Corey Stewart Defiant While SCV Cucks

The contrast is stark – and startling. The Virginia Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), in whose veins run the blood of the finest fighting men the English-speaking world has ever produced, cucked out and echoed the “anti-racist” denunciations by the far-Left groups like the SPLC and NAACP of the recent Alt-Right torchlight rally in defense of Charlottesville, VA’s Robert E. Lee statue. Led by a mayor who hails from a New York Jewish family and Black vice mayor who routinely tweets about his hatred of White people, the city is attempting to take down historic statues of Confederate generals Lee and Jackson, re-name parks which were dedicated in their honor and erect memorials to Leftist icons.

On the other hand, a Northern-born Republican candidate for governor of Virginia who has become a vocal advocate of defending Confederate symbols and pushes for a crack down on Third World immigration refused to denounce the Charlottesville rally. Instead, he used the opportunity to condemn the anti-White leaders in Charlottesville attempting to destroy Southern heritage. The Roanoke Times reports:

Anti-establishment Republican Corey Stewart denounced lots of people, places and things Monday night, but maintained his silence over the recent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville that every other candidate in Virginia’s governor’s race has condemned.

In a Facebook live event billed as Stewart’s first comment on Saturday’s torch-lit rally around a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, Stewart did not directly mention Richard Spencer or other alt-right figures involved in the white-pride event. He did, however, condemn Charlottesville City Council member Wes Bellamy, an African-American who voted for the statue’s pending removal.

…Stewart, chairman of the Prince Willam Board of County Supervisors, has made preserving the Lee statue, and Confederate history in general, a key part of his campaign platform. He has vowed to force Charlottesville to keep the statue in place as governor and has displayed Confederate flags in some campaign appearances.

…“It is time to stop apologizing. It is time to stop running away,” Stewart said.

Undoubtedly, Stewart has more courage and is more pro-South than the Virginia SCV leadership which is more concerned with appeasing Black and Jewish Leftist groups than actually defending the Southern people and our heritage.

I suggest that our readers who are members of the SCV consider ending their membership in this cucky organization and instead get active with Southern Nationalists and our pro-White, pro-South allies such as Corey Stewart.

Click here to watch Stewart’s full speech

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  1. Mr. Cushman

    This is all surreal like we’ve stepped into THE TWILIGHT ZONE. Unfortunately as said elsewhere the last VERIFIABLE Confederate, Pleasant Crump died in 1951 in Lincoln Alabama near Talladega. If you figure people become true adults at 21 yrs old think of it this way. A man born in 1951 would have been 21 by 1972, a man born in 1972 was 21 in 1993, a man born in 1993 was 21 in 2014. We are now how many generations out from Mr. Crump’s day? At least four or five. My great great great great Uncle was about 4 yrs older than Mr Crump, he died in 1936 or so, my Pap was 12 when he died, Pap lived to be 91 himself. So I can say as myself a 41 yr old man have some connection albeit tiny to the generation of the war. However my niece and the rest will never have this, neither will most anyone else. To them the war is old paintings and movies

    This is an EXTREMELY DIFFICULT PROPOSITION to get people up in arms to fight for a cause in which the last verifiable veteran died when Harry Truman was President and the year I LOVE LUCY came on tv. In 1951 to have a Southern Day Parade meant something, heck they even honored Walter Williams who claimed in 1959 to be nigh on 117 when he died in Texas, his claims were spurious at best. even the Negro Sylvester Magee in Mississippi who claimed to have been a slave and was 130 when he died that claim is spurious as well. Magee supposedly helped build fortifications at Vicksburg then excaped to the Yankees. Needless to say even if Wiliams or Magee was telling the truth, the last Soldier died before 1960 and the last slave died in 1971 or so. The emotional investment to the average moron is almsot ZERO

  2. @billrayjenkins,

    You are correct. I was raised with a strong. Sense of Southern identity. But that was because my Dad made a conscious decision to give me that identity. Most of my friends in the area did not have parents who made such a decision. If they came to be emotionally invested in our identity it was because of their life experiences and reading. And it was also a reaction against the anti-White, anti-South status quo at our school – which is far worse now than it was in the 90s. Anyhow, if we restore our nation it will be as a dissident group which rises up and takes down the establishment and replaces it with our people and values – much as the Left did in the 60s and 60s. Southern identity will have to be re-imposed upon large segments of our people who have lost that connection.

