White Lives Matter: An Autopsy

White Lives Matter was conceived as a do over of Unite the Right.

Ever since Charlottesville, I have been eager to fight back against the false narrative that was constructed about what happened on August 12th. I felt that we were unfairly blamed for the violence that erupted in the streets. It wasn’t our fault that Charlottesville Police failed to do their jobs that day. They made no effort whatsoever to separate the two sides and deliberately allowed the violence to escalate in order use it as an excuse to shutdown the rally as an “unlawful assembly.”

We didn’t come to Charlottesville in order to walk into a Berkeley situation. If that were the case, I certainly never would have brought my wife who stayed away from the front lines in Auburn, New Orleans and Shelbyville. We came to participate in a free speech rally, listen to some speeches, protest the removal of a Confederate monument, drive a message on social media and network with other likeminded people. The League of the South has organized dozens of similar rallies since 2013.

I’ve said for months now the Charlottesville Police and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe are responsible for the chaos on August 12th. In order to prove it, I originally came up with the idea of holding Unite the Right 2.0 in a different state. We would do it the right way this time. We would lean on our own experience with previous events to correct the errors of Charlottesville. Unite the Right wasn’t a bad idea. We simply couldn’t have picked a worse location to do something that huge in the South.

By early September, I was already working on White Lives Matter:

– Instead of the single most leftwing city in Dixie, we would hold this event in friendlier territory. We were looking for a red county in a red state.

– After Charlottesville, we wouldn’t even bother to invite the Alt-Lite and Patriots which could be counted on to panic and disavow us again at the first sign of trouble.

– We would hold this event in the geographic center of the eastern United States. This would cut the costs of traveling for everyone who wanted to attend.

– We decided that we would hold this rally in Kentucky or Tennessee where law enforcement has a reliable track record of preventing disorder at our events.

– We decided the rally would have to be near a major metro area so there would be plenty of affordable lodging after the AirBnb disaster in Charlottesville.

The League of the South had discussed holding a rally in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville in the fall at our national conference in June. This idea was already on the drawing board. We wanted to go back to the area to highlight the refugee resettlement issue in the light of all the violence that had occurred in Europe. It was in this context that the idea of “Unite the Right 2.0” merged with going back to Middle Tennessee. We applied for the permits to hold this event there in September.

The rally that became White Lives Matter was already a go when the Emanuel Samson church shooting happened in Antioch on September 24th. The story was covered extensively in the Tennessee media, but it was neglected by the national media which was focused on the NFL protests and a series of major hurricanes. After Antioch, White Lives Matter began to rapidly take shape around the theme of refugee resettlement and the Antioch church shooting because of this perfect storm of issues.

The media was driving a narrative at the time that the Alt-Right had been broken and driven underground by Charlottesville. In the League of the South, we figured that we would let the backlash settle down, focus on rebuilding our websites and give Antifa the space to discredit itself. We would have our next big public rally around Halloween in Tennessee. The Nationalist Front groups swiftly came on board. Anti-Communist Action and The Right Stuff were persuaded to join us. We all needed to do something to move beyond Charlottesville and the Emanuel Samson church shooting was something we could do to draw attention to a story neglected by the media. White people being murdered in a church by a Sudanese refugee in retaliation for Charleston should have been something we could all rally around.

It didn’t pan out for three reasons:

– First, Andrew Anglin at The Daily Stormer came up with the idea of rebranding as “American Nationalism,” and holding only American flag rallies in which all guns were banned. This made it impossible for him to work with the Nationalist Front.

– Second, Identity Evropa decided to do its own thing and focus on Richard Spencer’s college tour and flash rallies in which other groups were kept out of the loop.

– Third, the optics spiraling on Twitter reached a fever pitch in October and dissolved what little unity still existed in the Alt-Right after Charlottesville.

In light of this, we gave up on these people and moved forward with the White Lives Matter rally, but left the door open to these other groups to participate. None of us thought it was big deal. We already knew Identity Evropa was holding the college tour. We also intend to hold more League of the South events anyway in the fall and winter. The purpose of this rally was to show we could all get together and do something else without it turning into a clusterfuck like Charlottesville.

White Lives Matter had clearly defined objectives: Draw national attention to the Emanuel Samson church shooting. Foster greater unity and cohesion within our own movement. Turn the page on Charlottesville. Unlike previous rallies, we had a mission in Tennessee.

In hindsight, White Lives Matter went off pretty much as we expected it would. There were about 200 White Nationalists, Southern Nationalists and National Socialists with us in Tennessee. As expected, it was larger than Pikeville, but smaller than Charlottesville. There was no violence, shootings or arrests in Shelbyville. We proved that it is still possible to hold free speech rallies. We proved that some cities are more committed to upholding law and order than others.

After Shelbyville, we went to Henry Horton State Park and had a picnic. We talked for several hours, got to know each other a little better and had a fundraiser for Jacob Goodwin of Arkansas who is locked up in Charlottesville over the DeAndre Harris race hoax. Since we accomplished all three of our goals, we didn’t even bother to go to the Murfreesboro rally. It was too much of a risk.

The biggest disappointment of the weekend by far was Antioch which was always our real target. White Lives Matter had planned to hold a candlelight march to the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ after dark. The plan was to go to the church, lay a wreath at the door, say a prayer and express our grief about what happened there. I feel that too often our movement is unfairly associated with hate when it is really about our love for our own people. It would have been something totally unexpected and out of character and a nice touch after expressing our anger earlier in the day.

