday afternoon.

After we got there, we set up our headquarters in Slidell, began gathering people and a small group of us who arrived early headed into the city to take a look at the Confederate monuments and to get a feel for the terrain where the Take ‘Em Down NOLA event would be held on Sunday.

The first stop was Jefferson Davis monument. A small group of Confederate heritage activists were stationed on the sidewalk across the street from the Jefferson Davis monument. At this point, we learned that Black Rebel had returned home to Oklahoma. We also knew that Based Stickman wasn’t coming to New Orleans, but that his supporters would be at the Take ‘Em Down NOLA event in the morning.

As we stood there at the Jefferson Davis monument, a familiar scene began to play out. There were lots of hipsters in the area which appeared to be undergoing gentrification. They would speed by on their bicycles, scream “you’re a bunch of racists” at the Confederate heritage crowd and take off. It seemed like carload after carload of them did this. It was happening every three minutes. It reminded me of the scene that I had witnessed at the Marching Through Oxford event in 2014.

After like the 12th time this happened, one of our people threw a water bottle. This provoked some consternation with the Confederate heritage crowd. Some of them thought this was making them look bad. We were sensing a vibe of weakness. These people were getting abused and attacked because they are so meek. As it began to get dark, we left to go check out Lee Circle, but as we were leaving one of the Confederate heritage activists explained to another hostile passerby that his granddaughter or something was non-White. I don’t recall exactly what he said, but it was something Rainbowish to that effect and it elicited a predictable response. Gosh, these people will never learn.

Anyway, we were not there to fight with the Confederate heritage crowd. We were totally focused on New Orleans antifas and so we left to go check out Lee Circle.

The Eve of Battle

When we got to Lee Circle, we ran into Anti-Communist Action. I really enjoyed meeting these guys. We had the same mindset. It was going to be a lot of fun to confront the enemy.

By the time we got back to Slidell, more people began to arrive. There was a mix of Southern Nationalists and White Nationalists at our hotel who had responded to David Duke’s call to come to New Orleans. Everyone there was on the same page regarding the antifas and Confederate monuments regardless of what group they were affiliated with. The atmosphere there was very much like Auburn and Pikeville. No one there was punching right and we cracked jokes into the night about shooting filthy antifas and communist scum with soap from our slingshots.

By that point, we already knew this wasn’t going to happen. The New Orleans Police Department had made it clear that we were going to be disarmed and couldn’t bring weapons of any kind to defend ourselves from the mob. We ended up only bringing shields and helmets.

The First Hour

The first hour or so of the Battle of New Orleans was great.

The League of the South began arriving around 10:00 AM because the streets were reportedly going to be closed off for Based Stickman’s event which was set to begin at 11:00 AM. Southern Nationalists, White Nationalists and Alt-Right people began to trickle in and banter around the Lee monument.

I recorded my first Periscope. Everyone was having a blast and this was only interrupted when the New Orleans Police Department bomb squad went in to check out the monument. Several of us left to go use the restroom and get some water. Then we returned and everyone gathered on our side of the monument where everything was cool until the arrival of the Cuck Knight and Bicycle Cuck.

The Cuck Knight and Bicycle Cuck Arrive

It happened so quickly.

I was standing around bantzing with someone when I noticed a commotion going on at the steps of the monument. The Cuck Knight arrived in Roman armor with an American flag cape. From my perspective, he began ranting about how he was half Jewish, had biracial children, how he voted for Trump, how we were destroying everything that happened at Berkeley and how we should unite under the American flag.

I don’t think the whole exchange was captured on video. I’ve only seen parts of it floating around, but his body language was menacing and threatening the crowd. Everyone assumes that the Cuck Knight is antifa, a communist, an infiltrator, a paid agitator or some Jewish nutcase trying to be a hero. Initially, no one believes he is really what he says he is which is an Alt-Lite civic nationalist from California.

The Cuck Knight charges and knocks over the Confederate flags. He gets dropped and in the process two of our people (a Confederate monument defender and a League of the South member) are arrested. They go to jail while two of our other guys have to leave the event. Meanwhile, Bicycle Cuck remains and continues to taunt and menace the crowd. He says that he is a “Patriot” and everyone there is white trash. Initially, everyone also assumes that Bicycle Cuck is also antifa, a communist, an infiltrator or a paid agitator. There is a video of him swinging at an Alt-Right guy in a red t-shirt.

Baked Alaska Arrives

We’re still shocked and very confused.

