MLK FBI Files Vindicate White Nationalist Critics

Many years ago, I remember stumbling across the truth about Martin Luther King, Jr. at Stormfront, which for years has maintained a website called

It was there that I first learned about the seedier side of Martin Luther King, Jr.: the plagiarism, the adultery, the communist affiliations, the ties to radical black nationalists, the orgies with prostitutes, etc. I later bought the Taylor Branch Trilogy which confirmed that the history of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement had been sanitized for mainstream consumption.

In one memorable incident, I recall reading about how the Rev. Ralph Abernathy, a close associate and successor of Martin Luther King, Jr., had been chased out of the First Baptist Church through the streets of Montgomery after his wife discovered he was keeping a mistress in his own congregation. The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who was another close associate and protege of Martin Luther King, Jr., admitted fathering a love child with one of his Rainbow/PUSH employees. He was also sued by one of his employees who had to clean up the hotel rooms after his sexual escapades.

The worst was the Rev. James Bevel who played a leading role with Martin Luther King, Jr. in organizing the Children’s Crusade in Birmingham in 1963 and the Selma-to-Montgomery March in 1965. He was convicted in 2008 of incest and sentenced to 15 years in prison for molesting his own daughter. MLK allegedly spent the last night of his life having an orgy with prostitutes in a Memphis hotel room screaming “I’m f–ing for God” and “I’m not a Negro tonight!” while the FBI listened.

No one should be surprised by what has come out about the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the recently declassified FBI files. It has been floating around the internet for years and was even brought up in the Hollywood movie “Selma.” There is much more still out there including FBI recordings of MLK’s illicit sexual encounters which have never been released to the public.

The most damaging allegation is that the Jewish communist Stanley Levison fed MLK all his lines and approved everything he said because he was a “slow thinker.” In the 1950s, many American communists rebranded as “civil rights activists” in order to push their ideas into the mainstream:

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  1. A communist Jew working a slow thinking knee grow. Who would have ever thought? All of this is old news from the ’60’s, deliberately suppressed by the anti-White MSM. It will be suppressed again, at least for a while longer.

  2. Even his name is a fraud. Michael Brown never changed his name legally to “Martin Luther King”. The only thing real was the bullet that killed him. Be sure to celebrate Michael Brown day loudly in your own way this year. It is time to end this bullshit once and for all.

  3. By the time King was asassinated in 1968 he was already becoming irrelevant. His Negro civil rights campaign was giving way to Black Power. But near the end of his life he started openly condemning the Vietnam War. With all the colored boys getting drafted to fight over there King’s remarks could’ve had catastrophic consequences for ZOG. That’s when they decided to get rid of him. They didn’t want another Kennedy in the White House either. So RFK had to go two months later.

    • White wo”men” such as yourself, and our current president who were too pussy to serve “their” country are the reason so many “colored boys” got drafted in the first place ..

  4. Where’s The Order when you need them? We must tear down ALL Martin Luther Coon street names, memorials, grotesque statues and Holohoax centers.

    • GG – I disagree on tearing down all the statues of Marchin’ Lootin’ COMMIE. Leave that big one, in DC, up. Add a label “100% Chinese” and an explanation that the statue is 100% Chinese designed, funded, and built. That Negroes, including The Coon’s grifting family, didn’t put up one red cent, and in fact, wanted payment for Coon’s image. And then play a 24/7 audio loop if the FBI tapes.

      This is what I would like to do

    • We did not had the MLK streets and holohoax centers down here in Eastern Europe 100 years ago and somehow we ended up with USSR and 50 millions dead.

      Go after white liberal and the rest of the problems go away itself. In other news. New Details: Rand Paul’s Assailant Identified as Socialist, Anti-Trump, BernieCare-Loving Registered Democrat

      No Mossad agent, no muslim, no african, just fellow white liberal next door.

      • White anti-Whites have always been the biggest problem. They allow and enable the Marxist, leftist venom to infect their fellow Whites to whom they have no loyalty.

    • Not sure thats a good idea. When i drive through an unfamiliar city i know i am going the wrong way when I see street signs named after civil rights icons

  5. I think that big chinee statue of Michael Kang ought to stay. But a second figure ought to be added to it – that of a white female prostitute on her knees with her head buried in his crotch. Kang’s immortal, awe – inspiring words should be etched into the pedestal: “I’m not a Negro tonight” and “I’m fucking for god!” Then future generations will understand why we had to exterminate all the niggers.

  6. There you have it Whitey. We’re forced to recognize Marchin Looter Coon with his own Holy day, a no good commie coon, propped up by a slew of kikes in order to promote their intentions of destroying… YOU!!!

  7. I am sure you all remember having the Rosa Parks Hoax shoved down your throats during your school days…Rosa Parks was a classmate with Coon King jr training at the Highlander Marxist Folk school in 1955, 1956 and 1957. She is in a picture with Martin Luther King sitting on the front row in a Communist training class on September 2, 1957. The JEW elites ensure that all school kids’ are indoctrinated with the story that she was just a “poor tired black seamstress” when she sat in the front of the bus. This is another Jew fable that needs to be debunked.

