Texas Heroes Chase Down, Shoot, Kill Sutherland Springs Church Shooter

Devin Patrick Kelley, the EVIL bastard who murdered 26 people at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, TX this morning, was chased down and shot dead by a local:

“Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, was leaving First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs after he opened fire on parishioners during mass when a local man grabbed his rifle.

Texas Department of Public Safety Regional Director Freeman Martin said that the neighbor, who has not yet been named, had ‘grabbed his rifle and engaged the suspect.’

Martin said that during the gunfight, Kelley dropped his Ruger assault rifle and got back in his SUV to flee the scene. …

As they approached a sharp curve in the road, near the 307 and 539, he said Kelley appeared to lose control and his car swerved off the road.

‘That’s when I put the truck in park,’ he said. ‘The other gentleman jumped out, and had his rifle on him. He didn’t move after that.’

Caddel added that Kelley was gunned down with a few feet from her boyfriend. …”

In Texas, a good guy with a gun stopped an evil guy with a gun. This is also what happened in Antioch, TN when Robert Caleb Engle confronted and stopped Emanuel Samson.

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  1. This could have happened anywhere in America. But only in Texas, or some other part of the South, could the murderer have been chased down and brought to justice, the old-fashioned way.

    • What I meant to finish with was, brought to justice, the old-fashioned way, by the same people he harmed, who didn’t need to wait for the police like they would in most other parts of the nation (and all of Europe).

    • In the U.S., that’s true. In Russia and other nations, he’s been killed by an angry mob. Thank heaven that someone stoped this killer before even more innocent people were harmed. They deserve our boundless gratitude. I just wish they could have acted before things went this far.

  2. Thank God a righteous man had a weapon, and acted. WHITE People of Good Faith – be always armed. Always. Be ready for anything. Cuz ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I happening, and Whites are BENG targeted for slaughter.

  3. Kelley was married to one Danielle Shields. She’s a Mestizo and their kid looks mighty Mexican. Kelley was clearly a butt hurt race mixer.

  4. Looks like Texas on Texas. Not my business.

    The media will take this for what it’s worth. Not much though.

  5. In Australia or Europe, the heroe who shot the perp would have been arrested like a common criminal and dragged through the legal system for violating the murderer’s human rights….if you can call it a human. Such is our fucked up system now. The Greens and libtards would want a full inquiry into why the perp had to die…with no mention of the rights of the real victim’s not to be murdered while merely attending a church service.
    To the cowboy who ended a wasteful, useless life- the nation owes you.

  6. Drive home the profile of these shitlibs killers. They all seem to marry outside the race.

  7. If I were going to try to bring a campaign of faked shootings to an end ‘armed civilian hero’ chases down ‘diseased evil villain’ is exactly how I’d do it.

    White men could only take, and barely at that, one Dylan Roof. Most middle aged and older people know that, prior to Obamas second term, mass shootings (or any) were exceedingly rare since very few people will give up their lives for non intimates. Add to that white mens DefCon 5 Alert reaction to accusation and Jews & Co.really can’t afford to push the narrative much further.

    Instead, they wrap it in stock 2nd Amendment defense garb.

    But normies and pols only care that Kelley murdered 25 (26, 27?) innocent churchgoers before a civilian’s gun stopped another’s.

    • Shootings between strangers or non-intimates were exceedingly rare before the Jews achieved a governmedia oligopoly.

  8. First wave feminism largely ignored violence against women. The suffragist/labor rights movement is not the so-called first wave either, as feminism the term hadn’t even been coined back then. The real second wave took place in the 90’s and it was then that I learned that nearly the same number of women were murdered by their male mostly ex partners as men died in Vietnam Nam during the same years. I researched this phenomenon and found that the legal conditions clearly could have sustained such a massacre.

    Yet, almost none of these aggrieved men took their violence to the public at large. So some major change took place in human psychology since the 1970’s?

    Kelley very predictably is reported to have a history of domestic violence and a military dishonorable discharge stemming from spousal abuse.

    Only one poster on here wrote Hunter Wallace a lecture, roughly two weeks before the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, warning him not to allow any of his writers to fall into the trap being set to divide white men and white women. De Vos was/is trying to raise the legal threshold for college deans to discipline men accused of sexual assault to a higher than civil trial level, on fear of losing federal funding.

    Create or play both sides, sow as much conflict and chaos as possible, justify strengthening the state over a diminishing middle class. That’s the ‘genius’ of the jew.

    Get the goyim to turn on each other, and mistake the jew hand for one of his or her own, or a black’s, mestizo’s, etc. it won’t be ZOG grabbing whiteys gun or committing him to ‘treatment’ but his battered girlfriend, wife blah blah.

    It’s a reflection on the strength of the white (german, anglo, irish) men (coaches, teachers especially) who raised me that I could have endured the kind of sexual violence sandniggers perpetrate against white girls and women and still see through the trap that was set for me.

    What the hell is everyone else’s excuse?

    • Jews carry the virus for schizophrenia. Jews literally make you crazy. It takes some time for certain diseases to move through the general population.

      • Oh yeah, Jewry MAKES people crazy by subjecting them to all sorts of mental and physical trauma, and they get sadistic pleasure from doing it. God knows, they left my paternal grandmother half crazy because of what she been through during the Second World War and afterwards.

  9. Naturally shitlibs like the unfunny jewess Chelsea Handler and hack horror book writer Stephen King are blaming the gun lobby for this massacre instead of themselves for openly advocating violence against Trump and his supporters. “Blame everyone for the crime except the criminal” is an integral part of the shitlib philosophy.

    • Always the shitlib knee jerk reaction. The sick bastard was already forbidden by law from legally owning a gun. Their anti-firearm hysteria is a boon for firearms dealers. Good luck trying to confiscate hundreds of millions of guns.

  10. So that cowardly, race-mixing faggot actually tried to scurry away like a rat in hopes of killing more White people later on. Let’s hope its last moments of life were filled with pain and terror because it knew it was about to die.

  11. Isn’t there some other legislation bouncing around in Congress now that assures more goyim money goes to defending jewish temples from goyim attack?

    This one broadens the kinds of buildings that can be deemed religious (judaism of course isn’t a religion but a nation existing inside another) and stiffens penalties for supposed threats against them:


    Soon just ‘blaspheming’ the jewish god will be a symptom of ‘mental illness’ requiring drastic pre-crime intervention and gun confiscation.

    • Are you THE George Allen, the former politician from VA who called some political opponent a macaca? That made me laff six million times. But aren’t you an octoroon?

  12. I think there are various reasons for this kind of thing, letting tons of sub humans in the country, like wetbacks and rag heads would be one. Tolerating millions of abortions for decades would be another. Human life has to be respected. The flag wavers, always ready and willing to send somebody else’s kids off to get killed in a war they won’t have to fight in is a another factor. A society has to worship God and be righteous, mindlessly starting one war after another to suit the deep state is evil.

    Anyway I’m glad the sonavabitch got killed.

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