What the hell just happened? Who are these people? The confusion grows when Baked Alaska and Mike Tokes arrive shortly after the incident with the Cuck Knight and Bicycle Cuck. We notice that these two don’t leave. If they were simply paid agitators looking for a photo op, why don’t they leave?

From our perspective, the Cuck Knight goes across the street, cleans up, embraces some random black guy and comes back into the crowd. Bicycle Cuck never leaves. When he is interviewed by Baked Alaska, he explains that he is an American Patriot and all these other people are racists, white supremacists, hate groups, etc. He is very friendly to Baked Alaska, but remains extremely hostile throughout the event. We don’t see him confront antifa or the mob that came from the French Quarter at any point during the event. In spite of what he says, all his hostility is directed toward us.

The realization begins to dawn on us that maybe these people really are “Patriots.”

My Friend Arrives

Anyway, I am sitting here watching this unfold. I’m incensed that two of my friends are in jail. I get angrier when I see the Cuck Knight leave with his fellow Patriots to go to Jefferson Davis monument. From what I can see from my vantagepoint, he appears to know other people who are there.

While this is happening, my best friend from back home happens to be in New Orleans with his family. He is just there as a tourist and was unaware of the event. We meet up at Lee Circle and I briefly leave the event with him. At that point, I am already contemplating leaving. Why am I standing here with these people who are attacking us when I can be out having a good time with my best friend in New Orleans? Why not go find my other friend who had to leave earlier after the confrontation?

He’s going to check out the WW2 History Museum. I walk with him to the parking lot. I have second thoughts though and decide to return to Lee Circle. After all, the antifas are supposed to be coming, all my other friends are there to confront of them and regardless of how angry I am with the Cuck Knight and Bicycle Cuck it doesn’t make any sense to leave everyone else hanging in the wind over two individuals whose motives are still unclear.

So I decide to go back. There are three or four Oathkeepers in the parking lot. I’m highly confident one of them is Stewart Rhodes. I ask them if they are headed to Lee Circle and they say yes they are. As we are walking back, one of the Oathkeepers says to me “can you please move forward, sir.” WTF?

I’m getting even angrier with these people. Curiosity aroused, I decide to hang around near them and listen in on their conversations. Hitherto, I’ve been talking to Alt-Right and Southern Nationalist people. I haven’t engaged with the Patriot crowd.

The Crowd Arrives

After several hours, the Take Em Down NOLA crowd finally begins to arrive.

It has been six hours in the New Orleans sun. I’m sitting down on the steps of the monument. It is obvious that the main event is about to go down. The Cuck Knight approaches the League of the South and tries to start a 1-on-1 fight with whoever kicked him in the back of the head earlier.

A scuffle breaks out in the crowd when a black woman attempts to steal a Southern Nationalist flag from an Identity Dixie member. The police have left our side of Lee Circle wide open and hostile agitators begin to pour into our area where several heated confrontations ensue. We’ve been disarmed for hours by the New Orleans Police, but these people are pouring in and tellingly none of them are checked for weapons. For all we know, these people could be carrying guns, knives, rocks, bricks and they are occupying our area. Fortunately, nothing of the sort happened and the flag scuffle was the end of it.

There was nothing stopping the mob from pouring into our area and all hell breaking loose

The Patriot Betrayal

So here is the culmination of the Battle of New Orleans.

The Take Em Down NOLA crowd finally arrives hours late after marching in from the French Quarter. I’m sitting beside the Patriots from “American Warrior Revolution” and several of these other groups when they gather and start talking among themselves. Again, I don’t know any of these people.

I’m sitting down when I hear one of them say, again, I am not sure who said it, but it was someone on the hill, but it was let the mob attack the “racists” and “hate groups” and if they come up the hill then we will defend ourselves. The “racists” and “hate groups” are just as bad as antifas. This isn’t our fight.


I immediately storm down the hill to inform the League of the South. I tell them what just happened and repeatedly urge our leaders to leave the event. By that point though, the League of the South, White Nationalists and the Alt-Right are engaged with the Take Em Down NOLA crowd. It is too late to leave because in doing so it will appear that the mob rather than the “Patriots” were the reason we left. This could have incited the mob to become more aggressive and launch an attack.

I’m beyond furious at this point. I storm out of the event, walk around by the World War 2 Museum and record a Periscope to let everyone know what is happening. I come back into the event where I confront one of the “American Warrior Revolution” people on a live Periscope. After some prodding, he goes on about how the people on the barricades on our side are “hate groups.” I captured it on video and show how the “Patriots” have gathered in a group at the top of the hill while all our people faced off with the crowd. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had attacked us from the rear.