Unfortunately, we announced this at Henry Horton State Park in the presence of several reporters, and somehow Louisville Antifa was tipped off about a “torchlight march” at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ. In order to avoid those violent people attacking us at a church while we mourned our dead, I had to call it off at the last minute. We also called off Murfreesboro and left Henry Horton State Park to avoid them. My goal this weekend was to avoid those idiots. We were already leaving in a caravan when dozens of state troopers and the FBI rolled into the park in order prevent Antifa from attacking the picnic. In the future, we are also going to avoid clashes with them insofar as possible.

I will briefly touch on some other issues this weekend:

– We had planned for each group to come dressed in its own attire and to stand together with their own optics, but the cold weather in Shelbyville made this pointless. Nearly everyone there came wearing a black jacket and the optics were so similar that we all blended into one large group. The rules also banned flag poles which would have made everyone who was there look more distinct.

– There were no swastika flags in Shelbyville. This had been the major concern going into the rally. There weren’t many flags there period because flag poles were banned.

– I will give the opposition credit for having far better sound equipment. We will be doing a fundraiser to buy better equipment as well as walkie talkies and Go Pro cameras.

– I enjoyed talking to Mike Cannon who organized the counterprotest. It would be nice if more people could talk instead of shouting down each other over political differences.

– The security checkpoint in Shelbyville stalled us for an hour and a half and threw off our schedule. We didn’t have time to do lunch and go to Murfreesboro and pass through that much security again. The permit would have been over by the time we got there.

– There’s no doubt that a handful of individuals who came to the rally need to take better care of themselves. There were also several other distractions like pins and patches. This wasn’t true of the vast majority of the crowd that was in attendance though in Shelbyville, but it is something that will need to be addressed at future events.

– We saw several incidents this weekend which illustrated the importance of ironing out differences in the real world that are generated by internet gossip. This is why we need to know each other in the real world in order to minimize this bullshit.

– We arrived late in Shelbyville and didn’t have time to vet people at the meeting point.

– There is an anti-Nazi crowd, a pro-National Socialist crowd and a third group which doesn’t care about associations because we are all marginalized and called “racists” and “Nazis” anyway. I fall into the third group because I am so tired of spineless conservatives.

– Murfreesboro was cancelled because our schedule was thrown off and intel that it was a lawsuit trap waiting to happen. We will never know if it would have gone down peacefully. I don’t see how Antifa could have possibly attacked and started a riot with such stringent rules.

– We definitely should have put it out earlier that Murfreesboro was cancelled. Everyone didn’t follow the caravan to Henry Horton State Park.

Overall, I’m satisfied with how White Lives Matter turned out. It trended on Twitter all day in the United States. We succeeded in drawing attention to the Emanuel Samson church shooting. There was no violence, arrests, shootings or any major clouds hanging over event. I feel that we moved beyond Charlottesville and demonstrated that the failure of the policing there was due its extreme leftwing local politics. It was an inexcusable failure on the part of Charlottesville.

My biggest disappointment is with the Alt-Right. I sense that the message has become optics aimed at signaling to the upper middle class. It seems to be evolving from a broader racial movement into a narrower class movement at the expense of internal solidarity. It is clear now that different groups responded to Charlottesville in different ways. The League of the South’s plan was to move beyond Charlottesville by showing that Unite the Right would have worked fine in another location while other groups became much more focused on optics.

I will have much more to say about the optics debate soon. There is a lot that I haven’t said about the issue. We’re going to make a number of adjustments, but extricate ourselves from that tar baby before it destroys our own internal unity and ability to mobilize in public.

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  1. I was there — it was my first ever such event. I thought the optics were great and the Enoch speech rousing and inspiring. I had the honor of meeting a man of true valor, whom I count as a hero — Dr. Michael Hill of the League of the South.

    Fantastic event —- maybe it wasn’t considered a complete success by some but it certainly was for me. Now, it’s IRL for me, and I’ve only just begun the fight !

    • Every time whites have faught all the way back to Cromwell we have lost and the enemy has gained strength. Need to be more clever this time. General Winter and his right hand man Dr. Malthus will do the fighting for us. Prepare to have pensions vanish and secure your communities. Get ready to teach your children without public schools. Maybe get a ham radio license. Food storage is good but we all need to get off this Talmudic ride ASAP. There is no place to flee to the final stand will almost certainly be in the USA.

    • ” I sense that the message has become optics aimed at signaling to the upper middle class. It seems to be evolving from a broader racial movement into a narrower class movement at the expense of internal solidarity…”

      Can someone elaborate a bit on this statement? What is being meant? TYVM.

  2. There were two Charlottesvilles. There was the Charlottesville rally the night before the daytime rally. That rally went off without a problem and the optics were good. A lot of young people and well dressed people. probably several thousands that night.

    Optics and group unity are both important. I think if different groups are to come together (which is how you build a real movement) then they should at least have respect enough to keep their most volatile members away from united rallies and avoid bringing symbols which can tarnish all groups involved. It’s that simple. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure this out. I know you’re frustrated with those who care about optics, but what exactly has been done to improve optics?

    The fact is, it takes time to build a movement and dispel past associations and bad optics. Quite frankly, WNism as a movement is only a few years removed from really bad optics, and barely removed at that, because even not, impatience has led to groups returning to their old patterns of bad optics and bad quality. Spencer and other groups actually have improved optics, and despite his weirdness, the media can at worse refer to him as a “far-right hipster”. That is still far better than being described as a drunken tattoo bald headed white supremacist. Most of Spencer’s problems are his own making. He does wierd stuff, such as salute when Trump wins and dance around a podium. But ultimately, he has the right vision in terms of optics and connecting with average white-Americans.