  3. “The Virginia Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), in whose veins run the blood of the finest fighting men the English-speaking world has ever produced …”

    Personally, I have little interest in matters military and in this sort of “dick measuring,” as I believe the vulgar call it–but is this true? I mean about Virginians–their being outstanding soldiers. The British were driven out of the North, during the Revolutionary War, in about two years; but even after the thwarting they’d experienced there, they were able to hold on in the South for about three years, I think. Evidently, Southerners weren’t much of a challenge. I think, yes, Virginians went in first at Omaha Beach, on D-Day, but was that because they were the strongest unit or, instead, because they were viewed as cannon fodder? These sorts of references to the Southern Fighting Man leave me wondering.

  4. “It is time to stop apologizing. It is time to stop running away,” Stewart said.

    Well said. The only improvement I would make is this:

    “It is time to stop grovelling. It is time to stop running away,” Stewart said.

  5. Hey Buonocourdi, the colored inmates at the county jail all say you looked real cute wearing that pink pussy hat during the feminst march on TV. Why don’t you drop by and say hello to them?

  6. Bonaccorsi, so great to see you commenting on here again – we know how busy you are, between taking care of your wife’s mulatto son and dual internships at the SPLC/ADL.

  7. “Led by a mayor who hails from a New York Jewish family and Black vice mayor”

    Apparently, we still have Reconstruction governments in effect, in various places in Dixie.

  8. “I can see the South’s reputation for acute satire is unimperiled.”

    Yes, and your inability to know when you are not wanted…. is.

  9. P. G. T. Beauregard monument just came down in NOLA last night…if the KKK does start to “ride” again in the South — stay away from black churches and go after the WHITE/JEW cucks/carpetbaggers/scalawags…

  10. Trump needs to make an executive order banning all ethnic cleansing of Southern white history and force these mayors/governors/etc to put the monuments/flags that have been taken down back up…

  11. Southerners were mostly loyalists.

    Tarlton’s Legion for example were landowners in the south.

    Manhattan and Long Island was held the entire time also.

  12. Turn Hearts, I can’t tell if you’re being serious or sarcastic. Anyway, hell will freeze over before Trump offers any help. Corey Stewart has the right idea.

    First they come after Southern heroes, next they’ll come after Northern ones. All the old White guys must go!

  13. @John Bonaccorsi…

    ‘Virginians went in first at Omaha Beach, on D-Day, but was that because they were the strongest unit or, instead, because they were viewed as cannon fodder? ‘


    No, Sir – the 29th Infantry Division went in first because it was an elite unit that had been trained solely for that purpose, since 1942.

    You’re talking to a Son of the 29th here.

  14. @John Bonaccorsi…

    ‘I can see the South’s reputation for acute satire is unimperiled.’

    Very 18th century high English Literature, that remark is… right out of Tobias Smollet’s ‘Humphrey Clinker’….

  15. @James Owen…

    ‘“Led by a mayor who hails from a New York Jewish family and Black vice mayor”

    Apparently, we still have Reconstruction governments in effect, in various places in Dixie.


    Yes, ,Mr. Owen, the Yankee Government gives the money to Soros, who then funnels them into our gubernatorial campaigns.

    That is why I refer to our new governor, Roy Cooper, here in North Carolina, as a Yankee Occupation appointee.

  16. @Turn Hearts…

    ‘Trump needs to make an executive order banning all ethnic cleansing of Southern white history and force these mayors/governors/etc to put the monuments/flags that have been taken down back up…’


    Sir, do you really think that such is possible?

    It seem that he’s got our vote and is finisht with us…

  17. “Tarlton’s Legion for example were landowners in the south.”

    Are you sure about that, Captain John? The British Legion was raised in the north, wasn’t it. New Yorkers, New Jerseyans, Philadelphians maybe.

  18. If this doesn’t teach you that every Southern Government has been ILLEGAL since 1865 then nothing will. Remember this, If your state was Reconstructed the ELEVEN States, then your government was dissolved and re-established at gunpoint, not by the will of the people. Just because there was a brief period of SHAM Freedom from 1877-1954 or so doesn’t mean that it was real freedom.

    Everything from here on out proves that this entire shebang is a sham

  19. @ juniusdaniel1828

    I’ll take that as a compliment, Junius. I’ll have to look into “Humphrey Clinker.”

  20. @juniusdaniel1828

    Sir, do you really think that such is possible?

    It seem that he’s got our vote and is finisht with us…

    I should have emphasized the word “NEEDS”. Trump hates the Confederacy and is a Lincoln and Nikki Haley lover…bad president for the South…no wall…he got our votes…we will have to build it after we secede on both our northern and southern borders…

  21. So sad so many are willing to remain silent as they continue tgeir genocide on Southern history and culture. Many proud free black men and women fought and supported the south in the war of northern aggression.

