Virginia Sons of Cuckfederate Veterans Denounce Alt-Right Charlottesville Rally

The Virginia Sons of Cuckfederate Veterans wants you to know they aren’t “racists”:

“Just as we state today, Commander Johnson stated then, that no such groups should operate under the good name of the Confederate Army.

It is the duty of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to emulate the high moral standards of those who fought and died to protect their home land. We represent Southern Heritage NOT White Supremacy. People of all races, religions, and colors fought to defend their Southern homes in the War for Southern Independence.

Those who show up with torches and making inflammatory statements are in no way connected with or indorsed by the SCV. These people only serve to play right into the hands of those who would label us all as racists. In the end, they may do more to bring down monuments than the actions of our enemies. …”

These people are a joke.

Don’t bother joining the Sons of Confederate Veterans. These Cuckfederates squander all of their time, energy and resources advancing their agenda of our enemies. They have been cuckolded like the mainline Protestant churches. They denounce “racism” and “white supremacy” while the enemies of the Robert E. Lee monument gather there with the same message.

It was our forefathers who built these monuments. Their generation had a strong ethnic identity and didn’t apologize for “racism” and “white supremacy” and bleat on like sheep about the importance of “diversity” and “tolerance.” They were real men with a sense of honor and wouldn’t have groveled and degraded themselves before their enemies in such a humiliating, cringeworthy fashion.

Virginia was a Jim Crow state when the Robert E. Lee monument was erected in 1924. All this nonsense about how the Old Dominion was a happy multicultural utopia “of all races, religions and colors” wasn’t even true in 1967 when the Supreme Court struck down Virginia’s anti-miscegenation law. It was the toughest anti-miscegenation law in the entire world at the time. Virginia’s entire congressional delegation in the House and Senate voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

There is a reason why the previous generation failed to preserve our Southern heritage. They didn’t have an identity. We can’t afford to perpetuate their mistakes any longer.

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  1. The best that can be said for these gentlemen is that they will probably join up happily with us once ethnic nationalism is socially acceptable again.

  2. I just participated in the NBC News 29 poll, where 86% of respondents want the Lee statue in Charlottesville to remain where it is AND to retain the name of park in which it is located. 86 percent! That is very reassuring.

    That cuckfederate group is probably comprised of low-T boomers who have mulatto grandkids. To hell with them and their beta-male faggotry.

  3. The sad fact is among the average white person in the South the attitude is they are not aware of it (the attack upon Southern monuments) and if aware they do not care. To them it is like ancient history.Like conservatives during the Civil Rights era they believe if they just go along to get along then all will be peaceful and black rage will go away.The fact is if you capitulate you embolden the enemy with new demands. We talked states rights during the Civil Rights era when we should have talked secession! Then we had the numbers and the anger but not the ideology. Now we have the ideology but not the numbers or the anger. I am sure there are more than a few SCV members here. There was already much anger on their part towards the Southern Baptist church among the rank and file that the leadership had to calm down. I suspect these recent attacks will embolden that more activist faction.

  4. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a cucked organization and has been for decades. What success has the organization had since the 1960’s? Any group of white men who grovel the way they do should be ignored and replaced. For crying out loud they couldn’t even get their licenses plates approved in more than a few states. I am betting the public had more success in doing than than the leadership of the Cucked Descendants of Confederate Veterans. They are the ones who should not be affiliated with anything Confederate. Now you know who was making backroom deals with the negroes and their kosher kings.

    White people are drunk on the phony righteousness of surrender.

  5. These sons of Dixie cucked while Corey Stewart, who is not even a native Virginian, refused to denounce the torchlight rally. What a sad bunch the SCV is these days.

  6. No one should be surprised. This has been the SOP of the SVC “leadership” for many years. Their noble ancestors must be looking down on them in shame.

  7. The Virginia Sons of Confederate Veterans denounces the Alt-Right in 2017.

    The official publication of the United Daughters of the Confederacy defends the Ku Klux Klan in 1936.

    Something has happened in the last 80 years…

    The Confederate Veteran shutdown with its last issue December 1932. In 1934 the UDC started to publish The Southern Magazine. In its issues it continued its defense of the Ku Klux Klan as saviors of the South from African Americans. The UDC decided in 1936 to run a very lengthy article justifying the Ku Klux Klan in The Southern Magazine. The entire article follows in this document. It shows that the UDC is still defending the Ku Klux Klan towards the end of the depression.