    • You’re right, that incident in Selma where she refused to give up her bus seat to a “white” man was really just a bit of Marxist street-theater. Funny how the kike liberals have quietly dropped the legend of Rosa Parks from their official narrative, even though the fraudulent bus seat story was the justification for starting the whole Negro “civil rights” campaign.

    • Not just in school, the US Embassy in The Netherlands has a life sized poster of Saint Rosa on the wall in one of the visa processing areas. Not your grandfathers country anymore. Oh wait, they bombed into rubble the only white nationalist country not controlled by a (((central bank))). Maybe it is your grandfathers country now.

      • Did you know that modern Germans actually celebrate the “Rape of Berlin” as a holiday now? I have never been to Israel but I have heard it is also quite the party there.

  8. A very good piece here today boys! If only my normie relatives would read it. I thought it especially humorous that the period document noted that King was a “slow thinker.” Well, should that surprise us? The official narrative on Jews and “P.O.C.” is staring to crumble around the edges in 2017 “Merica, and it is getting my blogging wheels turning again.

  9. Back then there were only three networks and several publishing papers. Concetrated media of censorship. Quite obvious civil rights a silent coup, and who holds the leverage of power.

  10. This is the result of ACOWW, or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs

    Why should mulattoes respect whiteness? They grow up in a society that ideologically says whites are to blame for everything whereas blacks are noble and cool.

    And besides, their white mothers rejected white men as wussy inferiors and sexually served a black man as natural rightful lord over their wombs.

    Ideologically and iconologically, ACOWW is total defeat of the white race, and it is spreading all over US and EU.

    Every year, more and more white wombs are colonized to create mulatto wenches like this.
    And white Americans even elected Obama, a product of ACOWW when it still frowned up by society when he was born.

    Aint that the truth.

  11. Just like it’s difficult to serve two masters, it’s difficult to lead two peoples.

    Why are so many white working class and underclass morally confused and falling apart? There is no leadership: politically, socially, culturally, historically, morally, spiritually.

    In the past, white leaders led white masses. White body was led by the white mind. And the white mind had a sense of right and wrong and prodded the white body to act accordingly… like Moses leading the Hebrews.
    But now, the white body has no leadership because the white mind no longer cares about the white body. Jewish Globalists wanted it this way. They educated and inculcated white elites with ‘white guilt’ and made them feel morally and intellectually superior for snubbing the Archie Bunkers of the world. Also, the Jewish Globalists vulgarized the white masses with junk culture and Jerry Springerism so that they would to become too stupid to heed to good sound advice.

    Today, white leaders are expected to represent and lead ALL peoples. But the interests of blacks, browns, yellows, Hindus, Muslims, and etc are so different from the needs of white folks. When white leaders are supposed to represent Diversity than whiteness — esp when whites must bear the brunt of ‘white guilt’ — , white masses get no leadership. Also, as ‘white privilege’ is deemed evil, white elites(who have privilege) feel a need to justify their tainted privilege by cucking out to non-whites and Jews who, despite their great privilege, hold the holocaust card of eternal holy victimhood.

    A man who tries to serve two masters will end up confused and crazy.
    A man who tries to lead two, three, or more peoples will the task impossible.
    Even an inspired figure like Gandhi found it impossible to represent and lead both Muslims and Hindus, thus being helpless to watch the partitioning of India into a Hindu majority nation and Pakistan as the Muslim nation. (Notice Netanyahu doesn’t pretend to represent Palestinians along with Jews. He is a Jewish leader of Jews thru and thru.)
    In time, the would-be leader of many peoples just becomes jaded and cynical. His yammering about Diversity just turns into self-serving machination of careerism. As he finds it impossible to lead many peoples, he prefers to just serve himself and the one master: The Zionist-Globalist elites. Indeed, even as the white elites are confused and lost in their lame effort to lead all peoples, they are concentrated and focused on serving ONE uber-master, the Glob. It’s easier to serve one master than lead many peoples. No wonder then that so many politicians just opt to serve the Jewish globalist uber-masters.

    Ideally, white elites need to stop serving the Glob and need to serve the white masses. Let non-whites rely on their own non-white leaderships.

    Anyway, the white race needs to think like blacks with NAACP and Jews with AIPAC. Even when blacks and Jews don’t control political office, they are represented by organizations that are meant to explicitly represent them and serve their interests. Hispanics have La Raza, lately renamed to something else.

    Whites need something similar. Of course, this pro-white organization that ALWAYS represents whites regardless of winds of political fortune must be something sane and responsible. Unfortunately, explicit White Representation has been associated with KKK and the like.

    A National Humanist White Organization is most necessary. One that is moral and responsible.

    Because most whites only rely on politics, they feel represented or unrepresented depending on who wins elections. But if whites have a solid social or cultural organization organization to lead and represent them 24/7, they will be empowered even when they lose elections. It’s like Jews have ADL and AIPAC working on their behalf regardless of who is president, senator, or governor.

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