Notice the location of Bicycle Cuck here:


As the Take Em Down NOLA crowd thins out, I go from furious to disgusted and leave for the last time. I’m just ready to go at this point. We all meet up later to discuss what happened. Everything is fine and by the end of the day it was crystal clear who was the real problem.


It is now Tuesday.

We’ve since learned that the Cuck Knight was real. He posted about his experience on the Proud Boys California Facebook page. What’s even worse is that more videos have come out which confirm that the Cuck Knight and other “Patriots” from California were cucking up a storm with the New Black Panthers at the end of the event. By the end of the event, the “Patriots” were ready to side with Take Em Down NOLA and the New Black Panthers and against the Alt-Right, Southern Nationalists and White Nationalists.

The YouTube video below confirms it. Just watch.

Update: The “Patriot” known as #BicycleCuck is seen here trying to rip away a Southern Nationalist flag.

“Patriot” Bicycle Cuck seen here punching an Alt-Right guy in a red t-shirt in slow motion.

The “Patriots” Bicycle Cuck and the Cuck Knight.

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  1. This process has been in place since the 1950’s. “We are patriotic Americans, not crazy racists and anti-communists! We hate those people too!” But McCarthy was right, and the John Birch Society was right, the racists were right, and the anti-semites were right.

    Constitutionalism isn’t crazy, and civic nationalism isn’t crazy, they have just been thoroughly discredited in practice. The suspension of disbelief required to maintain them can’t be sustained anymore.

  2. He’s even wearing Roman gear. Maybe this will eventually lead to more vivid display of the Christian vs Vatican-papist conflict which appears to be at a proxy war stage. Reminder that the leader of the Proud Boys, Mr McGinnnes converted to papism…


  3. These “Patriot” groups are just plainly disgusting – what I would like to know (and we need some dedicated /pol/ guys on this) is who is funneling money into some of their organizations.

    Are they just crowdfunded retards who just have great assembly skills, or is there something more (((insidious))) at work here?

    My guess (and it’s just that), is that if we get some autists to search long enough, they’ll find some Soros money somewhere in the mix.

  4. Great article, and good job on covering the NO events. This is a beautifull example of the jew and poz free media we so desparately need.

  5. Good report overall. I share your pain when it comes to California treachery. Californians are generally not reliable allies. A little to much personal angst in your reporting though. A little too negative. Too defeatist. From my perspective, your people organized, appeared, held their ground and showed commendable courage and resolve. I loved their cheerfulness and lack of any fear. This is only one of the first battles. Southern men showed great courage and dedication. I wish I could have been there. Southern WHITES came together, organized and held together. A good sign of good things to come in my view.

  6. Well he admitted he’s a Jew so guess what he is there for the interests of his TRIBE only. The American flag was merely WINDOW DRESSING. Jewish Supremacism clothed in American Patriotism.

    The fact is most AMERICANS outside of Dixie could care less about monuments or any of this stuff. Three groups are at the end of the day in the fight. WE HAVE OUR GOOD GUYS OUR WHITE SOUTHERN NATIONALISTS AND WHITE NATIONALISTS and then we have the cabal. The cabal is JEWISH LED and that Jew is willing to be both a LEFTIST and CAPTAIN AMERICA proposing a third way just to confuse the people. The leftists/nowhites/homosexuals are their shock troops. JEWISH OPERATION START TO FINISH.

    In 1915 Birth of a Nation set records as one of the most popular films in US History across the entire nation, in 1939 Gone With The Wind did the same. This rampant Northern hate Southern thing wasn’t this passionate even while the actual GAR vets and the Confederate Veterans were alive, in fact they basically met up for picnics. This is a JEWISH THING, clothed in the mantle of history to cover up the truth. Just like how the Jews in the past 90 years began to appropriate the use of Abe Lincoln to cover their operations, because by covering your operation in a mantle of Patriotism, you can in a sense lend it creedence. Never mind that most Jews from 1861-65 either supported the Confederacy or held their tongues. The Jewish adoption and rehabilitation of the Lincoln image to cover up their ancestors support of the Confederacy is BEYOND Bizarre. Emphasis on the word BIZZARE

  7. So the cops arrested the guys who didn’t start the fight.

    How does this play out in the South? The more Northerners see that kind of heavy-handed ‘crowd control,’ the more sympathetic they’d become.

