The West Isn’t Liberalism

Quite honestly, I cringed when I heard the excerpts from Trump’s Warsaw speech:

“How did progressive intellectuals get themselves into this mess? The confusion comes in part from loose language: in particular, a conflation of “liberalism” and “the West.” Liberalism is an ideology — defined by, among other things, freedom of religion, the rule of law, private property, popular sovereignty and equal dignity of all people. The West is the geographically delimited area where those values were first realized on a large scale during and after the European Enlightenment.

So to appeal to “the West” in highlighting the importance of liberal values, as Trump did, is not to suggest that those values are the exclusive property of whites or Christians. Rather, it is to accurately recognize that the seeds of these values were forged in the context of the West’s wars, religions and classical inheritances hundreds of years ago. Since then, they have spread far beyond their geographic place of birth and have won tremendous prestige across the world.

What is at stake now is whether Americans will surrender the idea of “the West” to liberalism’s enemies on the alt-right — that is, whether we will allow people who deny the equal citizenship of women and minorities and Jews to lay claim to the legacy of Western civilization. This would amount to a major and potentially suicidal concession, because the alt-right — not in the opportunistically watered-down sense of “immigration skeptic,” or “social conservative,” but in the sense of genuine white male political supremacism — is anti-Western. It is hostile to the once-radical ideals of pluralism and self-governance and individual rights that were developed during the Western Enlightenment and its offshoots. It represents an attack on, not a defense of, of the West’s greatest achievements. …”

It sounded to me like Trump was saying the West is liberal values.

Western civilization is the magic dirt we live on combined with the liberal catechism. In order to be a Westerner, you have to be a citizen of a liberal state. In other words, if you have a driver’s license or Social Security number, then you are a Westerner in good standing.

The Alt-Right certainly doesn’t believe the West is “liberal values.” Western civilization existed for centuries before the Enlightenment. It was the product of a particular people, their religion, history and culture. It used to be a very illiberal place in Antiquity, the Middle Ages and Early Modern Era. The Left admits this by saying we should be ashamed to be Westerners because we weren’t always so liberal.

We believe that liberalism is destroying Western civilization. It has led to this crippling sense of racial guilt and cultural malaise. It has opened our borders to the ongoing Third World invasion. It has unraveled and debauched our culture. We’ve degenerated to the point where we celebrate the death of our own children as “freedom.” We can’t even reproduce ourselves anymore or assert our own identity and interests. It will suffice to say that liberalism is the philosophy of Western suicide.

Liberals believe there can be a West without Westerners. They believe this when liberal ideology is such a weak source of solidarity that it can’t even unite Americans. Their paradigm is failing everywhere across the West and they know it. The Alt-Right is condemned for extrapolating present trends and warning that this experiment is going to end in a total disaster for our descendants.

Every year the fogs clears a little more and the future we have always warned about comes into clearer view. We are progressing toward the abyss.

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  1. They are NOT! EXERPTS! from Trumps Actual Speech.

    I was really confused as I heard the ACTUAL SPEECH and the quoted sections.
    Liberals are gonna liberal, but you don’t sound very smart when you try to attack Trump via the leftist distorted image of what he said.

    Did you even listen to the actual speech and read the transcript? It appears you didn’t based on this post.

    One tactic of the left that the alt-right MUST NOT ADOPT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE is selective editing. Every time it makes the left appear as fools, even CNN’s gun panel, or the 60 Minutes version. There is a full transcript available somewhere and when it comes out you will be exposed as a fool and/or a knave.

    I know you want something different, maybe a pollyanna and pangloss imaginary version of an alternate timeline where the South won. But we aren’t in that timeline. And given the pressures, the main question is whether someone or some action brings us toward or away from that timeline.

    Disrespecting Trump, picking apart every word, doing to him what many did to Richard Spencer with the Roman Salute video is counterproductive. I will not disturb the black driver taking me to valhalla. You seem to prefer to go down the road to hell if your driver to heaven doesn’t have the good intentions.

    This is the perhaps in the Alt=White’s view fortunate occurance with the civil rights movement.

    They didn’t keep their eyes on the prize, but instead quarrelled among themselved, devolved into barbarism, and other than Government paying for them would starve. Forget Content of our Character! But Whites can also be of bad character.

    Is that really what you want?

    Lets “unite the right” first, then obtain victory, the prize, and only then decide the division of the spoils.

        • @John…

          ‘The Jews are like cancer- when the body it eats off dies, it will die too.’

          No, Sir, that is not right. Jews are not like cancer, but a very mobile and highly infectious virus. Hence, when the Gentile host dies they will move on, if they have not already.

      • That’s true, Spahn.

        Thus, like doctors who pass out prescriptions to ‘manage the illness, instead of attempting to heal, they will keep us, the patient host in a state of ‘managed care’ for as long as possible.

  2. “Teh West is Post-Modern Librul Value.”

    “Akchually, teh west is Christianty. The one version I agree with, of course.”

    “No, it is Clasheekal liburalism. Free trayd, separashun of powerr an rule of lawth.”

    “I believe in the Bible, nukular famlee values and adopting black babies with HIV.”

  3. No matter how hard the left tries, they can’t fudge the numbers. Great Britain alone took in 650, 000 enrichers last year. Japan has taken about 900 in, what, 30 years?
    Chinese have overtaken the Brits as the largest single immigrant group for the first time in history- and Indian Indians are are closing in jocking for second place in Australia.
    Paris is a third world shitcamp, as is London, Stockholm, Oslo, Brussels, Amsterdam, Marseilles, Hamburg……would you believe every-bloody-where?! I’m saddened and I’m fuckin angry!
    Thing is, if Australia or America collapse because of their cultural problems, the Chinese or Indians there can return to…..China or India and be assured of a place to fall back into with their own. Us? Well we can’t return to the brown, Islamic Europe can we? It will be gone.
    Our elites are an utter waste of space who have a lot to answer for.

  4. Does Trump really believe in equality.. New Yorker who struggle for property value by limiting HUD ghettos.

    • Yes, Serf – President Trump truly believes in equality, except where it affects his investments.

      Yet, let’s not single him out, as there are precious few oligarchs who don’t act this way.

      • @Juni…
        President Frump is truly an enigma to me. I really can’t work him out. His inauguration speech was fantastic. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing…but was impressed. Listening to him now, and seeing his endless tweets, he comes across as a bit stupid. He’s not articulate, and I wonder if he’s mentally stable. The flip side of course is that unlike his many predecessors, he doesn’t pretend to be perfect, just human.

        • Look at the Russia sanctions vote in the Senate. 98-2. Do you really doubt that those GOP Senators wouldn’t vote to convict Trump?

  5. The West is Rainbow flags, feminists and Jewish intellectuals. That is as good a description of what the “educated” people say “the West” is about as any. Also, the West is anyone from outside the West, the more recent their arrival, the more authentically in tune with western values they tend to be. Per Brett Stephens. What do the children learn in school?

  6. The people who’ve talked about subverting the system and creating some Socialist utopia for the last few centuries years don’t value the heritage of Western Civilization, and anyone who pretends they do is a fool.

  7. President Trump is, in his head, living in 1966, which, if he can, he wants to recreate.

    To be clear, his vision is Yankee liberal.

    • I rather think Trump would prefer to recreate the world of 1986, when he was the toast of Manhattan Knickerbocker society and was almost constantly on the cover of both the Daily News and the Post. In fact, he would call Mort Zuckerman and Rupert Murdoch if he wasn’t!

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