‘Black Monday’ Protests In South Africa Draws Attention to Murder of White Farmers

Afrikaners are protesting the wide-scale murder of Whites (especially White farmers, called Boers) in South Africa today by blocking major highways. The BBC reports that members of the country’s Black government are labeling the action “racist” because some of the protesters are flying the old national flag. That flag harkens back to a time when South African farmers lived in safety; when the country’s cities were clean and safe; when White unemployment was non-existent; when the beaches were clean and beautiful; when South Africa was a First World country of opportunity rather than a place to escape.

The BBC reports (in its typical biased fashion down-playing the attacks against Whites):

The BBC’s Pumza Fihlani in Johannesburg says the protests are already causing racial divisions after some demonstrators were seen carrying the flag from the apartheid era, when South Africa was governed by its white minority and black people were not allowed to vote.

…The protest was organised to show outrage at the killings of farmers, especially after the death of a white farmer in Klapmuts near Stellenbosch.

Last Tuesday, Joubert Conradie, 47, was shot on his farm and died later at the Stellenbosch Mediclinic.

The idea that white farmers are being targeted has been going around for some time. The fact-checking site Africa Check found back in 2013that white people in South Africa are less likely to be murdered than any other racial group.

The spokesman for the priority crime police unit, known as the Hawks, Brigadier Hangwani Mlaudzi told the BBC’s Milton Nkosi that the police did not keep specific statistics about farm killings.

“Cases are not classified as farm murders. They form part of all murders under investigation,” he said.

Click here for an excellent South African Facebook profile with lots of information and pictures of the protest and the plight of the Afrikaner people.

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  1. Everybody’s likes the sound of their own voices
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  2. South Africa is IDEAL for White colonization. The problem is what to do with the niggers. When properly bred and trained with whips and branding irons they can become good house servants and field hands. But it’s simply too dangerous to allow them anywhere near us or our beautiful White women and children.

    Instead of retreating from the world back into Fortress Europe or north of the Rio Grande we need to reconquer the world all over again. But if and when we do so we must cleanse the conquered areas of their inferior colored inhabitants.

  3. I accept the BBC report is biased. There is a difference between rich English speakers in posh suburbs like Sanderton and boer farmers in the countryside being murdered. Nevertheless, displaying the flag of the apartheid era is wrong and indeed….counter productive.

    • Why is it wrong? Maybe Apartheid wasn’t the absolutely best government ever but at least it fought communism, brought about prosperity, and was a safe place to live for both whites and blacks. At one point during the 70s and 80s most South African cities were safer than American cities like New York. Whether or not the Boers waved the old flag they were going to be called racists just as those protesting the taking down of Confederate monuments are called racist regardless of whether or not they are flying the Confederate battle flag.

    • A counter-productive act ASSUMES a productive alternative. “Apartheid,” i.e., racial separation in South Africa, is the only productive alternative that YOU need to care about.

  4. I was at a local seafood festival/carnival the weekend before last, and noticed that all of the people working the carnival were White South Africans. I wasn’t sure where they were from at first because they didn’t have the typical South African accent, then I saw that they were wearing name tags which included their national origin that was listed as Free State of South Africa, rather than the Republic of South Africa. I didn’t get a chance to talk to any of them, but I assume that they are Boers. At least on the surface, they were all very nice, polite and efficient. If we have to have immigrants, they seem like a good choice. They didn’t ruin the atmosphere, make me feel like a foreigner in my own town, or add a sleazy vibe. There was something sad about them, though. I wish I had a chance to speak to some of them.

    • Todd, of course there is something said about South Africans. they are being SLAUGHTERED, and the shitskin world rejoices.

      I hate shitskins. I the white race traitors more. I want to feed the race traitors TO the shitskins, and then………….

      • I understand the situation in SA, Denise.My point is that they all seemed to be carrying heavy burdens. But I could be wrong. It was just my impression.

      • Denise, we both know from a lifetime of negative personal experiences that to know poop skins is to utterly despise them. You obviously know and understand them far too well for their own good. I detest them almost as much as I detest those who enable their violence and oppression against us.

