Bill Maher is a ‘Dangerous White Man’?

Huffington Post’s Ja’han Jones demonstrates in a recent article how even a Left-wing darling of a very special and protected ethnic group can be thrown under the bus by anti-White activists if he is perceived to have violated their taboos about what is impermissible to say. Jones describes Maher, a New York Jew, as “a dangerous White man” who “uttered the word ‘nigger’ on his show last Friday.” Jones notes that Maher apologized for his “inexcusable” utterance but is disturbed because he “pa[id] very little deference to Black people who the joke concerned.” Jones goes on to describe Maher’s use of this word as a “crime” of “racism” even though Blacks routinely use this word in their music, comedy, film and daily life.

Here is where it gets interesting. Jones then attacks White liberals in particular and White people in general, writing:

It is their passivity amid this controversy which poses clear danger and also betrays the phenomenon of White Liberalism™….

Whiteness, in its very existence, is inherently dangerous; it is a fictitious character trait developed only as an antithesis to—and presumed class above — Blackness. And Bill Maher, as one of the foremost practitioners of whiteness, represents a particular danger because he serves our society as a caricature of radical liberalism….

Herein lies the dilemma: Without condemning outright people who are white, it must be said that Whiteness as a thought experiment is problematic. It is religion of its own, with a strict adherence to racial hierarchy that so often silences and marginalizes people of color.

Contrary to Jones’ assertion, our race (or sub-species) is a product of evolutionary biology, not a “fictitious character trait.” He asserts that “Whiteness is problematic” and “inherently dangerous.” What is the solution to this dangerous problem? A professor (also named Maher, by chance) at Drexel University offered a final solution to the White problem not long ago. Does Jones endorse White genocide?

The anti-White hysteria being whipped up in the media and academia is truly breath-taking when confronted head-on. And those like Maher, a Leftist urbanite Jew and media darling, are in danger of being lumped in with us. Those of us on the Alt-Right or in Southern Nationalist circles may recognize Maher for an enemy who slipped up and made a racial joke on TV. But when Jones and those of his ilk look at Maher all they see is a “dangerous White man.”

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  1. I’ve said for some time the story of Jews and white liberals both is going to be a Sorcerer’s Apprentice tale. It looks like they started a machine they cannot control and that is going to consume them, too.

    But, of course, they CAN stop it in it’s tracks. They write books and talk about the future they have in mind. It was clear some time ago their choice is not Asimov’s Caves of Steel, but Clarke’s Imperial Earth. Keep in mind they have the technology, no doubt by now or at least very soon, concerning biological warfare, to select on a genetic basis targets for viral, etc., attack. I suspect this is their plan after the brown and black pet weapons have served their purpose.

    For those not familiar, a Caves of Steel future is one were trillions live in a single city that has grown to encompass most of the surface. All people carry out a function that contributes to society. Even very menial and basic tasks. But we see now this is not going to be the case. Imperial Earth features a future earth populated by a relatively few people, obviously progressive liberals. New York, for example, is a nice, well tended garden area. Very environmental friendly, everywhere. That is, the green movement has prevailed. High tech. Self driving cars, etc. Read the book to find out where everyone else is and what they are doing, as well as the details of the elites back on earth.

  2. “A professor (also named Maher, by chance) at Drexel University offered a final solution to the White problem not long ago. Does Jones endorse White genocide?”

    Yes it is.

    I have seen anti-Whites use this talking point where they say, it is not “whites” they want to get rid of, but “whiteness”.

    This is a distinction without a difference.

  3. Simply ridiculous! What more is there to say. Bill Maher makes his fortune being a controversial liberal and who knows if he evens believes what he says. This looks good on him since he totally screwed up out of arrogance and thinking he was famous and untouchable. Hope all the communist/socialist/anarchist/elitist Hollywood limousine/private jet liberals learn something from this and shut the hell up because most of us don’t give a damn about their ignorant. biased, uninformed views about anything! GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!

  4. “Ja’han Jones”? I guess he/she is the token NIGGER at the Cuntington Post! I love to read, but I have yet to enjoy anything that was written by a spade. The only exception to that might be the Invisble Man, which was an unfinished novel by the Negro Ralph Ellison. And I suspect that even his book was at least partially ghost-written by a jew.

  5. Funny how whenever a jew gets in trouble he is never described as a jew, but rather as a “White” man. But of course if the jew does something that is considered virtuous he gets praised for it as a jew.

  6. lkjhgfdsa- George Carlin said in a stand up routine that “niggers didn’t mind other niggers calling them niggers because they were niggers too.”

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