The Trump Presidency: Six Months Later

I was reluctant to attend the Trump inauguration.

We had made plans to go with family members after Donald Trump won the 2016 election. In between November and January though, I began to have serious doubts. There was the disavowal of the Alt-Right on November 22. There was the underwhelming Cabinet picks. There was all the fighting with the Alt-Lite. There was the Paul Ryan policy agenda which was coming into view.

It was only that news cycle in which Trump exchanged harsh words with “civil rights icon” John Lewis which persuaded me to go to the inauguration. We had already made travel plans. It seemed reasonable to give Donald Trump a fair chance. In spite of my concerns, I wasn’t ready to write him off before he took the oath of office. I decided to keep an open mind and give him the traditional first 100 days.

We didn’t get through the first 100 days before Syria happened. As far as I am concerned, that was the major inflection point. There had been the Deploraball controversy, the Ryancare debacle and all the setbacks with the executive orders in the courts. More than anything else, it was those airstrikes which deflated my interest in the Trump administration. I can trace the arc of my posts as my interest in politics fizzled through March and my attention began to wander back to history.

Thankfully, we never went to war in Syria and have negotiated yet another ceasefire. The Supreme Court has since let the travel ban go into effect until it rules in the fall. The House of Representatives has passed Kate’s Law and the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act. Neil Gorsuch was appointed to the Supreme Court. There has been a sharp drop in illegal immigration on the Mexican border. ISIS is on the verge of being defeated in the Middle East. The stock market is doing great.

Still though, the old excitement about the Trump administration never returned after the Syria airstrikes. It was around that time that Gary Cohn, Jared Kushner and Ivanka became the dominant force in the West Wing. Steve Bannon was publicly humiliated and sent to the dog house. The focus shifted to moving forward on the Paul Ryan agenda of healthcare, tax cuts and deregulation. The Wall wasn’t funded and Trump flip flopped on several other issues. This was capped off by what seemed like a half dozen condemnations of the Holocaust and vows to fight anti-Semitism.

As we approach the six months mark, I can’t get over my disillusionment. Broadly speaking, there hasn’t been much in the way of real change. The Alt-Lite was empowered and homosexuality was mainstreamed, but the same taboos which were holding back our community two years ago have been preserved. There hasn’t been any big change in our foreign policy, our trade policy or our immigration policy. There are no big legislative accomplishments. The massive cultural and economic problems which Trump highlighted during the campaign haven’t been addressed with anything except the same conventional solutions. It feels like the same people who were repudiated in the election are still in power.

“America First” seemed to promise more … than this. Maybe I am just not not seeing all the great transformative things that Trump has been doing to Make America Great Again. It looks to me like we are muddling through. I don’t see it turning around at this point either.

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    • @Contra1789 – This /\/\/\/\ We knew Trump wasn’t One of Us. He’s a means to an end, period. It’s gonna be a long hard slog out of this mess. The KIKES and their howling shit skinned hordes are not going to cede power quietly or easily. We must keep pushing on, straight through the worst of Diversity Hell , an do not ever ever ever give up.

  1. President Tweet needs to get off his keyboard and start doing what he promised. Tweets don’t change things for the better, action does.
    In his defense, its hard to effect real change in any Western nation now due to entrenched leftist red tape and beaurocracy, be it the courts , political opponents, lobby groups or minorities who thrive on being seen as oppressed.
    It would indeed take a special leader to cut through all this. I don’t think even Trump has what it takes.

  2. The present jew-run System is certainly not going to tolerate any changes that would threaten its very existence..

  3. Way too black pilled. Do you really expect Trump to say – shadilay 1488 CSA rocks.

    The alt-right should be cultural/meta-political. You have said this. We are in the business of red pilling people. People who are serious about political action shouldn’t go along to NPI aka a Standard Dox Party. Texas a&m was fun – but in retrospect it was because it was basically a drunk white guy giving poc/shitlibs pushback.

    Trump kicked the door open. Smart polemicists like you should take advantage of the cultural space that was opened up. Or you could talk about recreating the religion of the Roman empire and movements that led to Europe in ruins.

  4. “There hasn’t been any big change in our foreign policy, our trade policy or our immigration policy. There are no big legislative accomplishments.”

    What is feasible and what isn´t, thought? All sectors of the US gov are compromised and so is the GOP.

    It wasn´t so much the Syrian attack, the airbase was operational the day after and there were zero casualties, it was that Trump lied brazenly about it.
    That being, there has not been any follow-up and the “warning” happened just as DogHead´s roach armies were threatening the YPG pseudo-marxists (or whatever they are).

  5. The alt right made a blunder when it placed the metapolitical above the political. There needed to be a balance.

    Organizing politically within the confines of what is possible now would actually grow the movement and keep it relevant.