    • Hello Commenters one and all. South Africans in other countries ARE sad, in major part because of our love for the soil, our land, our skies – when we are away from there, we dream, yearn, pine, long – just to be on THAT ground again – it aches without respite to be bereft of that earth energy coursing through us. Leaving just doesn’t solve anything, necessarily. For many that stay behind, life away from the land they love would simply not be worth living. In exile, we are in exile inside ourselves and have that loneliness to deal with. We miss engaging in the tenor of the regional S.A. conversation which is formed by and from the land it is spoken on. Yes, please speak with us every opportunity you get. That does help – a lot! And if you need anything, just ask and we will give as best we can upon your request. Thank you for thinking of us and for feeling our pain. The Steve Hofmeyr interview with Molyneux on the tube is precise and lucid. As a singer, Steve’s voicing is articulate and clear and is representative of the regional speak of the old ways there.

  5. I reckon the South African ‘government’ should just deport all those white ‘racists’ to Australia or America and be done with. See where S.A. will be in ten years. Everyone wins that way. With the racist whites gone, S.A. can then prosper and be an advanced nation with peace,human rights, advanced, and with a high standard of liliving….
    So come on Jacob, if you despise them, then let them go.

    • The African National Congress is appropriating white land and otherwise encouraging Whites to scram. When that happens, the blacks will start dying off by the millions, just like in Zimbabwe, because they never bothered to learn agriculture. You’d think that they would have learned from their neighbor, but if Africans were capable of learning, they would be fine without White help.

  6. I’m thinking a very credible corporate entity could be made concrete which pooled a fraction of the Boers’ collective farming wealth into a fund that supplied pro-active extermination services for pre-targeted farms.

    • GG: Don’t forget the Americans – Americans are on a Mission from Satan to Niggerize all formerly White nations.

      • @Bloody Bill Anderson: Yes! They are also tasked with destabilizing the Middle East using “radical” Islam. That’s why I refer to their national flag as Old Gory. Yet many pro-White and pro-Dixie American activists want to wave Old Gory at their rallies instead of the Hakenkreuz or the Rebel battle flag. #SMDH

        • @spahnranch1969: I agree with your assessment of the Union flag and that more Confederate flags should be used but I am against the use of NAZI flags for two reasons. 1) Nazi Germany did more harm to our people’s cause than good. No I’m not talking about the Holohoax, but rather that they tried to conquer Europe instead of uniting it peacefully against communism. 2) National Socialism and indeed any form of socialism is incompatible with the traditional southern political viewpoint, which is based on strong families, Protestant Christianity, and a Anti-Federalist or Jeffersonian Republican form of government.

          • I understand where you’re coming from, sir. German National Socialism was never intended for export anyway. Hitler had an amazing opportunity to unite Europe and deal with the jewish menace once and for all. But he blew it with that attack on Soviet Russia. Stalin admired NSDAP Germany and was willing to work with the Reich against Churchill and the British.

  7. When all the whites leave-and I hope they do-the useless nignogs will begin to starve and begin begging for food and aid from the same white nations the whites came from. Many blacks will also seek asylum in these same white nations. Just can’t win with them.
    Millions of them show up on Europes shores each year from other African nations as they realize they were better off before. What do they want from us? A time will come when we’re tired of having to carry them.
    Smart enough to drive whites out, yet too useless to produce developed, stable, productive nations.

  8. I have a book titled “Out of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa” by Keith Richburg. Keith was the foreign correspondent in Africa working for the Washington Post. He started out in Somalia during the “Black Hawk Down” era, and moved west from there to Rwanda and bore witness to the struggle between Hutus and Tutsis. Crossing the continent, he routinely encountered extortion, corruption, mutilations and massacres. He went to Liberia and described the “Butt Naked Brigade,” consisting of men who stripped off their clothes and hacked people to death with machetes. Another group wore Donald Duck masks and dresses when carrying out their murders. Traveling to Sierra Leone, he visited the former slave holding pens, where tourists from across the Atlantic had written moving tributes to their ancestors. He wanted to write something, but found that, after all that he had seen, he was unable. He journeyed to South Africa last, thinking of it as having been a haven for renegade Klansmen, Neo-Nazis and Skinheads, he wanted to see the improvements and soothe his tormented soul. He left feeling the very last emotion that he wanted to experience; sympathy for the Boers. On the plane home, he wrote, Thank God, my nameless ancestor, brought here in chains, made it out alive. Thank God, I am an American.
    The book should be required reading for Black History Month.