  22. An SCV member can honorably trace his heritage to a member of the Confederate armed forces. How many of you gentlemen have a clue as to your origin? You are the greatest allies the liberals have in their quest to destroy our Southern history and heritage, and you are too mentally impaired to see it. I am a loyal and proud member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. May God have mercy on your souls for what you do.

  23. @Tarheel Reb,

    I was an SCV member until they cucked out. I have participated in literally dozens of pro-Confederate marches or demonstrations against the NAACP and our other enemies. But you dare to call me an ally of the Left because I actually believe in the racial values of our Southern ancestors and want to defeat the enemy – see them crushed rather than cower in fear at being called a racist.

    I can trace my family back to 1621 in North America and 1739 in SC. I have numerous CSA vets in my family. About 40 at last count. And I share their values. I have fought the anti-White Left for years. I am not a yellow-bellied cuck.

  24. @Tarheel Reb:

    Sir/Madam. You sound like someone who has a degree in English who works for the Southern Poverty Law Center. Is that the real truth? Now here is recent Facebook post from an SCV member in NC. You are not cut from the same piece of cloth:

    !!!!! LONG BUT PLEASE READ!!!!!! With all the recent attacks against Southern history and all history, its so sad to see what is going on and accepted in today’s times. For the last couple years the ACTBAC organization has took on a group of anarchist, communist , pedophilia supporting, aniti-police, anti-Southern group of thugs that many know as Antifa. They have been in our area for a couple years now and other cities and regions are getting a taste of what we have had to deal with for some time. We wanted to give a break down of what these people do and who they are. To give those that have not yet had to listen to the cry’s of attention that later in life will soon catch up to these lost souls.

    In this post are a few pictures that were pulled directly from the local IWW or Antifa organization that were either shared by them or posted by them. I wanted to post many more but our page is revolved around community and we have stuck to not posting anything with foul wording or language. The pictures posted get the point across just the same.

    Our followers need to understand what these people believe in. These people are Anti-American, I have watched them burn 3 American flags, Battle flags, and you will never catch them holding anything but a African banner and the black and red flag of communism. Many of the quotes they live by are from Karl Marx and other socialist hero’s. The dream world they are pushing for would be a world without, police, government, or any type of order. Free everything including food, education, housing, and the part that blows ours minds is “no jails”. To these people jails are slavery. No matter the crime you commit or laws you break, you should not be punished by any form of “the system”. These same groups are the ones that call Southern brothers and sisters racist and “white supremacists”. Please do not take this to heart my friends cause guess who else are seen as “white supremacists”??? POLICE, Military, the president of the USA, Republicans, Christians , and if you work (as they do not), the boss of the company you work for.

    These groups are all the same across the country. They are 18-25ish life long students. No jobs, no morals, no religion and thrive on attention. They have no knowledge of history other than communist readings and Marxist agenda’s. The only adult supervision they have are typical college professors that undercover feed these children and lost souls the water from the socialist fountain.

    What makes this such a sad conflict is that these they teach pure hate and ways to them at a young age. To have no respect to anyone, no foundation , and many are criminals by the time they are 30. The most disturbing thing we have found is that while these groups are anti-justice system, we found out that even if you are against child sex crimes, you are a bigot. In or research we found that right here in North Carolina that many from the Triangle IWW and Greensboro Antifa groups support pedophilia. That age and sex have no limits and say that love has no age. I copied one of the posts from the Atlanta Antifa that was shared by 16 followers of the Triangle IWW group. We reported it to facebook and they told us, they could not delete it. SAD SAD WORLD!!

    I write this post from things we have seen and researched over the past couple years. Face to face encounters and not propaganda news articles. What you see here is real and true. The worst part is, that just like in other cities and states , Southern or not, this is what is become accepted. Just like in New Orleans, these people are used to push the agenda of socialist elected leaders and the life long citizens of wholesome communities are being ripped apart by crime, division, poverty and sin.

    I hope that this opens a few eyes and gives you a real insight as to who these people are and what they would like to accomplish. This is not about Southern history or our flags, this is about the battle against good and evil. The only way to see it face to face is to get out and face it. We have been doing that for some time now. They need to be labeled directly as a hate group, a terrorist group and for the criminals that they are. Reach out to local law enforcement , local leaders, and schools and educate EDUCATE EDUCATE!!!! God bless you all.

    • Sir/Madame,
      I’m afraid that your ideas about my former career are somewhat out of wack. I have been retired for 11 years. I would suspect that no two SCV members are totally of the same mind, but rest assured that I totally follow SCV principles concerning the preservation of our Southern history and heritage and the proper methods for achieving those goals. Thank you for your reply, and may God bless you too.