  8. @ Marcus Cicero

    Definitely (((something))) up there. I am skeptical about the ‘half jew American First.’

  9. Very sinister. They were clustering right behind your possible avenue of retreat? Dressed in similar clothing to the Southeners?

  10. How did Cuck Knight not get arrested during that scuffle? He committed assault when he rammed into the Nationalists, it seems to me that there was ample cause to cuff him as well.

  11. Don’t go hacking on Catholics. A lot of traditionalists and reactionary people are Catholic. A lot of Identity Evropa people are Catholic. I’m Catholic. McInnis doesn’t fit in with us at all. In fact, McInnis shoves dildos up his ass and sucks face with homos on his show.

    Patriotards and SCV grannies are all worthless. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had to bash Proud Bois and Oathkeepers in the future. At least the grannies won’t join the enemy. Probably best to stop cooperation with these cucks moving forward.

  12. It’s disappointing to hear that patriots are not really patriots in the real sense. I thought The Oath Keepers would be more supportive but in the end they really don’t want the Feds focused on their organization. I attended some OK meetings and realized they’ll never defend anything of substance when the heat gets turned up. The only part of the Second Amendment they defend is the right to keep and bear arms. The militia part was surrendered long ago. Let them all eat each other and that is what they will do in the end.

    If our nation hadn’t beefed do cucked for so long, we wouldn’t be in our present dilemma. Save only white/Southern nationalists. Let the other whites defend themselves. Alone. Don’t jeopardize your own safety for a “maybe”. In the end they will be collateral damage. Good collateral damage because they tend to work against us anyway.

  13. It might not seem like it to some, but dissonance within the anti-establishment movement(s) will create a stronger antibody needed to fight against the self-destructive parasites, cowards and defects we’ve inherited. Maybe not so much at this point in time, but it will definitely play a big part in the very near future.

    This… is… necessary.

  14. Is this really the appropriate thread to start lobbying for Roman Papists?

    Doesn’t seem so to me.

    Beyond that, I think the Weimerica Jew-Goy is an attempt to prevent the center from sympathizing with pro-whites – a foil.

  15. Best selling author & journalist Kenneth L. Roberts claimed that during the great wave of immigration into the USA before and after WWI, that Roman Catholic countries of eastern and southern Europe were cleaning out their jails and insane asylums and sending them here to the US. Maybe that’s where Castro got the idea?

  16. @Rebel-Bill aka Preston S Brooks


    Krafty Wurker and a couple others have been Catholic stomping for about a week now. Now let me start by saying that I AM NOT a Roman Catholic. However let us start with the basics shall we? The Southern Rights Movement of the 1830’s-1861 was supported more strongly by Roman Catholics and Episcopalians than it was any other groups. The English Catholics of Maryland and the Franco-Spaniard Catholics of Louisiana were all major league slaveholders. Some even supported the Know-Nothings because of their worry about the Irish and European Catholics not being supportive enough of the system. Southern Unionists were typically Calvinists namely Baptists and Old Light Presbyterians. The Baptist Church is a PURITAN Church. The original Baptist Church was kicked out of Massachusetts by the Orthodox Puritans (Congregationalists) and set up shop in PROVIDENCE RHODE ISLAND, the first Baptist in the USA was Puritan Roger Williams, who was driven out of Massachusetts and told never to come back.

    The Baptist proselytized in the South, they were largely kept from any real growth in New England until years after the New England States disestablished their state churches. They converted among the Scots Irish and Poor Whites and did convert a few wealthy planters, but all in all they were the poor and working class. When westward expansion began, the Baptist Church grew in the west because of its Congregational basis and its anti-intellectualism. The Scots Irish left Presbyterianism for it in droves because it was more simplistic however the Calvinist thread united the Baptist Presbyterian and the Congregationlist of New England. All of your major Abolitionists were either Quakers or Calvinists. Rev. John Rankin of Tenn, a major Abolitionist moved to the Ohio River town of Ripley and was so powerful that Henry Ward Beecher, another Calvinist hailed him as the man who ended slavery. When the war began. the Baptists had split. The wealthier Southern Baptists who had rejected Calvinism supported the Confederacy, your Primitive Baptists were a mixture of Unionist and Confederate because of the Calvinist doctrine of Higher Law. This concept is what drove the ultra Calvinist John Brown

    The Baptist Church is thus a vestige of New England Puritanism that was planted in Dixie and grew into the present forms it has today.