    There needs to be core unity, and that should include respect for other peoples symbols and agenda, but when a common rally is held, the groups should cease using symbols which are bad for the optics of all groups involved.

    • I should add that we need to continue the optics overhaul of the last few years, rather then regress back to the 1990s style. The fight over optics is largely a ridiculous discussion, because what exactly in there to discuss?

      It’s either we dress, act, and look normal, or we follow the caricature that our enemies created for us. Nothing hard to understand, really. This shouldn’t even be an issue since we all know that the old optics hasn’t, doesn’t, and will not work. Period. End of discussion. Devolving into a caricature and parody is not an option. Dressing normal, even better than our accusers and haters shows others that we’re both serious and also have pride and respect in ourselves. If you think devolving back to the 1990s Nazi-Ape is a solution or acceptable, than we might as well bring cease even holding these kinds of rallies, because we would only gain those interested in a sub-culture, and not people seriously devoted to white-civil rights from the mainstream.

      • The optics discussion is ridiculous but not for the reasons you suggest. It’s ridiculous to be concerned about swastikas and morbidly obese people when at the same time you are locked arm in arm with the ‘National Socialist Movement’ and one of your main figures is Mathew Heimbach, a morbidly obese weirdo who is also openly National Socialist and apparently forever on a quest to grow a long beard like a Russian Orthodox monk.

        The head of the NSM, Jeff Schoep, is the biggest jackass of all. The NSM website is really weird. One of its main pages is full of photos of ‘Commander Schoep’ (yeah, he calls himself that, lol) melodramatically frowning/scowling in various trying-way-too-hard-to-look-badass poses.

        The whole spectacle is surreal.

        Your basic problem is that you are lunatic fringe weirdos; that’s the fundamental crappy optic that won’t ever go away whether you are wearing polo shirts or swastikas. You’re never going to appeal to normal people because you aren’t normal people.

  3. Much of the critique is just ageism. Part of the Alt Right “marketing strategy” is to look young and cool. That said, I’m not sure it’s a bad marketing strategy.

  4. The Alt-Right core who showed up to Charlottesville would be dead if TWP and LoS shield walls didn’t protect their ungrateful asses that day. That said, Heimbach lose 20-30 pounds.

    • Heimbach also needs to stop the 100% Socialist BS. I couldn’t care less about economics at this point, and I doubt anyone else does either. Secure our people first, and then everything else will fall into place.

      • Even most of us that are die-hard NS don’t want to hear Heimbach drone on about economics. It’s so utterly boring to listen to.

      • Capitalism is anti-human and rapes us all. You just haven’t gone down the rabbit hole far enough. Capitalism is what gives Jews their power.

  5. @Just My Opinion,
    Yeah well said. I hold the view that our side is the normal side, on the correct side of politics. We have a job ahead to ‘re-mainstream’ what was seen as mainstream prior to the 1960’s- very recent in the context of human history.
    We are normal people with a normal message, and maybe looking normal will help the message to get across.
    The message itself is- immigration, integration, diversity and being progressive has not advanced us, has increased crime, reduced our standard of living, exposed us to racism, rape, murder and terrorism, and costs the taxpayers dearly with welfare, legal and other expenses. A pretty normal argument that most reasonably minded white people should relate to. So isn’t it better to look and seem normal as well?

  6. What they are really angry about is that YOU are better organized and YOU didn’t fall for the same trap the Kessler guy set in Charlottesville. I don’t know if Kessler did it deliberately but he set a trap for everyone else and at least you know how not to fall for those traps.

    Also marching Season should be limited during reliably sunny weather.

  7. Very good article Mr. Griffin. Three things stand out that will need focusing on:

    1). First, Andrew Anglin at The Daily Stormer came up with the idea of rebranding as “American Nationalism,” and holding only American flag rallies in which all guns were banned. This made it impossible for him to work with the Nationalist Front.

    2). Second, Identity Evropa decided to do its own thing and focus on Richard Spencer’s college tour and flash rallies in which other groups were kept out of the loop.

    3). My biggest disappointment is with the Alt-Right. I sense that the message has become optics aimed at signaling to the upper middle class. It seems to be evolving from a broader racial movement into a narrower class movement at the expense of internal solidarity.

    Here will be our make or break moment. Those of us with the ability to add constructive dialogue on these three issues need to engage. From my observations of your writtings , I am confident that The League of The South has choosen the right man to tackle such a daunting task.

    • 1). Andrew will either fold, and accept that the CBF is American AF and rejoin our efforts, or not. I don’t know what he plans on doing, but accepting the inevitable balkanization is the only logical course of action – marketing it as cutting out the cancer of communist occupied states is his best bet with his AmNat idea. This inevitably means accepting the right to self-determination, and therefore means that the Confederates were as just as the Continentals

      2) I like the idea of flash mobs, but if their idea is to follow Spencer around to do them then it won’t work. The best chance for that method is holding simultaneous flashmobs across the continental empire, preferably in the dozens and hundreds. If it’s just going to be flashmobs at Spencer’s gig, then it won’t do anything to the normie. They’re always held in the dark, by the light of torches. We can’t expect the average person to watch every flash demo, for months in a row, trying to figure out if we have enough numbers to be somewhat relevant. So doing them across the nation in high profile locations at the same time prevents the typical cuckservative refrain of “dey wer busst in demonRATS!!”

