Heather Heyer Was Allowed To Commit Crimes

UPDATE: Charlottesville and Gov. Terry McAuliffe are responsible for the James Fields, Jr. car wreck. National Guard was supposed to be “providing for the safe movement of traffic and pedestrians.”

Here’s one of the biggest mysteries of August 12th in Charlottesville: why was Antifa allowed to parade through the streets for nearly three hours during a “state of emergency”?

The #UniteTheRight protesters had come from all over the United States to participate in a legally permitted rally in Lee Park. After the “unlawful assembly” and “state of emergency” was declared though after 11:06 AM, we were ordered to disperse or be arrested.

We complied with the “state of emergency.” The crowd gathered in Lee Park dispersed in two streams back to McIntire Park and the Market Street parking garage where our vehicles were located. The League of the South was scattered by the surprise turn of events, but we regrouped, rounded up our members and after everyone was accounted for we left Charlottesville by 1 PM.

Heather Heyer, Courtney Commander, Marissa Blair and Marcus Martin allegedly arrived shortly before 1 PM. In other words, they arrived to participate in the Antifa march around the time that the League of the South was leaving Charlottesville because of the “state of emergency.” Antifa were still parading through the streets of Charlottesville nearly three hours into the “state of emergency.” The car crash happened around 1:46 PM by which time there should have been no unlawful assemblies in Charlottesville.

This was illegal:

1.) Everyone in the Antifa mob that was parading through the streets was guilty of § 18.2-415. Disorderly conduct in public places by obstructing traffic. A woman of Heather’s size and agility was an especially obvious and dangerous traffic hazard. Couldn’t someone have told her to get out of the street?

2.) Everyone in the Antifa mob that was parading through the streets were guilty of § 18.2-406 Unlawful assembly. The ones who were carrying weapons who attacked James Fields Jr.’s car were guilty of Class 5 Felonies.

3.) Everyone in the Antifa mob who attacked the Dodge Challenger was guilty of § 18.2-42 Assault or battery by mob.

4.) Everyone in the Antifa mob who stalked and attacked #UniteTheRight protesters returning to the vehicles is guilty of § 18.2-60.4 Violation of protective orders; penalty.

Now, the obvious question is why the hell was this allowed to continue for nearly three hours and what the hell was the point of issuing the “state of emergency” only to have the Charlottesville Police, Virginia State Police and Virginia National Guard stand around with their thumbs up their asses?

The Charlottesville Police should have told Heather Heyer to disperse and go home. There has to be a reason why they didn’t do this and why a state of anarchy still existed in the streets of Charlottesville nearly three hours into the “state of emergency.” The City of Charlottesville was also supposed to have closed Fourth Street which crosses the downtown mall until 7 PM:

My guess is that the whole point of declaring the “unlawful assembly” and “state of emergency” in Charlottesville was to shutdown the #UniteTheRight rally. This is why the Charlottesville police had stood down earlier in the day and allowed the violence to escalate for nearly an hour. It is also why the “state of emergency” was meaningless because no assets were deployed.

Note: This little gem from Wes Bellamy at the Charlottesville City Council meeting last night sheds light on what happened on August 12th.

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  1. “why was Antifa allowed to parade through the streets for nearly three hours during a “state of emergency”?”

    Because Bolshevik acts aren’t crimes.

    • She’s on the “right side of history”.

      If you debate over DACA right now online, you’ll hear all sorts of arguments, but eventually the argument breaks down to, “whites are racist.”

      The hatred of native Americans is tangible. It needs to stop.

      • Nah, dis a good thing.

        A whole lot of Whites have already wisened up and it is going to be a whole lot more.

    • @Mr. Owen…

      And because Bolshevik crimes are representative, and in the interest of, The New England Yankee Government…

    • Do not forget the treasonous scum that enabled them.

      The former would not have achieved what they did without both outright traitors and those who were simply soft on them. Don´t forget, the USA elected Woodrow Wilson and the UK entered WW1 because it had already been subverted back then.

