The Twitter Purge

I knew Twitter was over when Baked Alaska was banned.

In the months since Charlottesville, Baked 2.0 had gone back to being a Trump supporter and a normie. He wanted to preach peace and be left alone to play video games. He had gone out of his way to be as inoffensive as possible. Nevertheless, Baked 1.0 had committed the unforgivable sin of raising the Jewish Question and attending the #UniteTheRight rally in Charlottesville.

The same afternoon Twitter stripped Jason Kessler, Richard Spencer, James Allsup, Tommy Robinson and Laura Loomer of the verified blue checkmark status. By itself, this is a meaningless cosmetic change but the “Twitter Trust and Safety Council” spearheaded by the ADL is rolling out a bunch of new rule changes which include an “abuse and hateful conduct” policy and “violence and physical harm policy” and “hateful imagery and hate symbols” policy. These rule changes are set to go into effect over the next month and will effectively turn Twitter into another Facebook.

I’ve always said this was going to happen. It has been gaining steam since Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election. In a clear act of retaliation, Twitter purged a bunch of Alt-Right accounts in the immediate aftermath of the election and has been banning accounts ever since which aren’t engaging in trolling or harassment. There has been a similar retreat from free speech on Reddit and Facebook and other Silicon Valley crowdfunding platforms like PayPal and GoFundMe. This is all part of a plan the Democrats cooked up after Hillary Clinton’s defeat to deplatform “hate speech” on the internet by setting themselves up as the arbiters of orthodoxy and heresy.

Charlottesville didn’t cause this. It was an excuse to accelerate the censorship. Occidental Dissent had already been banned from PayPal, Disqus and Donately before Charlottesville. Facebook was already engaging in massive censorship. AirBnb was banning people before Charlottesville. Reddit was already purging Alt-Right communities. Twitter was also quietly purging accounts. The big story before Charlottesville was YouTube demonetization and Google rigging its algorithm.

In the final days of Twitter, we will look back on this and remember that people were shitposting as Groypers and sharing “It’s Okay To Be White” fliers. In hindsight, I am wondering if we ever used this medium to effectively communicate our message. I feel like we used it to great effect for bantzing, trolling and silliness and to get Trump elected. We invigorated conservatism and the result is going to be a huge tax cut for millionaires while we are purged from the internet.

After the Twitter Purge, I expect there will be a Great Migration to,,, and Are we going to carry on as before there?

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  1. I don’t use or advocate social media for this exact reason, but if you guys want to go head to head with these normie safe zones then I recommend this.

    1) Do everything to address the Loss of 14th amendment human privileges.

    2) Blast blast blast, get de platformed recreate and blast blast blast

    3) Send direct communication to the site admins about your loss of 1st and 14th amendment established concepts.

    4) Be willing to place a retainer and have a lawyer send them letters.

    • The constitution is a piece of paper. The Yids were negligent and over confident in 2016 with Brexit and Trump.

      They won’t leave anything to chance in 2018 and 2020.

      • You need a BRAND and a BRAND IDENTITY, ( MISSION STATEMENT, ) and you need to MARKET that brand. Marches / protests / social media are only a few of many “arms of the brand.”



        Who cares what “Twitter” does ? It even sounds like a really gay name ! If you get 1/3 of the country on your side, “Twitter’ and other faggoty platforms, can’t shut everyone down. Also, you need a law FIRM. Or GROUP, like an anti ACLU and an anti SPLC. You sue these homo’s all the way to the Supreme Court for violating your civil rights. Ask your attorney(s) … are they acting as a public utilty … so can’t dictate speech ? The Constitution cannot be over ridden by homo’s with a website and that’s REALLY all Twitter is. “F” ing HOMOS with a website. KICK that homo ass !!!!!

  2. The bigger question is how our narratives can remain viable in a hostile online information environment.

    The Yids have correctly assertained that things like Brexit and Trump getting elected are the result of a Wild West cyber frontier that the right wing captured around 2010 and made their own fortress by 2014.

    They’ve hit back with everything they’ve got to crush right wing outlets or kosherize them down to the last detail.

    If the voice of the right is strangled the left will make massive gains in 2018. Complete domination by 2020 and extermination of dissidents by 2022.

    What’s the plan goys?

      • 2016 was a total surprise to the system because of supremacy online. (((They))) won’t let that happen again in quite the same way.

        It may have even involved rogue right wing elements in western intelligence services to do 2016. That’s been shut down and rooted out by now Old disinformation groups reactivated etc.

        • ”It may have even involved rogue right wing elements in western intelligence services to do 2016. That’s been shut down and rooted out by now Old disinformation groups reactivated etc.”

          Yes, that’s exactly how it went. There was even a memo about it floating around.

          • There always is.

            I like this one from the miners strike in 1984:

            “If Scargill succeeds in bringing about such a strike, we must do everything in our power to defeat him, including ensuring that the strike results in widespread closures.” 1982, Nigel (((Lawson))) Energy Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer.