      3) The biggest issue here, some people are being ridiculous. We need the rich, the poor, and the middle class. People who demand that we all conform to the optics that suit their preferred target audience is stupid. We need to be a front, a network of all classes. White lives matter – not just the ones that fit into some subjective preference

      • 1. Even though I read Daily Stormer pretty regularly (it is the only site of its sort in the alt-right), I still don’t get why a guy who never does anything IRL with any group thinks that he knows the meatspace situation better than NF does.

        2. Yeah, IE doesn’t get the scale thing… Either hold a big event or a whole ton of little ones simultaneously.

        3. Optics does matter, but the extent to which the two sides can’t figure this out is amazing to me. Yes, normies react poorly to swastika flags, but everyone outside the UMC reacts poorly to catering only to that group.

      • Anglin’s tactics follow his strategy, as tactics must: the Enemy have dared to come out of the shadows and no long pretend to be Americans. Indeed, they encourage the Mob to trample the flag. So we pick it up, wash it off, and hoist it high – and let Americans rally around it. Seems like the best idea to me, although I love the Swastika and read Savitri Devi. I’d say all this must retreat to the Inner Party for now. Outwardly, we emphasize American Symbols and Garb – and there’s plenty of Fascism to be found here and they’ll continue to call us these things. As for the Normies, we’ll slowly bring them along. But if we start by trying to change the whole Culture, it’s a false start right from the get go.

        And let’s face it: we may never be able to live together long term. But we must be like the fingers of the hand: able to close into a fist to smash our enemies. A Swiss solution for the long term in other words.

  8. WHITE LIVES MATTER turned out great. Everyone who participated and supported it deserves our gratitude and respect.

    You can go over everything in grinding detail, but sometimes that can be over done. I was impressed and encouraged. All of you there did great. I salute you all. I”m sure I could find something to criticize, but for the most part we do not have the protection of the law and we are constrained in that respect.

    Again, it was a great achievement by great people and I believe the best is yet to come.

    God bless you all.

  9. The optics debate has really been wearing on me in the last few days. It’s not that optics don’t matter at all, but only that the scope of what is important is often too broad. What matters most is that the different groups are distinct, most (if not all) of the people are healthy, we’re generally polite, and we’re gregarious and jovial. Most people are smart enough to understand that a crowd of people aren’t ever going to be uniform in their opinions. Some folks will be drawn to one style, or another – or none at all. So the constant warring is just bloody annoying. I’m glad that my buddy Jacob got some assistance from the people who went though. His family are the sweetest WASPiest people you’ll ever see and while they weren’t totally on board with him, they support him. And seeing the double standard between him, and DeAndre Harris really lifted the veil.

    Anyways great piece, Mr. Wallace and thank you to all of the people who could make it out to Tennessee

    • Hearing Jacob’s parents speak actually brought tears to my eyes, and I’ll try to get something up to keep pushing his legal defense fundraiser.

      But, yes. while we’re never going to be without differences and dissent, I’ve always hoped that our common goals could at least keep the fighting to a minimum within the Alt-Right.

      Perhaps I was wrong with some people, however…

      • Yes, that was an extremely moving and powerful. That moment in and of itself should be counted as a victory.

    • Are you joking? A bunch of doughy man-children stomping around with their LARP shields? Toothless inbred wannabe SS bellowing about god knows what? You fuccbois looked like a bunch of idiots out there, hopelessly outnumbered and drowned out by real Americans.

      You cucks didn’t even show up to the actual rally, and tried to play it off like “ohh, we got intel that it was a trap!” Bullshit. The place was locked up tight. You could have come but you ran home with your tails between your legs rather than face the hundreds of people waiting in Murfreesboro to tell you to get fucked.

      It was a really poor showing by the white supremacists. Their flawed ideology was revealed for the bullshit that it is. You’re just a bunch of losers who like playing dress up, but you all can’t even agree on a costume.

      I see a lot of you calling this rally a success–let me tell you, it was not. Literally everyone here thinks you’re all morons. We laughed at you. We would feel sorry for you for being so deluded if you all weren’t so reprehensible.

      I’m glad no one got hurt. I sincerely thank you for not running anyone over with a car this time.

    • No, and they seem to forget that everything we say publicly is analyzed and reported on by our enemies – the SPLC has whole departments solely devoted to studying our blogs and social media.

      Like I said earlier, the optics of seeing people tearing each other apart is far more damaging than a few guys with inappropriate patches or jackets…

  10. Well done, Brad. Not just spot on, but helpful to me gathering my thoughts for my own writeup for American Free Press.

  11. Southern Identitarian writes:

    “We need the rich, the poor, and the middle class. People who demand that we all conform to the optics that suit their preferred target audience is stupid. We need to be a front, a network of all classes. White lives matter – not just the ones that fit into some subjective preference”

    I respond: True – to a point.

    But we need good looking spokesmen/women – and good speakers. It’s like trying to put together a successful basketball team – the players need to be the right:


    They need to have practiced and actually have some skill at basketball. White guys from the South and elsewhere used to do well at basketball – not so now.

    Our enemies are always trying to get good looking, famous celebrities to present their politics – sometimes they make mistakes and have folks that look and act like Anthony Weiner and Harvey Weinstein or some angry old Black women like AG Lorretta Lynch be their spokesman.