  25. @Tarheel Reb


    To your assertion Mr. Tarheel Reb I will say ____you very much. My ancestors have been here since Jamestown and members of our clan are found in every part of Dixie to this day. Yes I was very angry when I found out I wasn’t eligible for SCV membership because the ancestors in my direct line were in Eastern KY and most were forced into the Yankee Army. The cousins however served in the Confederate Army, in fact my Second Cousin six times removed was a Confederate Colonel, his bloody jacket from Chickamauga is still on display. After the war he was made Adjunct General of the Kentucky State Militia under an Ex-Confederate Governor.

    • Sir, I never said or implied that I was superior to you, and your intended obscene inference is insulting and uncalled for. I am also vehemently opposed to your use of the Confederate Battle Flag with the runes of the Nazis Schutzstaffel emblazoned on it. It gives the impression that you are affiliated in some way with the Nazis Party, and the Battle Flag was never intended for that use. Membership in any Nazis organization is offensive to me and the SCV. If you truly want to be a voice in saving our Confederate history, my first step would be to drop any affiliation with the Nazis party.

  26. @Tarheel Reb

    I am not worthy to represent the SCV since I cannot trace my ancestry back to a Confederate Soldier but I am against abolition and I think that Jefferson Davis is the greatest Confederate of them all. I know I could not be a member of the SCV even if I were a direct descendant because I, like Jefferson Davis and a lot of other real Confederates back in their day, am pro slavery — so it really doesn’t make any difference.

    Here is a real Tarheel Confederate who actually fought and gave a dedication in 1913 to the UDC’s monument put up on the campus of UNC-CH — known today as Silent Sam. Notice he mentions: “I horse-whipped a Negro wench until her skirts hung in shreds, because upon the streets of this quiet village [Chapel Hill, NC] she had publicly insulted and maligned a Southern lady, and then rushed for protection to these University buildings where was stationed a garrison of 100 Federal soldiers.”




    June 2, 1913.


    Thy Troy is fallen; thy dear land
    Is marred beneath the spoiler’s heel;
    I cannot trust my trembling hand
    To write the things I feel.

    There are no words that I have been able to
    find in the vocabulary of the English language
    that fittingly express my feelings in this presence
    on this occasion. But you know and I know, that
    though I might speak with the tongue of men and of
    angels, neither song nor story could fittingly
    honor this glorious event. The whole Southland
    is sanctified by the precious blood of the Student
    Confederate soldier. Their sublime courage has
    thrown upon the sky of Dixie a picture so bright
    and beautiful that neither defeat, nor disaster,
    nor oppression, nor smoke, nor fire, nor devasta-
    tion, nor desolation, dire and calamitous, and I
    might with truth add, the world, the flesh nor the
    Devil has been able to mar or blemish it. The
    tragedy of history fails to record anywhere upon
    its sublime pages anything comparable to it. All
    time will be the millenium of their glory.

    The canopy of the South is studded with stars
    which shall grow brighter and brighter as the ages
    in their endless procession proceed each other.

    No nobler young men ever lived; no braver soldiers
    ever answered the bugle call nor marched under a
    battle flag.

    They fought, not for conquest, nor for
    coercion, but from a high and holy sense of duty.
    They were like Knights of the Holy Grail, they
    served for the reward of serving, they suffered for
    the reward of suffering, they endured for the
    reward of enduring, they fought for the reward of
    duty done. They served, they suffered, they
    endured, they fought, for their child-
    hood homes, their firesides, the honor of their
    ancestors, their loved ones, their own native

    This noble gift of the United Daughers of
    the Confederacy touches deeply and tenderly the
    heart of every man who has the privilege of
    claiming the University of North Carolina as his
    Alma Mater. It is in harmony with the eternal
    fitness of things that the Old North State’s
    daughters of to-day should commemorate the heroism
    of the men and youths whom the mothers and sisters,
    the wives and sweethearts of half a century ago
    sent forth to battle for the South. As Niobe wept
    over her sons slain by Apollo, so the tears of our
    women were shed over the consumated sacrifice of
    their loved ones. And as the gods transformed
    Niobe into a marble statue, and set this upon a
    high mountain, so our native goddesses erect this
    monument of bronze to honor the valor of all those
    who fought and died for the Sacred Cause, as well
    as for the living sons of this grand old University.

    The years of the future will laurel the story,
    How often the tender, the brave and the true,
    Stood fast on the fields of their merited glory,
    A thin line of gray ‘gainst the legions of blue.