    What would those political tasks be? Primarying cuckservatives, pushing for voter identity checks, advocating for the Wall and other restrictions on immigration.

    Sadly, alt right participation in any of that is likely to do more harm than good because the “brand” is so toxic.

    The centralizers of the movement have killed it.

    • Spencer crossed the streams between meta-political/ideological and political. He jumped into the drivers seat of the alt-right bus and drunk drove it into a ditch.

      • I don’t agree.

        Spencer had the right approach during the campaign. I still think the campaign was very useful to us. I don’t regret voting for Trump. His presidency though has been a massive disappointment. Spencer was right to start to disengage from it.

        We’re not gaining anything from supporting Trump at this point. No one was hired by the Trump administration. None of our policies were adopted. The same taboos and power structure are still in place. We’re as frozen out as we have ever been.

        • Spencer wasn’t part of the core trolling or particularly pro-trump. It was the satire that opened people’s minds and crucially broke down taboos. Jeb! was trolled out of the race. The trolls came from /pol, ds, mpc, trs and “frog twitter”. Not NPI or radix.

          I still think online is crucial. Mobile broadband and social media are a revolution. Just like Luther with the printing press and Luther was a witty polemicist. The streets are online.

          Re Trump. I never saw him as a great man. More a man who was willing to take the bat to conservatism and kick open the door to what comes next.

    • I don’t think so.

      We spent nearly two years on getting Trump elected. The Alt-Right threw everything it had into that effort. I remember the countless hours that I spent analyzing polls and pushing narratives. How much pro bono work did we do for the Trump campaign?

      What do we have to show for it now? Organizationally speaking, we became less active in those two years. We became weaker because the Trump campaign absorbed all our energies. Trump threw us under the bus and hired the very same people he had defeated.

      There isn’t a Wall. DACA still exists. We’ve admitted 50,000 refugees this year. We’re still micromanaging the Middle East. Illegal immigration is down, but that is because illegal aliens assumed as we did that there was going to be a big change in deportations. The same people who were afraid of losing their jobs for “racism” two years ago and still closeted.

      Republicans have been given more power than at any point since the 1920s. What have done with it? It was understandable that the world wouldn’t change in 100 days. It has been half a year now and there is no sign that anything has really changed.

  6. I see Trump’s Presidency as a means to an end. Buying time. Nothing is going to stop the fall of America at this point. I’m going to simply enjoy the next three years and watch for a far left candidate to win in 2020. In the meantime, guns and ammo have never been cheaper and I’m investing heavily.

    • For whom is it buying time?

      Kudos to HW for admitting he was, well, sort of wrong.

      I felt I had to vote for Trump once he put his schpiel out there, otherwise it would have given whites’ enemies more power.

      But looking back, I think it either made no difference, or that we actually would have been better off with Hillary. Whites would have risen up and militarized against her in a way they won’t under Trump.

  7. @Mr. Griffin…

    ‘It feels like the same people who were repudiated in the election are still in power.’


    We understood, Sir, that the Jew England Government is beyond serious reform.

    That said, Trump is a whole lot better than Miss Hillary. – our disallusionment aside.

    A key moment will be when Justice Kennedy resigns.

    Will President Trump follow up on his promise to Evangelicals, and nominate a Pryor or Hardimon to replace him – or will he follow the advice of Javanka and nominate a Merrick Garland like figure?

    If he follows through with the former, his presidency will have brought about a massive shift in this country, without a bullet fired.

    The Supreme Court would then preside over a mitigation of coerced integration, abortion, gay marriage, secularization of schools, and the erosion of States’ Rights.

    If President Trump appoints another Gorsuch like justice, his presidency, no matter what else he does or does not do, will be reshaping this land in favour of Dixie for decades to come – and their will be nothing Jews or Anti-White Yankees can do about it.

    Or will we move into an era when justices are to be assassinated?

  8. I voted for Trump in order to keep the Clinton’s out of the Whitehouse. I also voted for him in the expection that he’d be a wrench thrown into the gears of the machinery of state.

    Now, I barely pay him any mind. The Clinton’s aren’t in office. I can return to indifference where it concerns mainstream, conventional politics.

  9. Unless President Trump is insulting back the fake news lying press that is insulting him , Donald Trump liked to be admired and liked by the crowd he is in front of, likes to tell people what they want to hear. Put Trump before a big crowd on Poland and he will tell Poles and us what we want to hear. Put him in a large basketball stadium on non Detroit MI – again, Trump sounds great. But..,.

    If he s in a room with Israelis, or even Saudi Sunni royals, Goldman Sachs, the new Liberation Theology Pope Francis – it s going to sound and be bad.

    • @Jack Ryan, you’re absolutely right. Many in the big crowd were brought to Warsaw by the governing party PiS (Law and Justice). Poles who comment on Poland’s truly nationalist media, call this party PiSrael.

