Donald Trump Dumps Jeff Sessions

I’ve made no secret of my disillusionment with the Trump administration.

It started with the disavowal of the Alt-Right on November 22. There were many who tried to blame that on Richard Spencer. I was skeptical of that narrative. The Alt-Lite’s naked attempt to hijack the Alt-Right and transform it into a Trump personality cult looked too well organized to me.

The next step was the transition team when Anthony Scaramucci popped up at Trump Tower. I saw that as a red flag. It was shortly followed by the announcement of Cabinet picks like Gary Cohn and Andrew Puzder. This created cognitive dissonance with me. In theory, the “forgotten man” had just had this “populist nationalist” revolution against Wall Street and the Washington establishment. The fate of civilization hung in the balance. Then Trump hired the President of Goldman Sachs as his top economic adviser and brought The Mooch into his inner circle. It was an ominous sign.

The Deploraball controversy and the falling out with Bill Mitchell in January telegraphed the boundaries of Trumpism in the years ahead. It established that the Alt-Lite was going to have some relationship with the Trump administration, the Alt-Right was going to be excluded from power and that all the dominant taboos were going to remain in place except the taboo on homosexuality. This was how the Overton Window was going to shift as a result of the 2016 election.

My assessment in January was that the Trump administration wasn’t looking good. Still, it made no sense to write Donald Trump off before giving him his First 100 Days. It was reasonable to give Trump a chance because he had at least surrounded himself with men like Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions. There were too many establishment types, big donors, generals and mainstream conservatives in the Cabinet, but at least we had confidence that our views were represented.

The first few weeks of the Trump administration seemed to go well. I was more concerned with Congress at the time. I was irritated that the Republican Congress was pushing the Ryan agenda – deregulation, tax cuts, healthcare, etc. – and putting trade, immigration and foreign policy on the backburner. The Trump administration rolled out some sweeping executive orders which was about as best as could be expected given the determination of Paul Ryan to plunge into the healthcare quagmire.

The federal court rulings on the travel ban, refugee program and sanctuary cities were a disappointing setback, but they weren’t an unanticipated one given it was the Ninth Circuit we were dealing with. It was obvious at least to me that this was going to be fought out in the lower federal courts before going to the Supreme Court. Eventually, I figured that with Gorsuch on the Supreme Court and possibly Anthony Kennedy gone by the fall that the Trump administration would win on these issues.

The month of April brought a sea change in my attitude toward the Trump administration. It started when he rushed into committing an act of war against Syria over “human rights” and allegations against Assad which were never proven. It was a 180 degree turn from the “America First” foreign policy which I had supported. This was swiftly followed by the whiplash of his reversals on half a dozen policy issues.

The attack on Syria was followed by the ascendancy of Ivanka and Jared Kushner and Gary Cohn and their attempt to destroy and push Steve Bannon out of the Trump administration. We had already seen how Donald Trump had thrown Michael Flynn under the bus. He savagely attacked and diminished Bannon in the media because he was upset about Bannon appearing on a Time magazine cover. Then he denounced the Holocaust, pledged to crusade against anti-Semitism like three times, flew to Israel and prostrated himself before Bibi Netanyahu at the Western Wall.

By May, I had turned my attention back to activism and culture. I felt it was clear at that point that we needed to move on and find another productive outlet for our energies. After all, we were shut out of the Trump administration anyway which was careering from crisis to crisis – the firing of Comey took place in this period and it was followed by Rosenstein’s appointment of Mueller as the special prosecutor. This was a Jared Kushner fuck up which fueled the Russia Narrative.

As if on queue, Trump began his first volley of attacks on Jeff Sessions around the beginning of June. He drove Sean Spicer into quitting and brought Anthony Scaramucci, the embodiment of the Wall Street hedge fund guys, into the administration. This was yet another Jared Kushner project. By this point, you have Ivanka, Kushner, Cohn and Scaramucci all whispering in Trump’s ear.

I don’t have much to say about Donald Trump dumping all over Jeff Sessions in the media. The optics of bringing Scaramucci into the administration while pushing Jeff Sessions out and having shills on Twitter trying to destroy his reputation speaks for itself. It seems like we are rapidly going from bad to worse and whatever hopes we had for “populist nationalism” are gone. It is impossible to square Trump having a genuine belief in “populist nationalism” with what we are seeing.

We’re seeing Trump’s erratic temperament and lack of an ideological core on full public display. It is cringeworthy too to watch the president getting unhorsed by Morning Joe. I fear these mounting crises might drag us into another foreign war. Is there anything else at this point which could create a big enough distraction to arrest this slide?

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  1. It was assumed that Session was going to clean the swamp. He hasn’t even initiated a single investigation on the Left.

    Not one.

    And as Attorney General, he can whenever he wants.