    After praising the Ku Klux Klan for decades as heroes for maintaining white supremacy in the South, is it any wonder that when violent resistance was adopted against the Civil Rights movement laster it would be in the guise of a revival of the Ku Klux Klan?

    Walter Henry Cook in The Southern Magazine article is as follows:

    The Southern Magazine was the official publication of the United Daughters of the Confederacy during the 1930s.

  8. I saw this about the SCV years ago beginning to do this ANTI-RACIST crap when I began looking into Southern Rights stuff and I almost couldn’t believe it. The SCV has disowned everyone, the Klan you name it. I just dont understand how it could get to this point.

  9. …After learning of Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Court House on April 9, Johnston agreed to meet with General Sherman between the lines at a small farm known as Bennett Place near present-day Durham, North Carolina. After three separate days (April 17, 18, and 26, 1865) of negotiations, Johnston surrendered the Army of Tennessee and all remaining Confederate forces still active in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. It was the largest surrender of the war, totaling 89,270 soldiers. President Davis considered that Johnston, surrendering so many troops that had not been explicitly defeated in battle, had committed an act of treachery. Johnston was paroled on May 2 at Greensboro.

    After the surrender, Sherman issued ten days’ rations to the hungry Confederate soldiers, as well as horses and mules for them to “insure a crop.” He also ordered distribution of corn, meal, and flour to civilians throughout the South. This was an act of generosity that Johnston would never forget; he wrote to Sherman that his attitude “reconciles me to what I have previously regarded as the misfortune of my life, that of having you to encounter in the field.”

    SCV reminds me of Joe Johnston…”Retreatin’ Joe”…

    It must be the money…they must be scared someone is going to shake them down…

  10. It’s hard to be reasonable or rational in the face of the outright cowardice of the Virginia SCV. It pisses me off. Makes me want to pace around the room mumbling to myself. It gives me a headache. Makes me want to grind my teeth. Talk to myself. Scream.

    So, some clean cut young fellows, put on a little rally to try to raise support for the monuments to Jackson and Lee that are threatened with destruction. Big friggin’ deal. The question is, why weren’t some senior officers of the SCV their to rally these fine young men and women? Your new dress up confederate costume hadn’t come in, or back from the dry cleaners? You had to take care of your grand kids because Jamal needed to pimp your daughter that night? Or maybe you really know that genealogy is for crackpots, and you really don’t have any Confederate ancestors.

    I’m around the same age as Mike Hill, Sam Dickson and other worthies. But, even with us old geezers, you have to go back to our great-great grandfathers, and possibly our great-great-great-grandfathers to have a connection with the Civil War. How many great-greats are these young kids today removed from Jackson & Lee? So it’s all getting very tenuous, and then to insult these fine young men for wanting to preserve our ancestors monuments is a terrible crime.

    The Virginia SCV owes them an apology.

  11. The SCV Virginia Division was catching hell on their Facebook page for denouncing the rally, so they deleted all the negative comments and left only the laudatory ones. They are worse than useless.

  12. @Turn Hearts

    General Johnston was up against the wall. General Lee was named the Commander in Chief of All Confederate Forces in February, before that Jeff Davis himself had theoretically held that position but Davis, realizing he couldn’t govern and fight a war at the same time finally demurred to Lee. When Lee surrendered to Grant, in theory it was only Lee’s army but with Lee being the head of the CSA Military and Davis on the run, Johnston realized very important points. NUMBER ONE. General Lee was his commanding officer, and for him to go against Lee’s decision to surrender would make him in a sense an outlaw. NUMBER TWO There wasn’t enough food between North Carolina and Washington DC to even hope to move on the city, even with Lincoln dead. NUMBER THREE Sherman wouldn’t stop his pursuit and he had the supply lines and arms that Johnston didn’t have. Seeing these things Johnston decided to surrender.

