Sperm Count Down 59% in Western Countries

Infertility is a growing problem for White men and a major new front in the campaign of White genocideCBS News reports on the bad news:

Sperm counts in Western countries have decreased by half in recent years, suggesting a continuing and significant decline in male reproductive health, a new evidence review reports.

Sperm concentration decreased an average 52 percent between 1973 and 2011, while total sperm countdeclined by 59 percent during that period, researchers concluded after combining data from 185 studies. The research involved nearly 43,000 men in all.

“We found that sperm counts and concentrations have declined significantly and are continuing to decline in men from Western countries,” said senior researcher Shanna Swan.

…[I]n Europe, North America, New Zealand and Australia, “the declines are strong, significant and continuing,” she said.

…”We are worried about these low sperm counts not only because people have trouble conceiving, but also because men with low sperm counts go on to have higher all-cause mortality,” Swan said. Studies have shown “they die younger and they have more disease, particularly cardiovascular disease and cancer,” she added.

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  1. great article,alot of mainstream papers in the uk have covered this story!ive got 6 kids,cmon folks get breeding!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Might be increasing amounts of soy in the diet. Soy contains estrogen analogs (phytoestrogens). Soy, one form or another, is in nearly all processed food.

      Another possibility are vaccines that intentionally or unintentionally reduce male fertility as a side effect to whatever they are supposed to do.

      It could be a herbicide present in the food chain – [ https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1434/ML14345A568.pdf ] – this may actually be more likely than soy or bad vaccines. If I had to pick one thing that was most likely responsible, it would probably be this.

      • Yes, people should be trying to avoid glyphosate, which isn’t so easy. Especially whites looking to conceive soon or in the future.

      • But doing so will often involve going organic, which as I mention below shouldn’t be blindly trusted. Synthetic folic acid is dangerous for white fertility. It’s been proven to cause autism and miscarriage, among other maladies (it’s not the only cause though). Up till recently organic has tended to mean in wheat products not ‘enriched’ with folic acid, but it’s looking as if Big Food is ignoring the scientifically-proven problem or purposely sabotaging whites with this addition to ‘organic.’

        As of now, it’s still required in the US (not Canada where all flours are enriched without labeling) for folic acid to be mentioned in the ingredients as ‘enriched’ or just folic acid.

        This relates to glyphosate because that chemical messes with our digestive tract and lays us vulnerable to other toxins, and is often sprayed on wheat. I believe organic means without its having been used on the wheat.

        Our digestive tracts have a far greater influence on all of our processes than most realize, including reproduction.

        There’s also a lot of hype and attempts by Pharma to hijack and commandeer the newer research into genomics, especially a la ‘mental illness,’ so be careful what you read and believe.

        If anyone wants to supplement (which most of us should be doing for magnesium and perhaps D at the least) look out for very certain types of methylfolate (as opposed to folic acid). One particular brand has a patent and can be counted on but the FDA is already allowing labeling in ingredients to hide that even many methylfolates aren’t legit in content or form of folate.

        • I think it relates to a matrix of poisons we’re being subjected to but in reference to flour I’ve just learned that glysophate is used of the wheat fields prior to harvest to ‘evenly ripen’ the crop. In other words make the green grain golden. I even tweeted King Arthur Flour and they admitted they do while adding the FDA says its ok.

    • the cause is Jews…and the White reproduction-killing kosher culture of Death: abortion, porn, faggotry, Judeo-feminism. The sperm cells are dying out from sheer lack of use.

    • “What on Earth is the cause? Chemicals? Pharmaceuticals? Diet?”

      Yes, yes, and Yes.

      -GMO foods, Birth control hormones being flushed indiscriminately down the toilet by skanky females, Monsanto’s Round-up (Glyphosate), you name it.

      Here are some simple, natural solutions for men and women.

      Eat ONLY organic/Heirloom fruits and veggies. Avoid any and all processed foods. Eat grass-fed meats, only! (Both grain- laced with glyphosate; and hormones- sued in CAFO farms) are feminizing time bombs.
      Give up Aspartame. Reduce sugar, don’t even THINK about HFCS!@!!!

      Don’t cook with plastic (wrap, dishes, microwaveable dishes, etc.) Don’t reheat styrofoam containers. Use China, and steel, glass and other common normal eating utensils.

      Men- increase your daily nutritional supplementation with zinc and boron (two small dosages, (@10mg zinc, @2 mg. boron.) naturally occurring minerals/micronutrients, that don’t cost a lot, and yet increase testosterone) and consider DIM (estrogen-reducing supplementation is needed as well).

      Eating organic raisins, apricots, ‘nigger toe’ nuts (Brazil nuts- my dad used to call them by the other name- lol) helps with getting the supplementation of ‘male helping’ nutrients.

      Working Whites can pay for their own health apartheid- but you can also grow your own vegetables, and fruits, even nuts and berries. Who the hell cares if niggers and spics become pansies, and eliminate their race by faulty reproductive habits?)

      FWIW, my brethren.

  2. I’d be interested to see the studies compared in a little more detail. For example, did the earlier study include only men from 18-28, while the new one includes everyone from 14-100? I’m not saying it’s wrong, but I’d still check out the methodology before hitting the panic button.

