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  1. Awwwww so much to say but when given the opportunity to talk with me after being a cunt you chose to block me…… lmfao I’m sure we’ll meet again. Looking forward to it.

  2. @Gina Nelms

    There is still a serious question that many of us feel you need to answer.

    How do you reconcile being a race-traitor with traditional patriotism?

    Real American patriotism was always just a branch off of White Nationalism anyway…

  3. To answer your question sugar….. And to give you a hint of what it is your doing wrong all at the same time I answer you with this….. In order for you to preserve your race you will first have to be smart enough to think outside of the box and understand how to choose your battles wisely…. Hope you can read between the line’s. Before you go blasting someone you might first want to find out what it is that they are fighting for than ask yourself why….. ; )

  4. And so you know I answer to NO MAN OR WOMAN…. I stand alone so please refrain from saying I owe anyone an explanation for any of my actions… I suggest you boys brush up on who I am and what it is that I STAND for. Goodnight

  5. Ppl will believe what they believe I don’t have time to invest in ppl that have already made their minds up. I have a simple saying. An enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine and if you don’t stand with me you stand against me at the end of the day I will not back down I will not stop fighting and I refuse to let others use me as a voice I speak on behalf of nobody but myself and I prefer it that way with that said if someone has a question and I choose to answer know I choose to not bc they deserve it or bc I have to its bc I choose to and I let it be known I don’t owe anyone a fucking thing especially an explanation of how I choose to do things if it’s given then you’re welcome if not sit down shut up and keep complaining the only people I owe my loyalty to are the ones that never made me question theirs. Yall fight this fight your way and I’ll fight it mine our common ground is we know we have a fight on our hands and we will rise to the occasion doesn’t matter how we rise as long as we do it.

  6. I honestly cannot get my mind around the entire Patriot Movement. You are either PRO-WHITE or you are ANTI-WHITE. You cannot be PRO-CONSERVATIVE without being PRO-WHITE. Period

    • Lmfao I’m pro get these fucking Muslims out of my god damn country and than we can talk bullshit later

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