    The thing was the ball was in Lee’s court. He chose to surrender and send the boys home and there was no General in the CSA who would go against Lee and keep up the war. Many like Joe Shelby refused to surrender and went to Mexico, but even to them it was over. In retrospect Robert E Lee probably should have kept a guerilla war going but we have to understand this point. Lee almost died from Rheumatic Fever at Chancellorsville. His heart muscle and valves were permanently damaged by the disease. Unfortunately for the CSA open heart surgery was unavailable in 1863 so Lee was pretty much screwed. By ’65 at least according to Rooney, his Daddy was already suffering with his heart. I think Lee felt and did say later had he known what the Radicals would do after Lincoln’s death he would have died at Appomattox sword in hand, but that was just his anger speaking. Lee knew he had nothing left physically in the tank. The problem was he was really the only man the entire CSA respected enough to lead them. Damned if you did Damned if you didnt

  13. @billyrayjenkins

    Johnston’s retreats (not just as his final surrender) definitely saved the lives of his men but Sherman had him figured out…you can only retreat so many times before everyone knows you are not going to stand up and fight it out and inevitably Johnston was going to surrender all he had to the enemy just as the SCV appears now to be doing…

  14. The key word here is grovel. The SCV are grovelling Boomers. They think they can keep all they hold dear, by grovelling to politically correct bullies. When has grovelling to a bully ever worked?

  15. Even as a Yankee, I LOATHE the SCV for their stances. Lincoln was a traitor, the South was Right, and the SCV are a bunch of CUCKSOCKERS.

  16. It’s hard to believe that these are descendants of those who stood bravely in the face of opposition, yet these poor excuses of Southrens fold with a little name-calling, tripping over themselves while running from the fight.

    Someone said they would make the right decision when it came down to it, but I don’t want them…they are traitors now, they will be traitors again.

  17. Cucks sell out because they long to be respected and preserved by our deadly enemies. They are neither respected or preserved.

  18. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again –

    I’ll happily trade our scalawags for the good Yankees there are, like Corey Stewart.

  19. ‘It is the duty of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to emulate the high moral standards of those who fought and died to protect their home land. We represent Southern Heritage NOT White Supremacy. People of all races, religions, and colors fought to defend their Southern homes in the War for Southern Independence.’


    Commander Johnson IS right that many races fought with and for the Confederacy.

    He is, however, wrong that Southern Heritage is not about White Supremacy.

    If we could get in a time machine and go into the camp of The Army of Northern Virginia, and ask if they we fighting for the Negro to get the vote, or for the Saracen to make our culture ‘vibrant’ with even more diversity, how many Confederates do you think would say, ‘Hell, yes, sign me up!!!!’

    Would there be one???????

  20. How many of our “leaders” have been pressed by media and other anti-White entities to explain their views, and in the process used “I’m not a racist” to defend themselves? If they have, they are guilty of cucking it up and feeding the anti-White monster.

    How many of you have tried to explain your views to others, and in the process used “I’m not a racist” to ingratiate yourselves with them, trying to evoke some kind of manufactured empathy from that person? If you have, you are guilty of cucking it up and feeding the anti-White monster.

    If they aren’t a race-ist, then they aren’t your friends or allies. They will let your down; they will turn on you; they will stab you in the back; they will attack you when you least expect it and when you can least afford to be attacked. Those that are scared of their own shadow need to spend more time in the shadows(learning about their shadow) and less time proselytizing.

    They(anti-Whites) are building you an army. They are sending them straight to your door. All you have to do is open the door, greet them, invite them in, make room for them, give them a proper outlet for their talents and skills…….. it builds itself at that point.

    If pro-White groups and people aren’t extremely diligent and persistent right now, they’re going to get outflanked….. again.

  21. I tried to shame the Louisiana SCV for their absence and attitude towards the Lee Circle demonstrations in NOLA on May 7th, and while they have so far let my comments on their Facebook page stand, they have not replied.

  22. @Harold Crews…

    ‘I will not be renewing my SCV membership in the coming year. My Camp commander will be notified that he’ll need to find a new adjutant.’


    I appreciate your leadership by example, Mr. Crews, though, if your particular division of the SVC is not like Commander Johnson’s in Virginia, there is no need to go – or is there?

    From what folks tell me – SVC commanders vary quite a lot on these themes

  23. @William Finck…

    ‘I tried to shame the Louisiana SCV for their absence and attitude towards the Lee Circle demonstrations in NOLA on May 7th, and while they have so far let my comments on their Facebook page stand, they have not replied.’


    Apparently ‘sons’ of Confederate veterans are not quite the same as the veterans, themselves.

    Then again, if Confederate veterans went to our publick schools and watched the TV for twenty years, they probably would be ‘sons’, too…

  24. Doing nothing is not an option. As Pericles once said; It may be that you don’t take an interest in politics but where will you be when politics decides to take an interest in you? The SCV tries very hard to be non-political. Unfortunately we are entered a period of strife and uncertainty and the enemy will no longer all you to be non-political. You may move to whiter areas but that merely delays the inevitable. It is not to early think think about Heartland secession. It may prove to be the only solution left to us as a people but the longer we wait the smaller our area will be. Resistance will soon be mandatory is we do not want to get assimilated out of existence.I suspect there might even be a secession from the SCV as disgruntled members attempt to form a more activist group.