    As for Krafty’s assertion about Catholic nations cleaning out their jails a good portion of those coming from Catholic regions such as AUSTRIA-HUNGARY and Southern Germany were Jews. East Germany, which was Poland then sent largely Jews as well, some Polish Catholics as well. The majority of Russian Immigrants and Romanian Immigrants two Orthodox nations were Jews as well. The only real number of almost pure Catholics that came here from Catholic nation were Italians. Most of those other so-called Catholic areas sent JEWS

  17. I don’t know what all the confusion is about. The “patriots” are just White Uncle Tom collaborators with AntiFa and the Colored Supremacists. As Cuck Knight admits he’s half Jewish and so is his baby mama. You just need better event security to prevent this infiltration and subversion. What strikes me though is that in spite of the infiltration of the W.U.T.’s and the betrayal of the cops (par for the course I’m afraid) in providing one-sided security the Left still essentially lost. It shows what paper tigers they always were. I think behavior of the police is particularly disturbing. I expect the same thing out of the military as well. Don’t expect that the authorities both civil and military to defy an unlawful order and enforce the law impartially. They are all careerists now. The law, the truth, and justice all take a backseat to their paychecks. Of course maybe everybody here already knows that.

  18. Trump just fired Comey!

    Holy shit.

    I guess I’m getting some of that chaos I’d wished for…

  19. Just skimming BRJ’s mini-screed, he’s wrong on a few things, one of which was the number of cryptos amongst the Italians. They were some of the most crypto cryptos you could find, which isn’t to say the ‘real’ Catholics among them were much better.

    The Presbyterians always disliked the Catholics. That’s another BRJ original – Puritan derivatives somehow poisoned the Presbyterians with anti-Catholicism.

    Tons of the Catholics in the antebellum South were Sephardic cryptos, too.

  20. That is why I call them the Retarded Right as they have no concept of the Concept of the Political and their politics is an inch deep and a mile long. Indeed their political understanding is so naive and unsophisticated as to border on political retardation.They confuse image with reality and think America is still Maybury and that the “people” truly rule. They enshrine an image of America that has not existed since the election of Woodrow Wilson and the rise of Globalism. Unfortunately for them the Lunatic Left- who are as malevolent as they are psychotic- DO understand the Concept of the Political and that is why the right is losing and the left has been winning. Immerse yourself in the writings of the Revolutionary Conservatives and you will then be able to discern why the Alt Right is different from the Retarded Right and Patriotards. I see more than a little of Revolutionary Conservatism in Occidental Dissent and that is a good thing!

  21. The Oathkeepers & other patriotard scum are functionally on the side of the kikes & their mud & gutter commie tools – and in some cases openly so, proved when jew sire of mulattos “Cuck Knight” said “black lives matter!” They’re especially dangerous because they’re a kosher safety valve: yet another political dead end for pissed-but-ignorant Whites. They will ALWAYS seekk to throw a wrench in the gears of White Nationalism, with their “Muh Constitution ‘n’ Muh Bahble!!” garbage.

    One of the ways to counter their influence is to educate Whites in the racial consciousness & intentions of the Founders: for example, spread around the famous Jefferson & Jay quotes that put the lie to the jew/patriotard ‘Propositional Nation” crap.

  22. BRJ’s notion that anti-Catholicism spring from some discreet, semi-esoteric cult of ‘neo-Puritanism’ just doesn’t hold water.

    Not only was Williams not the key figure in proselytizing for the Baptists in the South, his righthand accomplice was an Anglican raised in England. Most of the non-Puritan, non-Episcopalian/Anglican web of Protestant America emerged out of the Separatist movement: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baptists

    Williams isn’t credited with founding the Baptist Church which pre-dated his adulthood in England.

    Further, the first Great Awakening which converted masses of colonists was not only NOT lead by Williams, it resulted in laying the foundation for the American Revolution:


    great awakening and the american revolution

    The British aristocracy called the American Revolution ‘the Presbyterian Revolution.’

    We wouldn’t be here without that radical and final separation from the Catholic Church, Billy Ray. All the notions of a middle class were born out of the true Protestant Revolution which purged traces of Rome’s tyranny over the germanic and celtic people. How ironic and sad that we americans allowed ourselves to get so jewed all over again, and to provide the might which helped the jews crush our people in Europe.

    Stop cherry-picking, distorting and fetishizing, Billy Ray.