    O! what if half fell in the battle infernal?
    Aye, what if they lost at the end of the fray?
    Love gives them a wreath that is fadeless, eternal,
    And glory investeth the thin line of gray.

    They broke it, the thousands, the might of a nation,
    Hurled back the weak line in its pitiful plight;
    The deeds that had challenged a world’s admiration,
    Went down ‘neath the pall of a pitiless night.

    The war between the states was fought, really, by
    the women who stayed at home. Had they uttered a
    cry, had they complained, the morale of Lee’s
    army would have been dissipated in a day.

    The Women of the Sixties of our dear South-
    land, like Penelope, were glad to weave and spin
    that their husbands and sons and sweethearts might,
    like Ulyses, fight the battles in defense of
    Southern liberty and Southern honor.

    How many mothers were there in those days
    of stress and storm like her of that touching
    interlude of Tennyson’s?

    “Home they brought her warrior dead:
    She nor swooned, nor uttered cry:
    All her maidens, watching, said,
    ‘She must weep or she will die.’

    Then they praised him, soft and low,
    Called him worthy to be loved,
    Truest friend and noblest foe,
    Yet she neither spoke nor moved.

    Stole a maiden from her place,
    Lightly to her warrior stopped,
    Took the face-cloth from the face,
    Yet she neither moved, nor wept.

    Rose a nurse of ninety years,
    Set her child upon her knee,
    Like summer tempest came her tears,
    Sweet my child, I live for thee.’”

    And how she lived for him, that patient widowed
    mother of the South; what a man she made of him;
    how she has kept true in his breast the best tradi-
    tions of his race; how she has fed him, clothed
    him, brought him up through poverty to wealth, from
    weakness to strength, to the high honor of hard
    work, through the indomitable example that she set!
    She has made of the sturdy manhood of the South
    the highest product which a Christian race has
    yet attained.

    God bless the noble woman of my dear Southland,
    who are to-day as thoroughly convinced of the just-
    ice of that cause. They are the guardians of the
    sacred honor the the departed; they will protect
    the memory of the hero’s spirit no less than preserve
    from desecration the Sacred dust of his body.

    Nothing in all the marvelous record can equal
    the fortitude, the constancy, the devotion of the
    woman of the South. Whatever history has written
    of Andromache or Penelope, of Virginia or Lucretia,
    of the Carthagenian maids whose hair supplied bow-
    strings of battle: of Boadecia or Helen of Troy,
    of Elizabeth or Joan of Arc; it was for the women
    of the Confederacy, our dear old mothers, our wives
    and our sweethearts, God bless them every one, to
    show forth again in such resplendent guise, that
    neither history nor romance can approach its
    everlasting glory.

    The educational institutions of the South
    bore a conspicuous part in the respect to the number
    of students who represented them in the ranks of
    the army of the Confederacy. Nowhere in all the
    South was the approaching conflict more keenly
    scented than in the universities and colleges, and
    the gallant boys, then pursuing their studies, lost
    no time in preparing themselves for the hour when
    the call should come. Long before the shot on
    Sumter, which was heard around the world, was
    fired, companies of students were drilling on the
    campus. Within a week or two after that fateful
    April day, they were on the march to the front.
    On every battlefield they gave good account of
    themselves, and with their life-blood they sealed
    the compact of patriot and hero.

    In the foremost rank of the schools whose
    students rallied ’round the Stars and Bars stands
    our own beloved University. One only is ahead of
    us in the list, the University of Virginia, of
    whose students, 2,481 served in the Confederate
    Army and Navy, and 488 of whom gave up their lives.
    Washington College — now Washington and Lee
    University — sent out a company, early in 1861,
    under the name of Liberty Hall Volunteers. It
    numbered 76 on its muster roll, and of these, 13
    were killed, 26 wounded and 9 died in the service.
    All in all, Washington College gave 450 men to
    the Confederacy.

    Even the great Northern universities — Harvard,
    Yale and Princeton — furnished quotas of soldiers
    for the Confederate ranks. From Harvard came 257, of
    whom 52 were killed in battle and 12 died in the
    service, and in this large list appear 8 brigadier-
    generals and 5 major-generals. Of the graduates
    and students of Yale, 48 entered the Confederate
    services, and of these 8 were killed in battle or
    succumbed to disease. At Princeton 55 men left the
    University, early in 1861, to enter the Confederate
    service, and from the somewhat incomplete records
    of that University it appears that a considerable
    percentage of these young men were killed in battle,
    or died from disease.

    At William and Mary College, 44 enlisted in
    the Confederate service, of whom 6 were killed.