    • Needledick “investigations” against the opposing party are an asinine banana republic distraction from his excellent work on border security and law-n-order.

      • the border is as usual: Not There. Illegal crossings are now spiking, and Trump/Sessions deportation #’s are well under Obama’s. The “sanctuary cities” – I live just outside one – are clicking right along. I do note the fact that Sessions is intensifying thievery via the federal “asset forfeiture” racket.

        and the Trumpenthal tweetstorms continue.

        • Must you be so cynical? Not only is it unproductive, one could argue it is counter-productive.

  2. I agree. He is going after sanctuary cities but I think he is running out of time to show President Trump he has the backbone to go after what I call the Obama 8. I do think refusing himself looked bad and at the conformation hearings he said he would recuse himself with a Hillary investigation . Who needs an AGod that refuses himself all the time

  3. Sessions enjoyed the image of a hard-charging Southron that took no shit. It kept him in office for years.

    Now the man has a chance to kick some real ass, with real powe, and he does nothing. Trump has already publicly indicated that he has full backing to begin corruption investigations on Clinton, Rice, Obama etc.

    And the guy sits on his hands, does nothing.

    • This is the same Trump that tried like hell to garner sympathy for the Clintons right after he was elected, right? Same Trump that said he didn’t want to hurt the Clintons anymore, right? Same Trump that said he didn’t feel strongly about investigating Hillary, right?

      Session’s job is to weigh evidence and facts to see if further investigations are needed. That takes time. It takes a certain amount of patience and judicious oversight. It certainly doesn’t happen whenever Trump snaps his fingers and demands that everyone fall into line. Trump didn’t know jack shit about politics or federal government procedures before 2016, and he still doesn’t know much of anything now. Sessions not only understands government procedures and processes, he understands THE LAW and what is needed to turn an unworkable situation into a workable solution.

      Sessions has remained fairly consistent during his entire political life. Trump can’t even go 6 months without flip-flopping, contradicting his own positions and insulting/threatening the people who stood up for him when he was making an ass of himself on the campaign trail.

  4. I was blackpilled on the Sessions thing at first but after hearing news of the Imran Awan arrest and the rumblings that Mueller may in fact be investigating Clinton under the radar. I’m cautiously optimistic this may actually be some legitimate kabuki theater(honestly why publicly air all this dirty laundry out to the failing NYTimes of all places?)

    As of right now Sessions has no intention to resign and Trump has no intention to fire him. In fact Sessions just announced new investigations into criminal leaks(supposed to be announced thursday.) We will see what happens.

    • We don’t have time for “kabuki theater”. Sessions occupies a real seat of power. Look at the damage Eric Holder did. He is not a man of action.

      • They just arrested an IT staffer for the former head of the DNC litteraly at the airport trying to flee the country. The half the democratic party is enveloped in a big fat scandal. Sessions announcing criminal investigations into leaks sometime tomorrow. You got Cuck Paul Ryan unwittingly admitting Mueller may be a white hat after all.

        Things are getting done even though it’s easy to look at the muds living across the street and think the opposite.

        Hunter seems to be black pilled by the fact that Trump has surrounded himself with the swamp he said he was going to drain. But honestly if you read books like 48 laws of power or Art of War there is all kinds of advice about turning former enemies into loyal servents and surrounding yourself with people who want your throat because it is easier to keep an eye on them and keep them controlled.

        Again we will see what happens.

  5. I guess Trump never forgave Sessions for his recusal from the fake “Russian collusion” investigation. Nor should he have. It demonstrated beyond any doubt that Sessions is a spineless cuck. He cannot be counted on when the chips are down.

  6. When trump didn’t immediately start on the WALL… cheap, HUGE support, democraps in disarray…
    but instead let rinoryan and the turtle move to the obunghole care, where there was an absolute disaster in the making… I wrote trump off as all mouth and no substance. When he let his jooo daughter drop bombs in Syria, it was more than over for me. He welcomed the swamp and gave his voters the shaft.

  7. They couldn’t, or wouldnt, find the guy who attacked Spencer in the street supporting the new administration. No one from San Jose, Chicago, or Albuquerque has faced federal indictment for coordinated physical attacks on political opponents.

    Migrants still are being imported with funds that were appropriated in May 2017. More funds have been requested.

    Wall Street is not only keeping it’s free pass, but has more power now than under the previous administration.

    Res Ipsa Loquitur 

  8. @Mr. Griffin…

    I agree with many of the things you list, and share a lot of your feelings.
    That said, I would like to note that, since inauguration, President Trump has…

    #1. Nominated the best possible replacement for Justice Scalia.

    #2. Pulled us out of the Paris Accords.

    #3. Pulled us out of the TPP

    #4. Re-empowered coal miners.