  23. The link above won’t paste, google the words to read how the first Great Awakening sparked the American Revolution.

  24. Very accurate report. We Southern nationalists and allies had enemies both in front and behind us. We learned some lessons at Lee Circle, one being don’t trust alt-lite conservatives.

  25. Onceler

    The Baptist Church was founded in England that is right, but the first Baptist Church established in the United States was in Providence Rhode Island, peopled by Ex-Congregationalists who differed over doctrine.. Roger Williams was long dead by the time the First Great Awakening got going in the 1730’s. The (Puritan) Congregationalist Church, which was the established church in New England, excluding Rhode Island, had an agreement with the Presbyterians that outside of New England that Congregationalists should join Presbyterian Churches, unless there were enough members to establish a Congregational Church. Jonathan Edwards left the Congregationalists for the Presbyterians. His son in law was Aaron Burr Sr. and he replaced him as President of Princeton after Burr’s death and then Edwards died shortly after.

    The Baptists spread out of Rhode Island into the Middle and Southern Colonies during the First Great Awakening, this is established history. The fact that it’s heritage was among the Seperatists (Pilgrims) and the (Puritans) and its origins being essentially Puritan is not up for debate. As for the American Revolution, most of the original Revolutionaries were Congregationalists, not Presbyterians as it started in Massachusetts, but as I said as the two churches were linked elsewhere they were Presbyterian

    The fact is Onceler the Southern Colonies were all Anglican (later Episcopalian) and although they and the Catholics had no love lost for one another, they agreed on their hatred of Calvinism. In Boston, Guy Fawkes Day had been celebrated with drunken brawls were people died for years. This went on until General George Washington, himself an Anglican, gave orders to his Yankee soldiers to knock it off, as they were attempting to reach out to Catholics in Canada and elsewhere to join the war against Britain. Such virulent Anti-Catholicism was unknown in the South. Maryland was the Catholic Colony and although by 1775 most of the government was Anglican, the two got along on good terms. Washington, living just a short distance from Maryland felt exactly the same way the Marylanders did and that was people should try to live together. Although Boston did have Pope Day after Washington’s Army left Massachusetts, it stopped when Louis XVI entered the war and soon died out.

    Virulent Anti-Catholicism was a Yankee tradition NOT a Southern one.The Vatican was the only nation to recognize the CSA and Pope Pius IX sent Jeff Davis a crown of thorns. Davis was educated by Catholics and he was very close to them. In fact the First Era Ku Klux Klan allowed Catholics and even Jews to join it. That all changed in the South when the Episcopalian Aristocracy, decimated from the war, faded away and Southern Baptists took firm control over the states ca 1880’s. The Baptists were the ones who introduced Anti-Catholicism in Dixie and also introduced it in the bylaws of the Second Ku Klux Klan.

    Somehow you seem to think I am an apologist for the Papacy but I am not. I am merely setting the historical record correct.

  26. Onceler

    Your assertion about Crypto Jews among the Italians is correct, Sicilians are in a large part Jews who converted to Roman Catholicism during the inquisition. As to Crypto-Jews in Dixie, there were some, but as the South gave Jews full civil rights, unlike the North, the Jews in Dixie operated in the light of day. THIS WAS A GRAVE MISTAKE ON THE SOUTH’S PART.

    The Presbyterian Church was split into New Light and Old Light, New Light Presbyterians were an arm of the Congregationalist Church, Old Lights were Traditional. However as I have pointed out the Presbyterians did not have an extreme input in the South, they soon after 1800 began to be displaced by the Baptists among the common people and the Landed Aristocracy itself was mostly Episcopalian, that only had really begun to shift about the time of the war.

    Groups like the Baptists and in Tennessee and Texas the Churches of Christ grew because they needed no vestments or even a building to worship in. The extreme poverty after 1865 caused groups like this, ESPECIALLY the Baptists to grow in large numbers until they began controlling entire states. Groups like the Episcopalians which needed expensive buildings or the Presbyterians faded dramatically after 1865.

  27. If these “patriots” are common among Trump voters, there really is no hope of salvaging much of anything from the wreckage of Weimerica. Their equivalent in places like France have likely doomed any chance they have of salvation too.

    Maybe the best course of action is just to let it burn. They are going to suffer even more than those of us who are aware due to their naive nature and outright stupidity. There is exactly zero chance that a functional society will be maintained going forward, but those who created and maintained Weimerica deserve to reap what they’ve sown.

