Trump Commemorates The Holocaust Again In Israel

Apparently, “we must bear witness” to this for the second time in under a month and for at least the fourth or fifth time since Trump’s inauguration in January:

In case you missed last month’s condemnation of the Holocaust, I have paired it with this month’s version in full yarmulke below.

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  1. I’m going to have to figure out a way to get back on Shitter so I can tweet a big “F*** YOU” to Donald, Ivanka and all their kike friends. What makes me hate Trump even more is having to grudgingly admit that assholes like Rob Reiner and
    Madonna were right about him all along.

  2. The Hoax is the single biggest weapon (((they))) have against us, even it’s pure fabrication (and it is, no gas chambers existed to kill jews during WWII).

    Everything should be focused on exposing the jews and their lies. They are the fulcrum that turns the wheel or our enslavement and genocide.

    No one as beyond cozy with the jews as Trump was ever going to be whites’ ally, in any way.

    We need to run with whatever space he opened briefly, as from now on he is our absolute enemy.

  3. I’m tired of winning! I wonder if Trump signed the Guest Book at Yad Vashem with Anne Frank’s ballpoint pen?

  4. Was so looking forward to the impending civil war as the Jews tried to impeach Trump. It’s off the table now!

  5. Are the claims of a Holocaust as ridiculous as the claims that Assad gassed his own people?

    I have by no means looked deeply into the claims of the Holocaust, but I did research a controversial hospital that Hitler closed down because of pressure from Catholics over its unethical nature. And then after that he would secretly engineer the Holocaust?

  6. @Afterthought

    Honestly, you would have a better shot at proving that Santa lives in a military base in the Arctic, or proving “We Wuz Kangz” than explaining the Hoax…

  7. Gotta keep the biggest lie of them all front and center. The fact that anyone still believes this horse crap is mind boggling. The amount of survivors alone should have people bending over in laughter. If they can get away with the con job that they’re God’s chosen, why can’t they get away with all the other bull they push on people? Which is worse, the audacity of these fake Jews peddling fake stories, or the gullibility of the goy?

    The only thing that is true about this charade is that it isn’t going to end well. For anyone.

  8. More revisionists estimate total number of jewish deaths between 260,000 and 600,000. Some go as high as 800,000 absolute maximum, and this includes the entire spectrum of means of death.

    There were simply no gas chambers used to do anything but delouse clothing, etc., in the concentration camps, as typhus was epidemic and lethal, and spread through lice feces (which make people itch their skin, which then causes the typhus to enter the person’s bloodstream).

    The 6 million number and the entire ‘Holocaust’ concept had been promoted well before WWII, including in major newspapers. This is irrefutable fact the jews conveniently ignore. Carolyn Yeager just published an article on her blog about it, although for more specific details on the debate or are the best sites to check out. RODOH has the rep of being more tolerant of dissenting opinions, I can’t say either way since I don’t hang out much in either.

    Jews did die by disease, deprivation/living conditions, purposeful execution for subversiveness and illegal activity according to National Socialist edict, but they simply were NOT ‘genocided’ in any way, shape or form. The forensic evidence proves this, and the circumstantial compounds the farcical aspect of it.

  9. The US flag doesn’t need no stinkin’ 50 stars. Just recognize the obvious already and replace them with a big Star of David.

  10. @Onceler: Whatever the actual number of sheenies killed in WWII was it wasn’t nearly enough.

  11. Where is our much vaunted separation of Church & State? Holocaust rememberence is the Eucharist of the Post-Christian West. To question it’s dogmas is considered blasphemy.

  12. When TPTB talk about separation of Church and State, they are talking about separating the country from Christianity ONLY. In fact, with all these Muslims they are letting into what used to be known as Christendom (Europe and the Americas), I suspect TPTB not only want to elect a new people, but a new god.

  13. Good piece, thanks for covering this. i am putting together a piece for my blog on the concept of Western leaders going to the “wailing wall”,and why they should not -not just from a racial perspective but also from a Christina theological perspective!

  14. Yes, is a good starting point for extremely interesting and well-researched articles on the “Holocaust.” Highly recommended.

  15. Trump has not shown one one hundredth worth of sympathy, let alone support, for his fellow Whites suffering at the hands of Diversity everyday. I suspect that with all the political hot water he’s in Trump is working overtime to show the Chosenites he’s expecting his salvation through them. Doesn’t he realize goyim Zoglings are a dime a dozen?

  16. Oh wow! Another White Men totally ruled by Jews. White men are so EASILY corralled and owned. Meanwhile, in Manchester, the White Male cops are rounding up the usual suspects, and threatening ot persecute ANY White that objects to little girls being raped, beaten pimped and blown up by sand niggers. White Sharia = Whites are the bitches of the Jew.

  17. Really, what did anyone reasonably expect ? His family is lousy with Jews. I’m just amazed that the Trumpster knew enough Populist rhetoric to con the working middle class.

  18. The media has him by the balls. Each paper will print 5-6 daily op eds suggesting impeachment if he does not direct US money to Israel and client states, launch attacks on Israel’s enemies, and commemorate the Holocaust at least once a month.

  19. @Joe Putman. When it comes to the theological aspects, what do you think of the “holy” pope’s action? John Paul II actually was praying at the wall on March 27 Anno 2000. According to Poland’s most prestigious paper, (((Gazeta Wyborcza”))) the pope was praying for forgivenes for the Christian genocide on Jews. I didn’t pay attention to it back then, as the scales were still covering my eyes. by the way, Karol Wojtyla/Katz had a Jewish mother.

  20. @Dissident Aggressor

    BS. Trump was elected precisely because he wasn’t the governmedia’s darling.

    Or was he…?

  21. @bloodybill

    I highly doubt it was Trump who really came up with the rhetoric that conned the middle class. Hell, someone on his staff had Eric Trump directly quoting yours truly from this blog during Pussygate.

  22. Fuck you Denise. Do you realize you are surrounded by white men here and ZERO women? Go join a knitting club you useless harpy.

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