  2. Where’d you get the intel that Heyer arrived shortly before 1pm?

    Anyone know how far the scene of the crash is from Lee Park?

    There is no explanation from the press as to why the purple van had been left sitting vacant and unattended right in the middle of an intersection at least 5 minutes before the crash when there were no antifa milling around at all.

    Same for why an antifa mini-mob formed in the middle of the same intersection.

    No one knows James Fields or why he drove down that street, or where he’d originally parked.

  3. E. Howard Hunt and James Angleton were spotted behind a grassy knoll 100 yards from the crash scene. Moments later Hunt, disguised as a Cuban plumber, was seen leaving the area with a Carcano bolt-action rifle. But according to the Charlottesville police report he was found with a 7.65 mm automatic Mauser. If you look at frame #1136 of the Zapruder film, you can plainly see the Dodge as it passes McIntyre Park at 1:42 PM, but it is Governor Connolly behind the wheel, NOT Lyndon Johnson.

  4. Jewish elites have been doing this since the 30’s. They started street riots with Father Charles Coughlin’s Christian Front and threatened them in The Nation and Daily Worker magazine. They even attempted to have Christian police officers removed from the NYPD. They use the same tactics and cannot abide the truth.

    • and we have been falling for the same shit since then. We are in need of some serious counter- strategy instead of walking into traps. One is to file for protest permits and not show up. That would be a lot of $25 payed out by George .

    • Before the 30’s. They did it in Russia in the 1800’s. These Jews have been wrecking nations for some time. They killed Alexander III and were relentless in Russia until the Bolsheviks finally took control through murder and terrorism, killed tens of millions and took Russia from a Christian monarchy to a communist nation.

    • Sursum, precisely.

      I found a book in the used bookstore called “Father Coughlin of the Shrine of the Little Flower” by Ruth Mugglebee, copyright 1933.

      I can hardly wait to read it. To learn the truth about him.

      I also just got a book called “Blacklisted by History” by M. Stanton Evans -subtitled, “The untold story of Senator Joe McCarthy.”

      I’m done having the effing Jews tell me how to think. As we all should be. Knowledge is power.

      My reading journey started with “The Clansman” by Thomas Dixon. Cured me of one ethnicity I no longer care a damn about.

      And when we get that power back, payback’s going to be a bitch. Vengeance may ‘belong to the Lord,’ to be sure- but we Whites are His incarnate hands on earth. Thank God.

  5. Off topic:

    I haven’t been able to access the Daily Stormer, if it even exists anymore. However VoxDay has taken aim at Anglin and has set off a series of attacks against him.

    He even suggests that Anglin agreed and then backed out of a debate.


    VoxDay is an opportunist and a mongrol of the lowest order. If anyone knows Andrew’s side of this I’d like to hear it. VoxDay is dragging his name through the mud and apparently Andrew has zero recourse due to him being scrubbed from the internet.

    • How do you know Vox is in the wrong? I’m not familiar with Vox. I’ve heard of him for years, recently that he’s supposedly not fully white.

      Regardless, it looked to me like the Anglin group did not show up for debate.

      It sounds like from comments here that Anglin is not someone I’d like. He’s uses bad words and isn’t even pro-white. So, why would I like him? I don’t understand the appeal of shock jocks who want to “do something”.

    • Oh Ronnie, DS is to the Millennials and even more to Z’s what the hippie movement was to the Boomers – poison catnip.

    • Onceler, I can go you one better. He (AA) is the voice of an entire generation, and he’s often right!

      So, he uses bad words… oh my, the vapors! Get over it! What Andrew Anglin says, is nowhere near as bad as what the Niggas out here in my classes say, every single day.

      This is war, and it will be won by MEN -not by women, not by faggots, not by hypocritical Jews, but by White Men -who often are rather brusque in their verbal exchanges. But you know what? When war comes, civility has to take a backseat… Until the battle is won, and the last enemy is dead.

  6. Onceler there are videos that track the movement of the Dodge Challenger. It’s all right next to the park essentially.

