This Is Texas: Patriots Unite With Illegal Aliens To Attack Alt-Right In Houston, TX

We’ve discovered the identity the Latino “Patriot” who laid his hands on one of our friends at the This Is Texas event. He’s an illegal alien named Carlos Leija.

Note: Notice the matching tattoos. Nice Che Guevera shirt!

How’s that for unity? These Patriot cucks are “uniting” with illegal aliens and attacking the Alt-Right and banning people with Confederate flags in order to *prove* they aren’t “racists.”

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  1. My husband and son were considering going to this, but other family issues arose and they didn’t make it. When I heard the organizing group “This is Texas” said no Confederate flags, I knew it was going to be cuck central and was glad they weren’t there. Your report confirms this – thanks for keeping us informed.

  2. @ Captain John

    “Oath keepers are obviously the domestic front of the CIA.”

    You may be correct about that. They definitely are some form of controlled opposition.

    When Hunter relayed his experience with them in New Orleans, it only confirmed my suspicions about Stewart Rhodent. They should, at the very least, be neutral. I went to a few OK meetings years ago, as a guest, and was really disappointed. It was all talk and no substance. They claim the organization is a defender of the Constitution but mention the militia part of the Second Amendment and they scurry like roaches.

    It’s like Azzmador stated. It’s all fake role playing. It’s probably the most praise or recognition they have ever gotten or will ever get in their entire lives, in or out of uniform. A lot of white men who belong to organizations or clubs do absolutely nothing for their race. And, never will no matter how slight and action it could be.

  3. Just proves what I’ve always claimed- Cucks and the Left are united as one. There’s no discernable difference.
    When they stress they aren’t racist…..I’d have to agree – but they’re just racist against whites.

  4. I attended a Midwestern City anti Sharia Law protest – kind of a Trump rally with a few Alt Right, Proud Boys, one or two open White racists.

    Not a lot of Kebbab, Islamist counter protesters – I did notice one very beautiful, tall fair, Persian looking Muslim in Muslim dress, head scarf. We flirted a bit.

    We were out numbered by Antifa, Communists about 8-1 – a motley crew, looked like a 1968 New Left convention. So many annoying White women with high pitched voices doing stupid chants.

    Our side definitely needs to work on group chants – mostly just single people shouting things through a megaphone than no one can hears.

    So, I was reduced to doing one matter soccer chants – which some people appreciated.

    Here’s one I made up on the spot taunting open Communists with Che shirts, Progressive Labor Party sings.

    “North Korea
    North Korea
    It’s all you got Left
    It’s all you got Left
    North Korea
    North Korea
    It’s all you got Left”

    And this related one:

    “Castro’s Ded
    Che is dead
    Marx and Lenin are Dead
    They’re all f******** dead
    You might as well be dead”.

    The theme of the protest was apposing Sharia Law and (sadly) our side was using lame as pro feminist, pro Gay themes. I just tried to show the contrast to idiot Lib Leftists including openly Lesbian pro Islamists.

    “Gay Rights and Islam?
    Gay Rigns and Islam?
    Are you Crazy?
    Are you Crazy?”

    One not bad looking Antif Lib Leftist got in my face and directly told me to:

    “Fu** You”

    I told her that talk is cheap and if she really met this she really had to take off her pants and physically F**** me”

    We had a good meeting for beers near bye. I met some fun, well dress Gavin McInnes Proud Boys.

    But overall it was pretty much a Trump rally in a place that went 8-1 for Hillary.

    The Police were fair, and effective – no violence, I didn’t feel especially under threat of violence. Good news few or no cucks, no Oath Keepers or Promise Keepers.

  5. Sheila
    JUNE 12, 2017 AT 12:56 AM
    My husband and son were considering going to this, but other family issues arose and they didn’t make it. When I heard the organizing group “This is Texas” said no Confederate flags, I knew it was going to be cuck central and was glad they weren’t there. Your report confirms this – thanks for keeping us informed.


    Texas is one of the only states to simultaneously encompass THREE cultural regions. You can no more separate them as you could the blood from your body. I will show you a couple examples that separate Texas culture from traditional Southern culture.

    For example, in most of Dixie, beef was not a common food except for the wealthy as it spoiled so fast because of the horrible humidity. Cattle were raised for sale. A man could feed his cattle herd on scrub grass and corn and then as soon as they were fattened, he drove them to town where they were either ONE Put on the Riverboats bound for Cincinnati Chicago or New Orleans or TWO sold locally. Before the advent of canning technology, which took place prior to the War for Southern Independence it was very difficult to preserve beef. In the North before the war, beef could be stored in deeply dug cellars for a long period of time. In places like Tennessee, digging a deep cellar was almost impossible, the ground is very shallow there, you hit hard limestone when you dig deep, Thus without a cool cellar to store food in the high humidity caused beef to spoil rather quickly. Beef could be smoked but it was more time consuming than preserving pork.

    Pork on the other hand didn’t spoil, you could smoke and salt hams and they’d last for months. Salted fish, mostly available in port cities didn’t spoil either. Wild game ran most of the year, there was very little winter to speak of, so there was always food. This all began to slowly change after the 1870’s when canning became more available, but I know where my family was from beef was something purchased in cans from the store or from a butcher and this was in the 1950’s usually the cheapest cut used for stew meat eaten only occasionally. The cattle were cash on the hoof, you dont kill your cash supply.

    Texas on the other hand had huge herds of cattle available to them, beef was plentiful and could be had any time they wanted. The drier climate made drying meat less problematic. Thus the further west and south toward Mexico one went, the culture slowly goes from a fatback and greens culture to a beans beef and tortillas one however both actually exist for the most part side by side. For anyone, Texan, Missourian, etc to deny their Southern heritage is like a man spitting in Mama’s face. It is the height of disrespect for your heritage. Although like Florida, most of Texas wasn’t settled in 1860 it was founded as a Southern State, about 1/4th of it remains in the southern climate region and it has a star on the seven star Stars and Bars. A good old boy from the panhandle may speak a little different from a good old boy from Texarkana, but they’re both Texans. Just like the indigenous swamp dwellers of South Florida may have little in common with the rednecks in the panhandle, but they’re still Floridians. You cant separate one from the other

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