  25. It was the toughest anti-miscegenation law in the entire world at the time.

    In what way was it tougher than South Africa’s Immorality Act? That Act prohibited any interracial sexual intercourse, not just marriage. Police would burst into bedrooms to photograph couples in bed for evidence. They didn’t mess around.

    The “one drop rule” is admittedly stricter than the South African version, which defined a person’s race in terms of legal registration; but I would think a criterion that is in effect untestable is legally unenforceable, anyway.

  26. @Analog Man

    The worst thing the UNITED STATES ever did from 1789 was to leave decisions about interracial marriage and associations up to the states and municipalities. That should have been a Federal Amendment from day 1 that no state could ever legalize mixing and the penalties for such behavior should have been to have one’s citizenship permanently revoked following prison time and the offspring of such unions as well. HOWEVER the Founding Fathers thought that the states could be on their honor on the issue of miscegenation. The thing was even in the South, miscegenation laws differed so much that in some states octoroons were legally White and could marry whites, other states it was one-drop. There should have been ONE standard, everyone bound to follow it and no problems. Had this been in the US Constitution from day 1 I doubt there would be a problem with this today.

    Following the War Between The States there were more than four or five attempts to pass a Federal Anti-Miscegenation statute but each time the matter was tabled, because it wasn’t then considered a necessary priority

  27. One thing Hunter has left out in his writings on the monuments is the fact that most of these monuments were put up between 1890-1920. The Northern States had put up GAR stuff immediately after hostilities and had built hundreds of monuments, the South had to wait until enough time had passed and they had saved enough money to build them. The first Confederate monument was built in Romney W Va in 1867 and somehow miraculously escaped the eyes of the Unionist Cabal in Wheeling but in the Confederate Reconstruction States, monuments didnt go up for decades, the wounds were still tender. By the 1890’s enough time had elapsed and the major players, Jeff Davis, Gen. Lee and for the Union Grant and Sherman were dead so the time was right.

    Time is not on our side, to most dumb Americans the CIVIL WAR or WAR OF NORTHERN AGGRESSION or whatever you wish to call it, is as ancient as Julius Caesar. Pleasant Crump, who died near Talladega, AL on New Years Eve 1951 was the last PROVEN Confederate Veteran. There were probably a few real Confederates left, in fact one of the supposed last died in Texas in 1959 and if you believe it, a 130 year old Negro, named Sylvester Magee, who was illiterate but described in detail the Battle of Vicksburg and claimed he had run away from his master and the Yankees put him to work. He died in 1971 making him the last slave and last soldier of the war altogether. THAT IS IF YOU BELIEVE THE STORY.

    Think about it, a man born when Pleasant Crump died would at present be 65 years old. Yes when Mr. Crump was alive and we were approaching the Centennial of the War in 1961 things were real to folks then. Things aren’t real to folks now. They are real to those of us who study and hold to traditions but not to Joe Six Pack

  28. Why leave a reply? You deviants are deleting the ones you don’t like. Also, how many more of you morons are going to claim to be SCV adjutants who are resigning to support you. Not likely, gentlemen.

  29. There appear to be some gentlemen out there who are under the delusion that they are members of Hitler’s Schutzstaffel. Don’t mean to burst your bubble, but Hitler’s dead, and the SS was pretty much phased out during WWII.

  30. Does anyone else out there have a problem with the Neo-Nazis pasting their Shutzstaffel runes all over our Confederate Battle Flag? They are destroying our Southern heritage and history through this desecration. Leave our flag alone. I am a proud member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. We can cherish our heritage without fighting another Civil War. If you honor General Robert E. Lee, read his last order to his troops.

  31. @Tarheel Reb,

    I think what you should do is tell the people taking down our statues and flags about the legions of Black, Mexican, Asian, Arab and Martian Confederates who took up arms to defend equality from the racist Yankees. I am sure that if you tell them this hard enough and swear repeatedly that you are not a racist that they will leave all the symbols of Southern heritage alone. Seriously, go ahead and try that again.

    I am a former SCV member with about 40 CSA vets who were in my extended family. My family has been here in SC since 1739 and in North America since 1621. I have participated in lots of pro-Confederate demonstrations over the years. And I can tell you that the Blacks, Jews and White liberals pushing to eradicate our culture and flood our land with Third World immigrants to replace us don’t care how many times you swear you aren’t a racist. They hate you.