  28. Billy Ray I have a degree in History. Do you?

    Because right off the bat your claim about Washington and St. Patrick’s Day is seriously off. It wasn’t for the Catholics that Washington was reaching out: http://www.history.com/news/george-washingtons-revolutionary-st-patricks-day He was gesturing to the presbyterians both in his army and in Northern Ireland.

    You claim “As for the American Revolution, most of the original Revolutionaries were Congregationalists, not Presbyterians as it started in Massachusetts, but as I said as the two churches were linked elsewhere they were Presbyterian.”

    This is untrue. The Presbyterians engined the American Revolution more than any other protestant denomination. And, the Great Awakening was intrinsic to that movement.

    It would be fair to say the American Republic was the final reaction against the Catholic Church, as most of both the Puritan and Separatist movements sought to rid Christianity of Rome’s – and the Church of England’s lingering Roman – corruptions.

    There simply would have been no South to defend had there been no American Revolution. And don’t try to tell me the ‘New England Yankees’ dragged the South into war in 1776. That’s absurd.

  29. Speaking as a Damn Yankee I must say I love seeing the sight of so many Southern patriots waving the Stars and Bars and defending their nation’s honorable heritage!?

  30. Well, gentlemen, that is certainly depressing about the “patriots.” It would appear there’s no way out but through — they won’t catch on until they’re turned into 8th class citizens by the victorious Mexicans.

  31. SNs didn’t win anything here. People still see them as kooks and haters (often quite accurately). Curiously (and for me, as an opponent, encouragingly), they don’t even seem to see the need for effective PR.

  32. Hey Silviosilver, since you’re apparently a cucked civic nationalist, what’s your take on what your “colorblind patriotism” when the Mexicans have the numbers in a little while to permanently install a Mexican government in the former USA?

    Are you going to come to your senses and realize that you were fighting against your own interests in resisting the people who wanted to keep America a white-majority nation, or are you going to salute the Mexican flag flying over the White House, accept your status as an 8th-class citizen in a mass of brown people who hate your guts for being a gringo, rejoice in the official language of the country being Spanish, and settle down to enjoy the socially and economically gutted third-world cockroach hole that the Estados Unidas de Nuevo Mexico has become, complete with utter corruption, gangs from end to end, murderous police, poverty, decay, and even worse prospects for your kids and grandkids as hated pariahs scrabbling for crumbs amid a hostile foreign majority?

    The very people now tearing down Confederate monuments openly say that they want to tear down statues of George Washington, too. They paint “black power” and “Die Whites Die.” Yet you think that kissing up to them is going to cause them to turn into White Patriots with Black Skin, instead of just viewing you — as they do — as an enemy who’s a pathetic weakling and coward to boot?

    But at least you weren’t a “hater,” right? You’ll grovel and lick the feet of your enemies so you can feel that “at least you weren’t a racist” as they trample your beloved Constitution to pieces and erect their own primitive society on the ruins of your once-great civilization.

  33. Onceler
    MAY 10, 2017 AT 2:32 AM
    Billy Ray I have a degree in History. Do you?

    Because right off the bat your claim about Washington and St. Patrick’s Day is seriously off. It wasn’t for the Catholics that Washington was reaching out: http://www.history.com/news/george-washingtons-revolutionary-st-patricks-day He was gesturing to the presbyterians both in his army and in Northern Ireland.


    I wasn’t talking about SAINT PATRICKS DAY, I was talking about POPE’S DAY which is November 5th, known in England as Guy Fawkes Day. Every year brutal celebrations were held and people died in Boston in the celebrations. George Washington, being a Southern Anglican somewhat familiar with Roman Catholicism, decided that the Anti-Catholic celebration was counterproductive and he issued a decree to stop it. That was in 1775. After the Army left Boston, the city held two additional POPE’s DAY celebrations, but after France came into the war effort, the celebrations ceased.

    Did you not read the part where I wrote that the Presbyterian Church and the Congregationalists had a universal pact with each other that stated that any Congregationalist who moved to a Middle or Southern Colony was to attend worship and identify with the Presbyterian Church? The fact is though the Revolution started in New England and there they were Congregationalists. Jonathan Edwards, the face of the Great Awakening was a Congregationalist, he left the church for the Presbyterians and moved to New Jersey where he lived at Princeton. His son in law was Aaron Burr Senior, he took his place as President of the College of New Jersey until his death. Edwards was the origin of the New Light School of Presbyterianism. Old Light Presbyterians rejected any cooperation with the Yankees.

