Science: Intelligence is Mostly Inherited

The tabula rasa, or blank slate theory, upon which most modern approaches to education, politics and morality are based has taken a massive hit from a new scientific study which has identified dozens of specific genes which are inherited and largely control human intelligence. Nature is coming out on top of nurture. Newsweek reports:

Scientists have discovered over 50 new genes relating to intelligence—a finding that gives us a far better insight into the “genetic architecture of intelligence” and how this relates to IQ.

While the exact percentage is widely debated, scientists generally agree that a large proportion of intelligence is inherited—and therefore based on genetic factors. But intelligence is not a straightforward trait influenced by just a few genes. Rather, there are hundreds of genes that make up a complex web, the vast majority of which research has yet to identify.

…Most of these genes were found in brain tissue: “Pathway analysis indicates the involvement of genes regulating cell development,” the scientists wrote in the journal Nature Genetics.

…Corresponding author Danielle Posthuma, from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands, tells Newsweek she was not expecting to find as many genes as they did: “I’ve run a lot of genome studies and a lot of the time you don’t find a lot of genes, even though the traits you are investigating are highly heritable. And it’s only if you have a really large sample size that you start to find things.”

…“For these 52 genes we won’t be able to increase intelligence,” she says. “The heritability of IQ is 80 percent, so it’s still a long road before we find all the genes. And even if we find them there might still be environmental interactions, or gene interactions that we haven’t really investigated but that might be important. So I wonder if we’ll ever be able to do this in mice or humans.


Of course, different populations inherit different traits from their ancestors. This is why billions of dollars and several decades of efforts by the liberal education establishment in the USA and other Western countries have failed to “close the education gap.” You can not close the gap in performance between different racial groups. Differences in performance are based upon real inherited traits and without blending groups together and destroying human diversity the performance gap will persist despite all efforts by Leftists to close it.


A ranking of countries by their IQ average shows that the least intelligent people in the world are Africans, far exceeded by Asians and Europeans. For example, Hong Kong has an average IQ of 108 while poor Equatorial Guinea sits at just 59, a whooping difference of 49 points. Realistically, we can never expect the people of Equatorial Guinea and Subsahara Africa in general to ever amount to much on average in a competitive modern world. And, of course, adding a number of them to the population of an European or Asian country would reduce the overall IQ of that country and introduce a significant social schism. If the country into which the lower IQ immigrants were introduced placed great value on equality of outcome (as do all Weatern nations) then this introduction would constitute a huge burden. And, importantly, it would provide rent-seeking institutions trying to being about equality with a task which could never be completed – providing persons involved in such efforts a lifetime of job security and justification for ever-increasing funds to meet their impossible goal.


Of course, our ancestors came to these conclusions without genetic studies. They made simple observations and upon these based their social order and immigration policies. In contrast, Western man today seeks to defy that which he has ample scientific evidence to believe. He assert that nurture can fundamentally change that which countless generations of human evolution has produced. He grasps at ridiculous theories which might deny human inequality. As he does so to his own detriment.

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  1. The most intelligent people on earth are likely the white Europeans with Aspergers sysyndrome. Aspergers is the opposite of being mentally retarded. They are socially awkward, but highly intelligent and probably invented most things we enjoy in modern life. Most contributers here perhaps have it (due to their obsession and deep knowledge of politics) or have family or friends who do, but perhaps don’t know it. Most people with Aspergers are heterosexual, yet never marry as they’re too awkward to know the art of attracting the opposite sex, yet know how to pull a motor apart and put it back together.
    It’s far more common in whites than blacks. That may explain the difference in the advancement of whites vs blacks.

  2. @Krafty, sorry. Aspergers SYNDROME. Typos are easy if I’m rushing and don’t check.
    Most geeks and nerds are perhaps Aspergers. Just passing on info as I understand it. They’re said to be highly advanced and as a result, have trouble relating to people socially. They want to fit in, but are seen as odd and overly articulate.
    Their part should be included in any discussion on this topic.

  3. Blank slate theory, reminds me of what Alcoholics Anonymous used to call the “geography cure”. Some drunks thought that if they moved to an entirely new location, without known social contacts, etc., they would lick their drinking. Needless to say, the “cure” never worked.

  4. If you come here, and talk about some bullshit syndrome, you should at least be able to spell syndrome.

  5. My personal experience with Orientals, is that, they are not that smart. They cheat, they lie, they exaggerate, and are not to be trusted. That’s not Occidental smart.

  6. Yes all the races are equal Goy. They have been pushing this lie since the Enlightenment in one shape or form. First it was ALL WHITE MEN ARE EQUAL then it was JEWS ARE EQUAL TO WHITES then it was NEGROES are Equal then it was Arabs/Turks/Gypsies are Equal and now its everything is Equal. The Southern Confederacy was the first time that a nation ATTEMPTED to establish itself upon SCIENTIFIC FACT ABOUT RACE, National Socialist Germany was the SECOND.

    Unfortunately when the UNION won the war, the ideas of Racial/Social Equality which were put forward in the Declaration of Independence, which although it has no legal force it is considered linked to the 1787 Constitution the faulty 1787 Constitution was preserved. Remember under the 1787 Constitution there are TWO Citizenships, FEDERAL and STATE. Under the 1787 Constitution states could declare Negroes and Whites Equal, and the Feds couldnt stop them. The CSA Constitution centralized Citizenship and took the rights away from states to Naturalize their own citizens. The 14th and 15th Amendments t took the ideas of Equality that had been put forward in the Declaration of Independence and forced them on us at gunpoint. The only good thing to come out of the 14th Amendment was that it eliminated the ability for states to naturalize people arbitrarily, that was never a good thing. For all the State Sovereigns in the NEO-Confederate movement please read the 1861 Constitution it did establish a uniform citizenship law all CSA member states had to agree with

  7. Funny how the jews and liberals always refer to the “science” of global warming and evolution to “prove” their arguments but NEVER invoke their Goddess to explain the glaring differences between the races when it comes to intellectual abilities and achievement.

  8. It has also been proven that Whites did not originate out of Africa. Of course. I have never in my entire life ever believed that my ancestors originated out of Africa and that my ancestors were niggers. Not for a minute have I ever believed that.

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