    Of the students and alumni of the University
    of North Carolina, about 1800 entered the Confed-
    erate army, of whom 842 belonged to the generation
    of 1850-1862. The University had in the service
    1 lieutenant-general, 4 major-generals, 13 brigadier-
    generals, 71 colonels, 30 lieutenant-colonels, 65
    majors, 46 adjutants, 71 surgeons, 254 captains,
    161 lieutenants, 38 non-commissioned officers and
    about 1000 privates. Of these 1800 men something
    like five or six hundred were killed in battle or
    died from disease in the service.

    I regard it an eminently appropriate to refer
    briefly at this point to the magnificent showing
    made by our state in the military service of the
    Confederacy. North Carolina furnished 84 regiments,
    16 battalions and 13 unattached companies, besides
    the companies and individuals serving in commands
    from other states, and 9 regiments of Home Guards.
    Out of a total enrollment of 600,000, North Carolina,
    it appears, furnished more than 120,000, including
    Home Guards. Losses on the battlefield and by
    disease indicate that her contribution to the
    Confederate army was somewhat more that 1 to 5,
    while her military population stood in the propor-
    tion of 1 to 9. The entire Confederate loss on
    the battlefield was 74,524, of which North Carolina’s
    share was 19,673, or more than one-fourth; 59,297
    died of disease, and of these, 20,602 were North

    And I dare to affirm this day, that if every
    State of the South had done what North Carolina
    did without a murmur, always faithful to its duty
    whatever the groans of the victims, there never
    would have been an Appomattox; Grant would have
    followed Meade and Pope, Burnside, Hooker, McDowell
    and McClellan, and the political geography of
    America would have been re-written.

    It is not for us to question the decrees of
    Providence. Let us be grateful that our struggle,
    keeping alive the grand principle of local self-
    government and State sovereignty has thus far held
    the American people from that consolidated despot-
    ism whose name, whether Republic or Empire, is
    of but little importance as compared with its

    This beautiful memorial is unique in one
    aspect. I have participated at the unveiling of
    several Confederate monuments, and have intimate
    knowledge of a great many more, but this is the
    first and only one in which the living survivors
    have been distinctly mentioned and remembered, and
    in this distinguished presence I desire to thank
    the Daughters of the Confederacy, in the name of
    the living Confederate students, for their beauti-
    ful and timely thoughtfulness.

    The duty due to our dear Southland, and the
    conspicuous services rendered, did not end at
    Appomattox. The four years immediately following
    the four years of bloody carnage, brought their
    responsibilities hardly of less consequence than
    those for which the South laid upon the altar of
    her country 74,524 killed dead upon the field of
    battle, besides 59,297 of her brave and loyal sons
    dead from disease, a grand total of 133,821.

    It is true that the snows of winter which
    never melt, crown our temples, and we realize that
    we are living in the twilight zone; that it requires
    no unusual strain to hear the sounds of the tides
    as they roll and break upon the other shore, “The
    watch-dog’s bark his deep bay mouth welcome as
    we draw near home”, breaks upon our ears — makes
    it doubly sweet to know that we have been remem-
    bered in the erection of this beautiful memorial.
    The present generation, I am persuaded, scarcely
    takes note of what the Confederate soldier meant
    to the welfare of the Anglo Saxon race during the
    four years immediately succeeding the war, when
    the facts are, that their courage and steadfastness
    saved the very life of the Anglo Saxon race in the
    South–When “the bottom rail was on top” all over
    the Southern states, and to-day as a consequence,
    the purest strain of the Anglo Saxon is to be found
    in the 13 Southern States — Praise God.

    I trust I may be pardoned for one allusion,
    howbeit it is rather personal. One hundred yards
    from where we stand, less than ninety days perhaps
    after my return from Appomattox, I horse-whipped a
    Negro wench until her skirts hung in shreds, because
    upon the streets of this quiet village she had
    publicly insulted and maligned a Southern lady, and
    then rushed for protection to these University
    buildings where was stationed a garrison of 100
    Federal soldiers. I performed the pleasing duty
    in the immediate presence of the entire garrison,
    and for thirty nights afterwards slept with a
    double-barrel shot gun under my head.

    With pardonable pride I look upon the great
    record of my Alma Mater, near those confines I
    first beheld the light; in whose classic halls
    three of my sons have graduated and a fourth is
    now a student, and where my brother and three of
    his sons also matriculated. The glorious record
    of this seat of learning is embalmed in the affec-
    tions of our family.