    #5. Stopped funding ISIS and, in concert with Czar Vlad, ended their CIA supported rampage.

    #6. Has turned around the situation on immigration control and the matters of deportation.

    #7. Went to Poland and, Yankee-Doodle-Dandy speech notwithstanding, showed our anti-EU Moslem flood solidarity with them.

    #8. Has encouraged the economy to be optimistic about itself, and for investors to engage in investing.

    In conclusion – Trump ain’t Alt-Right, which is what I said throughout the campaign, but, he is, flip-flops included, a hell of a lot better than anything else we have had since 1989!

    Until someone has the guts to begin the secession process, President Trump is the best alternative – and it ain’t even close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s what it is – reality on July 26 2017, in Dixie.

    • Perhaps those who are sour on Trump would have preferred dealing with a Clinton/Kaine regime instead? I thought not.

      • absolutely. Hiligula would have brought the Storm. Instead, exactly as I predicted, Trumpenthal has thrown a wet blanket over the Right. Somehow….you failed to mention that his State Dept. has more than doubled the weekly insourcing of Somalian niggers; that he has built no wall; that mestizo illegals continue to pile into the country while those here remain undeported; deepened instead of draining the DC swamp; gone prostrate before the Jews/Israel, and etc.

        but, yeah, the straw-man tweetstorms continue.

        • A Clinton – Kaine regime would not have guaranteed any White uprising. If anything it probably would have created more despair and cowardice among most Whites. Trump is not the answer but he is pointing us in the direction we ultimately want to go, in the same way that Ludendorff, Hindenburg and von Papen all paved the way for the rise of Hitler.

  9. Mr. Wallace’s statement “Then he denounced the Holocaust, pledged to crusade against anti-Semitism like three times, flew to Israel and prostrated himself before Bibi Netanyahu at the Western Wall.” pretty much says it all. Trump was a con, the best con job thrown tot he right since Ronald Reagan.

  10. I don’t see that Jeff Sessions has been fired. Just see Donald Trump shooting from the lip as he does. Seems like Sessions is doing a solid job.

  11. I have to go with juniusdaniel1828 on this – very well said sir.

    People shouldn’t worry so much on what President Trump says. Also note where he is and who he’s talking to.

    Put him a big arena in Oklahoma non Black Michigan and President Trump is going to be telling the crowd, us things we want to hear.

    But, if he’s in Israel or in that New York real estate, New York media, Goldman Sachs world – you’re going to hear lots of stuff you don’t like. If the media mafia is just insulting Trump – Trump will tell them to F off. But if the media is asking him he disavows the Alt Right, Racists, anti Semites, NAZIs – expect to hear things you don’t like.

    There hasn’t been a new Neo Conservative, Zionist war on Assad’s Syria. All that happened was one missile attack on a deserted Russian airbase.

    Yeah, it’s brutal world out there, but at least for change we have some horses in the race.

    • Thank you so very much, Mr. Ryan, for your kind remarks.

      Though I have the highest respect for Mr. Griffin, I feel he has blown way too hot and, now, way too cold on President Trump.

      In this, I am reminded of an 8th century Viking maxim – ‘ The heart that is wise never jumps for joy, nor sinks in sadness, because it knows how fleeting those things are.’

      Well, that’s not an exact quote, but, a paraphrase!

      Thanks, again!

    • He’s just telling us what we want to hear, though.

      I despise trannyism, more than anyone on here it seems. So I delighted to hear today’s announcement, but don’t delude myself the way some seem to.

      It’s a way to distract and mollify using social issues. Trump is avoiding criticism that he’s failing to address the heart of the problem, and he’s distracting from the Sessions/Kushner/et al messes.

      Trump was always just a sandbag, a doorstop…nothing more.

      Progress might be that the Democrats understand they have to start courting the white working class. Whites need to become the alternative to both parties’ anti-white corruption.

      Heck we might even pick up some reformed Boomers along the way:

  12. He hasn’t fired Sessions yet? Then the headline should have been “…Dumps on…”. Please Hunter, not fake news from you. Having said that I don’t doubt the dump is very near.


    Of the famous former quarterback of the NFL Baltimore Colts, Johnny Unitas, those who defended him said, ‘Unitas is so successful because you never know what he is going to do.’

    When one of Unitas’s hall of fame offensive lineman, Art Donovan, was told of this quote, he replied something to the effect of, ‘of course they don’t know, as Johnny himself doesn’t know what the play will be, either – not until he actually says, ‘hike’.

    And so we have it with President Trump, one minute stalwartly supporting gays and affirming gay marriage, and the next moment striking all transgenders from military service.

    To be clear, I am always in a vise-grip with regards to the United States military, as I love our boys, and respect their service, though, I hate what they are usually doing, and, even more so, for whom they do it.