    The American Revolution meant different things in NEW ENGLAND and the Southern Colonies. In New England, yes it was the final explosion of Reformation fervor, where they identified an Anglican as Catholic Lite and they hated all forms of nobility, however the basic thing driving New England was British restrictions on trade.

    The Southern Colonies were different. In Virginia the school of thought represented by Henry, Jefferson, Madison and countless others objected to British rule because of economics and because of the fact that in their mind King George III was violating Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights by not allowing the Colonies to assemble their own Colonial Parliament and elect representation to the British Parliament. King George allowed Parliament to pass laws on the Colonies without any representation, that was what drove matters in Virginia. Similar thoughts were held in the Carolinas and Georgia. However what clinched it for the South was Lord Dunmore’s Emancipation Proclamation and the Indian wars in Kentucky. Lord Dunmore’s Emancipation proclamation was the incitement of a slave revolt and by the British at Detroit encouraging the Shawnee to slaughter Virginians in Kentucky and the Trans-Allegheny that put about 90% of the South on the side of the Revolutionary. The only main exception were the Scottish Highlanders in North Carolina, most of whom supported the King.

    The South existed as a cultural area BEFORE the American Revolution, now I agree with you. Had there been no American Revolution at that time when technology hadn’t increased, a later revolution likely would have failed. The South would have been sh-t out of luck when the British Parliament emancipated slaves in 1833 and gave them full racial equality under Royal Proclamation. Yes as bad as the Yanks were, it was still better then British-enforced Racial Equality.

    Honestly your History Degree isn’t worth much if you don’t know this.

  34. “Don’t go hacking on Catholics. A lot of traditionalists and reactionary people are Catholic. A lot of Identity Evropa people are Catholic. I’m Catholic. McInnis doesn’t fit in with us at all…”

    I think you need to realize, Preston, that YOU (if you are a TRAD RC) are not ‘Catholic’ as far as Antipoop Bergoglio and the liberal, feminazi nuns, and faggot ‘priests’ are concerned!

    Having left that apostate communion over three decades ago, I don’t know how ANYONE can remain in it, with all of the HERESY that is going on, these days… well, except for converted Jews who think they are now ‘Christians’ via the machinations of Vatican Ewwww….. such fools shall remain nameless.

    And I quote: http://www.barnhardt.biz/2017/01/16/cutting-the-crap-31-questions-and-blunt-answers-about-the-catholic-church-and-antipope-bergoglio/

    If dildo-wearing Gavin McInnes is now a Post-Ratzinger, Vatican Eww ‘family Catholic,’ then for the love of God, LEAVE THAT APOSTATE AND DAMNABLE COMMUNION!!!

    I left forty years ago, when the number of priests wanting to sodomize my 20-year old self, outnumbered the very few older clergy with whom I had been raised, prior to the abolition of the Latin Mass; and the feminist nuns started acting as if they could teach the Pope about ‘true faith,’ versus the habit-wearing nuns who had schooled me when young, who were models of piety, femininity, mothering concern, and submission to a VALD Magisterium.

    Ever read ‘Goodbye, Good Men’? It’s all true…. and this has been going on, since the 1970’s.
    Flee from Rome. Flee from Rome. Flee from Rome. (And, I would add, her apostate Protestant daughters, as well… but that’s another post)

  35. Civic nationalists are just as anti-White as the most aggressive “Antifas” and Mommy Professors. No surprise that they attack you.

  36. so a kike dresses as a Roman, wears the American flag as a cape, spews drivel & nonsense and his henchman protects him (badly). This is sooooooooo jewish. Could some of our guys wear kippahs & quote the Talmud? Especially the part where they say goyim are less than cattle?

  37. I was at Lee Circle on Sunday. Your “Cuck Night”, whom I would rather call “Captain Jew2merica”, came on the scene demanding that the LoS take down their “KKK Flags”. I cannot speak for the LoS, but standing there with a group of them out of natural instinct I was the first one to tell him to get lost,as soon as he admitted that he was Jewish and the “KKK Flags” bothered him because he had a “biracial son”. He agreed to leave and came back five or ten minutes later to start the trouble with the men on the steps. Regardless of appearance, punching his lights out is not “punching right”, because there is no way the Jew could be right. The Bike Cuck is a cuck, since he is at least apparently White, but I did not bother to try to interact with him. i would not doubt if they were both paid shills, or at least working together, as they showed up around the same time. I am writing about it in an article now…

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