  9. @Cowtown Rebel,
    Thanks. Thats very insightful. Yes….all those equals have really made Africa a wonderful place.
    For all those black ‘human rights activists’ in the West, why don’t they move to Africa and help out with human rights violations there? They’re of no use here.
    Its time to round up every non-white group-but especially blacks- and dump them back in their own homelands, and bid them farewell. They’d never have to tolerate those dreadful, white , racist human rights violators again.
    We’ve also got the Jews with there noses in everything, dictating the direction of the country, Asians buying up everything and Muslims planting their discussing mosques anywhere and everywhere- and the average, working class white never asked for any of them.
    These nigs who thrive on victim hood-why don’t they fucking return to Africa if they think they’re own race is so good? I get so sick of non-whites who bitch about whites day in, day out, but then won’t relocate to a nation where no whites are. Why don’t they fuck off and just fucking leave us alone?
    My country-Australia-never used slaves, yet still here the Africans are now. We owe them fucking nothing.
    There’s no onus on me to accept or respect these people as I never asked for them to start with.

    • @john well stated and in fact a similar sentiment that is expressed in confidence by many Mexicans. It is interesting to speak with some about Jews and Blacks here in Alabama, they have not been programmed like the Whites.

  10. I am ever learning about the the Boer. I did grow up reading about the regional conflicts in the pages of Solider of Fortune magazine.

    The template of Southern Africa and it’s interaction with white indigenous Europeans is a possible future for the South. While I have always been an isolationist in most regards, this particular case I would be hypocritical and break my own rule. We need to help these folk at all cost.

  11. There’s a great little story by some Russians who on a plane layover decided to look around Johannesburg.


    I’ve seen a few videos on South Africa. It’s a disaster. A few Whites are doing ok financially and some a not but any minute they could be swamped by hoards of Blacks out to kill them.

    Here’s another fun link. This used to be the most expensive apartment buildings in South Africa. Now it has five stories of trash thrown into the central corridor.


    and to brighten your day here’s a nice chat with one of the fine citizens of South Africa.

  12. Do cucks and civic nationalists ever consider what US will be like when it’s 9% White? Will they still go down fighting for word magic and dirt magic? Will they call whatever handful of pro-Whites that are left “racial dividers”?

    • @MOTS: No, they don’t consider such a possibility, because they figure they’ll be dead by then and it will be their grandkids’ problem. Such is the Baby Boomer mentality.

  13. @John

    Thank you, and I agree. I wish Michael King Day was changed to honor Marcus Garvey, and that a repatriation accompanied it. Think about how much money would be saved in just one year on welfare, lawsuits, incarceration, schools, etc… All of the funds required to prop them up could be used to send them all on a one way luxury cruise to the African destination of their choice, or as determined by some DNA analysis. I’m certain that some African leaders could be bribed into accepting them.
    Booker T. Washington wrote in the first decade of the twentieth century, that he had long ceased to hold any greivances against those who had held him in bondage and that the Negro in America was better off than any other member of their race in any other part of the world. He said that they were in a better condition morally, physically and spiritually, and that they benefitted from the English language and the Christian faith. He also spoke of a class of Negro (referring to W.E.B. DuBois, whom he despised) who would seek to profit by perpetuating and magnifying historical injustices.
    I’ve talked to a number of people from Australia, and, just like in every other once predominantly White continent, the government there has put its own people in the back seat. I’m not much of a fan of Russell Crowe as a person, but I do like some of the roles that he has played. Among my favorites is “Romper Stompers,” though, I’m not too keen on the freaky gals that hang out with his gang. Another classic film, that is always worth rewatching, is the original “ZULU,” with Michael Caine.

  14. @SpahnRanch

    I’ve talked to many people about the rapid decline of the U.S., and what the future likely holds. Often, they will agree with me, but, with their children, or grandchildren, sitting right there in the room, they confidently reply, “I’ll be dead before that happens.” Our forefathers frequently sacrificed comfort and tranquility, in their own time, for our future, as opposed to compromising their children’s chances for prosperity in order to satisify their immediate desires, regardless of the consequences. Indeed, they had a very similar saying that meant something entirely different. Their response would have been, “Over my dead body!”

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