    Southern Itentitarian – look at yourself in the mirror, get some honest people to give you honest reviews – given your age, height, weight, given your skills in speaking, singing, writing – what should you realistically do?

    Sometimes one must just step back and be a follower of real leaders.

  12. Anglin NEVER shows up anywhere.

    Any-one who does something to undercut the sincere actions of a PROVEN White Advocate is anathema. Period.

    • Madam, the problem is AA is half chinaman and half darky. I hardly think such an odd-looking fellow as he would stir the White masses into an orgiastic frenzy of racial pride. Unfortunately there are at present no pro-White leaders who look like David Hasselhoff and Tom Selleck.

  13. Re: optics – optics are important. The AmeriKwan, and the Kwn WorldWid are COMPLETELY bull-prepped on Jew TalmudVision agitprop. Normies literally don’t know HOW to THINK. They simply respond to the stimuli around them. As most Humans have done forever. Instantaneous global media is a VERY New Thing, Hebes grasped this fact immediately. White men have been very busy creating, and Jews are genetically coded to TAKE. We like to share. This is why we are at a disadvantage………for now. But I digress……….

    The Swastika. This is one of our most ancient, important, and positive symbols. Our beloved Swastika has been TRASHED by the kikes. As per their jusual course. We’ve let them do it. We must take our beloved Swazi BACK. It’s OURS. However – your average Normie flinches reflexively. They don’t understand how beneficet the Swastika IS. We MUST KEK the Swazi, Make the Swazi hip and beautiful and sexy. It’s really important to counter the evil jew demon mojo. We must be Glinda to the Wicked Witch of the Hymies. I don’t know how to photo-shop things. I can use the meme maker applications – but I am envisioning a Peace Luv and Grooviness 1960’s Flower Power Rainbow and Butterfly Swazi meme (use the Sixties Boomer imagery against them!). we NEED that Swazi back! They don’t really know it, but Normies are very near the edge of Heiling Hitler – let’s push ’em right over that edge!

    The reason I am rambling about the Swazi is that there is a debate about Reich imagery, every single time, and some damned Anti Shows up waving a Reich Swazi flag. We must nip THAT in the bud. Take their power away before they even try.

    Re: the uniforms – they do not look like the gorgeous Reich’s Boss uniforms. They look like OURS. They are severe, serious, and skeery, though. Which is appropo once we HAVE an Ethno State. But they need to lighten up a touch…….uniforms should be inviting, right now, as in, “Damn those NAZIS look GOOD! I want to wear that…..I want to be a NAZI!!”


    Optics are important – but we must do modern optics for Things As They Are, in the Current Year.

    • The holy swastika MUST be reclaimed. Everyone on here should read ‘The Lightning and the Sun’ by Savitri Devi, ASAP.

    • Denise, regardless of how great and sacred your swastika is, it isn’t Southern or American (except maybe Native American), so what’s the point of using foreign symbols? instead of trying to resurrect a shortlived European Reich and it’s symbols (even if those symbols are based in Pre-Christian Europe) the focus should be on restoring Southern symbols, history and culture.

      • Connie – I am a White Woman. A “Yankee” Copperhead. I see the Swastika as one of OUR most ancient symbols. It’s a very magical and powerful symbol. We are at war for our EXISTENCE. Everywhere. I am not thinking as an American, or a Yankee – I’m thinking as a WHITE woman. I know the OD is a “Southern” blog – but please note a lot of people from everywhere read and post in this site.

        Connie – Southern symbols, culture, and history are but one element in the Great Tapestry of Our Race. We need to reclaim EVERYTHING that is OURS.

        Do you understand this?

        It’s not about being a Dixian, or a Yankee, or German, or South African, or Danish, or Latvian, or any other variation of White anymore. Divided we are conquered. One of your Sons of Dixie, and one of my very best pals and allies, moved to Yankeeland this past Summer. He’s been astonished by the fact that he sees Confederate flags EVERYWHERE. Up here, it’s a DELIBERATE political choice and STATEMENT. I am actively involved in local politics. The local GOP reveres the maniac Lincoln. I attack that lunatic all the time, and people are beginning to get it. Even though life long brain washing can be very difficult to overcome. Anyway – why should Yankees care about Confederate symbols? Because those of us that DO understand that it’s about being White.

        So is the Swastika. This symbol is all over our cultures, for CENTURIES.

        How do you think we will ever preserve Southern heritage, if was allow one of our most ancient and powerful symbols to be USED AGAINST ALL OF US, day in and day out?

        This is a metaphysical battle, as well, and even more, than a material one.

        Do you understand?

      • PS – Connie – White Christians ARE Native Americans. The Land Bridge Asian arrivistes did NOT found America. They are NOT “Native Americans”. WE are.

      • I’d like to point out that virtually every White in the South comes from one of 3 ancestries: German, Scots-Irish, or British. All 3 used the swastika for thousands of years prior to kikes getting mad over it.

  14. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

    It’s easy for those who are internet only to nitpick without actually doing anything.

  15. Could you elaborate on what the “legal trap” was that you wanted to avoid at Murfreesboro. Also, I read a media report that a contingent of League members (as many as 30) did show up in Murfreesboro. Did that happen?

    • No, they can’t elaborate on it, because it’s a bullshit made-up excuse. The “master race” over here mismanaged their time and wouldn’t have had long to demonstrate in Murfreesboro, and moreover they were straight dad-dicked by the gigantic crowd of one thousand people or so who turned out to shit on the and their shitty beliefs.