  10. We dodged a bullet last November with the election of Trump. I think you vastly underestimate the evil forces opposing the Trump administration. If Trump survives it will be another miracle.

    • The most inner circle jews aka the Mossad wanted Trump in office.

      They control NYC and it was from their US headquarters that the Pizzagate emails were dumped and hyped.

  11. We got some of what we voted for, which is perhaps the best that can be expected.

    Despite no major shift in immigration policy, illegal immigration is down by two-thirds. Ironically we have the enemy media to thank for this through its scaremongering about orange Hitler.

    Imports are down as well despite the continued economic expansion (normally imports rise in an expansion). Protectionism by our trade partners is diminishing, while our protectionism is increasing. See here:

    There may be more progress to come as Trump, Ross, and Lighthizer are all telegraphing they want steel and aluminum tariffs (or quotas).

    The biggest disappointment by far is foreign policy. In particular, the betrayal of the Assman, the Lion of Damascus.

    The healthcare bungling isn’t really disappointing in that it was easy to see coming.

    • @Lucy: Your comment contains too many negative negations negating each other in a negative way. Next time write it in Polish.

  12. @Spahn…

    Miss Lucy’s words work just fine and dandy in Southern. Here it is, in proper Dixian vernacular…

    ‘… Unlike most people, you ain’t bought into the tale/myth that the Donald ain’t inside the swamp he “wishes” to drain.’

  13. It takes guts to admit being wrong. Unfortunately, the entire altright was a Likudnik plot from day one. They want you guys to get riled up about Mexicans, Muslims, “sjws” – anyone but the true culprits. They want you begging to give them more tax money and more government power. They want you cheering for their corrupt israeli-style police state, their private prisons and of course the “Global war against Islam”. They want you to forget the true glory and beauty of America and to embrace faggy pan-Europeanism. They want you to abandon the Protestant heritage and larp with ridiculous foreign religions.

    Don’t do it, folks. Don’t fall for their cheap tricks. Come back to America and fight for FREEDOM.

  14. Look, folks. Trump is ONE man and ONE MAN cannot do it all by himself. Trump was pushed to the presidency over the strong opposition of both the Democrat AND the Republican Party. The same parties who opposed his candidacy control the Senate.

    Trump’s biggest problems are NOT Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer; they are Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. The establishment took a shock to the system when the Republican voters of Virginia primaried Eric Cantor in favor of Dave Brat on the very eve he was going to be named as the new Speaker of the House!

    You want Trump to fulfill his election promises? Do what you did with his campaign and rally the troops to primary every Republican who opposed him and try to get a pro-Trump Republican to out the Democrats running for office in 2018. Rinse and repeat in 2020.

    Do NOT fall into the trap the Germans fell into with Adolf Hitler. I know several people love him, but there is something about him that does not pass my sniff test. German Intelligence was looking at several serious German Nationalists during the Weimar Area and they never saw Hitler coming. Maybe because he was an Austrian crackpot in their eyes.

    Unlike Germany during Hitler’s rise to power, our system is not set up for an Imperial Presidency (unless Congress and the Supreme Court roll over and play dead like they did for Obama). Our system is set up for exactly what is happening in Congress right now. Open opposition from the Democrats and passive aggressive foot dragging from the Republicans if they so please as called for by the Separation of Powers.

    We kept Hillary Clinton from parking her broom at the White House and installing a Marxist Supreme Court. The next item on the agenda is to get rid of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Purge Republican Ranks of every Never Trumper and enforce Party Discipline. Think about it; is there such a thing as a MAVERICK Democrat?! If not, why not?

    More than the country at large, WE have the potential to control every Congressional District. The Senate districts are a little harder but still within our grasp. We started with Trump, now follow up with Congress and then the Senate.

    Let’s call it Operation Primary School.

    • Damn right, that’s how this works, heed this call to arms. Please you brite young people lead the way.

  15. @Presbyterian…

    ‘They want you to forget the true glory and beauty of America and to embrace faggy pan-Europeanism.’


    Down here in Carolina, Dear Presbyterian, we have had the ‘true glory and beauty of America’ (The Yankee Empire) shoved down our throats shoved down our throats, over and over, since 1861.

    If you want it, God bless you.

    I don’t, nor do I want ‘faggy Pa-europeanism’ as that is just the mental meanderings of Yankee White Nationalists who, feeling cultureless have to look towards something.

    Down here, we have a full culture that we love, and we want that to survive and thrive – whether anyone else wants it to or not…

  16. Whatever Trumps serious shortcomings, beginning with filling up his admin. with the Khazar Mafia, he has done a great service in bringing down the judenlugenpresse, and helping aid the inevitable and wonderful death of new-conservatism.

  17. put your faith in propaganda, not politicians….modern politics and modern culture shaping is all based on propaganda poured into the minds of young people…nothing else even comes close in importance

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