    Richard Spencer is not a Nazi. He is pro-White. He is actually a lot more moderate on the race issue than were our CSA ancestors, who stated in no uncertain terms that we were the superior race and Blacks must be kept completely subordinant to us. At any rate, instead of whining about how racist the White folks were who came out to defend our Confederate monuments in Charlottesville, VA why don’t you attack as anti-White the New York Jewish mayor and Black vice mayor there who are leading the effort to take down the monuments? Seriously, man. Take your own people’s side.

    • Mr. Cushman,

      The gentlemen I referred to as neo-nazis were spahnranch1969 who displayed a swastika, and Billy Ray Jenkins who displayed the Nazis SS runes on a Confederate Battle Flag. As a loyal American I don’t believe those symbols have any place here. I don’t think you believe that either. I know there are people who hate me. Some hate me for my race. Others hate me for my ideals. I am a white conservative. I am proud to be white. If that makes me a racist, so be it, but I feel blacks should be proud to be black and so on with all races. I don’t like the NAACP as a whole because I feel they are a racist organization by definition. There are other black organizations that I feel are racist, but I can’t say I hate the race as a whole. I don’t like liberals. I don’ t like people who know nothing more about the War of Northern Aggression than what they learned in grade school. I am enraged every time I hear “it was all about slavery” or our Confederate ancestors were traitors”. I write to point out the ignorance of those people. I too have gone to peaceful demonstrations with the SCV carrying one of the flags of the Confederacy and wearing the the gray uniform. I know my efforts have little effect, but if we can at least pass on what we know to the younger generations and instill in them a love of their heritage, we have done well. A lot of what I have read in these posts almost seems to point to armed insurrection. Our children might lose what future they have if that happens. I can tell you are an intelligent man. I encourage you to come back to the SCV.

    • Sorry for your misconceptions about my post. Though your intentions may have been different the way you use the phrase “Cuckfederate Veterans” is a direct insult to the “Confederate Veterans”, not the “Sons”. I have an undergraduate degree in and have done post graduate study in the English language, English composition, linguistics, English literature and American literature. This is a simple case of semantics, but you screwed up and made an arse (old English) of yourself. I had not even received any of your post prior to my post on “cuck” so I had nothing to “not read”. I am a cuckold to no one my friend. You and your fellow cuckers “keep on cucking”.

  32. Not being an afficienado of the latest catch phrases popular among the alt-right, I must admit I was somewhat puzzled at the continued use of the word “cuck”. I was familiar with the word “cuckold”, so it made sense that gentlemen of the alt-right might use a catch phrase such as “cuck” since without a doubt, many of them are themselves cuckolds in the true sense. I prefer to be more straight forward and refer to gentlemen of the alt-right simply as idiots. If it appears that my remarks are intended to be insulting, they are. My remarks; however, would seem almost complimentary when you look at the alt-right’s degrading use of Cuckfederate vs Confederate. Let us analyze the most insulting of their antics where they refer to the Virginia Sons of Confederate Veterans at the Virginia Sons of Cuckfederate Veterans. You see their use of Cuckfederate refers to the Veterans, not the Sons. Their vulgarity is an insult to the very Confederates whose honor and monuments we are trying to preserve. As a member of the North Carolina SCV, I applaud the Commander of the Virginia SCV for his efforts in coming out against white supremacists who would undermine our work to protect Confederate Monuments and memorials.

  33. @Tarheel Reb,

    You are incorrect. We use the term “Cuckfederate” to insult those such as you, not the Confederate soldiers of Dixie. A cuckservative is a White conservative such as Lindsey Graham or George Bush who refuses to take his own people’s side and instead advances the agenda of alien and hostile groups. He is much like a cuckhold husband. He is a loser who should be scorned. In much the same way, we scorn “Cuckfederates” who go to great length to glorify Black, Asian, Arab and Martian Confederates while repudiating their ancestors true racial beliefs. They essentially refuse to take the side of their own people. Instead, they insult Whites who are pro-White as “racists” just like the NAACP, ADL and SPLC does.

    And you ignored my entire post except that one word. Hmmm….

  34. Hey Shitheel Reb, how many mulatto grandkids you got? And don’t worry, I promise never to contact you or your wife’s black boyfriend ever again.

    • Hey Nazis slime. Negative to all.
      Hitler is dead so you can stop saluting.