            “Spare no effort in eroding union membership.” Margaret Thatcher 1983.

    • WHERE ARE THE GOD DAMNED WHITE MEN??? Aren’t there any brilliant computer geniuses who can fight them back? Crash THIER fucking online systems?

      • Jack Dorsey the owner of Twitter is a Roman Catholic asshole—the same kind of Catholic asshole who burned people at the stake for translating the Bible into English.

        There’s no such thing as a Roman Catholic country that believes in free speech—there never has been. Roman Catholicism is a self serving cult, just like Judaism, Jonestown or any other cult.

  3. This was what Cass Sunstein was planning to do when Hillary won, which is why she gave the “Alt Right” speech: to put the crackdown in the platform.

    Sad that some played right into their hands despite Hillary losing.

    I think the movement has passed its Annus Horribilius and is getting back on track (It’s OK to be white being the best example of that, but not the only one).

    HW, there has to be an electoral arm to the movement. I’m not saying you or anyone else have to participate in it, but don’t pooh-pooh it. It’s a great outlet for the energies of people that are not ready to march in the streets, which is the vast majority of the movement – as you know. The GOP primaries in 2018 are the point of our maximum leverage; winning makes so many things possible, especially compared to the crackdown coming with losing.

      • Yes, we do need an “electoral arm” we need a national, not just regional, focus, we need a party that is white nationalist …..and a social club
        ( Many cities have Irish or German etc. cultural associations. We need a national white cultural association, divided into state and local chapters or each branch can be wholly independent, where ‘whiteness’ is the topic, and not political agitation. This cultural association will just be about white things, no ‘ other’ bashing whatsoever, and it will be’ respectable’ just like those German American clubs scattered across the land but only the focus will be broader, about white Europeans, and not about just one white ethnic group).

        We also need white equivalents to the NAACP and the ADL.

        Before any of this can happen , we have a lot of work to do to gain more adherents, which means getting the message out- having a clear message articulated clearly- we need the moral high ground and underdog status.
        There are alternative to Twitter and Gab. Look out for a shut down on Youtube coming soon,too. . All the good channels will be wiped out. A big part of why all this is happening is due to the US ceding control over the internet to ICANN.

  4. We should think of the blue check mark as a Kosher symbol. Spencer seemed to be quite upset over it though.

    Going to Gab does limit our conversion process of normies, but in general we do talk in an echo chamber for the majority. I mean, for 2 years I interacted with Black Twitter, Jew Twitter and Normie Twitter over Trump’s campaign and a variety of issues. 99.99% of that turns negative and results in insults and blocking, so there is nothing lost really. Leftists and centrists generally want to be in their own bubble.

    • why wouldnt he be unhappy about it? more so if you actually read his tweets about it you would be able to understand that his main concern is that this is just a first step to twitter banning people and he does not want to give them a new excuse to ban him again

  5. Isn’t twitter finished? Along with the comments sections on most newspaper and TV station websites?

    Once they’ve purged the right, they will turn on each other.

    So I’d suggest loading up a Black a Twitter presence. Use that ID to attack the Cucky leftwing whites.

    Destroy the “white allies” left on Twitter.
    Create a scapegoat.

      • If Western culture is to be saved, it will be through Christianity, and Twitter is still useful for the communication of religious ideas. A large Catholic presence exists on Twitter; cardinals, bishops, priests, and nuns use Twitter to communicate their thoughts; Catholic news services relay important religious news; many Traditional Catholics and sedevacantists express their ideas on Twitter; and so forth. For every tweet from Pope Francis, there are several criticising his Modernism. So Twitter is still good for this, for expressing the beliefs that were the foundation upon which European civilisation was built.

  6. I don’t know who owns Twitter or if it’s publicly traded (I don’t care), but it seems as if they have ceded an important part of ownership– use– to the jews at the ADL. The ADL decides who can keep a presence on Twitter and what they can write.

    Hmm. Sounds familiar.

    Harry Truman said that the only new thing in this world is the history you haven’t read yet.

  7. We need to infiltrate Twitter and ruin it for everyone, if they are going to drive us off. Develop sock puppet accounts posing as insane Leftists, over-the-top stereotypical blacks, people who laugh at white babies getting shot by black thugs, just post crap that will make normies and even Bernie Bros cringe…etc… This is just one option….

    • I tried posing on Shitter as a ghetto nigger named DeShawn Williams. I almost got away with it, but then I started talking about the 1878 Congress of Berlin – and that sorta gave me away.

      • Yeah I was rumbled when I started to talk about Prince Metternich’s pivotal role in the Concert of Vienna after the Napoleonic Wars. It’s was a digression from discussing Courvoisier brandy.

        Oh well, I won’t make mistake again.

        LaMarcus Williams.

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