    That said, I see this as a very positive thing.

    Why?’ Because…

    #1. It is the beginning of what, hopefully, will be the repeal of attempting to normalize transgenderism in any part of human society, anywhere in The West… AND

    #2. The placement of any limits and borders upon human behavior will stand in stark contrast to most of the last 75 years of executive, judicial, and congressional decisions, all of which have created a culture of out and our hedonistick degeneracy.

    We all need limits, and here, finally, is one.


  14. Sessions is cucking. He’s a disappointment like other comments have stated. And just today Trump drops a YUGE F-U bomb on the LBGT community. No trans-freaks serving in any capacity in the US Military. It’s be nice to kick all the queers out too, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

  15. Being a Southerner, I figured it might take Sessions a little while to get in gear and get going. Particularly, when he is surrounded by people he can’t trust like Rosensteen/Rosenstine/Rosenstein and McCabe/Comey, in other words Jews and Papists.

    Maybe, Trump will get Sessions moving now that Trump is yelling at him. That’s what Mister Newt Gingrich seems to think.

    “Why didn’t A.G. Sessions replace Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, a Comey friend who was in charge of Clinton investigation but got…big dollars ($700,000) for his wife’s political run from Hillary Clinton and her representatives. Drain the Swamp!” —President Trump

  16. Bannon said he was Cromwell in the court of the Tudor King.

    Trump is Henry VIII – egotistical, mercurial, instinctive and driven by appetite. He is not a Great Man in the Carlyle sense. But psychologically he does seem a throw-back to the age of Machievellian Princes – and cunning is the trait Trump most admires.

    The Special Prosecutor could be the equivalent of the Henry’s search for an annulment. It could shake the Liberal order in highly unexpected ways. And space for real ideologues is opened up. The modern mobile internet is the printing press and we should use the opportunity to red pill a critical core of the population.

    • Hey Robo – as Cromwell was financet by continental European Jewish bankers, desirous to revenge themselves on Charles I, what am I to make of Bannon’s declaration that he is, ‘Cromwell in the Court of the Tudour King?’ –

      After all, Bannon is normally considered to be the closest thing to an ‘Alt-right voice’ in the administration…

      • There were two Cromwells who figured prominently in English history, Gen’l. The one being referred to above was Thomas Cromwell, not Oliver.

  17. If the alt-right led by Spencer is a vanguard JQ-wise white identitarian movement seeking a white ethnostate how can Trump acknowledge it. The only option was to disavow to get the media off his back. From Bannons point of view Spencer is a massive pain in the backside.

    The person who came up with the perfect definition of the alt-right was you Hunter.

    Realism – Iconoclasm – Identity.

    This definition acts as a dialectical catalyst. It makes people think. Kicks off the red pilling process. Also is broad enough to act as a floating signifier and tight enough to not get co-opted.

  18. Jews don’t like whites, they want Sessions gone. When Sessions is gone who inspects prosecution of the Clintons, the rogue “deep state” Obama people, etc? It seems likely that Sessions will be replaced by someone with “New York Values” on full display, someone palatable to the swamp Jews whom Trump has decided he really represents.

  19. There is reason to believe that Trump’s treatment of Sessions is misdirection. Trump is neither stupid nor idle. If he means to prevail over his enemies, he must proceed carefully. Why was Awan fleeing now? Something is about to happen.

  20. I think Trump wanting to fire Sessions couldn’t be worse, most of his cabinet and staff were neo con war mongers and and the usual out of touch rich types who show up whenever the Republicans are in power. The kind of people who think the American public are there for them to gyp another dollar out of.

    Trump is going to have a hell of a time appointing somebody else, or rather getting somebody else confirmed after this.

  21. Trump’s intent may be to make himself the bad guy to give Sessions the appearance of full independence for what’s coming next. 4D Chess.

  22. That was theater to throw the media off, Sessions has been looking into Clinton cash for awhile. Trump is just getting started. Dont start moving to the NW just yet bed wetters.

  23. Sessions and Trump could be playing good cop/bad cop games to set Sessions up for some heavy handed legal maneuvering/attacks against the Left…if Trump fires him then that is not the case…

  24. Trump banning trannies from the military is just like the stupid Bush era gay marriage ban dog whistles: a giant nothing burger and a distraction from the real problems.

    • It’s a very, very low bar. It’s completely nuts that we can’t even take banning transvestites from the military for granted.

  25. Reading the essay title, I thought Sessions had been fired. He hasn’t. Recently Trump has been gutting the mid-level apparatchiks of the Deep State, my initial estimate was that dangling Sessions out there was an attempt at a ruse, a false meal to assuage the media Beast as he ramps up enforcement of illegal immigration and the Wall.

    Plans within plans.

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