      The “legal trap” is a sheer fabrication invented to attempt to save face.

  16. From what I saw everything about White Lives Matter went down the way you would want it to. Then looking on twitter all I see are altright trolls bashing it, especially that chin-strap goy. This is the problem, the alt right has a strong online presence, and IRL not so much. You can’t just transfer the energy from comment section lurkers and bloggers into real life without a backlash. So many people are really uncomfortable with the ideas they claim to posses. Thus when you put together a really good demonstration like this the reaction from the altright is negative, probably because the trolls are jealous of y’all living in the open air while they are stuck in the moldy basement.

  17. I think the reason that anglin and others are focusing on optics is because they are playing to the prejudices of their target demographic—young white males, mostly white collar types…these young white males of the alt right are anti-boomer and hate overweight people…the white lives matter rally looked fine…

  18. I’m a bit concerned that you had government, local and federal, support and yet refused to make the march to ‘avoid Antifa’. All Antifa needs to do to cancel a demonstration by you is say ‘We’re showing up’??

  19. Please do the follow up and contact the local police who did a fair honest job in Shelbyville TN. Also, I highly recommend contact state representatives in the area, talk to their staff leave a short message explaining who you/we are and what we were trying to do and how the national media just lies about us and them.

    • I’m sure they’ve dropped by and read this blog–they can see what hateful, insane sons of bitches you all are. You’re not going to con them with a couple of playing-nice emails.

  20. Hunter says: “After Charlottesville, we wouldn’t even bother to invite the Alt-Lite and Patriots which could be counted on to panic and disavow us again at the first sign of trouble.”

    I really got a laugh when I read that.

    Regarding optics, Andrew Anglin is a complete fool on that, saying the only flag is the American flag, even though the American flag represents the American government whose policies for decades have been destroying us.

  21. I for one, am glad for a representation of Southern Identity and working class solidarity. Even I, as a Floridian, hamstrung by loyalty to the South, but born out of suburban aesthetic. Its fine to say, “look cool” for the kids, but Southerners aren’t really into foppish fashion choices, and the working class holds them in contempt.

    I am definitely in the keep optics conversations to a minimum crowd, because it is divisive along regional/class barriers. Crush the urbanite is not a meme. The urbanite is the damn pied piper that got us into this mess.

    Great work Brad! The twitter hashtag was excelerationist enough to call it a success, the rest was gravy.

    Ricky Vaughn, who is basically Alt-lite, used Anglin’s more measured critique to go on an optics jihad. That was the only thing that bummed me out.

  22. Hey anyone get an image of the Hebrew inscription on the band the cops were wearing? It didn’t say “Anmauth” did it?

        • I looked up ‘anmauth.’ Some believe it is German for truth, but the German word for truth is ‘Wahrheit.’ ‘Anmauth’ plunked into an Hebrew English dictionary yielded ‘anemate.’ Did they mean ‘animate?’ That would make sense in the golem context.
          In the Frankenstein/golem version, the monster turns on its maker, maybe police with ‘anmauth’ tattoos will do the same?

  23. When you all are ready to join society let me know. Love your brothers and sisters, regardless of the color of their skin. You all might be surprised how fulfilling life can be when you let go of the hate. You all can do this.

      • A good step in the right direction is to be accepting of those you do not understand. We are the United States of America. All of us, all religions, all races, all shades of skin. We are stronger together. Lets all fight for the greater good together

  24. I truly thank you for all you do, Mr. Wallace. Can someone tell me why anti-fa was ready and waiting on their corner for HOURS before the league was able to show up? Did the cops search them as well as the league? It seems reasonable that both groups would have been delayed.

    • It was a very circumcised crowd. One dumb bitch skreached about being mostly Irish and a little Jewish about diversity. Must have been Tim Wise’s sister.

    • The “League” was an hour and a half late to their own nazi party. Guys, please let go of the hate. Love thy neighbor. Love your family and let people you dont understand do the same. If you took the time to talk to poeple of color you will find we have more in common than our differences

          • I assume that means you obviously live in a lower-class neighborhood where you’re surrounded by niggers, spics, and pakis?

            Oh, right, no… You live in a UMC White and kike neighborhood.

          • I have known poverty. I have had to dig in dumpsters behind the grocery store to find food. I have been persecuted for things beyond my control. I now live a simple life in the country. I hope you all find peace iin your souls and love in your heart. Find Jesus. He will lead the way out of your anger and hate.

      • Well, Not One Race, you are correct about one thing – People of Color – White People – have a lot in common. White People possess a dazzling and gorgeous array of eye color, hair color and texture, and skin tones. Beautiful variations of creamy White, to wondrous pinks and peaches and olives. BEAUTIFUL! I love White skin! It’s so pretty! I also adore beholding my beautiful Whites, and gazing into their lovely eyes, and delighting in the stunning colors in blue, grey, green, and brown eyes. Human brown eyes are so different than simian Negro eyes! The orcs – My Whites and I have NOTHING in common with muds. They are invariably BORING, and as dull mentally and spiritually as their ugly, lifeless black and brown skin. And their eyes reveal soulless black holes.