      PS: You’d would have never made it into the Shutzstaffel.

  35. @TarheelReb…

    ‘They are destroying our Southern heritage and history through this desecration. Leave our flag alone. I am a proud member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. We can cherish our heritage without fighting another Civil War. If you honor General Robert E. Lee, read his last order to his troops.’


    Dear Tarheel Reb,

    We might cherish our heritage without fighting another war, but, if we do that, our children will have little heritage to cherish, and our grandchildren next to none.

    When you are here, at this blog, you are not amidst those who play at Johnny Reb in 1862, but, many of those who embody it in 2017.

    You cannot honour our ancestor and be ‘a loyal American’, for Satan Inc., in Washington D.C. is the very antithesis of what our ancestors stood for, and what we, hopefully, do.

  36. @TarheelReb…

    ‘I too have gone to peaceful demonstrations with the SCV carrying one of the flags of the Confederacy and wearing the the gray uniform. I know my efforts have little effect…’

    No doubt they have little effect, because, whilst seeming to the eye that you are a Tarheel Confederate, you are, in fact, by your own statement, ‘a loyal American’.

  37. @TarheelReb…

    At the link, below, one opiner, by the name of ‘Celestial Time’, wrote this….

    What the hell are the Sons of Confederate Veterans? Isn’t that like a Civil War reenactment club?

    Symbols representative of ideals and values are meaningless when you haven’t the fortitude to defend them until your dying breath. There’s no point in having and protecting a symbol when it can easily be manipulated, and when it puts you in a constant state of defensive posturing and excuse making.

  38. Tarheel Reb
    MAY 18, 2017 AT 10:00 AM
    Mr. Cushman,

    The gentlemen I referred to as neo-nazis were spahnranch1969 who displayed a swastika, and Billy Ray Jenkins who displayed the Nazis SS runes on a Confederate Battle Flag. As a loyal American I don’t believe those symbols have any place here.

    Tarheel Reb

    You’d better sit down and take a breath while I give you the facts. To our enemies the THE CONFEDERATE BATTLE FLAG IS EQUAL TO AND THE SAME AS THE FLAG OF NATIONAL SOCIALIST GERMANY. My symbol is a Biker patch worn by 1% bikers, I like it because it is a middle finger to all of our enemies simultaneously. David Duke embraced both the use of Southern symbols and Nazi symbols and today the Ku Klux Klan flies at their rallies the Blood Drop, the US Flag, the Confederate Flag, and National Socialist Germany flags.

    You talk like a 70 year old man who is still hung up on the MUH DADDY FOUGHT IN WORLD WAR TWO meme. Fine, I lost both an Uncle and a Cousin in the Phillipines in 1945. That doesn’t keep me from calling Bull—- on the entire war. You need to step outside your comfort zone.

  39. @Tarheel Reb

    If I had been blessed with the good fortune of one Confederate ancestor I would have joined the SCV a long time ago. My gr-gr grandfather was six years old in 1861, his brothers unfortunately were forced into the Yankee Army and both were killed, they grew up in the no-mans land of Eastern KY, where there were now lawmen to come to your aid and behind every bush lured a killer. All Kentucky had was just an illegal cabal in Frankfort propped up by bayonets and an entire countryside full of partisan rangers, bandits and opportunists, followed up after 1865 by eighty years of feuds and murders stemming from the war. While some of the South got the war and Reconstruction, my ancestors got eighty years of hell. So don’t put yourself up on some pedestal, we aint having that here.

  40. @Tarheel

    You’re an English and literature expert, huh?

    Well, keep acting like the slovenly weakling that you are, and you may live to see the day that your language fades from memory across this entire country.

    And honestly, do you really hate National Socialism and the Third Reich that much?

    Are you one of these Boomer cucks who still believes that “muh greatest generation” “muh murica” and “muh good fight” crap?

  41. @Mr. Cicero

    I think that’s EXACTLY what we are dealing with. As I have explained before this patch is a 1% biker patch and the reason I use it is because in case you haven’t noticed to our enemies CONFEDERATE BATTLE FLAG= BIG BAD NAZI GASSING JEWS. Why not if they think that combine both symbols and make their outrage quintuple? See I want my enemies ready to explode. This will do it

  42. @Tarheel Reb,

    Perhaps we are not as far apart as I thought. Easy to misunderstand other’s position online. You will find that the Alt-Right is probably the best ally trad Southerners have in the USA and elsewhere.

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