  7. Also the minivan was there for at least 5 minutes blocking the street where the second (white) car got blocked in which was hit.
    If the guy in the gray charger wanted to kill people, he could have swept the sidewalk instead of running into the rear bumper of the white car.

  8. If he’d wanted to kill he’d have rented a van or 10-15 ft truck. No one is going to plow their Muscle Car into that filth.

  9. This is absolutely amazing that the Jew Mayor Michael Signer Gov McAullife and likely the Clinton Crime Syndicate was in charge of this %*%*$# start to finish. They are the ones who KILLED Heather Heyer. Had the Virginia State Police, Virginia National Guard and the Charlottesville PD done their job, she would be alive.

  10. Have any of y’all noticed the driver’s side airbag did not deploy on the Challenger after impact? The only way to disable a driver side airbag on that car is with factory computer diagnostic system. Just a curiosity. There were so many anomalies with this car crash.

    • Yes! And the tinting on its windshield is illegal in the state of Ohio (and why would a pro-white type have tinted windows to begin with…isn’t that sort of Detroit negro style?)

      Further, the car went from Montana to Dallas for or after some front body work and then to Virginia – in about a year.

      There’s way more oddities, and some impossibilities too.

      • How many people can drive backwards so quickly and agilely? I doubt that many.

        An even better question is, if he could to begin with, then why the hell didn’t he before driving into the mob? It was visible to him yet when he could have driven backwards in fear but in much better status (less endangered by antifa and without having outraged them) he chose to plow into the mini mob.

        I don’t believe it.

      • It appears to me that the impact was more than hard enough to deploy the airbag. The car it hit was smashed really bad (it even pushed it into the van in front of it) and if you look at the Challenger it is smashed all the way to the core support. The airbag sensor is mounted to the front of the core support. In my business I have seen Challenger airbags deployed on what I would consider fender benders.

  11. Frankly, no one gives a shit what happened. The kike narrative has already been spread far and wide and is ingrained in the sub-conscious mind of our fellow, dumb goyim lemmings. Nothing is going to change that.

    The best thing to do is to plan for the future and prevent shitstorms like this from happening.

    Lesson 1: one leader running the show. Run it like a military operation. One guy runs the event and then sub leaders who run the different groups. Simple. Duh.

    Lesson 2: Communications. Have people in communication with each other. Don’t rely on social media or cellphones because that can be turned off. Use walky talkies or something similar, and have even a backup plan for that.

    Lesson 3: Keep control of your men. Don’t let them wander off and get themselves into trouble. They also need discipline. If people don’t want to listen to orders and cause problems, tell them to go home and good luck dealing with the niggers. Stick together or get smashed in the head with a brick by some Antifa tranny.

    Lesson 4: Don’t trust the government. Don’t rely on them for ANYTHING, that includes emergency services like EMTs. Planning is important. Create contingency plans for medical emergencies, meeting/rally points, event security, exfiltration routes, etc. Basic shit here.

    Lesson 5: Why weren’t there more cameras on the white nationalist side? Everyone knows the kikes lie, so why weren’t there more people filming? People should’ve been dispersed to key locations to document the event. (Blur peoples faces after if you have too. But if you’re so scared of being Doxxed then stay home.) This would’ve been the easiest and smartest thing to do in the age of cellphone cameras.

    So quit bitching and kvetching like a kike who has to use his own money to pay for something, and actually THINK about how to improve future events.

  12. @Mr. Griffin…

    Sir, you’ve copiously listed the violations of the law, yet, without a lawyer, it will be buried by the sands of time.

  13. Heather Heyer was allowed to commit crimes AGAINST your father(s).

    She has also been annihilated.

    Perhaps a lesson to be learn is that out-in-out anti-racists reckon annihilation by the very mechanics of their strictly material “playing field?”

    In the war of a daughter against her father that is the anti-racist ideology, mutual annihilation is the consequential end game.

  14. @juniusdaniel1828

    “Sir, you’ve copiously listed the violations of the law, yet, without a lawyer, it will be buried by the sands of time.”

    Mr. Daniel, The Bolos recognise no law, save their own Just like their Puritan/Quaker ideological forebears.

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