  25. The League of the South has the best optics and messaging, and this has obviously worked to their advantage. The khaki slacks and polo shirts don’t scare away working people. Nobody expects the League to wrap itself in the American flag but the Confederate flag is American AF anyway. Other groups have no good reason not to wrap themselves in the Stars & Stripes. The League still reveres the Southern Founders at least and can also draw on historical figures like Calhoun to make its’ points. The Founders were de facto White Nationalists and intended this to be a White nation in perpetuity. Almost any point Hitler made can be made better and more palatably by quoting Washington instead. It’s time we had a message that appealed beyond a small circle of the disaffected and aware. Wake up the sleepers.

    • Let the sleepers keep on sleeping. If they’re not awake by now it’s because they don’t want to wake up.

    • Preston – I used to troll mainstream sites, and quote the various members of the NS, without initially citing the source. I’d have leftards drooling over all of the quotes I would deploy – especially the quotes about animals – Lefty girls LOVED the Himmler sentiments on how to treat animals – and every-one loved the Earth Preserving stuff. I would then take immense delight in revealing the authors of those quotes – and enjoying the horrified reactions. I still recall one Joisy guy, in a NJ news site, writing something to the effect of “AAAGGHH! I agree with the Nazis!”.

      Ahhh bliss!

      The reason I support the “NAZIS” is because we are not allowed to EVER get away from them. The kikes use Hitler and the Reich as a bludgeon and a chain, and I DEFY you to go ONE SINGLE DAY without hearing them invoked. You will have to go out into the wilderness, ALL ALONE, and not use ANY media, or speak to any-one, to avoid hearing Hitler and the NAZIS invoked. I am NOT kidding.

      I have Fox Jews News on today. There was a bit about not removing Confederate statues, Some media Jew commentor defended pulling down White statues – including George Washington. He compared Washington to Adolf Hitler. The woman defending the White statues, and the blonde Fox Hostess immediately flipped out, which was funny – but the hebes do not know when to quit!

      I LOVED it.

      Do not back off of Hitler and the Nazis. Herr Hitler said his spirit would rise from hi grave, and it IS. We must tell the truth about Hitler, and the Reich, and the truth about the demons who have been demonizing him for night on 75 years………

    • The Confederate flag is not “American AF.”

      The Confederate flag is literally the flag of people who left America. Are you fucking retarded?

  26. You could go to Knoxville as well to remember Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom — that’s another story (albeit not recent) the media effectively suppressed.

  27. Don’t listen to those who suggest not using rebel, ( Virginia Battle, ) flag : Stars n bars. It’s our history and heritage. It’s great great great grand pappy n mammy. It’s our foundation. Don’t let the freaks convince us that the symbol has been soiled in the minds of the masses. Build a new country around it, and whoever doesn’t want to be there can stay with the darkies. The Confederate Flag MUST stay !

    Also, “general,” when you’re out numbered, you need to strategically use “force multipliers.” Soros pays off thousands of useful idiots to out number you right ? They wear masks ? What if pictures of them went viral on social media etc WITHOUT THEIR MASKS ???

    They get on the bus somewhere right ? Even before that … they talk, plan, brag. Get investigator(s) and photographer(s) to put together an entire portfolio of these mama’s boys then, with help from investigator(s) dish it out to their employers and social media as, ( what they’ve been designated as, ) terrorists working at your companies !!!!!!!!!!! Give it to the police and FBI as well ???

    You can turn Soros army of homos into a mere few hundred over a period of 3 months or so 🙂

  28. The ironic thing about the optics debate is that the media apparently didn’t feel the need to be that selective in their coverage and only use the worst shots they could find.

    So they actually made the rally look pretty good at times, from a certain perspective. Either because what they showed represented a cross section of real-looking people or because they picked on people who were wearing silly get up, but at least looked good in it.

    And then the Alt-lite / Alt-Right conservatives did their job for them, combing through to find the worst images. With friends like these…

  29. American racial dynamics are really screwy.

    Ideologically, we are told we are all part of the ‘human race’ and the blah-blah about Equality = Diversity(which is more off the mark than 2 + 2 = 5).

    But in terms of iconic power, not many Americans have it… which is why Hollywood features mostly whites and blacks(and homos and witty Jews). Other groups get some sidekick roles… like Guilermo on Jimmy Kimmel.

    Whites have the beauty thing. Even with all this anti-white ideology, whiteness as icon has lots of currency. Look at whom Hugo Chavez and Pee Wee Bush married. Blondes. And even though white males have been wussified by pop culture and PC, most romance novels still feature some white pirate type.

    Blacks have the prowess and power thing. They are seen as loudest, fastest, and fiercest mofos(or the most colorful clowns) on the planet. As US and globo culture revolves around sports, blacks get lots of iconic mileage.When I was young, two athletes I heard of most was Ali and Pele. And Rap music and styles has permeated into every nation. BBC news & entertainment feature black male and white female as the ideal in iconic terms. Black males are seen as toughest males, and white females are seen as best-looking females.

    Long ago, whites feared and suppressed black power, but they’ve come to surrender to it. Civil rights filled whites with ‘guilt’ and awe at MLK’s oratory as black god. And black music and sports filled white guys with worship for blacks — even conservative white guys in college worshiped Walter Payton and Mike Singletary — and white girls with Jungle Fever. One of the most conservative guys I ever met had as his two biggest heroes, Miles Davis and Bob Marley.

    So, white people want blacks to succeed and gain power and become leaders and dominate American society. Ideologically, whites will claim to value everyone equally, but in iconic terms they are smitten with blackness. Subconsciously, they do see blacks as the superior race. It’s like how Romero depicts the Negro in DAWN OF THE DEAD. He has it all together while the white guys eventually lose it one way or another.