    Studies can be conducted in very different ways in 1973 and 2011. Just think how differently doctors would conduct a study in 1933 compared to 1973, or in 1893 compared to 1933. That’s the time gap in each case.

  3. Why do we accept this study as so valid? There are reasons (((they))) might falsify such a ‘study.’ We know fakery is happening all over in the sciences, especially biological. What if they’re trying to find failure in white men somehow, instead of in the system that’s killing white babies and fertility socio-politically? Blah blah…

    It wouldn’t surprise me if there were *some* validity to lowered sperm counts in white men. There is solid biology that white women’s fertility is being seriously messed with. I just went to Whole Foods and discovered that not one cracker there, even organic, is without ‘enriched’ flour, which means folic acid has been added. This wreaks major havoc on european fertility in women for certain as it messes with the natural methylation cycle (as do toxins) particularly in those with MTHFR SNP’s, which europeans have at twice the rates of everyone else.

    I just remain skeptical that the actual direct biological damage is *that* bad.

  4. Follow the breadcrumbs. What has changed dramatically since WWII?

    Food – especially GMO’s, chemical additives, petrochemical fertilizers, insecticides, and chemtrails

    Water – fluoride, chlorine, toxic dumping into waterways, sewage contamination (municipal water treatment, pharmaceuticals, other toxins), farm runoff, and chemtrails

    Pharmaceuticals (probably even the seemingly benign ones)

    Personal Care Products

    Tattoos (surprise, surprise – toxic ink that may even cause cancer)

    Phthalates and other hormones disruptors including voluntary birth control

    Additional Hormone Uptake

    Radiation (smart meters, smart appliances, cell towers, cell phones, regular x-rays (including digital), tooth fillings, MRI’s, CT scan’s, radio waves, etc.)

    Long-Term Nutritional Deficiencies

    Exposure to metals and other toxins through food storage & preparation, as well as exposure through clothing, off gases from housing materials, etc.

    They want population reduction. They’ve told us so. They control everything. The masses are asses.

    Government, corporations, etc. do not care about you and me. They couldn’t care less if we dropped dead tomorrow. They did not remove lead from paint because they care about brain damaged children. They removed lead from paint because all those radio waves cannot penetrate lead which means they couldn’t spy on us or constantly radiate us. With all the metals they pump into us, we may very well be human antennas.



    Fertility? We’re lucky we have any good health at all with all they are covertly exposing us to.

    How do you reduce population without major warfare which also destroys infrastructure?



    You’re either an idiot or a fool if you think it’s something else.

  5. Call your electric and gas companies and tell them you want the smart meters removed from your house. You want the old style meter back on (the one with the spinning dials). Most companies will accommodate your request. The latter gives off far less radiation because it only signals out meter readings. The former is constantly sending out frequencies to nearby towers and other smart devices including appliances. I had mine removed years ago. JEA was very accommodating.


    Go look at YT videos and watch how people clearly show the radiation these meters emit.

    Some of the radiation we are being attacked with is ionizing as well.

    Get off your rear and do something. Or, continue getting fried. I can warn you but I can’t save you.

  6. In addition to all of the other factors proposed here, it may also be due in part to lack of physical exercise, and to cell phone proximity (it has been proposed that men who have their phones in their pockets near their nuts all the time may have their sperm fried by the radiating waves from the handset).

    Whatever the case, it’s pretty sad that we have to be aware of so many possible harms just to conceive a healthy child, moreso than our ancestors.

  7. I think much of the blame for lower sperm counts and t-levels is psychological in nature. Males, especially White males, have been emotionally castrated by our modern, feminized, or, more to the point, JUDAIZED culture. Boys are discouraged from acting like boys. They are also being raised without any fathers or other responsible male authority figures around. Then they have to compete with women for the same jobs in the workplace. Their wives (if they can even find a wife anymore – that’s a whole other issue) wind up having to work outside the home as much as their husbands do in order to support the family. Men aren’t fulfilling their traditional roles any longer and that makes them feel like sissies!

    On top of the emotional castration many of today’s men don’t get enough exercise and they eat too much junk food. A sedentary lifestyle filled with high fructose corn syrup leads to flabbiness and increased levels of estrogen.

    The jews may not be exclusively or directly responsible for the emasculation of the modern White male, but since they benefit from it they deserve to BURN.

  8. Unlike an endangered wildlife species, which they’d bend over backward to protect and regenerate, we get the anti-White reply: “Die, whitey, die!”, with infinity Diversity to hasten it along.

  9. Cut Maize out of your diet maybe?

    I’ve done my bit in the reproduction department though.

  10. I do not trust such research. I always have the little suspicion that some research is more of a political nature than science. Has it been peer reviewed? I like to think that the human body is pretty resilient. Do non-whites, who live in white countries, also have a reduced sperm count?

  11. This is real- my best friend recently was forced to adopt due to this very issue (a white child of course). He’s into computers, not into soy or anything- typical right, educated early 30’s guy. He doesn’t have any idea what has caused the issue………

  12. You forgot to mention that this study was published by Israelis. Of course they are going to claim that white men are not virile. At any rate, sperm count is nowhere close to being the bottleneck to the size of the white family.

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