    A brave soldier, a devoted son of the South,
    an honor graduate of this grand old University,
    led the brave phalanxes of the South fartherest to
    the front, up the bloody, slippery heights at
    Gettysburg, along the crest where death in full
    panoply with exultant glee held high carnival —
    I bow my head while I mention the name of the
    chivalrous J. Johnston Pettigrew — the Marshall
    Ney of Lee’s Army.

    Permit me to refer at this point to a pleasing
    incident in which that distinguished son of the
    South, Woodrow Wilson, President of the United
    States, had the leading part. A year or two ago
    diplomas were given by our University to all the
    students who had interrupted their studies to enter
    the military service of the Confederacy. Mr. Wilson,
    then President of Princeton University, delivered
    these diplomas. One man only of the Class
    that matriculated in 1862
    wearing the Confederate uniform, came forward to
    receive that highly prised token. It was the
    humble individual who now addresses you. At the
    dinned, later in the day, Professor Wilson greeted
    me with the remark that in many years nothing had
    so much touched and warmed his heart as the sight
    of that Confederate uniform.

    The “old gray” always awakens sad and tender
    memories, glorified more and more by the receding
    years. Those of us who donned it and brought it
    back tattered and torn after the final battle had
    been fought, and our banner had been furled at
    fateful Appomattox, and who are yet here to recall
    those days that tried the souls of the men and
    women of the South, bow in profoundest gratitude
    before you, Daughters of the Confederacy, for this
    tribute of your love, for this token of your devo-
    tion to the spirit of the South, the spirit that
    animated all those who for four long years fought
    against overwhelming odds, and to whose unflinching
    valor their whilom adversaries bear fervent
    testimony to-day.

    In our forums, in our halls, in our univer-
    sities and colleges and schools they tell us,
    through tradition, song and story of the wonderful
    deeds of the ancient Greeks and Romans, Thermopylae,
    Marathon and Platea, of Caesar and his 10th Legion,
    which carried the Roman Eagle to the confines of
    the known world, of the chivalric knights of the
    Middle Ages, of Saratoga and Yorktown, of Cowpens
    and King’s Mountain, of Lodi and Austerlitz, of
    Napoleon and the Old Guard, of Jefferson Davis
    and Buena Vista, and Monterey, but there is nothing
    recorded which surpasses the achievements of the
    Student Soldiers who wore the gray. For undaunted
    heroism, unyielding endurance, patient suffering,
    incessant fighting and deathless valor, he is
    without parallel. He was the ancient Greek of
    modern times, led by the Miltiades of the 19th
    Century, the world’s greatest hero, Robert E. Lee.

    The Spartan lived again in the the Confederate
    Student Uniform. When the flag of the Starts and
    Bars was unfurled, consecrated by woman’s devotion,
    sanctified with woman’s tears, with all the hopes
    that clustered around it, with all the mighty
    millions of forces arranged to crush it, Leonidas,
    clad in the Confederate Students Uniform, arose
    from the dead to fight under its folds again for
    his country.

    O, they are not dead! If they are not here
    to-day, I know where they are, fellow comrades, I
    know where they are,– just over the narrow river,
    camped in silken tents, on the green sward, under
    the shade of the trees, on the banks of the crystal
    stream of life.

    They tell us, the foolish ones tell us, that
    when Stonewall Jackson, the world’s greatest
    strategist and the great general and Christian
    soldier, was dying, he became delirious. But he
    was not delirious. It is true, the light of the
    world was fading before his vision, but as it
    faded, he caught a glimpse of this beautiful camp
    in which are so many of his own brave soldiers,
    and as the light of the world faded away, and the
    vision of that tented field rose before his closing
    eyes, he said:

    “Let us pass over the river, and rest under
    the shade of the trees.”

    Ever and anon, through all the vicissitudes
    of life, we are prone to ask ourselves: “What
    am I, and whence did I come and whither do I go?”
    Are our lives like bubbles cast upon the ocean
    of eternity to float for a moment, then to sink]
    into nothingness? Or like the islands that slumber
    on the bosom of the sea for a day, and then go
    down beneath the waters? Or like the meteors
    which streak the heavens with their lines of light,
    and then go out forever? Is there no place where
    the soul can say, “This is my home?”

    Why were these instincts of immorality
    implanted in our breast? Were they placed there to
    mock us in our desolation?

    Why were the stars, in their unapproachable
    glory, set in the skies above us, if there is no
    hope? Why was the rainbow ever painted before our
    eyes, if there is no promise?