    Problem is most blacks tend to be childish, stupid, idiotic, petty, and/or obnoxious. They fail to live up to the iconography of the Magic or Masterful Negro. They may be tough but only on the level of trashy thugs. And many fail in school. This is why whites have to look to Africa to get the cream of the crop. African culture is more conservative and its elites(cream of the crop) are bound to have higher IQs and education. Anyway, whites want blacks to lead and dominate, but blacks fail at this spectacularly because so many of them care more about Air Jordans and ‘twerking’.

    With Asians, it’s the opposite. Yellows and Hindus have no iconic value. To be sure, yellow women have some iconic value as Suzie Wong or ‘me so horny’, but it’s iconography of submission, i.e. yellows are the feminine race that should put out to the superior manlier races. So, American view of yellows is as a people who should follow and serve whites.
    As for Hindus, the guys have some iconic value as ‘Babu’, but this is just clown show. Hindu males are seen as cartoonish merchants or chatty nerds. Amusing but not to be taken seriously. So, whites don’t see Asians as leadership material or forces of domination. At best, the view is that Asians should be ‘model minority’ drones who should just serve Americans. The idea of Asian dorks, nerds, or drones(blander than even white bread) taking leading or elite roles in America seem… just wrong, against natural way of the world.

    But, Asians tend to be more committed to education and pose a real threat to white enrollment, esp at elite colleges. So, the people that whites regard as inferior or worthless(in iconic terms) seem to be gaining too much, far beyond what they should.
    When China was communist China was closed off, yellow entry into US was limited to SK and Taiwan mostly. Also, as Japan became successful and population leveled off, Japanese mostly stayed home. But the Vietnam refugee crisis and opening up of China led to huge movement of peoples.
    As for India, its ‘socialist’ economy didn’t have much to offer to the US until the 90s. But neo-liberalization led to tech boom, and US companies welcomed tons of Hindus to work in Silicon Valley and other tech-financial areas. And this put tremendous pressure on white middle class.

    In a nutshell, whites want to serve blacks, but blacks fall behind; whites want Asians to serve them, but Asians pull ahead. But white males can still get some kind of revenge by taking Asian wombs as Asian-America is smitten with all things white(despite anti-white ideology adopted by many Asians; power of icon is that strong; it’s like even fervent Zionist men marry some blonde ‘shikse’ because they have a Portnoic obsession with its iconic value). But race-mixing will dilute what is unique about the white race, and in the end, all will lose… except blacks.

  30. Ya’ll are worried about “optics” Its your message that is the problem. Nazis, KKK, white surpemacists. Your calls for genocide and ethnic cleansing. Your claims to be the superior race. All your hatred of people the slightest bit different than yourselves. Ya’ll need some Jesus big time. Love thy neigbor. Listen to Jesus and ask him for forgiveness

      • One race: You are complete and utter indoctrinated idiot. Go away. Go watch TV. And f-you for aiding and abetting White Genocide.

        • Ken, I understand your anger. I understand your hatred for those you dont understand. Anger and hatred are the easiest emotions to resort too. Try love. Try Jesus. Try to undo the hate and anger. You can do this.

          • It’s easy for you to talk about peace, brotherhood and love thy neighbor, because you don’t have any jews, messicans or coloreds to deal with where you live. Passive, willfully naive nit-wits like you are easy prey for violent, predatory NIGGERS.

          • I live in one of the most diverse areas in the country. I hope you find some peace in your soul. Anger and hatred is not something to strive for. You can do better. You can be better

  31. The reason nothing happened at your rally is because it wasn’t planned in advance by shills Kessler and Spencer and the leaders of the Charlottesville/Virginia. That was all on purpose. It was created to be a media psyop to demonize pro-Whites to Normie Whites. I’m glad you’re focusing on the “class war” angle among pro-Whites. The Spencer/AmRen alt-Rights are UKIP — while the real White Nationalists are the BNP. UKIP destroyed the real pro-Whites in the BNP. Even if that’s not true (it is), with Whites who want to disenfranchise and spew bigotry at working-class Whites, who needs Jews? Ignore Spencer and his associates. They’re controlled op. Congratulations on a good solid rally.

    • I’m afraid you are talking out of your ass, Ken. Like it or not, image is everything. The Blackshirts, Brownshirts and Bolsheviks all understood that.

      • Disenfranchising any pro-Whites because of their appearance or fashion is unforgivable. If you people are going to try to win by emulating Jews and making everything beautiful and cool so people will love you for false reasons, why even try to win? We’ve got that culture already.

        • Ya’ll can dress up as boy scouts if you want. Youre still nazis, KKK and white supremacists. Optics is not your problem. Your message is the problem

  32. I think street rallies are fraught with a myriad of issues/dangers.
    …plus..the ‘paid for’ MSM keep a beady eye on the Nationalist side while giving free pass to nog/antifa.violence.
    It’s not gonna get any better in the foreseeable future.
    Actually I expect it to get worse incl. the possibility of a false flag or two to discredit and/or shut down the movement
    My two cents.
    We should grow the movement online.
    We live in an era where the digital/virtual is CRUSHING the analog/physical.
    (Bitcoin crushing gold could serve as one example)

    When we have the numbers we will make our presence more felt but for the time being we should lay low
    while working the Internet like crazy.
    I also think we should keep the lame alt-Light on our good side.
    They are a ‘gateway’ movement to the hard Right
    Many will come our way later.

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