    There must be, there IS a land that is fairer
    then day, where the rainbow never fades, where the
    stars never go down, where these longings of
    immortality shall leap like angles from the temple
    of our hearts, and bring us rest; where the good
    and true, who fall before us here like Autumn
    leaves, shall forever stay in our presence, There,
    there, fellow comrades, is the Confederate sol-
    dier’s paradise, the Confederate soldier’s heaven
    of eternal rest.

    That for which they battled in memory of whom
    this monument is reared, as well as for the survi-
    vors of that bloody drama, was not achieved. But
    the cause for which they fought is not lost. It
    never can be, never will be lost while it is
    enshrined in the hearts of the people of the South,
    especially the hearts of the dear, loyal, patriotic
    women, who, like so many Vestal Virgins (God’s name
    be praised), keep he fires lighted upon the Altars.
    Nay, as long as men anywhere pay tribute to the
    self-sacrificing spirit of a peoples’ ideals.

    Ah! never shall the land forget
    How gushed the life-blood of her braves,
    Gushed, warmed with hope and courage yet,
    Upon the soil they fought to save.

    Yea, though thou lie upon the dust,
    Then they who helped thee flee in fear,
    Die full of hope and manly trust,
    Like those who fell in battle here.

    In the knowledge of subsequent developments, the
    progress, peace and prosperity of our united,
    common country, victor and vanquished now alike
    believe that is the Providence of God it was right
    and well that the issue was determined as it was.
    And the people of all sections of our great
    Republic, moved by the impulse of sincere and
    zealous loyalty, of fervent and exalted patriotism,
    may say: “All is well that ends well.”

    Again, dear Daughters of the Confederacy, I
    thank you in he name of the eighteen hundred
    brave, loyal, patriotic, home-loving young student
    soldiers who went out from this grand old University
    to battle for Southern rights and Southern liberties,
    five hundred of whom never came back. God bless
    every one of you, and every Daughter of the Con-
    federacy in our dear Southland.

    I thank you — God bless you.

    Julian S. Carr

  27. Tarheel Reb
    MAY 18, 2017 AT 5:41 PM
    Sir, I never said or implied that I was superior to you, and your intended obscene inference is insulting and uncalled for. I am also vehemently opposed to your use of the Confederate Battle Flag with the runes of the Nazis Schutzstaffel emblazoned on it. It gives the impression that you are affiliated in some way with the Nazis Party, and the Battle Flag was never intended for that use. Membership in any Nazis organization is offensive to me and the SCV. If you truly want to be a voice in saving our Confederate history, my first step would be to drop any affiliation with the Nazis party.


    I apologize for my ungentlemanly response I do believe I took your response out of context. I understand why you are opposed to the use of the Battle Flag with the Lightning Bolts to which I will say this. The Third National Flag is the present flag of the Southern Nation and has been since 1865. The Battle Flag and/or Navy Jack has since that time been the flag of the commoners. As they are not an official flag, unlike the Third National, they can be modified anyway people want them to be. I have seen the Battle Flag modified with an image of Hank Junior on it, have Heritage Not Hate lettered on it, have the White power cross where the center star is, have NASCAR lettered on it, the flag is modifiable. Either the flag is able to be modified or it is not.

    As I have said before in other posts the image I have is a 1% Biker Patch. I like it because it leaves no doubt about where I stand. Everyone in the Sons of Confederate Veterans better know this, it doesn’t matter if you did Mission Trips on behalf of your Church every summer to some Third World Dump, it doesn’t matter if you take in foster kids and it also doesn’t matter if you’re a pillar in your local community. You are to OUR enemies, yours and mine no different in their eyes than an SS Member stomping a eight month old Jewish Baby to death. My thing is this, as they see me that way no matter what I do, if they want a Nazi, I am going to be the biggest Nazi around. George Lincoln Rockwell said this in the 1950’s when he found out that the number 1 slur Communists had was Nazi. There’s a basic rule, GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT.

    • Sir, I accept your apology and apologize to you for any unkind remarks I might have made.

      You sound like a basically good guy and highly intelligent. If you are affiliated with any hate groups, I encourage you to make a change. Some of our goals are the same. We’d both like to put a stop to the evil efforts of the ultra-left wing who would interfere with our way of life and try to destroy our heritage and re-write our history.

      I think there is still a chance for you with the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Some years ago, the SCV began offering membership to men with a collateral ancestor in the Confederate Army. I first joined based on a great-great uncle. Your connection to cousins might be sufficient. If not, you could join as a “Friend”.

      I think you could be of great benefit to the SCV if you end any affiliation with hate groups, and talk to your camp commander about any such history.

      Please do not be offended by my suggestions. I am just trying to be helpful.

      Tarheel Reb

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